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Found 93 results

  1. I've been modelling for over 45 years, building models ranging from 1/1200 to 1/3 scales, however this build isn't my story, I'm just the narrator. This build is actually my daughter's work! Now before you start imagining, fingerprints, glue blobs and paint runs and skip to another build thread, the finished model was finished to a high standard and sold for a healthy profit!!! My daughter will be eight years old shortly, and has now been modelling for half her life! She was always handy with scissors, sellotape and glue from a very young age, so I decided to see just how capable she was. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Her first model build was started when she was just 3 years 11 month old; a Revell Red Arrows Hawk. It was completed five months later with a lot of guidance from me, but much of the work done by her. Build sessions were limited to about 30 minutes due to her concentration span, but gradually she put together a very respectable model. Here's the finished item. In the Autumn of 2014, with the dark nights coming fast, I decided it was time for another build. She was almost five, so I decided on something a little more ambitious; we would go for a diorama! I opted for the Airfix RAF Battle of Britain set as the price was reasonable and the aircraft, tankers, figures and base could each be separate projects, or all worked on while glue and paint dried on other parts. The aircraft wouldn't be finished in BoB colours however, as my daughter wanted a pink aeroplane, so this was going to be a PR Pink Spitfire. We went to the model shop and fortunately they had the set in stock. We came home with a big box, some extra paint and a happy child. This is her Spitfire story.
  2. U-Boat destruction - 1:350 scale

    I've just seen this mini-diorama on FB and think it is absolutely awesome.
  3. Hello I finished the diorama in September of last year. The Kit is Italeri with the C.M.R engine detail set and Eduard photoetch set added. Various other munitions and stowage sets were used over the course of the project. The build article was in issue 81 of Airfix scale model world magazine.
  4. Propeller and Stand Diorama Help

    Hello All, I'm planning a diorama in 1/72 based around a Seafire in flight. I'd ideally like to be able to clip and unclip the Seafire from a display stand on a shelf, and into the diorama itself. With that in mind, I was after some advice from the community regarding the following: - Has anybody got any recommendations for a good way to depict a propeller in motion for dioramas? I don't really want to see the propeller blades all static, so any ideas for modelling a propeller disc in motion would be wonderful - Has anybody got any recommendations for how to attach a model to a diorama base so that it appears to be in flight, but can be attached and unattached easily? Any help would be gratefully received, Many thanks!
  5. I've just bought a can of Isopon resin from a well-known automotive store and it cost me £12 for a litre can. One can on it's own wouldn't be a problem but I've a project on the go that will need quite a bit but I couldn't afford to continue it at those prices. I'd like to know if there are cheaper, more economical versions or products that will do the same task and who supplies/where to get them please? cheers Mike
  6. Hi chaps. I'm nearing the end of my current build,so have turned my mind to my next build. Ed-209 is on hold, at the moment, kinda burned out with sorting his legs, so I'm trying some new things. May I present the pegasus mercury 9 rocket kit..... I've had this kit for a bit now, so thought I would pull it out of the stash and dust it off. Going try some new things, to me, as the kit comes with out buildings I'm going to try a diorama! Now I think this kit has been designed with lighting in mind. It is a 3 engined rocket, and each "nacel" contains a clear dome on it's tip.... As you can see, there is a central pin that locates the part in the top of the engine, and I'm looking at attaching a flashing led to each one. Once painted clear red, I think it will look rather good. Wiring the rocket for power is incorporated into the kit too. There is a fueling tower and hose in the kit. This is what pegasus supply for the fuel hose, two core power cable! It even runs to a small fuel tank kinda thing, which looks suitable to conceal the batteries. Shouldn't be too hard to run some thin wire through the pylons holding the engines so I can power the leds. Looking at illuminating the command centre too. Plus, if possible, the spot light on the roof. Hoping to paint the rocket in a polished nmf finish. So a lot of firsts for me:- Add lighting to a build. Paint a polished nmf finish, maybe alclad. Create a diorama. The kit is suppesed to be 1/350 scale, so might look for some suitable vehicles too. Work might not start for a couple of weeks, so please excuse me if I don't update it yet. Will try to get some sprue shots up soon. Thanks for looking. Matt
