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  1. So if I read this right, a BA Concorde and an Free French Blenheim count? I’m in. Need a boot up the backside to get modelling again...
  2. Which kits are you using for this?
  3. Have to say my biggest issue is the poor editing of the digital issues. Blocks of text missing, clashing colours that make reading captions or looking at images impossible and images lying over text. This isn't just an issue with SAM, rather with almost every magazine I receive digitally. Problem is I've no idea who's best to bring this up with.
  4. http://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/modellers-guide-to-curtiss-p-40-variants/
  5. I’ll be honest, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to attach the undercarriage to this beasty!
  6. Indeed! If you want to keep it cheap, Hornby do their Railroad range which has less detail (therefore cheaper) but using more modern motors etc. Be careful if you go hunting on eBay for bargains as tender drives and some of the older models are more trouble than they’re worth. https://magsdirect.co.uk/magazine/britains-model-trains-2018/ I can recommend the above as a pointer for the bewildering array of what is out there! Though some of the prices will make you wince...
  7. Before you go too far Steve, you’ll need to consider if it’s just to play trains or more serious. It can have a big impact on how you set up your track and the gubbins that go with it.DC, DCC and DCC sound will all be part of your future along with which era (up to 11 now...), company or area of the country if you go for a detailed set up. Personally I just run things I like Hattons, Rails of Sheffield, Model Railways Direct and Kernow Model Rail centre are all big hitters in the sales area, and though there’s are plenty more around, three of those four often commission things that are a little different from the bog standards, Model Railways Direct being the exception. Welcome to the rabbit hole...
  8. Stripes, full body looks more like a temporary celebration scheme to me.
  9. I meant to take and post pictures of mine from the Royal boxing for you but totally forgot! Really sorry about that. However, the problems you’ve shown don’t appear to be present on mine. That said, I did have trouble putting the two fuselage halves together so there is every possibility that I was a little more aggressive with my gluing and clamping than yourself. I will endeavour to take pictures on Friday when I return home from my dad’s.
  10. Interesting to hear you say that... where I work, if you turned up and your bloods are over a few months we can do a quick easy blood test there and then. After that, the decision to proceed with or without contrast can then be made and appropriate aftercare applied. Even if you’ve had a transplant or existing kidney problems, though in that case you should be closely monitored anyway!
  11. I’d think so, will dig out my shelf bunny and see if I have it too...
  12. Have you ever taken a photo of them all together? Really need to start making a dent on my meagre collection...
  13. Continuing the French theme, what about a Hanriot H.232? Early war French, in service 1940 and a trainer, ticks all the boxes and would look good next to these four
  14. Fantastic news! Don’t think there has been a truly decent rendition of this missile, now just need a quality Tornado F.3 to go with it!
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