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Found 1,498 results

  1. Hello; Here's my latest built: Eduard's 1/48 Fw190D-13 W.Nr.836017 Stab./ JG 26. It's a great kit, but not perfect. The main colour is Tamiya and the decals are from the kit. I built oob. All comments very welcome. Cheers, Cristian Zarichta
  2. Hello all I'd been posting this on another forum, but there doesn't seem to be much overlap of readership (or rather, of active posters at least) so I thought it might be of interest here as well. If it's redundant, let me know, and I'll just carry on there. This is the second part of project modeling the aircraft my grandfather flew in WW2. The first part, a 1/48 Tamiya F4F-4 representing his tour at Guadalcanal with VMF-121 and VMF-223 in the Fall of ’42, is posted here. This time I’m doing the ubiquitous 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1A. Neither the actual airplane nor the kit requires any introduction, so we’ll skip. A bit of history: When VMF-121 returned stateside in early 1943, Joe Foss was given command of the newly formed VMF-115. My grandfather, Jacob Stub (pronounced “stoob”), newly married, and now a captain, joined him. After a tour at Guadalcanal flying Wildcats, the Corsair was a welcome upgrade. In Eric Bergurud’s definitive history of the air war in the Pacific, “Fire In The Sky”, my grandfather commented on the Corsair (while throwing shade at both the Navy and the Hellcat): This was taken in Santa Barbara just before they shipped off. That’s Stub standing just to the right of the downward propeller blade. Foss, with the mustache and officer’s cap, is kneeling in the center. (He’s just a kid. They all are.) As they trained in California, the air war in the South Pacific was raging, with Greg Boyington’s VMF-214 in particular racking up impressive records and making headlines back home. The young men of 115 were probably expecting a brawl and more victories to with it. After all, at Guadalcanal Foss had bagged 26 planes in just a few months. In a Wildcat. My grandfather, only 4, but most of his first tour he was a wingman, which is a low scoring position. Imagine what they could get done with a serious fighter. But by the time they got back in theatre, the mighty Japanese base at Rabaul had collapsed, and the air war had moved on north and east. Professor Bergurud wrote me, “His second tour was on the Island of Emirau where he succeeded Foss as squadron commander. And like Foss, he never saw a Japanese plane during that time.” At one point, Charles Lindbergh came to Emirau as part of his famous civilian tour of the theatre to consult on adapting the Corsair to a fighter/bomber role. When I was a kid, his name came up once in front of my grandfather, who snorted and dismissed him as a ‘horse’s bottom.’ (He was generally a generous and kind person, but could get a little salty after a few. ) Foss (L), Lindbergh (R) One last thing. Here’s an excerpt from the VMF-115 war diary, dated 22 August 1944: That’s the day my mother was born (international date line aside). I imagine him sitting on his parachute in his plane on the way to or from dropping that thousand pounder on the E. Young Plantation on New Ireland, knowing that he was due to become a father any day, while my grandmother was in labor 7500 miles away. My plan is to try to build a Corsair from VMF-115 at Emirau as it would appear on the afternoon of August 22nd, 1944. To that end, I’ve collected references and a bunch of goodies. I understand that the Tamiya kit can make an excellent build out of the box, but I have a particular agenda here. I hope you’ll bare with me. Thanks for looking. -J
  3. I am quite used to seeing and hearing Apaches, living just down the rad from Wattisham, so when a Revell kit turned up in a local model shop for change from £10 I thought I would have a go. Not the UK version, but the Royal Netherlands Air Force colourful one. So to make this more difficult I thought I would build in some lights and motors. The rotors both turn and the anti collision lights work. It should have port & starboard lights but they failed after the body went together. Anyway, this is how she looks. Hope you like it
  4. My attempt at building a WR tail code A-10 in euro one camo. I don’t live to far from the twin bases of Woodbridge and Bentwaters and already had my HAS diorama, so an A-10 was always a logical choice. I remember going along to a Bentwaters airshow as a kid and frequently seeing the ‘hunting pairs’ of Warthogs flying over. Inspiration also from the new acquisition at the Bentwaters Cold War Museum. Lovely to see one back there. This is an old Revell kit from eBay with a nice resin seat thanks to @RMP2. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hi with the discussion in the ww2 section about the d-13 I thought I would post my fw 190 d-13, 1/48 tamya fw 190 d converted using the ABBA set. panted as stated in Jerry crandell's d-13 yellow 10 book, lower surfaces natural metal. Front half of wing rlm 75. Upper surface overall rlm 75 with over sprayed 82,83. All paints are xtracolor, sprayed freehand. Hope you enjoy. Comments welcomed.Nic
  6. Hi all, this is my P-51/D "Mustang" I always wanted to add this bird to my collection. I was looking for an unusually "stang" and found this "blue nose". Parts used for this model: Hasegawa P-51D True Details Cockpit Aires Wheel Bay Ultracast Porpeller Ultracast exhaust stacks Ultracast landing flaps If you want to see the built steps, please visit "Work in Progress" After all I have to say, the Hasegawa Kit is still a great kit but needs some help with the details Thanks for watching! Pete https://abload.de/img/20171111_174822z3ret.jpg
  7. Evening all- Long time since I posted anything.. this is the Eduard new tool G-6. Very nice kit, my only reservations being the slightly oversize exhausts. Finished as white 11 of 1/Jg. 27, c. 1944 C&c welcome, thanks for looking. Cheers, Dave
  8. Hello gents, this is my new project, FW-190A-4, EDUARD, 1/48, ProfiPACK My goal is Start... For comparison I used photo of FW-190A-8 from RAF Museum Cosford (visited 4 time...) Test fit...