  7. Hi, I have completed the build of an F1M2 Seaplane from Hasegawa, pictures of the build are in the In progress section here Here are a few pictures. The ground is done with foam board, carved with an X Acto knife. The sand beach is done with tile grout (already colored in a beige color). Some shades are added by airbrushing thin coats of Tamiya XF 59 Desert Yellow and XF 57 Buff. The water is two parts acrylic resin, poured in three layers. The bottom was airbrushed with various shades of blue, as the intermediate layers of resin. The small waves are done with transparent acrylic gel. The two coconut tree trunks are done with Magic Sculpt, formed around wire taken from an old coat hanger. The trunk texture is done by wrapping a sisal thread around the trunks, while the Magic Sculpt is still soft. The palm leaves are done with paper. Looking carefully one can see some coconuts, which are peppercorn. The kind of fibers at the top of the trees are done with artificial fur. Finally the plants at the bottom of the coconut trees are fishtank artificial plants and some ground scatter. I plan to add one or two figures, ideally two US marines looking over the wreck. The nice resin figures from Total War miniatures seem out of production and impossible to find, so I will need to scupt them myself. Sofar my attempts were not successfull I hope you will like it, best, Christian.
  8. Civilian Cars

    Had a question for anyone with greater knowledge than myself. Could a 1/24 scale car be passed off as suitable for a diorama where everything else was 1/35, or is the difference too great? I wanted to create a scene that, while not necessary, could involve a police car for some additional visual interest, and fit the theme. Unfortunately, it seems all model police cars are often 1/24 scale, and there are no 1/35 examples. The only 1/35 vehicles that can pass as civilian seem to be variations of Hilux, which doesn't suit what I'm after all that much. Long story short, I'm aiming (in my mind at least) to create a diorama based on The Division. Cheers. Gaz
  9. Basic armour base

    First, not happy with photo quality at all. Will try again with the Lumix and different lighting. Decades ago did not have the resources to evolve the hobby. Now, hopefully, making steps to toward the beautiful projects posted here on Britmodeller. Posting this very basic base for others beginning to build vignettes. The base is a 5/8" piece of plywood, corners adjusted with laminate trimmer, interior primer paint on the plywood, layer of drywall filler for texture. Decided to let the filler completely dry before adding the soil, as was not sure how the drying process would be affected by adding the soil. Brushed on a layer of white glue to the dry base, then sprinkled on the soil. Once the soil covered the base completely, let dry, then sprayed on a 50/50 mix of white glue and water to hold the soil in place. After some trial error on the portion of water to glue, found 50/50 worked best for the glue consistency. You can now stand the vignette on it's side and lose very little soil if any. Once the top coat of glue dried the finishing touch was a spray of black around the edges from a rattle can. Soil from backyard. Exposure....lighting..... The pieces of vertical branch are supporting a rectangle of glass which is helping avoid dust accumulation. Big Block Chevy in the background, Cdn loonie foreground. Quick, simple, inexpensive vignette. All the best, R.
  10. ALBUM 3

    Hello everyone! Album III contains photos of models which were taken by me on Championship of Slovenia in Ljubljana this year. Models from this album are presented on these photos: The entire album you can see on: http://eberlemodel.blogspot.si/2016/12/album-3.html Greetings from Slovenia. Aleš
  11. Hello

    Hello everyone, I'm Jon, after making a lot of ropey models as a kid and a teenager I got back into it a couple of years ago. It's funny how the obsession creeps up on you again, but after a few years of buying many more models than I made (my stash is coming along nicely) I recently started getting into building dioramas and gaming boards. That's getting a bit obsessive too. I definitely favour airfix (nostalgia) and mostly 1:72 scale. I'm dipping a toe in forums and I'm building up a blog, it's got a few recent projects and build (badly) alongs if anyone would like to have a look? All feedback is massively welcome. Cheers.
