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Found 1,270 results

  1. No. this is not the title of a previously unknown Christmas album by the Who, but a new venture for me. I was given a kit for Christmas by my dear wife, and have decided that, since it is a relatively simple build with not that many parts, I should be able to build it fairly fast. Unlike all my other builds, I do not intend to super-detail anything, or add any after-market parts to it, other than the set of masks I already have, and probably some Airscale instruments to pep up the very visible cockpit. Oh, and a fair amount nose weight, I should imagine! So I present to you the statutory sprue shot of the Tarangus 1/48 Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1. It will be built as XX541/L of RNEFTS, RAF Topcliffe, the aircraft in which I did my first Bullfrog solo on 2 May 1985.
  2. After the Sea Harrier FRS.1 ( and FA.2 ( Kinetic is to release a 1/48th BAe Harrier T.2/T.4/T.8 kit - ref. K48040 Source: V.P.
  3. Greetings everyone ! My latest project ! Great model without any problems . I spayed the basic camo with gunze acrylics . After that i sprayed hairspray decanted and then white colour ( gunze ) . Toothpicks and varius brushes were used to achieve that worn look . Underside insignia are airbrushed and the uppersurfaces as also . I'm now waiting for the other decals to arrive in order to finish it . Hope you like it so far!! 15894274_10155073983284925_3285216335520820810_n by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr 15871997_10155073982279925_6782845046906959141_n (1) by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr 15871567_10155073981999925_2773712135873559227_n by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr 15872010_10155073981319925_8910818092035126965_n by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr 15894306_10155073981729925_23818272474935932_n by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr 15941100_10155073981069925_2052428110832565013_n by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr
  4. Having seen a lot of great Whif's on here and having read a lot of The Empire Twilight site and thread I thought I'd have a go myself. Hopefully they will be realistic and the back stories will make sense, but any advice gratefully taken! I've an idea of how I'd like the timeline to pan out, but it might be a little bitty to start. First up is an idea stolen from Cookie, but with a slightly different slant on it. Hope he won't mind too much! Falcons in the RAF - Part 1 In 1980 the RAF's Buccaneers were grounded when fatigue to the main spar caused one to crash killing both of the crew. Since the Tornado was due to start coming into service, the initial decision was taken not to replace any machine found to be damaged in this way. When similar problems were identified in the FAA Buccaneers as well, the entire fleet was combined and the best remaining airframes were returned to the control of the Navy to operate from the two Malta-class carriers HMS Gibraltar and HMS Malta. The RAF were understandably unhappy at losing several squadrons and petitioned for more Tornados to fill the looming gap in its strike force. Initial proposals were rebuffed, but when it became clear that the Tornado ADVs development was going to be protracted, a change of tack was made to an aircraft with a primary strike capability and secondary air defence. When it was highlighted that these could also replace the remaining Lightning's in service as well, an Air Staff requirement was finally published. To assist British industry, it was stipulated that the aircraft chosen would be in current production to speed up procurement as well as incorporating avionics, equipment and engines produced in the UK. Several companies applied to take part in the competition including the Mirage F-1, a land based version of the F/A-18 and the eventual winner the F-16. As an untried proposal, the F/A-18 was soon dropped and leaving the F-16 and the Mirage as the front-runners to win. Ultimately the better performance of the American craft as well as General Dynamics being more willing to enter partnership with BAe over production won the day. Surprisingly for a Government program, this was all completed by the end of 1981 and the first 6 F-16A and 2 F-16B Block 15 airframes were delivered for flight testing and equipment fitting before the end of the year was out. When it became clear that the aircraft chosen would have a single engine, Rolls-Royce began to explore options for a suitable powerplant. Several ideas were considered, including the original PW F-100-PW-200 under license until it was realised that the company had the answer in its stable already. In the 1960's Bristol-Siddeley had been selected to build an afterburning version of it's Olympus engine for the TSR.2 known as the Mk.320 which had produced a mighty 150 kN with full burn during ground testing. This had since developed into the 593 as found in Concorde, but the original plans were still available at Filton, making reverse engineering a not inconceivable prospect. Combined with advances made in engine