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  1. Dick Ward

    After years of using and being inspired by his decals, I had the privilege of working with Dick at RAF Benson when he was developing the sheet for the Revell Merlin HC3. I subsequently met and talked to him at several SMWs, where he was invariably pleasant and helpful. A true gentleman, and he will be much missed. Tim
  2. Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    Thanks, all. Memory duly refreshed! Regards Tim
  3. Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    Selwyn, you are of course right. But my OCD will know it's there (or not)! Also, by chance, my 2 photos of stationary T-birds (4 Sqn S at Deci with ferry tanks and the VAAC at Yvl) have the main u/c doors open! I agree that is unusual - I think the reason I have some photos of inside the nose bay and none inside the main bay is that they were normally closed. Regards Tim
  4. HMS Belfast 1/350

    Wow! That is amazing. Regards Tim
  5. Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    Hi, all. Two very minor observations/questions on the model. I seem to recall the main undercarriage bay roof should have 2 indentations for the wheels? Kinetic show the location, but do not indent them. My photos of inside a T4 nose undercarriage bay seem to show that the roof is all pretty much at one level - I seem to remember a panel at the rear top to get into the air conditioning pack. Kinetic show the back of the bay continuing up into the void behind the rear seat. BTW, these are not complaints - but my AMS is telling me to get this build right... Also, does anyone have recommendations for Dark Sea Gray these days? I find Gunze H-75 a bit less blue than I remember and really don't like spraying Xtracrylix on anything other than single colour schemes. Any views on Mig or Hataka? Regards Tim
  6. That's great. The weathering is inspirational. The tanks are perfect, and the rest is very very close behind. Regards Tim
  7. Does anyone know if the old Alley Cat Tucano could be usefully kit-bashed with this for a Shorts version? Regards Tim
  8. Hi, Selwyn. Sorry, forgot the OCU. SNEB were rarely used on IV(AC) when I was there other than at Decci. CBLS and/or recce pod were more usual. I've just ordered 2 of the Flightpath CBLS for my T4. Regards Tim
  9. Sounds really good. Thanks to all involved. A few issues with the weapons don't worry me, given the infrequency with which they were carried. I think there will be several to do (at least 4 Sqn, and VAAC). My one is en route, hopefully withough as many refuelli ng stops as the real thing needed. Regards Tim
  10. Very, very nice job on an old model of the old girl. Regards Tim
  11. Begemot Decals

    Hi, used them for the first time on my current Su-27 build. Very impressed with laydown and they work well with MicroSet and MicroSol. I found some errors on the instructions for Flanker Family #2, but this was an early sheet. On the stencil detail, I think that there is always a question of whether the decal manufacturer used the factory drawings or a real example - I suspect the former for Begemot's Su-27. There are certainly some areas of question on my build and I have taken a most likely/try and prove me wrong approach! Overall, I will certainly look to use them again. Regards Tim
  12. Magnifying visors - Opinions??

    I use one of these http://www.rolsontools.com/2-led-magnifying-visor.html By now, I need it for any modelling other than large area spraying. I've tried several, but like the light weight of this one. I use the 2.5 magnification almost all the time but go up to 3.5 for soldering. The light is pretty poor but I use cheap ikea spots on stalks to move the light to where I need it. Regards Tim
  13. Falklands Harrier GR.3 question

    Are the grayer forward nozzles possibly borrowed of a SHAR? Regards Tim
  14. Hawker Siddley Kestrel

    Hi, Frank, I modified the 1/48 Monogram Harrier GR1/AV-8A to a Kestrel - it was on the NASA SIG stand at Telford last year, as I did one of the ones that ended up in the US. Most of the points have been covered, but there are harder and easier options. I went for one of the later wings that was not too far from the Harrier's. Without my references, I would say wing planform, new outriggers, new vortex generators (needs them anyway), modified main and nose undercarriage legs to fit the different main doors and nose gear steering. Revised fin shape, and removal of the aribrake are easy. The intakes were fun, but I just angled the existing ones out a bit and then filled and sanded. The canopy is a bit different, but you might get away with it. The cockpit is so sparce that it is probably easier to make a Kestrel than a GR1! I suggest the main challenge is the rivets - both to remove the sunken monstrosities on the kit, and to mark up the darker colour on the Kestrel. I chickened out in 1/48 and just put them in with a riveting punch but did not colour them. I agree with Dave Flemming - I wish I had had the Butler book as reference when I made the model. Good luck if you go ahead - I think it is very do-able. A 1/24 GR3 is next but one on my plan for this year, once I get enough time at home to finish off a 1/24 Typhoon. Regards Tim
  15. The US's new space plane

    And now... https://spaceflightnow.com/2017/06/06/u-s-air-force-taps-spacex-to-launch-next-x-37b-spaceplane-mission/ No announcement yet on booster recovery plans. Tim