  12. Hi everyone, So after the Podracer last year, I've been itching to try another Star Wars build. I've had this one in mind for a while but only getting around to it now. Going to combine this little fella... With this donated toy bit.. To make this! (fingers crossed) I can't say that i've ever used toy scraps or modelled snow for a diorama........might be biting off more than I can chew! Cheers, Dermot
  13. My plan for this Group Build is to attempt to replicate a photo USMC Capt Donald Balch sitting on the elevator of his damaged Corsair after a fortunate safe return from dogfight over the Solomon Islands. HERE IS THE PICTURE. I'm planning on using the 1/72 Tamiya Corsair kit, and for the first time, I'm throwing all sorts of aftermarket at it. We'll see how much I manage to include. The aircraft in the photo has the flaps down, the elevators are drooped (one more than the other), the rudder is damaged and askew, and the tail wheel has either collapsed or failed to extend on landing. I've also invested in quite a few figures to try and replicate Balch and the crew standing on the wings, and hopefully with some mixing and matching, can come up with a decent diorama. Thanks Plastix, Neu and Blastvader for hosting this one, and thanks Enzo for being the new Mish.
  14. Hello one and all, Kit manufacture: Airfix Scale: 1/72 Type: British Aerospace Hawk T.Mk.1, No.208 ® Squadron, Royal Air Force Valley, 2009 Extras used: none straight out of the box Paints and colours used: Vallejo model air black and gloss varnish Other info: I've just finished putting together this little diorama for the RAF BF Hawk, I enjoyed building the kit, quite happy with it even though it is no way near the standard of most models on the forum. The kit went together nicely apart from the undercarriage doors aren't flush with the rest of the fuselage and wing. 20160902-03.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-05.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-06.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-07.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-08.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-09.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-11.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-12.jpg by Neal, on Flickr Thanks for looking, any feedback is welcome.
  15. I've had the Aoshima Fireflash kit for a while and it comes with 3 elevator cars and some cardstock runway, but I wanted to build a diroama of a different Fireflash rescue, from a Thunderbirds episode called "Crash Dive". Here is the kit box: http://www.mardona.org/gallery/d/21987-2/DSC_5301.JPG/img] In this story, a test flight of Fireflsh crashes into the ocean and sinks with the crew on board. They are strapped and it turns out the only way to save them is to refloat the aircraft which is being weighed down by the atomic engines in its tail. THus along comes Thunderbird 4 to cut off the engines on the tail. Screenshot of Fireflash on the sea floor: I had a tiny TB4 left over from the Thunderbird 2 launch diorama, so I used this. Its a little too large but Thunderbirds were never too bothered about scale issues, particularly in the Fireflash episodes! The kit provides transparencies for the wing lounges, but nothing to put inside, so I scratch built some lounge furniture.
  16. I've started my next build - even though I haven't finished the last so I thought I'd start posting it here. The kit is this one from Aoshima which is a decent enough rendition of this iconic airliner in jeapordy! However I don't want to to the cliched "trying to land with on undercarriage" type of diorama depicting scenes from the first ever Thunderbirds episode "Trapped in the Sky", but rather I want to do one form the other episode featuring Fireflash, "Crash Drive". In this episode, technical problems on a test flight of Fireflash end up with it crash-landing onto the ocean and sinking, trapping the pilot and co-pilot The solution is for Thunderbird 4 to cut off the engines so that the rest of the aircraft can float to the surface (yeah okay I didn't write this stuff!) So I have a tiny TB4 left over from my recent Thunderbird 2 on the launch ramp builds, so it should be trivial to mount it next to the tail of Fireflash to make it look like it cutting... how about a bit of fibre-optic and a flicker-effect LED? More to come...