efficiency over the past 15 years a viable engine was soon produced for ground testing, easily matching the 135kN of the first sets of runs going up to the 150kN while at the same time having a lower specific engine consumption allowing a greater range. When fitted to the test airframes, it gave a better performance and max take off weight than the original aircraft at the inevitable loss of range. Despite initial concerns that the engine would be too powerful for the airframe, rigorous ground and flight testing ensured most fears were put to bed. This led to the US armed forces designating the aircraft the F-16U and although there was some interest in the sub-type, the loss in range deterred several potential buyers. However, the USAF did place an order for several examples to use as aggressor aircraft for DACT training. To their credit, Rolls-Royce recognised this being a problem and resolved to continue work on improvements that would allow them to submit it for future contests. Since it would be acting in both Strike and Anti-Air roles, a quality multi-mode radar was required to allow the aircraft to fulfil it full potential. As stipulated for the initial aircraft, the set used would have to be a proven off-the-shelf unit produced in the UK. At the time GEC had been supplying the Blue Fox the FAA for their new Sea Harriers and offered to supply sets for the new aircraft while developing a more powerful set, named Green Fox, which would have a greater range but with the same underlying design therefore reducing the risk of development being protracted. This was deemed an acceptable arrangement to the RAF and the first of the new Radar's were fitted in 1985 after experience gained during the Falklands was also incorporated into its development allowing better resistance to hostile Electromagnetic environments. The Falklands conflict also defined the final role the first aircraft, now known as the Falcon FGR.1, in RAF service. Despite the swift conclusion to the conflict, several aircraft were lost to Radar guided mobile SAM's supplied from Russia via Cuba. Although no lives were lost, it highlighted a lack of SEAD planning within the UK forces and at the time, Buccaneers of the FAA and Harriers of the RAF were swiftly loaded with AS.37 Martels to counter the threat. The AGM-45's carried during the Black Buck raids were found not to be as effective as first hoped and the inclusion of at least one aircraft equipped in this way during raids also allowed a quick response when sets were turned on. Original NATO plans had USAF Wild Weasel squadrons performing this role in case of Soviet invasion, the Falkland experience taught the RAF that this reliance could not be counted on in all eventualities. With their high top speed, Falcons were seen as ideal for these "Splash and dash" missions, clearing a path through defences for the Tornados to follow and hit their targets. Since the parent craft was already cleared for the American anti-air missiles then in use with the RAF, the first production aircraft were assigned to 237 OCU and then 5 and 11 Squadrons replacing the BAC Lightnings fielded by both units. Once cleared for the remaining stores employed by the RAF, the aircraft was also supplied to 12, 15 and 216 squadrons all operating in Europe, rotating through the UK and RAF Germany bases, and 16 Squadron that was posted to RAF Labuan as part of the defence agreement signed when Brunei became independent in 1964. Phew! That was a bit longer than I intended, but I hope it lays the ground work for the first of several aircraft in the role and at the very least sounds a bit plausible! Hopefully get some images up soon.
  5. After finally finishing my Tamiya Mossie, I was in a bit of a mood to do another. I have always rather fancied the silver finished Mosquitos from the SEAC theatre and picked up the recently re-issued AIrfix 1/48 scale Mosquito PRXVI, which has one of these as a decal option (684 Squadron in India). A kit review and sprue shots can be found here in the review forum. I also found some terrific reference photos from the the Imperial War Museum here, including a great colour shot of one of 684 Squadrons Mosquitos in flight. I was very taken with the roundel blue spinners, so while the painting guide has these as silver I will finish mine in blue. I started this a couple of weeks ago, so here is progress to date. First off I decided to get the job I like least, the canopy, sorted first (at the same time as I was finishing the canopy on my last Mossie). It didn't take long clean up and test fit the cockpit and assorted other bits. First for painting, spinners and propellers. The roundel blue is left over form the too dark batch of blue that I mixed for a BAe Hawk T1 last month. Too dark for that, but I think it will be fine for this as the theatre markings. Then painting and assembling the cockpit and wheels. All brush painted acrylics, including a touch pf dry brushing and weathered with a wash made from raw umber acrylic mixed in floor polish. Seatbelts from Tamiya tape. That's it for this weekend. A test fit of the wings make it clear they may be challenging.......
