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  1. charlie_c67

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    If Martian wants to tip me his chateau in the Dordogne I will gladly accept it....
  2. Sorry Ced, had to be done
  3. charlie_c67

    New 1/72 metal-wing Hurricane I from Arma Hobby!

    That was veally good...
  4. charlie_c67

    Revell Eurofighter Typhoon 1/48 kit 03949 £17.94

    @Selwyn Isn’t the missing pylons because it’s based on the tranche 1 model which didn’t have them or is that just internet marsh gas?
  5. charlie_c67

    Best Sunderland model?

    You may also want to look into the Special Hobby one which is inching ever closer.
  6. charlie_c67

    Uk Wedgetail?

    Or would they be more likely to go for the E-767? Plenty of those still around!
  7. charlie_c67

    Uk Wedgetail?

    With the Sentry’s getting long in the tooh and parts increasingly hard to acquire this is hardly a surprise. Not sure why Airbus are getting upset though, it’s not like they have a rival option ready to go is it?
  8. I believe the two fuselages relate to which engine set up you plan on using. On with a longer cowl than the other if memory serves. Hope you selected the right one Ced!
  9. charlie_c67

    Shorts Tucano TR.3, RAF service, Afghanistan, 2005

    How does the Premiere model compare to the Airfix model?
  10. charlie_c67

    The Revamped London RAF Museum

    The hall with the Typhoon demonstrator, Jaguar et al is fuller than last time I went, but still don’t get why you can’t go from there to the Bomber hall, unless there’s a structural problem?
  11. I have one of these that I hope to start soon, so this is a good reference guide! One minor thing in case you use them on another build, they’re AGM-45 Shrike missiles. ALARMs weren’t issued till the 90’s and never on Vulcans. Sadly, the latter has never been issued in this scale to my knowledge...
  12. charlie_c67

    Haynes F-14 Tomcat 1970-2006

    Not sure that chain has made it across the channel for Giorgio though...
  13. charlie_c67

    Haynes F-14 Tomcat 1970-2006

    It’s marketed at £22.99 normally, but the Works tends to be a treasure trove for end of run delights. I’ve also got the Spitfire, Hurricane, Stuka, Eurofighter, Mossie and Blenheim Haynes manuals from the same place.
  14. charlie_c67

    RNoAF F-16s Part 1-- A and B

    Non-asymmetrical? Double negative? Any reason for this in the markings, or was it just a minor painting cock up?
  15. charlie_c67

    Airfix FW190A Quickie

    I’m surprised you haven’t picked up the hobbyboss one todo yet @Mitch K! The Eduard one’s certainly look good in the box, plus the usual extras. Maybe some of them can be used to spruce up the Airfix ones? That’s my plan with the Airfix spitfire Mk.IX I have anyway! Looking good so far!