  17. So needed a diorama in a hurry for a kit I was building. Didn't have time to go out and shop so just went with what I could find around the house. Yes, it's a little bit 'cheap' but hopefully not too nasty! The base was the back from one of those kids toys that come with comics - I think this was a pinball machine. (it didn't work so my son gladly donated it to his Dad). Gave it a coat of Flat Back, then a couple of coats of Klear and smeared on some pollyfilla. Some brown hobby paint... Then brushed on different shades of green because I had no scale grass.. Some Matt Varnish and we were done. I admit it's a bit rough around the edges but did what it needed to do I think... Might do up a little badge for it.....if nothing else but to distract from the featureless grass! Thanks for looking, Dermot
  18. I just wanted to share the progress on this rather simple diorama. It will be just sand... However, it will also have an airplane attached to it. Originally, I had copper or brass tubes and epoxy in mind but as I'm a bit impatient I just made the aircraft's base with pieces of plastic I had lying around. The aircraft is attached to the stick at the back of the inside of the bomb bay. It's quite sturdy already. Now it's time to find some sand.............
  19. Welcome to my first WIP thread. So, here it goes,... De Havilland Mosquito from Tamiya with David Brown tug. Not 100% sure if I'm building FB MkVI of 143 Squadron (Sea grey with yellow spinner) or FB MkVI of 487 Squadron (like the box) This will be to replace an old model I brush painted years ago,... now in an effort to modernize the collection with airbrushed versions. Also here, I have a neat little resin David Brown tractor I'll be building today. This should complement the Mossie very well.
  20. Where to Find Modern Aeronautical Equipment?

    Hey! Didn't really know where to post this topic :/ I'm currently making an AH-64D Apache Longbow (Revell's kit) in 1:48 scale. I'm gonna be bored over the summer, so I was probably gonna have a crack at making an Middle Eastern diorama focused around the Apache. It will be just before a mission, so there will be people loading ordnance, maybe a quick bit of maintenance and nothing much else really. I was looking at Hussein El Kaissy's 1/32 one on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJjPWS18rTQ . It looks really nice. So, my question is; Where can I get these diorama accessories in 1/48? - A collection of modern weapons, such as a TOW Launcher (looks so cool ) etc. Much like Italeri's collection, but in 1/48! http://www.italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=2530&idCategoria=5&idSottocategoria=55 - A maintenance kit, for example a tool case, military mechanic figure, tools and a laptop thing/walkie talkie. - An rearmament set, with a winch, missile trolly etc. - A belt feeding kit for rearming the chain gun. - 90's/00's U.S.A.F figures, including a pilot and gunner. Please note that these need to be in 1/48, and apologies for any dumb mistakes, e.g. naming or describing something wrong because I am more of a WWII modeler. Thanks )
  21. So, this is my first planned diorama, and the first diorama I've attempted (actually, that's not true, I bashed one together out of balsa wood a long time ago ). But it will be the first diorama since I started putting more effort into my modelling. So far I only have the rough plan of it, and what will decorate it. Its one of at least three dioramas I have planned for this particular setting, which is a fictional conflict between China and Japan. This one will be set on a Tokyo street and features a Humvee crew meeting with a small group of JGSDF soldiers. Over the years I've picked up a number of JGSDF figures, some from the Iraq Humanitarian Assistance set and others the Type 90 w/ loading crew (which I'll probably put with my Abrams). Only painted up the two shown here so far (that camo is tedious, maybe more so than ACU). The additional decoration for this idea came from the Meng barriers set. The k-rails in the set I've painted up and will likely use with my Bradley idea. I also planned to get two other Meng sets, one being the highway set (possibly for the Abrams) and the other the vending machine (for the Bradley). The Bradley (an M2A3 BUSK), which I've started building, will also be in NATO three-tone. So without further ado, here's a basic look at what my idea could look like Gaz