  6. “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. We're so glad you could attend! Come inside! Come inside!” For myself and my favorite all time musical group, 2016 was not a good year. To Keith Emerson and Greg Lake RIP. Your gift of music was outstanding. I have been absent from this fine forum for about a year now (other than occasionally lurking about and being jealous of fantastic builds that happen here every day). December 2015 I woke up with shooting pains throughout my body coupled with numbness in my extremities. Being the ever-diligent person I am and realizing that just ignoring it would not make it go away, (Not that I would ever try that, heaven forbid!) I began a wonderful odyssey of various health professionals poking, prodding, inserting, inspecting and failing to detect why I now had no feeling in my hands. The general pain shooting throughout my body had ceased, but there was absolutely no feeling in my hands. The best I can describe it is they feel as if they are constantly asleep. Anyway, going through a bunch of medical people that suggested everything from diabetes, (nope), carpel tunnel (nope), neuropathy (nope), cancer (not again) to me just being mental I came away with a wonderful diagnosis of we don’t know why you have no feeling in your hands, but we don’t think it is endangering your health. Yeah, didn’t make sense to me either. The best guess for my condition is narrowed to two causes, neither of which, I understand, is curable. The first, and my favorite, is I was exposed to some unknown chemical in Southeast Asia from either the U. S. forces or the communist forces and it is just now showing up. Now I did go into some very interesting areas where I shouldn’t have been, and into jungles that shouldn’t have anything sprayed in them but there was, and I was not privy to what was used, how it was to affect humans, as my chances of surviving the war were minimal. My cheery little group had 100% plus casualty rate. (Never could understand how that could be, except most of us got wounded at least once and foolishly kept returning to fight. Option one then is some unknown chemical has resided in my body for about 45 years and is just now starting to run rampant, cheery huh? The second option and what I really think is more likely is I have had shingles since 1990 when they were triggered by some cancer treatments. Just was told that sometimes as a side effect, you just loose feeling in your extremities, usually your hands. The cure, same as for shingles, just learn to live with it. And, for the last year my brothers in plastic, I have been learning to use my hands without having any feeling in them. You take for granted how much the sense of touch comes into play on a day by day basis. How tightly do you hold a Styrofoam cup? (Okay, I know I shouldn’t be using them, but some places still sell drinks that way!) Most people can feel the cup sidewalls beginning to give in by touch and then just maintain that pressure. By trial and error and many drink mishaps, I learned just how much to think to hold the cup so I didn’t either drop it or squish it. Same for holding eating utensils, cracking eggs (that was a fun lesson, the kitchen was a mess), holding glass bottles over tile floors. The amusing one that still gives me fits is how hard to grip pills when I take them out of a bottle to keep them from falling out of my hand. In regards to modeling, “Hi! My name is George. I am just learning how to assemble plastic kits. Bear with me!” So, from a rather massive stash (more on that later) I chose a relatively easy build to begin the trek back to putting plastic pieces together. The kit is 1/48 Hasegawa Bf 109 E-3. This will not only be a WIP for the 109, but probably, an interesting lesson on how much touch is used in model construction. I really am a newbie. I went to my trusty Photobucket account and can’t sign in. When I did sign in, it wouldn’t let me into my library or download pictures. Once that was sorted out, then I try to upload to Britmodeller and everything has changed with the new software version. ARGGGGHHHHHH. Okay, blood pressure back to normal so here goes. The kit looks very nice. Here is the box cover art and the plastic innards. It has some photo etch and a nice selection of decal choices. The first job is the cockpit. The selection of parts is nice. The seat has some basic seat belt detail, not great, but for me and this build adequate And the instrument panel is nothing to write home about, but for this build, some dry brushing will be enough as the canopy will be closed. Any resemblance to the actual panel instruments and the kit detail representation is strictly coincidental! I now will try to see how well I can botch a kit that should go together by itself. Wish me luck. As always, all comments are welcome.
  7. Hi my name is Mark it's my first time posting on here. I thought I'd should you some of my recent completions. As a school teacher here in Australia I get good chunks of modeling time every 8 - 11 weeks. Here are three that I've been able to polish off in the last 4 weeks over summer hols! First up is the Eduard Mk.VIII from the weekend edition. I added the Zoom set (it would have been cheaper to just buy the Prof Pack edition) and masked and sprayed the large codes in white as the decals provided are the wrong colour. The 'grey nurse' text should also be white but I couldn't replicate that. The paint chipping is not great and I think i might use a silver pencil next time. This is the Hasegawa Harrier with added zoom etch and a Pavla seat in the cockpit. The decal scheme was not on the sheets specifically but all the decals needed to make this jet can be found on the sheet. The green on the port drop tank came out to vivid and i didn't trust the decal det cord so I left it out. Compared to the Spitfire this was a tricky bugger to get together! The last one of the holidays, so far, is the Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Trop. I built this out of the box and only added a foil seat belt, considering how little can be seen thorough the cockpit opening I'm glad i didn't waste any money or time on etch. I have mixed feelings about this kit, on one hand it went together great and had reasonable detail, on the other hand its a bit clunky in certain areas (trailing edges, finer detail parts etc) and the plastic had a consistency and texture I wasn't fond of. Anyway it turned out well, I think, and only took a week to complete. I hope you enjoyed these models. I'm about to start work on the Kinetic Harrier Frs.1 which i understand can also be a bit of a mongrel!
