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  1. Apologies for the sparse updates on this I have been progressing it and its complete So I fixed in the concrete slabs I printed up on the 3d printer some memorial tablets , I managed to get the tablets translated and I tried to incorporate the text from the real tablets, I sprayed them black white dry brushed them white and then i used some white water pencils to create like water marks. Im pretty please with them as I wasnt sure they would print. I also printed up the bollards , 1st set were to wee to get the chain through a reprint with a 25% upscaling sorted that. I picked up a chain from GSW and gave it a coat of black paint. I also printed up some slabs to make a path to the monument , they ended up not really printing properly but I think the pits added to the effect. Everything was glued down, and then I put a layer of garden earth down, I stuck the original bollards in at this point and realised later they were too wee lol 4mm static grass, spring went down next I switched over to the bigger bollards and added another layer of 6mm static grass, I tried 10mm grass and 12mm but I dont think it really worked TBH Threaded the chain , I realised that the Mig would tail sit, so I devised a chock to fit the nose wheel so I could glue it down, it was weird though it was really really finely balanced, slightest touch would cause the model to tail sit. And its done, I really enjoyed this project TBH, it all went really well.
  2. Aw thanks mate for the helpful gen. Can I ask, and this will sound daft, see when u put the sheet of vinyl or masking sheet in, do you have to tell the cricut the size of the sheet, like.u would with a printer and then let's say u do a small canopy mask in the top right corner, can you then tell the cricut that you have a less than full sized sheet? Sorry I know it sounds daft lol
  3. Hi Sorry to resurrect this, but I am thinking about getting a second hand cricut after xmas, either a joy or theres an Air 2 on gumtree for about the same price. I noticed that those mask that look fab are for 1/48th scale, as a 1/72 scale moddler whats your thoughts on whether it would work at the lower scale? I mean how small can you practically go? Regards Mark
  4. Mate thats very kind of you , I dunno what attracts me to it TBH I think its the colours they are very unique , I just hope I make a reasonable approximation of it lol You might see some more as Ive seen it come up on a couple of Facebook groups that do entropy builds lol
  5. Folks After a great delay Ive finally gotten around to getting this on the bench, Ive started a wee WIP thread for it below And thanks again for your help with this Mark
  6. The base for this is a Wooden photoframe, MDF backing glued down, and then some time grout applied, the plinth was a piece of XPS foam cut and covered in grout, I used a heat pad and a plastic box to speed up the grout drying and it worked pretty well, its my intention add layer of earth then static grass the area , the slab the Mig sits on is a bit of 5mm foam board with the backing paper removed to help the grout stick , I added some deck tan and some play sand to the grout to add texture, then washed it with grey acrylics, enamel AK keorsene leaks, fuel stains and dark green slime wash in various strengths. I then hot glued that to the little hill, am going to pack that with some grout in places, before its static grassed. I also have some 3D printing to do, I have some rough paving slabs to add and Ive created vertical slab that will hold the memorial plaques last I need to print up some bollard in order to hold some chain link that will surround the Mig Happy for any feedback or suggestions you may have 🙂
  7. This is a long planned diorama, I found some images online of an abandoned Mig-21 Fishbed somewhere in Russia at this time last year , and Ive finally got around to doing the planned Diorama. I got some really good help from people on this forum that provided me with a wealth of reference photos for the project, so big thanks to them , the reference photos can be found on this thread here. Special thanks to @Dmitriy1967 for his kind help. So the build started out being a straight copy of the Mig but if am honest its became a bit more a "based on" rather than "true copy" so forgive me that. I used a 1/72 Eduard weekend kit for the MIG-21 PFM, its was cheap and available and I think the real life A/C is an SMT variant of the Mig with a humpback. The kit went together really nicely , I find Eduard kits do, I decided to leave out the pilots ejections seat and I tried not very successfully to remove a couple of the panels the Eduard kit has a engine tube assembly that I added then cut away one of the access panels, my intention is to rust up the inside of the aircraft a little as though some local vandals have stolen the access panel. I built and sprayed the interior with the teal colour that was common Russian aircraft, everyone seems to hate that weirdly I quite like. I then gave it a wash of AKs green slime and added