  9. Old boxing: Latest Lightning build - (I always have a Lightning on the go) is an F6. Keeping it pretty simple - an out of the box build, although I will likely replace some of the decals. As a result, not much in the way of cockpit pictures. I really didn't do anything much with the cockpit, as I intended to close it anyway- so I added some seat belts made out of masking tape, painted everything up, added the kit instrument panel decals and called it good. Here I am part way through blending in the nose ring. The nose ring on these kits just doesn't quite fit right. Got the canopy masked up, and seams blended in, and we're on to the fun stuff. On this build, I am attempting for the first time to use lacquer based paints. In this case I am priming with Gunze Mr surface finisher 1500 black. I had to stop there though, when I realised that I hadn't masked the spine light. Still, got that taken care of, finished priming, and then moved on to the lower wing grey. I am trying the technique known as "black basing", which has been subject of many internet debates. I don't care about that stuff, but I am interested in the effects I have seen reproduced. So here it is after initial marble coat and a partial blend coat. I did suffer a little bit of paint spitting on one wing, so I let the paint cure, and then sanded back and reapplied some black. I may well give the wings just a very light additional blend coat. This is where I am at now. I am very pleased with a couple of things. First - this is the first time I have used spray booths - and they work great, not just to get rid of fumes (essential for the lacquer paints - I always used a spray mask before, but acrylics don't stink up my model room like lacquers do), but theyalso provide a cleaner work area and the amount of dust and hairs in my paint finishes is all but eliminated. Second - I am finding much greater control of the paint pattern is possible, and don't get nearly as much tip drying as with acrylics, so this is a positive. It may be a case of covering up my inabilities with a product, rather than figuring out technique - but since this works I don't care too much. Third - the lacquers are nice and tough, and I can sand back the finish with very fine grade wet and dry to undo any unfortunate spits and so on - but I had a lot less runs and faults anyway. All in all - happy how this is going, looking forward to doing some more.
  10. I going stick a pin in this one and say it`s done. I had planned to shorten the rod and place a blurred Vietnam base underneath it, but on hindsight, I`ll save that for something else. I based the scheme on this photo...., ...... showing an A-6A from VA-85 in SEA in July 1965. Now I`ve seen a number of A-6`s in various experimental schemes from the era, but never with this weird USN intermediate blue underside. Now you could argue that the exposure of the photo plays a big part in the shades and you would be absolutely correct. Saying that, I thought it would be fun to just go with the flow and see what happens. This build is certainly not one of my best, but it gave me a bit of much needed experience in practicing/recreating bomb drops as well as making an in-flight A-6 which both real world and what if enthusiasts may appreciate. Thanks for looking.
