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  1. Black Knight


    Why do I have so many models in my stock? Why do I have so little time left to get certain things made for Chrissie prezzies? Why have I not finished making that book bag for no.1 dottir, which I started early last year ? Why is the artist Rembrandt known by his first name unlike all other famous painters known by their last name?
  2. Black Knight


    Why did the low cloud overcast over my place turn orangey-pink for a while earlier today?
  3. Black Knight


    to where? Why not to the caff on the A26?
  4. Black Knight


    Why do women shoppers stop just outside the shop exit door for a chat and block said doorway? Why do women shoppers suddenly realise they have to pay for their goods after its all been put through the checkout till and they spend ages questioning the bill, and looking for their money? Why can't they be like men shoppers, get goods and have money, usually correct amount or nearly so, ready to hand over?
  5. I use B&Q Diall Paint Brush Restorer, the green liquid, for all my brush cleaning. It costs about £4.60 for 500ml and it lasts ages. I use a 'two jar' system. Two empty jars from meat paste, each with a few mil, one is main wash and the other is the secondary. Wash the brush in no.1 jar, wipe on a cloth and a dip and swish in the no.2 jar. When no.1 is too dirty its discarded and no.2 becomes no.1 and a fresh no.2 is made up I've been using this 'system' for several years and my brushes are all still in good condition https://www.diy.com/departments/b-q-brush-restorer-0-5l/244622_BQ.prd
  6. Get a large card box. Lay out the opened box and sealed plastic bag of parts in the box Get a small wide topped container, like the top from a spray can. Put some pure true lemon juice in that container and put the container in the box with the kit Close up the box and leave for several days
  7. I find Revell 51 Ultramarine Blue good for Inter-World Wars and post-WW2 RAF roundel blue and Humbrol 174 Signal Red for the red
  8. Amongst the other contenders are; a couple of F4 Phantoms a Hawker Fury Provost - but I need to vac mould a canopy for it an MG TC, which afair is part started but may be well under the 25% rule a Mercedes SSKL a Meteor NF 11/12/13 a couple of Siskins a Heyford and I seem to have a Douglas Skyhawk, which I do not remember obtaining, but its on my stock list and kit I really must get around to building; a Revell boxing of the HRD Vincent Black Shadow No commitment to building any of the above but they will be considered
  9. Black Knight


    Why did I order from Hannants the wrong decal sheet for my Curtiss P-36s ? Now its too late to re-order the correct set as I need to get this build done by Friday evening
  10. Black Knight


    Why are some South American countries referred to as 'Latin'? afaik the Romans never got there are none of those countries speak Latin
  11. I think I'll attempt 1. Messerschmitt 410 2. Westland Wessex 3, BAC/Sepecat Jaguar GR1 4. BAC/Sepecat Jaguar T2 5. Boeing P-12E 6. Hunter F.6/T.7 and maybe a few others I'll get the proper names and kit numbers another time
  12. My understanding of a country's neutrality is their position during one specific conflict eg, the Swiss, always believed constantly Neutral, and were in WW1 and WW2 but they fought wars right up to the early part of the 19th Century, same for Sweden, they fought in wars right into the late 18th Century Thus if you want to depict a Swedish musketeer of 1760, Sweden was not 'neutral' then but involved in a 'Seven Years War' but do a SAAB J21 of WW2 era, Sweden was 'neutral' then
  13. That is the 2010-2013 issue boxing. Perhaps that seller has obtained unsold stock from somewhere ~~ the '130 sold' doesn't change when you select another kit, but the number available of the kit changes
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