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    Mainly WW2 planes - any type. Plus a few bi-planes. Jet aircraft are just a tad too modern for me.

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  1. Holy resurrection! You gave dragged this post up from the past. Thanks for your comments. Haven't modelled for a couple of years - but I remember this one being a pig to complete!
  2. Beautiful build for such an old kit. Why did they paint the bombs yellow? Never seen that before.
  3. I love the fact that you've so lovingly restored two inexpensive kits after 35 years. And they look great too!
  4. Looks great to me! I'm sure the recipient will be chuffed. (I would be).
  5. Such an unusual set of markings; where did you find the info on this? ( Superb build, btw)
  6. You've just gotta love Italian camo patterns! And this one's so well done. Nice job all round
  7. Super build of a interesting aircraft. Lovely grubby look you achieve.
  8. Nice work, especially considering the traumatic build. Hope you've recovered and that the next kit is easier on the sanity.
  9. Any more news on this? This kit is top of my "to-do pile", so I am keen to see where the pitfalls are.
  10. That's a neat looking build, nicely executed.
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