  11. Here's my Airfix 1/48 Walrus, finished as W3037/PV-W of 275 Sqn, RAF Andreas, Isle of Man, 1943. Built for the flying boats and floatplanes group build (if you've not been following this GB, take a look - there's some fantastic modelling going on there). This aircraft ticks a few boxes for me - it fits with my Manx-based aircraft theme, and I wanted to do an ASR Walrus. I had very little photographic evidence to go on - just a photo with half of a 275 Sqn Walrus coded W in the background - so the scheme is a bit speculative. Thanks to info from @Ivor Ramsden I was able to narrow the serial for this aircraft down to one of two and went for W3037 - so I think there's a 50/50 chance that the serial/code tie-up is right. The Airfix Walrus is a lovely kit - I really enjoyed this build. I used very little aftermarket - just some seatbelts from a spare Eduard set, and decals from various sources. The yellow codes were made up by cutting up and rearranging the codes from the ASR option in the kit. I tried Mr Paint acrylics for the first time on this - very pleased with them. This is my first biplane in about 30 years and my first attempt at rigging - not perfect, but showed me that it's nothing to be scared of, and although I'm not necessarily about to go and seek out more biplanes to build there are a couple of kits in the stash that might move up the to-do list now. Build thread is here. On to the photos:
  12. Hi, everybody Model Pfalz E.I from Gavia it was collected in 2012. OOB. Thank you that glanced. Regards Martin
  13. Hi all Po-2 medical, 1/48 ICM and begemotdecals. Average type of the sanitary plane. It is made for the customer. Cheers, Martin
  14. Okay, here we go, first time post of my most recent build. I hope this works. I didn't think much of the two schemes that came specified with the kit itself, so I decided to give it a generic desert camo finish instead. Oh, and here's a link to a short video showing some build-pics
  15. Started building the Cockpit. I used Quickboost seats cause of the great details they provide. Aires aftermarket cockpit would be a great choice, but I didn´t manage to get one. The Hobby Boss details ar not that bad, so I used the kits office..... A few weeks later the Hornet was done. I had some fit issues and in my opinion it is not a beginners kit. I used Revell Aqua Color for painting. For the red outlines on the landing gear doors I use a red Edding pen. Well... worked nice but I will use brush and paint the next time. The weathering was also done with colored pencils. Worked very nice and I will use them again. Thanks for watching. Pete
  16. Hi all, I finally got around to finishing this kit, I've had it built but unpainted in it's box for months now and I recently saved it from the shelf of doom. The kit was built and painted in my usual way using model air colours. Any criticism or comments highly welcome!
  17. Hi there, I was challenged by a mate: one month to build Kinetic's Hornet. Well, I didn't quite succeeded (one month and a week) but... So here it is, OOB, with Mr Paint paints and Kinetic decals. I can post a WIP if you're interested (let's say it was an entertaining build). Cheers, S.
  18. Hi, Here's my latest: Revell 1/48 Tornado with HaHen decals for a MFG1 bird. It's straight from the box, with Mr Paint paints and Pebeo acrylic matt varnish. Hope you like it, S.
  19. Hello to all, After the amazing saga my last build has been (a vintage race car, the Fiat 806 Corsa at 1/12 Italeri, see if interested the summarize here: https://www.google.fr/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=6&ved=0ahUKEwif_vra5cnXAhUGuhoKHYo9BJIQFgg4MAU&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.britmodeller.com%2Fforums%2Findex.php%3F%2Ftopic%2F235028933-fiat-806-corsa-112-a-true-to-original-replica%2F&usg=AOvVaw35SjHJwOHWiadD7NM-4lu3 ), I begin a new build, very different (I am used to alternate a vehicle and an aircraft up to now). Of course, many builds have ever been dedicated to the Tamiya P 51D Mustang, especially on Britmodeller... I saw particularly the Squibby one, begun very recently and very nice, that will be definitely a source of inspiration. But as every build is different and personal, I decided to dive again in the Brit bath! I must precise too that I will take a good part of my inspiration in the great Juan Manuel Villalba DVD, for which I made the translation in french for the subtitles. Juan is a very famous modeler and a real gentleman, who learnt me a lot in model making and photography, he is a master and a friend, even if we couldn't meet up to now (we live far away one to the other one, pity...). Before beginning the build, a word of history: John Brooke England was born in 1923 at Caruthersville, Missouri. His service number was O-739263 and he joined the 362nd FS of the 357th FG in April 1943 as a 1/Lt meaning that he was part of the original cadre that left the ZI in November 1943 for the UK. He was promoted to Captain and then to Major. He took command of the 362nd FS on 25 August 1944. He served two tours with the 357th FG for a total of 108 operational missions giving a total of 460 hours combat flying time. He was the second highest scorer in the 357th with a total of 17.5 victories. England finished his second tour and rotated home on 26 January 1945. He remained in the service after the war and was killed in an F-86 crash in November 1954 in France. I began my build logically by preparing the parts of the section 1 and some other ones, placing them in a box with compartments, that I got in the Italeri's kit (one of the best part of this kit, defintely ): N.B: I just made the photo, so the radio compartment is ever begun... I must precise now that, differently with Juan, who made the radio by total scratch (amazing), I used the very recent Eduard photoetched set for Airfix kit (ref. 49853), that I had to adapt to the Tamiya kit: N.B: here too, I just made the photo, some parts have been removed and ever used. After the parts preparation, I began the cockpit by removing some details to replace them by new ones (arrow 1, and the radio). I didn't use the Eduard P.E part 47, too thin, and replaced it by 0,3 mm thick tin wire (arrow 3) The screws on the side were made from very small portions cut in 0,2 mm thick tin wire (Juan cuts in stretched plastic). The tabs come from another Eduard PE set. N.B: I had to adapt the A 17 Tamiya part to the Eduard 42 one, smaller (for Airfix) and accidently, I cut a portion of the floor and radio support. Of course, I will do the necessary correction...