some fine turf to the cockpit floor in order to simulate some signficant organic growth that I guess would take route in there. I agonised a little over the canopy and noticed that in one of the pictures it seems like its covered and I decided to create a look as though someone tried to smash their way into the cockpit, either metal thieves of vandals , so drilled a couple of holes in the canopy, then used snips to create a ragged edge, I sand papered the inside of the canopy to create a grazed look, that seems to affect aircraft canopies exposed to UV light, I then used AK water colour pencils and green slime wash to build up layers of green mould on the inside. I also decided to use Tamiya clear blue for the windscreen itself and left it clear, I might have went a bit hard on the blue and made it too blue I think One thing I should have considered is , I should have attached the same pre shading process to the canopy as I did to the rest of the model, maybe a temporary attachment to the fuselage otherwise I ended up with the canopy with no persuading effect and the aircraft fuselage having it, I think I might have gotten away with it this time due to the nature of the build, if you look at the original images of the aircraft its clear that the paint job is poor at best. I preshaded the aircraft, then used AKs Mint Green , lightened with white, masked the camouflage pattern , re-persuaded on the exposed panel line areas and then gave it some Vallejos Light Rust without any lightening , the underside was done with Vallejos AMT blue and the dark blue is AKs Medium Blue I did the interior wheel wells with Vallejo light grey then used AK Dark Slime Wash on to really dirty up those areas. I wondered about the decals, and wanted to put a chippped peeling effect on them, so I tried 2 techniques, one I sanded them gently to try and wear them and the second method I used was to try and rip them with a pin. The second method seemed to work better as they didnt fragment quite so much. I discovered that you can use AKs weathering pencils to achieve some neat effects so I decided to give it a whirl on this, I drew green lines on the panel lines, then used a damp brush to soften the edges, am quite pleased with the results of that if am honest, much more controllable than enamel washes Ive used before.
  8. Mike Thanks that's very kind of you , I will indeed drop you a wee PM shortly when I figure out what am going for. I have since become aware that the UK built a fair few merchant vessel's for Japan, some were even built up here on the banks of the Clyde , who knew ! Regards Mark
  9. Yeah something like that thanks, if am honest am note exactly sure what type of ship, something thats easy to model am thinking something thats easy to scratch build so maybe something a bit smaller lol
  10. Folks I wondered if you some kind soul might give me a few pointers in the right direction, I have an idea , I fancy building a diorama based on the Australian Beaufighters that carried out air strikes against Japanese ships around the south west pacific. My idea is to have a beaufighter passing over a Japanese transport/merchantman, at mast height as a pair of bombs skip towards the unfortunate ship. So scene set , Im looking at a 1/72 scale beaufighter, so what I was thinking is having a just to build a cross section of the ship to form 1 end of the diorama and I wondered if you might know where I could find perhaps plans for such vessels? It doesn't need to be specifically a Japanese design, I can make the back story of the diorama fit , it was a British merchant ship pressed into service after the fall of Singapore for example. Im also open to all suggestions as to how to achieve this or any good reference sites, videos ect ect Thanks in advance
  11. Folks Thats fascinating, that rocket pamphlet posted above is a real find, I love the operational research that went into it, where they went and figured out where and what the rockets hit ect ect , thats why I love this hobby.
  12. Excellent, well in that case Ive already started my next build, a MIG-21 War Memorial at the abandoned airbase at Smuravevo about 15 miles from the border with Estonia
  13. Mate that would be awesome if it was year round, have to say folks is my first GB and I have loved it. I've liked the sense of community that we have built up, it's been great being able to talk to ppl in my niche interest. I've been blown away by your skills and projects and thinking behind them as well. One thing I will really miss is having a dedicated entropy area to go to on britmoddler I know If we all tagged our builds with entropy we could search them but its not quire the same. I personally think what ever you produced or didn't should give yourself a big pat on the back likes. And thanks to all of you for everything 👍😊
  14. Beneath Nikko Bay- A Sunken Rufe Fighter Floatplane The kit was a 1/72 Scale Mitsubihi A6M Zero with 3D printed floats and canopy, coral, and kayaker. Scratch built terrain Build Thread
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