  8. Way back in April 2005 Steve Zaloga built up the Tamiya Pershing with Accurate Armour's conversion as the T26E1 Pilot modified by the 33d Armored Regiment of 3d Armored Division. A year later Tamiya down-sized their 35th kit to the One True Scale. I started a project. Soon afterwards Steve Faxon issued a conversion kit that helped! Then I got more reference, couldn't get the resin gun barrel to stay straight, lost interest and put it way. This is what it looks like today... I've disassembled the lower hull and removed the suspension arms to alter the sit to the very nose down look of the original. The pathetically short dampers have been removed as well. I had added the underside detail as I do that sort of thing see the other project for the bare original which offends my sensibilities. I've found that an old credit card fits the slots the dampers leave behind perfectly so they're filled and hardening. There is a lot to be done but as things are slowing down at work now we've got the shops filled I'll have regular bench time. Apologies to Shermaniac for not doing the M4A2E4 I had definitely decided to do yesterday!
  9. My aircraft WIP started off with a couple of 1/48 RAF Phantoms I was building, but somewhere along the way I started putting together a background to photograph them with. This turned in to a hair-brained scheme to build a Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS). I live near Wattisham and have taken some photos while passing of the site, and using google maps I got started on some plans. A full size hanger in 1/48 would just be too big, so a single aircraft HAS seemed do-able. So this is what I was aiming for: Most of the build so far is on my other thread, so I won't repeat it all here. Suffice to say it got rolling with a bit of rolled up cardboard: The main structure is about 76cm x 45cm. But then add the apron in front, doors, vent at the back, annex, etc, etc. Its got pretty big.
  10. After the 1/72nd kit ( ICM is to release in 2015 a 1/48th Polikarpov I-153 Chaika Soviet biplane fighter kit - ref.ICM48095 Sources: and Box art V.P.
  11. Hi folk's just before she goes into the loft here's a recent build for the MTO GB the kit is well known to most and is a cracking build a bit fiddly in places I really don't like the individual exhaust stubs but as it's my third go at the kit they must be doing something right! A Libya based aircraft it retained it's European scheme before the sand/green mottled scheme worn later.Thank's for looking.
  12. Completing my set of US Navy fighters is my latest effort. Hasegawa's 1/48 F/A-18F Super Hornet. A nice kit overall but a bit lacking in the weapons department. Finished with Xtracyrlix and a brush in the markings of VFA-2 on board USS Abraham Lincoln in 2004. Decals from Cam Pro sheet 48-015. With its predecessor from VF-2. All four together.
  13. Hi guys! I forgot the reasons why this one wasn't finished, I hope not too many pieces are missing... Also, I wonder what will happen when that masking tape will be pulled away Ciao. Roberto.
  14. I like to have 3 models underway at any one time. Definitely no more. This way I have something to work on while paint is drying on two other models. So, this one got started today as number 3 in the queue. 3 shall be the number of the count, and the number of the count shall be three. Anyhoo, was quite interested to take a look at one of the latest releases from the all new and improved Airfix. I'm a lazy modeller - I no longer have any time for hours and hours of re scribing and filling. I want good quality kits that minimize the amount of that stuff I have to do. My hat's off to the serious modellers who do all that to get the most accurate representation of a subject possible - it's an awesome approach. But I'm too lazy for that. So having heard good things about the recent Airfix incarnation kits, this seemed like fun. Box: The mouldings do look nice. There are very small amounts of flash here and there, but nothing serious. I haven't found anything in the way of sink marks either - so far so good. Made a start with the cockpit tub and ejector seat. Gone are the old days of a crudely moulded seat to be placed into a bare cockpit area - now the tub is made up of several pieces, as is the seat. Not bad really - I think that will look OK through a closed canopy once painted up. Certainly not up the look of a nice resin cast seat, but not bad. I thought it was interesting that there were two seat options - one without moulded in seat harness. Great idea - but no pilot chappie to put in place on the bare seat. Oh well. Cockpit parts Front wheel well assembles on to the underside of the tub. Dry fit of the seat into the tub looks good. I also assembled up the undercarriage bays on the wings. Really, I'm quite pleased with this model. For the price, there is plenty of detail included. I think that with some basic techniques this will make into a nice OOB model Meteor. I got as far as priming some areas today, and I'm looking forward to picking this up again next time I get to the bench.