  20. Here is my bf 109 f-4z b,. W. nr 7473, flown by uffz Felix sauer of 10 (jabo) jg 53. San pietro sicilia March 43. On the 27 March this aircraft was belly landed on the beach near pozzallo could not be recovered before being swamped by the sea cousing it to be a 100% loss . Detail to the engine using lead wire, resin cockpit and wheels decals from kagero jg 53 "pik as" book painted using extracolor.
  21. In March 1981 the USAF announced the ETF program to replace the F-111. McDonnell Douglas entered the competition with the F-15E, a modified F-15D. General Dynamics summited the competition with a heavily altered F-16, the F-16XL. The F-15 was the favourable aircraft for a long time, two engines and a bigger payload. But when General Dynamics refitted their F-16XL late 1984 with the new General Electric F110 engine, super cruise suddenly came into reach. With the new and uncertain adversaries on the other side of the iron curtain, the mystic MiG-29 and Su-27, this feature made the F-16XL the winner of the competition. The F-16E Strike Falcon came into service in June 1988 and 540 where produced. It is still in service with the USAF, Israel and Australia.
  22. RF-4C vs RF-4E

    As part of a pack of 1/48 decals I got a set of USAF RF-4C decals & quite fancy building one. So far it looks like Testors did an RF-4B or C kit and Italeri do an RF-4E. So my question - how close is an E to a C? Different engines, but is that visible? thanks in anticipation of any info!
  23. Rafale

    Hi everyone. Here's my attempt to dignify my long awaiting french beauty.
  24. Yakovlev Yak 3 Eduard 1/48

    Hello to all, after the vintage race car Fiat 806 Corsa 1/12, my last build, and the american classic car Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible 1957 1/25, I am happy to present here a very different model: the nice Yakovlev Yak 3 Eduard at 1/48. The decision to build this kit comes from my indescriblable enthusiasm for the great Juan Manuel Villalba's "Guide du maquettisme aéronautique" (Histoire et collections ed.), in which, through others, the famous modeler dedicated several pages to a wonderful Yak 3 (everything this man touches turns to gold, imho). My build began in april 2016 and finished in july of the same year. I decided to follow the steps of the master, and came in contact with him (he is not only a great artist, he is also a delicious man, of an extreme kindness). He replied patiently to all the questions I had (and I had many...), and with the book and his hints, I learnt a lot. I would like so much to meet him, we are regularly in contact by mail, but pity, we live so far apart... To be honest, I must say in this build, most of the ideas were not mine but his ones (he would say the contrary, and that definitely, it is my personal work, he is so kind...). I was most of the time just trying to reproduce what he had done before me. I am not ashamed to say that, Woody Allen was also influenced by other directors, before finding his own style (I am a fan). Well, let's leave Juan (he is so modest, he would be embarrassed if I go on...) to see the pics: I will begin with a few photos, screen captures from videos found on YouTube, of the real aircraft, on a restored version: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and now the build. My pics will follow logically the steps of construction. Just a word about the kit: except the decal sheet, of quite poor quality, this Profipack Eduard kit is excellent. I have been so critical (rightly) about the Fiat and the Chevrolet, it is fair and important to say too when a kit is very good... Of course, if there are questions, I will reply with pleasure...
  25. Hello again! As promised here is my 1/48 Hobbyboss F4U-1 Corsair on its scratch built display plinth. I wanted to capture the look of a sun bleached, beaten up Corsair waiting for the next sortie.