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  1. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    Ooh. Lots of opportunities for me to sign up to, start and fail to finish my GB for next year. Also slightly saddened that the RAF 100 didn't make it through, particularly as it is the 100th of the oldest independent Air Force and my first ever GB on BM was the RAF 90th. I hope I might get to complete a GB on time in 2018 πŸ™„
  2. RAF Posieden squadrons named

    The 'con' argument is factually incorrect and full of supposition, lots of industry hearsay and sour grapes because their product didn't cut the mustard.
  3. Oo'er; we've started! RP's Mosquito (TBD)

    It is with great regret that I have to admit defeat. Work commitments and other events have conspired to mean I'm not going to meet the 25 June deadline on my Mossie 😞 It's close but I'm out for a work dinner tomorrow night and I'm away from home this weekend. Here she is with lower surfaces done, Kleared and decaling in progress. She will be finished, just not in time!! PS Anyone have any suggestions on how to replicate the no step markings over the radiators? The big red box and 'X'? Frustratingly, despite me knowing they are the weak link in the decals, they both succumbed to rolling up and being impossible to un-roll 😑
  4. Oo'er; we've started! RP's Mosquito (TBD)

    So here we are blutac'd and masked ready for the lower surfaces
  5. Oo'er; we've started! RP's Mosquito (TBD)

    So after a bit of wet'n'dry action and a complete respray I'm now a bit happier with the top surfaces. Need to crack on now though as there's only 24 more days to go!!😱
  6. Oo'er; we've started! RP's Mosquito (TBD)

    Second coat on, but my blutac demarkation has let me down this time, the pattern is all wrong. Time for the wet and dry paper I think
  7. Oo'er; we've started! RP's Mosquito (TBD)

    And now with a bit of colour
  8. Oo'er; we've started! RP's Mosquito (TBD)

    OK, a little more progress and she's starting to look more like a Mossie 😍. Getting close to time to fire up the airbrush. and now with some undercoat
  9. Oo'er; we've started! RP's Mosquito (TBD)

    And a little more progress this evening. Not sure I've done the cockpit enough justice, nor the bomb bay, but the latter is going to be closed up as this is an F variant. This kit goes together really nicely. Wooksta (sort of appropriate for May the Forth) your wish........
  10. Oo'er; we've started! RP's Mosquito (TBD)

    A little more progress. I wish I had more time to hobby!!
  11. Hobbycraft 1/72 DHC-2 Beaver ****FINISHED****

    "Nice Beaver". πŸ˜„πŸ‘
  12. Vickers GB

    I could be in as well. Got a couple of Vickers VC10s in the stash that aren't going to build themselves!!
  13. Oo'er; we've started! RP's Mosquito (TBD)

    So, finally, a little bit of progress on my Mossie. Not much I'll admit😳
  14. Oo'er; we've started! RP's Mosquito (TBD)

    Damn! A month in and little progress. Glad I didn't choose the 1/24th Mossie. Sadly I've been distracted by Storm Doris demolishing my garden fence, a Joinery company failing to deliver and fit a new oak door and frame and now my neighbours fencing contractors have managed to accidentally cut off my water supply!! But, finally, a bit of progress
  15. Oo'er; we've started! RP's Mosquito (TBD)

    So, next problem, although I don't really need to decide yet, but all black or half black? A little bit of progress so far.....