  15. Evening all, As a virtually exclusive 1/72 modeller, it takes a pretty special kt or subject to sway me to the darkside of 1/48, but when it's a new tool Harrier, and a naval one at that, it's a bit of a no brainer really. Having picked this up at Yeovilton, I couldn't resist cracking on with immediately, and have spent the last couple of days trimming, sanding and dry fitting. What I;ve found so far is that Eduard and Tamiya can lure into a false sense of security as far as new tool kits are concerned, and while this kit from Kinetic is very good, it does have it's foibles, or at least mine does. I'm finding every mating surface needs a good few swipes of a coarse sanding stick to remove any flash or chamfering along the edge to achieve a good fit with it's opposing piece. I've been paying particularly close attention to getting the fit of the cockpit and nose gear bay assemblies to fit snugly, primarily to achieve a smooth join between the inner intake faces and their respective fuselage sides. This has necessitated a spot of grinding and trimming of various areas of the kit as detailed below, with my Dremel making a rare appearance to help speed things along. Essentially, I found that the nose gear bay assembly sat too far aft, and needed to come forward a bit, hence the work above. The results are below, and while the gaps may still not look great, they close up well with a bit of pressure that I obviously couldn't apply in the pic. I'm hoping this compression during cementing will fully close the gaps, or at least limit it to a straightforward filling job. I've also had a quick look at the wing fit. Early fettling suggests in general it's not bad, but will require the removal of more material from the fuselage locaters. I fear the rear join will result in an unavoidable filling job to smooth out the step. I've laid down the base colours in the cockpit- Xtracolor Admiralty Grey- and will proceed with detail painting and washes. Thanks for looking, more soon Cheers, Shaun
  16. Hi gents! Here I'll try to build V-173 at 1:48 scale from Special Hobby. That's well known and as far as I know ultimate kit of this plane at 48 scale. My build was started at May 2016. I'll try to demonstrate some stages and current state in my next posts. Useful links: Walkarounds: great WA V-173 here at britmodeller (52+33 photos) WA V-173 restauration photos by Bill Spidle (44 photos) WA V-173 at flicr by Bill Spidle(97 photos) Texts: V-173 The Flying Pancake - restoration history @ Vought Heritage Restoration: Vought V-173 @ Air & Space Magazine Vought V-173 Flying Pancake Interior, etc. @ Sprue Bits/Internetmodeller Videos: Vought V-173 Flying Pancake @ YouTube by Jaglavak Military Vought V-173 Pancake Walkaround @ YouTube by Erik Johnston - splendid video walkaround with very interesting comments of Vought Retirees Club members Builds: Very inspirational build here at britmodeller (to my great regret, unfinished) by Jean Pierre Culis-Fery PDFs: Low aspect ratio aircraft @ DG2 Communique Iss#3 vol#1 pgs.16..30 The Flying Flapjack @ Mechanix Illustrated, may 1947 Also, when gathering information about V-173, I got in touch with Mr. Richard Guthrie (ex, V-173 restoration project manager) and Mr. Roger Stites (web-master of Vought Heritage) and they kindly shared some rare photos of V-173 (mostly cockpit and details) and gave permission for their publication. Pardon my probably strange English, 'couse it's not my native language.
  17. I have been working on this model since July this year following a summer camp at RAF Conningsby. By chance I photographed BE taxiing out during a heavy downpour. I was soaked but it was worth it to obtain some excellent photos. The twin seat interior and cockpit etched sets from Eduard have been used, however I had to trawl the internet to get hold of them. I found them eventually in the USA and Germany.
