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  1. charlie_c67

    Two Airfix A6M2b Zeros - Then and now

    Errr @CedB? Your link for the masking tape took me to the glue spreaders...
  2. charlie_c67

    Uk Wedgetail?

    Considering how badly the last paper AWACS project went for the RAF, as well as how swiftly the Sentry needs replacing, can you blame them for taking a proven aircraft?
  3. charlie_c67

    Uk Wedgetail?

    Come on, every one knows it’s gonna be Planey McPlaneface.
  4. charlie_c67

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    If Martian wants to tip me his chateau in the Dordogne I will gladly accept it....
  5. Sorry Ced, had to be done
  6. That was veally good...
  7. charlie_c67

    Revell Eurofighter Typhoon 1/48 kit 03949 £17.94

    @Selwyn Isn’t the missing pylons because it’s based on the tranche 1 model which didn’t have them or is that just internet marsh gas?
  8. charlie_c67

    Best Sunderland model?

    You may also want to look into the Special Hobby one which is inching ever closer.
  9. charlie_c67

    Uk Wedgetail?

    Or would they be more likely to go for the E-767? Plenty of those still around!
  10. charlie_c67

    Uk Wedgetail?

    With the Sentry’s getting long in the tooh and parts increasingly hard to acquire this is hardly a surprise. Not sure why Airbus are getting upset though, it’s not like they have a rival option ready to go is it?
  11. I believe the two fuselages relate to which engine set up you plan on using. On with a longer cowl than the other if memory serves. Hope you selected the right one Ced!
  12. charlie_c67

    Shorts Tucano TR.3, RAF service, Afghanistan, 2005

    How does the Premiere model compare to the Airfix model?
  13. charlie_c67

    The Revamped London RAF Museum

    The hall with the Typhoon demonstrator, Jaguar et al is fuller than last time I went, but still don’t get why you can’t go from there to the Bomber hall, unless there’s a structural problem?
  14. I have one of these that I hope to start soon, so this is a good reference guide! One minor thing in case you use them on another build, they’re AGM-45 Shrike missiles. ALARMs weren’t issued till the 90’s and never on Vulcans. Sadly, the latter has never been issued in this scale to my knowledge...