  22. The Antonov An-2 was widely used in Russia, and neighboring countries. A hardy, easily maintained, Short-Takeoff-Landing aircraft, it proved to be a life-line to many far flung rural communities. This little vignette is supposed to reflect the aircraft in that vital role. The Build: There was some minor scratch-building attempted on the aircraft: The cabin door was molded closed, so it was opened and a basic interior was created before joining the halves together. The engine was detailed a little as it's visible thru the front. The kit was missing the prominent wing-flap hinges, so they were created from 0.5mm styrene sheet. A bi-plane without rigging is no bi-plane at all, so despite the 1/144 scale, it was worth the effort. The cockpit frame was created with decals, unfortunately that area is one of the weaker points of the build. The rest of the scene is scratch built. The base was made from epoxy-putty, with real stones,graded sifted soil and match-sticks for the fencing. Static grass and colored saw-dust was used for the ground cover. Twisted wire and brush bristles dusted with colored saw-dust made the conifer trees. The chocks, access ladder and crates were built from stretched sprue, styrene sheet and choice expletives. Barrels were just bits of sprue. The man and dog were made from styrene sheet and stretched sprue. The man measures around 1cm in height, and had me cross-eyed for a few days after making him. On to the photos! Thanks for watching! Cheers, Alex.
  23. This was a scene I put together for two of my Achtung Panzer GB builds. When I was planning what to do for the base I thought it was a good opportunity to see what could be fitted onto the maximum size of base allowed in the proposed Vignette Group Build - 6 inches x 6inches. The base itself is MDF over which I added some filler to try give the impression of part of a cart type track with some slight raised areas ether side. All the green stuff is left over from some railway modelling projects from many years ago. The figures came with the Dragon Tiger 1 kit. The background sky is part of my Spitfire display base/shelf. The WIP for the whole project can be found here. Top down view: Kind regards, Stix
  24. So, I finally decided to try airbrushing for the first time, and this is my first attempt. I'm using an Iwata Studio Series compressor with a Harder & Steenbeck Ultra airbrush and Vallejo airbrush paints. As a newbie, I was rather dubious about airbrushing,.... but now after a few weeks later,... and I'm hooked. Pre-shading, blending and using blue-tac worms makes the models looks far more professional, even at my amateur level of skill. So all and all,... glad I made the jump. So here is a little diorama featuring Airfix's Battle of Britain - Ready for Battle Gift Set 1:48 The hurricane was a joy to build. I decided to go with a darker Battle of Britain themed camouflage on this. By the time I had oil washed and dusted the entire aircraft, the tones had gone quite dark. But that was intentional as I love the dirty look of the old warbirds, rather than the shiny aircraft you see at airshow's today. The Bedford wagon and most of the spare ground crew I have plans to use on other models, so I didn't use them on this. I think it would have been slightly too overcrowded anyway with all the additional parts. The only modification I did was to use real rubber pipe carefully threaded with stiff wire so I could make the hose sag realistically off the fuel truck and onto the aircraft wing. This worked so well I used the same technique to replace all the hose on the diorama,... included that on the fuel trucks unused refueling arms. The diorama base is scratch built using foramx and plaster and few items in my spares bin. The groundwork is model railway ballast glued with watered down PVA and MIG Realistic ground mat, heavily weathered with MIG pigments. Hope you like. All comments, gratefully received. Ed.
  25. Welcome to my first WIP thread. So, here it goes,... De Havilland Mosquito from Tamiya with David Brown tug. Not 100% sure if I'm building FB MkVI of 143 Squadron (Sea grey with yellow spinner) or FB MkVI of 487 Squadron (like the box) This will be to replace an old model I brush painted years ago,... now in an effort to modernize the collection with airbrushed versions. Also here, I have a neat little resin David Brown tractor I'll be building today. This should complement the Mossie very well.