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  1. Convair xfy-1 pogo

    I'm rather looking forward to seeing more of this, S5 ! This aeroplane fascinates me. I did a quick search on the Interweb for cockpit photos and one I found mentioned that the seat swivelled to give the pilot a better view of the ground when landing ... Heaven knows how THAT worked! I'm sympathetic to your banishment from the new table. I'm banished from anything to do with modelling except from my 'tip' (SWMBO's term) aka my workroom / "home office" / the spare bedroom. One reason why my modelling output has been about zero for the last year. Good luck, Jonny
  2. Seafire MK XVII

    Absolutely right! This looks 'right'. I don' like seeing heavily emphasised panels on any model. Exhaust stains, yes. Heavy chipping on Japanese WW2 models, yes. Scuff marks on wings adjacent to cockpits and gun bays yes. But not over-worn props etc. Just my 0.5P worth. Jonny
  3. Compatibility of scales

    Wow! Thanks, everyone, for your thoughtful replies! Jonny (Original Poster)
  4. Compatibility of scales

    I've only recently started to acquire 'armour' kits. So far I've three Tamiya and one Airfix kit. The Tamiya kits are 1/35 scale. The Airfix one is 1/32. Please excuse my ignorance but how out of scale would the Airfix one look if placed next to the Tamiya ones? any answers will be helpful! Thanks in advance, Jonny
  5. That's fantastic! I don't often try to build armour kits - though I have a couple of 1/35 Tamiya and an Emhar WW1 Mk. IV Male in the stash. I went on a FoD open day last year and we were given access to the workshops at the back of the Armour museum building. There's a White half track there, being reassembled from components obtained from an east European country (sorry, I forget which). Apparently it had been cut up so the workshop has had to rejoin parts before trying to reassemble them! Seeing your mini diarama is tempting me to try one of the Matchbox kits ... Jonny
  6. Duxford in the snow December 2017

    Very nice photos, AlphaDelta! I was hoping to visit Duxford myself (to exercise my rights as a FoD before my subscription expires) but decided to wait a little. I've a new camera I want to try ... . I agree absolutely with you about the shop. I did rather hope they might restock on kits but the Management there seems more interested in stocking 'kitchen related items' as you so aptly put it. One would think they'd realise that with a predominantly aviation based museum, with significant armour *and* the Airborne exhibits, that anyone seeing them might be inspired to try modelling them too, and offering kits accordingly! Unfortunately the Management there (or it might be in London) seems to have adopted a 'we know better than mere visitors and supporters' attitude. To return to your photos, I really do like that of the V1. The angle and lighting is perfect. Next time I go I'll try to copy it! A happy new year to you and all BM'ers, Jonny
  7. Caribbean aircrew in Bomber Command

    You might be interested in "The Eigth Passenger", by Miles Tripp. He was the Bomb Aimer of a 218 Gold Coast Squadron Lancaster, and the Rear Gunner was a West Indian, Harry McCalla. Tripp and McCalla stayed in contact after World War 2.
  8. Hi ...

    Here's wishing you & yours a very happy 2018!


    Re. Monschau ... yes, I know there's a model shop there.  My wife and I spent a few days in the town in October and I saw the 'old' shop, which had.a built Revell 1/72 Fype VIIc Uboat on display and directions to the new shop at the Glassshutte.  No time to go there then but on our sone day visit from Liege in Decembef I somehow managed a visit to the Glasshutte with my wife and by chance we happened to walk by the model shop(!).  Closed of course (!).  But a lovely built  Revell 1/72 Type  IXc on display.  Hopefully we might get back there one day when the shop's open.  We've visited Monschau three times altogether not counting December's  day visit and I / we love it there. 


    Anyhow ... Once again, I wish you a very happy 2018.  I really enjoy reading your posts about the Spitfires, the Walrus, and other models.






  9. And a very happy new year to you, too, CC ... and to all BM'ers too. CC - at the beginning of December SWMBO and I visited Liege for a couple of days to go to the Christmas Market there, and slipped over to Monschau and to Maastricht to visit the Markets there, too. I was able to track down one of my favourite meals (Rognon) in Liege, first sampled I forget how many years ago in Brussels. A lovely start to the month and lead-in to Christmas! Take care, keep up the good work on the Walrus and the Spitfires ... !
  10. Fiat CR42 interior color

    Kashiide, FWIW, the last time I visited the RAF Museum in Hendon, over a year ago, and before the BoB hall was stripped, I was able to look down on the Museum's captured CR42. I'm 99.99% sure the cockpit colour was a light grey. I might have a photo (taken from the balcony, looking down onto the CR42). If you're still interested, let me know and I'll send a copy to you. I'm having HUGE problems with email so please don't expect it very quickly. I hope this helps, Jonny
  11. DELIGHTED to see you back, Tony. A small world - SWMBO and I had a long weekend in York starting November 3. We had a noggin or two in the 'Golden Fleece', I think it was, also reputed to be haunted. Is that the one you stayed in? We, or more correctly, *I* enjoyed the noggins while SWMBO drank a coffee. Lovely place. Your Wellingtons do look good, Tony (unsurprisingly!). I started one a while ago, But got bogged down trying to scratch the cockpit. However, (imitation being the sincerest form of flattery), I've taken aboard a lot of what you've shown us in this thread so I might yet carry on,with it, when I get my mojo back! Cheers, Jonny
  12. Dunkirk movie Spitfire

    Yes indeed. A small point - N3200 is owned by the IWM, not by ARC. I think the aeroplane is maintained by ARC. I hope this helps. I have the Revell Mk II kit and the Barracuda correction set. Barracuda did sort-of confirm that they're working on one for the Mk. IX too but I've heard nothing more about it. Jonny
  13. I went, too, on Saturday .... i had to get up at 02:50 am to drive to pick up a coach leaving at 05:00. We (the coach and passengers, that is) arrived at RAF Scampton just after10:30) giving me just enough time to unpack my camera and trudge to the blue area aircraft park. After that I trudged to the red area park. The latter was probably the most interesting for me because I particularly wanted to see the Swedish Airforce historic planes - regrettably none flew that day. All of the that meant I missed the start of the flying display. The weather was variable, ranging from sunny spells through drizzle to a full fledged thunderstorm and heavy rain. I did manage a long held ambition to see Gibson's dog's grave but although I got into the 'Herititage hanger' wasn't able to see his office. I got home at 10:45pm. A good day out. This was Scampton's first Airshow. Perhaps not quite up to Waddington's standard - I thought there were too many gaps in the flying display and the sound system seemed to generate too many echoes BUT I'm not complaining and I hope there will be another show in 2018. Your pics are super, FZ6. I haven't hat time to download mine from the camera but some are, I'm sure, poor duplicates for yours, particularly the 'ground' shots! Jonny
  14. Malta Hurricanes

    Thanks lots, Tony. Jonny
  15. Malta Hurricanes

    Thanks, Smithy and Tony ... what confused me with the Flypast cover pic is that the 'blue grey' I mentioned seems to be very thin and there's a hint if an underlying colour, probably the un-repainted fin rudder ... not to mention the A-type fuselage roundel and broad red/white/blue fin flash! As Smithy says ... interesting and novel colour schemes from Malta! I rather doubt we'll ever get a definitive answer to the 'blue' used on the Mk V Spitfires or indeed all the Hurricanes. Tony ... could you please tell me who published your 'No Place For Beginners' book? Thanks again, Jonny