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  1. Hiya,


    I'm making a Qatar Police Lynx HC.28 from the 1/48 Airfix Lynx AH.7. I am using the Rotorcraft AH.1 conversion set and managed to source a Navy Lynx canopy. Apart from these easy conversion fixes, I am wondering if you're able to provide some insights on the intake section.


    I read (somewhere) that the Qatari Lynxes were fitted with uprated engines and sand filters.

    Would I be right in using the intake sand filter units from the Airfix kit, in conjunction with the standard (non-IR suppressing) exhausts?


    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  2. Hi Tony. Any chance you're going to revisit the Wildcat build? Drop me a line, be good to catch up.



  3. REVELL 1/32 Lynx

    Yep, the kraut Lynx are the easiest ones to convert. As for references, tons on here. If you need a steer, let me know.
  4. REVELL 1/32 Lynx

    I would swear but its a family forum.....git. Clive, I pretty much fabricated the bits either from scratch or as Colin says, used the Inaccurate Armour Lynx bits as a template. The main differences as youll be aware is the nose, skids and instrument panel. Skids are pretty simple appendages and the panel is straightforward. The remainder of the sundry differences are subtle but quite easy to change/mod or scratch build. Using the Mk88A as the base is the best option as it has the standard non folding tail and correct tail rotor. If you get stuck with the nose, give me a should and I can bash one out of my mould. Tony
  5. Query for Lynx7 and other Westland Experts

    Bloody glad the observer doesnt have access to the controls! Doc, welcome aboard. My area is Army Lynx so couldnt fully comment on the specific fits of the Navy cabs. You are however quite correct in your assumption that 'anything goes' in the back. Very much dependant on the role.
  6. Low pass, time to duck!

    One aircraft I would love to test for sure. Combine the concept with the West's avionics and I believe it would be unbeatable - its an A10 that can hover. I almost persuaded the Kamov chap at Farnboro a couple of years ago that the AAC were serious in considering it as an alternative to the Apache. Trouble was I didn't have enough Vodka to hand to let him let me have a cabby.... The only 'issue' is the potential for disc 'harmonisation' (read - blade collision) with harsh and rapid control inputs due to the co-axial layout. A superior bit of FCS software would negate this though (akin to Airbus FBW type of strategy). If I saw 'KA52' come up on my threat display, I'd quickly land on and briskly walk away from my aircraft. Believe the hype; its awesome!
  7. Looking awesome, Oliver. I'll add my two pence in too. To gauge the correct height for the seat cushion, the base of the black part of the cyclic grip should be around groin height ;-) You can just about gauge the rough height from this pic of a Mk7 with standard seat cushion (the right hand seat isnt adjusted all the way down either. Compare the rear height of the seat to the left seat); As an addendum. Dont know if its too late for you to amend it but the seat height adjuster ( the sticky out bit on the right/front of the base) would tend to be in the retracted position in all occasions except when actually adjusting the seat height usually on first strapping in). You can pretty much see where the hinge on the handle is and it would bend down from that point with the tip pretty much on the floor. Not a biggy as once you put the fuselage together, it can be barely seen.
  8. Oliver, Ive always admired your artistic paint effects as it adds a real sense of depth. And now youve explained how you actually do it. Very inspirational. I guess its in between an artist and a technical drawing. Something we all aspire to. Jose, magnificent that you are providing so many detailed pictures of a lesser photographed Lynx version. As you will no doubt know, the Mk 21A isnt as photographed as some of the European versions and it is great to see. Are you still on exchange at Yeovs? Rubber mapts. Thats posh isnt it?? I Tried to get Lambs wool carpets put in the Wildcat but for some reason it got declined.........
  9. Still possible to retro fit them, Ian.
  10. Olvier, if you look on page 10, post #188 from Jose, page 9, post #169 from Duane and post #170 from me you'll see some good clear pics of the pedal brushes. Fritag. Could your Jag keep up with a Lynx in a 2v1?
  11. The crabs just by being crabs take the piddle out of themselves. Its a given really. PS, Stella build so far Oliver!
  12. An observer has obviously hacked his account! If I found myself doing a low level anti ship strike at night, something has gone very wrong. Bloody daft and dangerous idea flying over the sea. Its just not natural!
  13. 1/72 Airfix Gazelle

    Stupendous detail and epic quality. Followed the build closely and the final result has not disappointed. A thoroughly exceptional piece of work.
  14. *Cough* The Royal Navy way. We fly two pilots in the Army Air Corps ;-)
  15. It looks like a CDNU. As well as a 252 in place of TANS on fwd interseat? Jose, how 'integrated' is the Mk21A?