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  1. Not happy

    Sounds very unpleasant and painful and I hope you recover with no ill effects. I have had issues with eczema on my fingers (not, it would appear modelling related) and do wear a glove on the affected hand to stop cement etc getting on the affected skin. Vinyl gloves will sometimes let stuff though, but some polythene or similar seem to be OK.
  2. Any crosskitted the MPM and Trumpeter Wellingtons?

    With the Airfix kit coming along, I was thinking of doing the same, not aware of the nacelle issue, but still might stick with it as I do not write off the Trumpeter kit.
  3. James van Praagh failing on Australia TV.

    You can see how he does it. If you ask enough questions you will get a plausible answer and I suspect he is looking for visual cues as well. Like to put him against a top class poker player or barrister.
  4. What have you purchased 9

    The last of my Telford money on a CMR Firebrand TF5. They did not bring any with them but ordered one through my LHS where I get discount. Was more than I would usually pay, but the kit oozes quality. Good decal sheet with stencilling, two PE sheets, one with colour and the resin is beautifully cast. It has a one piece wing with the undercarriage bay detail included inside the wing, even with silicone moulds not sure how they managed it. Amongst too scared to build it as it looks so good in the box. Big choice of weapons and our own Tony O'Toole had a hand in it.
  5. What are you reading?

    Reading in short spurts 'Jaguar Boys' which I borrowed from the library together with 'Tornado Boys', both by Ian Hall. Interesting reads about two classic RAF Cold War jets.
  6. TVs best characters

    Sir Alec Guinness as George Smiley, Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker and the cast of Father Ted
  7. Yes it was the MPM/SH one originally produced for Hannants. I built one about 4 years ago. Nicely detailed, but the wings are way too thick and have an odd leading edge shape.
  8. Airfix have scaled up a couple of kits, but seem to be slow doing the reverse. Like everyone else would like a Sea Vixen or Javelin, but not holding my breath. Perhaps the 1/72nd Venom is taking all their efforts. (I wish)
  9. My daughter's wedding

    I am glad it all turned alright and congratulations. I keep telling my daughter to elope when she wants to get married, but fat chance. Mind you it will a brave man who takes her on.
  10. Winter driving

    Like most people I am not keen on driving in snow but at least had some experience and so not scared of it. Two events spring to mind. 1, In about 1969 when I was 15, Nottingham was hit badly by snow and we lived on the top of a hill. My dad came home in his Ford Anglia (a 1959 model with 3 speed box and pneumatic wipers.) I had cleared the drive and pavement, but the road was very bad and as he came past he started going down the very steep hill. I jumped in the car and we went down the snow covered hill and had a 3 mile drive back as there was no way anything was getting up the hill (look up Kenrick Rd) on Street View. We came up another hill behind a bus and a snowplough. Learnt a lesson about keeping calm that day from my dad. 2 About 2009 went to pick my mum up on Christmas Eve from Newcastle on the old Micra and it was snowing and was getting a bit deep. Got on the A1 OK, but only 2 lanes open, but had to stop for a pee at Leeming services where no one had done any snow clearing. The Micra managed fine as I did no rev it and let it pull itself around, but the number of people just revving away and not getting anywhere or sliding around with minimal control was quite scary and I was glad to get out.
  11. Model Airport Hamburg

    This is one place I want to visit. My wife wants to do a European tour and so we might fit it in at sometime.
  12. NASM On The Mall

    It is a HFVII, it was sent over in 1944 for tests by the Americans and never came back. Glasgow to see you back with some cracking builds.
  13. What have you purchased 9

    As the term SWMBO keeps cropping up on the forum when I was listening to Rider Haggerard' s 'She' on Radio 4 Extra last week I noticed that the tribe She had enslaved referred to her as 'She Who Must Be Obeyed' and so been educated this week. The story seemed to explore depths of Victorian sexuality which I would not have expected for the time the book was written.
  14. CD Query

    If it is a standard CD, the formatting is part of the burning process. Most car CD players can play MP3 files, if you have documentation for the system in the car it will tell you what formats it will play. The complication with car CD players is that can be a bit fussy about the format the CD is burnt in. Modern computers will burn CD's in a format called UDF, which for reasons beyond me are not compatible with some car CD systems, even if the files on the CD are MP3, wma etc. The CD players in our car are happy with ISO joliet (I am pretty sure that is it, not in a position to look at present). Again, what the car system should accept should be in the documentation. Most CD burning software gives you an option to change burning format, although how is not always obvious. I still buy CD's as a lot of the stuff I want is as cheap or cheaper than a download and the quality tends to be better, but I have noticed some CD's are a lot more than the download, it is the same with audio books.
  15. Would like a GRV as my Contrail one is unlikely to get built at this rate. Will start saving