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  1. Hi all just finished the SPAD, she was a great build so here are some pics enjoy. thanks all who stop by
  2. Hi all this is my A1. SPAD just putting some finishing touches on her Clive
  3. Thank you for the help buddy I've got the pics up now 👍🏻😀

    1. Sobby_23


      No worries! I've removed the pictures from my post :)

  4. Oh god it's because I'm using my iPhone any ideas on how to make it work I'll have another go
  5. Hi all I've just finished this 1/48 Revell B-17G in the famous nine O nine Here we go a few more added thank you for the help Clive
  6. Hi Si I like the way you have done this project especially the chap looking out of the helo. Clive
  7. A LOAD OF POOP! TEN LONG YEARS I'VE WAITED FOR REPLACEMENT DECALS FOR MY 1/32 F-14D and I've given up, that shoddy lot at pocket bond are professional time wasters and this is how good they are at it. Never again will I be bothered to follow there instructions as they just like to waste everyone's time and patience good luck in what ever your venture. Clive
  8. Hi Daryl most of the time I use setters and softeners like sol and Mr Setter but when using the nail polish and X20A I tend to go for the use of these on more stubborn decals or thicker decals. Just apply any of them using a soft brush and sparingly otherwise you could damage the decal. I had to amend that post as it referred to gentlemen's parts instead of a chosen word but hey ho its amended now I had to take a double look when I pulled this up on my phone Clive
  9. Well Rick This is getting better and better every time I return to view this, I just noticed you have problems with silvering. Well how I fix the problem is get some nail polish remover and a sharp scalpel blade or a pin, then where the silvering is put a cut or pierce with the pin tip then get a small brush and brush over the top you can also use tamiya thinners X20A instead of the nail remover. Hope this may help if not then you have this for future ref. Clive
  10. Hi there I'm not sure what kit that piece comes from but your modelling on a superb subject is wonderfully fantastic, what a joy to see thank you for sharing such skills and art. Clive
  11. She's looking real sweet Shaun nice one buddy. Clive
  12. Nice kit as for those match boxes I remember those as a child my dad used to get them, I wish they did a book on them pin up girls would make a lovely keepsake. Clive
  13. Hi Thumper H and Boomer thanks for the kind interest, Howard good to see you on here buddy. She won 1st place in her class last night at Farnbrough model club. Clive
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