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  1. There are 15 full days left until Christmas day more importantly; There are 12 full days left until the day my favourite #1 dottir comes home for her Christmas break
  2. Whilst some young 'uns get into bad stuff . . . . then there is this lad - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-50686867 I hope some Uni and a Tech company see it too
  3. I need to do two similar but different glue-ing on jobs I could do with suggestions of which adhesives to use 1. I want to put a skin of 'plank' marked plastic card over some plastic kit walls of brick. Each wall is about 35mm x 50mm The 'plank' card is of reasonable thickness. Would plastic tube glue do or should I use a contact adhesive? 2. I need to put a 10thou plastic card skin on the bottom side of the wings of some 1/48 WW1 types. The size is about 35mm x 195mm. I think any of my usual plastic glues will not do, they'll be drying afore I get the piece in place. Contact adhesive again? ideas and suggestions?
  4. Great idea! thanks I could use the one from my other computer I think
  5. big grump. big mistake - I decided to clean my laptop key board - thats the one I use for here. The top of the S key has come off and its not working well and the top of the # / ~ key is loose so its not working correctly Do you realise just how many times you use the letter s ?!? I was going to invest in a newer laptop in the new year but it looks like it'll be sooner
  6. That sounds like the enamel version - replace with any make of acrylic varnish
  7. Vampires were not bare metal but painted in High Speed Silver. Its a slightly shiney grey-ish silver. A bit brighter than plain aluminium
  8. you can buy very fine nylon mono-filament fishing line in colours, including a khaki green. an advantage of using mono is if you get a slack line - light up a match or cocktail stick, blow out the flame and immediately run the hot end next to the line. This will make the line shrink a bit and tighten up. But it needs to be done very carefully
  9. Warning; boasting coming up The IPMS Northern Ireland branch table display features in this week's Airfix Workbench blog on their website https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/d-day-in-scale-at-telford-and-new-box-artwork-update?utm_campaign=2540516_Airfix - Workbench - Week 36 2019%2F2020&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Hornby PLC&_%24ja=tsid%3A71284&dm_i=2DJZ,1IG9W,22Z9M1,53DR9,1
  10. There are 19 full days left until Christmas Day
  11. a. I usually wrap my weights in a blue tac. Sometimes the lead gets super glue lashed on. b. if there is no 'bay' for the weight, eg behind the cockpit, I put in a bulkhead made of sprue and scrap plastic card c. years ago I was given the part remains of a roll of roof flashing lead. I'm still using it. There is about 5kg left. I also got about 20 1kg sticks of car body solder, but as that is 50% lead and 50% tin I prefer not to use it for models. d. my son used to give me the lead weights from scrap wheels off cars he scraps. I have about 3kg from that. Thats how I come to know of the change to zinc and iron. e. I have the means for oil sand casting and heat-proof rubber casting so I can make my own shaped . eg cone shaped, weights for noses of jets and for Hawk jets I formed a master, made a mould in heat-proof rubber and I can cast a pilot in a seat in lead based white-metal. It weighs about 3g to 4g after trimming. I think it'll do a Tucano as well.
  12. A very big thank you to trickyrich for his easy to read spreadsheet charts I've copied and saved nearly all the bad jokes. I'm going to share them with the ladies in the local Knit & Natter group at the Christmas party. I'll also use them to really annoy my family over the coming period.
  13. I use cheap decal paper bought off ebay. I use both Humbrol acrylic matt varnish in a spray can and sometimes a clear gloss acrylic lacquer in a spray can which is meant for spraying over car paint. The key is to spray a light misting coat first, then I turn the decal paper 90* and spray a second light coat.
  14. 'ere, I've had another idea how I can combine some GBs. I'll scratch build a figure of one of my late uncles. He was born in Norway, escaped there and joined the Free Norwegian Navy in WW2. Later he transferred to the US Navy. After WW2 he became a naturalised US citizen. He learnt to fly and delivered ex-USAAF P-51s to a South American country and flew one of them for a couple of years in one of their scuffles. He re-enlisted for the Korean War and was still active in the US Navy in the early years of the US involvement in Vietnam. He was made to retire from the USN in about 1978, then he became one of those Wildcat Roughnecks working in the oil fields of Oklahoma, Texas and Alaska. He used to taunt a Swedish neighbour with: 'At the Battle of Co-pen-hay-gan ten thousand Swedes Chased by one Nor-vey-gan!' They were good friends tho
  15. oh goody, the Doctor 'jokes' Doctor, I keep wanting to be a big supermarket How long have you felt this way? Ever since I was Lidl That ASDA be the worst joke you've ever heard
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