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    Modelling: British Military operated aircraft in 1/72nd, UK model railways OO gauge. Reading history especially ancient history

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  1. Dunkirk movie

    Went to see 'Dunkirk' last night, yes, there were some things that stretched real life a bit, but still thought it was good and an effective portrayal of people under pressure and desperate to survive. I thought it was good how the Spitfire pilots were looking carefully at their fuel state.
  2. Very nice model Jerzy of a plane not often seen. Pavla did some nice kits with nice surface detail but they are not always easy to build. The Typhoon I built seemed to be in quite a hard plastic and it took ages to thin the the wing trailing edges and get the undercarriage bays to fit.
  3. What have you purchased 9

    5 litres of matt white, 5 litres of B&Q Antique White and some Farrow and Ball Dix Blue plus some sundries. Decorating dining room and so modelling on hold for a few days as that is where I model and the bureau type desk that is my modelling room these days is under a dust sheet.
  4. Some of Jack McDevitts (Academy series, Moonfall etc) books would make a good series or film, although might not be for modern tastes.
  5. Yes, I have that as a download after hearing the original when it first came out. I also had it on cassette which was a Christmas present in the early nineties. It was available fairly recently.
  6. After that video was another about a model making factory in Hounslow that did stuff for airlines and manufacturers. The Jetstream seemed to figure a lot. Also they made some of the models for Thunderbirds etc.
  7. Maintrack Project X

    Maintrack are long gone, but some or all of their moulds went to Whirlykits/Whirly birds. They have re-released some of the kits, eggs the P1121. They have a website http://www.whirlybirdmodels.com
  8. 1/72 Italeri B52- Its huge

    Should this be in 'Work in Progress'? It is a big beast, I couldn't fit on my workbench. Best of luck with it.
  9. I finished a Hurricane not so long ago in an 'Eau de Nil' shade and used a Citadel colour from Games Workshops range called 'Skarsnik Green' that I added to some white and came out a very good match to the Colourcoats paint. It airbrushed well as well. We will never know what colours were really used and in this case I was prepared to use what I thought it might have been based on what I had read.
  10. Oldest kit in the stash?

    By date of purchase I still have a few Novo kits from I when came back to the hobby as a main pastime in 1977-8 and joined IPMS and Rvell boxing of the Italeri Tornado from about 1978 as well as a few Airfix kits
  11. What have you purchased 9

    Fromm Azur Gamma 2E with the A&AEE option. I like oddities with British markings to add a bit of variety. Just finished a HobbyBoss MS406 and have a Sword Vultee Vanguard on the go, both in British markings.
  12. I think in a way I am quite fortunate in that my shelf of doom is fairly small. An Italeri Hudson that is is mostly together, but stalled for about eight years as I forgot about it after an illness and it is not a great kit anyway. From two years ago I have a Magna Marathon and an A Model Hector that I stopped building out of irritation and frustration. These are up for finishing as they are quite far along and I have worked out how to deal with the problem areas. My main problem is the size of my stash.
  13. A very nicely finished model. I built one when it first came it in the early 1980's. I think I might still have it somewhere. Vacforms are alright once you get past the first one. I think Rareplanes ones are a good start as they were well designed and looked good on the sheet. My first vacform finished in 1982 was the Fulmar. I seemed to stop building them in the mid nineties when the children came along, but finished one last year so hopefully will get back in the groove.
  14. More on Airfix 2017

    I have never been especially impressed by Hobbycrafts approach to kits. They used to get stuff in about six months after it was released and let stocks run down to near empty shelves. Looking at other things they do, they seem to expand and contract their ranges depending on what is popular. My guess is that kits take a lot of space but are not producing a lot of income. I am not a huge fan of Hobbycraft as they are at the top end for prices ( and I am not talking kits here, I make my own jams, marmalades and my daughter is a keen cake maker) and have a bad effect on any other craft and hobby stores in the area.
  15. Name that UFO

    Do you have any time missing? Do you feel any discomfort/tenderness in the nether regions that might indicate you have been probed? More likely an Osprey, they sound pretty weird.