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  1. Roly's 10th Anniversary VC10(s?)

    So finally having got a bit of spare time back I thought I should crack on. Cockpit canopy fitted, masked and painted which annoyingly reveals a little filling required Then I decided to look at doing the K3 variant of my build and found that I had the detail sets all along!! Could have saved a little time on the cockpit area Now I see the Hawker GB has also started and I signed up to that as well! Second VC10 or first Hawker in a while???
  2. Roly's 10th Anniversary VC10(s?)

    A little bit of progress on my ‘Queen of the Skies’ with the tailplane and engines in place. For scale, the tailplane was often described as having a Hunter’s wings on your tail. Have to say that I have been very impressed by the general fit of the parts between fuselage/tail and engines/tailplane; hardly any filler required.
  3. Roly's 10th Anniversary VC10(s?)

    Aha, the R1 out of service scheme; I thought I’d missed something for the MR2.

    EModels and Wonderland both have it listed as just over £50 but not yet available. Correction: EModels have it “in stock”.
  5. Roly's 10th Anniversary VC10(s?)

    May I ask who does which Nimrod decals? I’ve got a Nimrod in the stash still to do.
  6. Roly's 10th Anniversary VC10(s?)

    Good spot! I knew there were masks for the cockpit windows but had missed all the little ovals for the fuselage windows. Now wondering whether to use the masks or just run maskol down the window line as I’ve pre-sprayed the window line. Anyway, as I’ve been in quarantine 🤧🤒this weekend, at least I’ve made s bit of progress
  7. Roly's 10th Anniversary VC10(s?)

    I have a request for any airliner builders out there; does anyone have any suggestions for how to protect the clear fuselage windows, which have to be inserted before closing up the fuselage and before final painting takes place? I think this might be my first ever airliner and individually masking fuselage windows in 1/144 seems a little OTT!! Any suggestions gratefully accepted.
  8. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB

    Don’t forget the Rhodesians (North and South), Newfoundlander, Jamaican and Barbadian.
  9. Roly's 10th Anniversary VC10(s?)

    After Fatcawthorne pointed me in the direction of the detailing set from NH Detail, it would appear I’ve put my cockpit floor too low down. Oh well, never mind
  10. Roly's 10th Anniversary VC10(s?)

    Ooh, thanks for the heads up on that one. Liz Hurley 😍😍😍 but yes I know what you mean. If I get time, I will do a K3 in the grey colour scheme (hated the hemp colour) if OK with you I’ll do ZA148 and 5Y-ADA.
  11. Roly's 10th Anniversary VC10(s?)

    I don’t know why I’m doing this, but a nav station to help fill the cockpit a bit
  12. Roly's 10th Anniversary VC10(s?)

    A little annoyed that I didn’t cut 2 sets of plasticard as I go - just in case I get time to do a K3 as well as the Super!!😠
  13. Roly's 10th Anniversary VC10(s?)

    There is quite a lot of flash; it’s been quite a while since I last had to clean some of that off a model - quite nostalgic (not just for my days flying the Queen of the Skies!).
  14. Great job on the cockpit and the canopy masking 👍 Have to admit I usually cheat on the canopy and only mask the outside, then spray the outside with the interior colour first before adding the camo colour on top. Love the Beau, one of my all time favourite aircraft.
  15. Roly's 10th Anniversary VC10(s?)

    So, a bit of drying fitting suggests that, despite the scale, the big windows of the VC10 would show quite an empty space in the cockpit. Solution: add a bit to it (from memory); don’t think I’ll bother with the air eng’s throttles though!!