  18. Hello folks, This is a mirage 2000B from Kinetic. Actually you can't get a B version straight out of the box because of the cockpit that is rather a 2000-5 version. As well, the engine nozzle is awful, needs replacement or a tremendous amount of work. As usually get the right colours for a "blue" 2000 was a little bit tricky. The aircraft depicted here is from the 2/5 Île-de-France, that squadron is the mirage 2000 OTU for the mirage 2000C, -5, D, N pilots of the french air force. The cockpit is from Wolfpack, the nozzle from Aires and the decals from Syharts cheers
  19. My poor poor winterized Harrier hit a big snag recently, so much in fact that Ii put it back in the box for a while. To cheer me up a little, I decided to have a deeper look into my Christmas gift: 31 different decal options, but only 2 complete set of kits. I really hope that Eduard will offer more Overtrees soon! First, I thought that I should do one of the Grey Nurses, since I do have a thing for Sharkmouths... And I definitely want to do a brown/green one, and a desert one with the blue/light blue roundels and one green one with bomb racks... So, instead of botching Bobby Gibbes rather spiffy looking machines I decided to start with this to learn how to build an Eduard Spitfire. Pictures to follow! //Christer
  20. Hi all Some pics of my first completed build for 2017, Hasegawa 1/48 Desert Snake Stuka. Only modifications were plastic wedges on ailerons replaced with actuators in brass plus Eduard seatbelts & gunsight. The mould has been reboxed many times and is showing it's age a bit now with more flash to be removed but still well worth the effort in the long run. Thanks for looking
  21. It's 2017 now, so now it's time for a new special offers thread. Remember, like the title says, we get new offers in stock pretty much every Friday, so keep checking our website every Friday! Meng 1/700 HMS Rodney £22.00 Trumpeter 1/700 USS West Virginia (1945) £21.30 USS Maryland (1945) £19.60 Trumpeter 1/350 1/72 Eduard Messerschmitt Bf110C-6 Ltd Ed £19.20 Eduard Avia B.354 Serie III Profi £9.70 Eduard Lavochkin La-7 Profipack £9.00 Eduard Bf110G-2 Profipack £14.00 Eduard Fw190A-8 Profipack £10.80 Eduard Fw190F-8 Profipack £8.60 Eduard Spad XIII Weekend £4.30 Eduard L-39C Albatros Weekend £6.80 Eduard L-39ZA Albatros Weekend £5.90 Eduard F6F-5 Hellcat Weekend £6.30 Eduard F6F-5N Hellcat Nightfighter Weekend £6.30 Eduard Fw190A-8 Std Wings Weekend £6.30 Eduard Fw190A-5 'Heavy Fighter' Weekend £6.30 Eduard MiG-15Bis Weekend £6.30 Eduard MiG-15UTi Weekend £6.50 Eduard Avia B.534 serie III weekend £5.00 Eduard Avia B.534 Serie IV weekend £5.00 Hobby Boss AH-64A Apache £7.90 Hobby Boss Mil Mi-2US Hoplite gunship £9.40 Hobby Boss Mil Mi-2URP (anti tank) £9.40 Meng 1/72 F-106 Delta Dagger £20.60 1/48 Eduard P-47D Thunderbolt 'Over Italy' Ltd Ed £26.60 Eduard F-86 Sabre Ltd Ed £30.60 Eduard Albatros D.III Profipack £10.20 Eduard Aiva B.534 Serie III Profi £10.20 Eduard Messerschmitt Bf109G-5 Profi £18.00 Eduard MiG-21R Profipack £21.40 Eduard MiG-21R Weekend £12.40 Eduard F6F-5N Hellcat Nightfighter Weekend £9.70 Eduard Avia B.354 Serie IV Weekend £7.00 Eduard Fokker DR.1 Weekend £6.60 Eduard Nieuport Ni-11 Weekend £7.80 Eduard Spad XIII weekend £10.80 Eduard Yak-3 Weekend £9.00 Eduard Mirage III Weekend £15.70 Hobby Boss P-61B Black Widow £25.60 Hobby Boss P-61C Black Widow £25.60 Meng Me410A-1 £28.30 Meng Me410B-2/U4 £26.80 Revell 1/48 Spitfire IX/XVI £13.70 1/35 Armour 1/32 Hobby Boss IL-2 Sturmovik £36.00 thanks Mike
  22. Source:;#entry847702 Speak for itself. Thanks Ozh! V.P.
  23. Heya Guys, Since I have at least 2 ongoing and unfinished projects, it seems like common sense to start another one. I guess that this is what happen when one is running out of steam with unfinished projects. Anyway, I just couldn't stop myself so here we go...after some rummage through the pile of plastic boxes, the winner was the Yak 23 from Bilek. I don't know why I choose it...maybe because of that vintage look of the early jets, which the little Yak captures very well methinks. Ok, so first of all the classic presentation of what's in the box:
  24. Hi, I recently posted on the WIP forum my attempt at the twin seat Typhoon from Revell and I promised to post some photos of Typhoons, which I have done. These are some general photos (I'm sure there are better out there) that I would like to share, which Illustrate some of the details of the aircraft.
  25. A friend is using the Pavla set to convert a 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire I to a PR 1C. The supplied canopy doesn't fit, despite trimming, can any-one suggest one that would fit? Thanks in advance.