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    Modelling: British Military operated aircraft in 1/72nd, UK model railways OO gauge. Reading history especially ancient history

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  1. What have you purchased 9

    Two AMK Kfirs. I only planned on buying one, but over estimated the costs and found that I had effectively budgeted for two. Looks very nice in box and decals look OK to me. I have also bought gin in preparation for making sloe gin. But will need to bottle the blackberry vodka and seville orange gin first
  2. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Yesterday a Dornier 328 came over on finals for Leeds Bradford. First one I had seen and checking it was a BA one that had been in and out of Leeds to a couple of different places. I wondered if it was doing a bit of training or route proving as 328s are not common round here. A few weeks back, saw a Typhoon on finals for LBA, we have had Tornadoes on a regular basis but this was the first I had seen around here (did hear the QRA birds when they came over a while back).
  3. I have not heard anything either, thinking of sending a follow up. It might be that Jan is looking to see what the numbers look like for pre-orders
  4. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    I am looking forward to my first Telford in six years. Last time I went I woke up on the Sunday with a splitting headache and visual disturbance etc that turned out to be a stroke, so keeping my fingers crossed. My wife and I are staying in Shrewsbury Friday till Sunday and she is dropping me off Saturday early am. Kit buying will have to be very limited but books, decals etc ok
  5. Paint problems

    A flat brush might help as well, I use them to cover large areas. They cover a greater area with fewer passes, thus reducing brush strokes on the model. As Corsair pointed out a varnish coat on top gives a good finish and also helps with decal application.
  6. What are you reading?

    Just working my through 'The Romanovs' by Stephen Sebag Montefiore. An illuminating account if the Russian Tsars from 1613 to 1917. My God, what a family! Got as far as Nicholas I, they seemed to have survived by fairly ruthless removal of those they fell out with and extensive, strenuous and occasionally bizarre sex lives. Trouble is I can only read about 20 mins max before falling asleep.
  7. Seventy Second Scale Modeller magazine??

    I still have a few copies and even had a couple of articles published, was not a bad magazine, but was probably a bit too niche at the time.
  8. Books of References?

    Yes dodgy stuff appears in books, but you might get a bibliography or reference list in them, which with some honourable exceptions you often do not get on the Internet. Regarding any thrifty habits I may have picked up in Yorkshire, I was thinking about books I have bought over the years that I would not consider getting rid of as they are do useful (e.g. Air Britain, Putman etc). Not being a born Yorkshire man my tongue may have been in my cheek. My wife is grateful for my book buying as it solves Christmas present problems
  9. Grainy acrylics?

    Oddly enough though I have some trouble with the Vallejo flow improver not doing what it is supposed to do but it may just have been me. I agree for some brands I always use their thinners as they work well, but I have found Xtracyrlix thinners did not did not the stop the paint clogging the airbrush when flow improver and water works well. Might just be rubbish technique on my part.
  10. Books of References?

    I tend to look in my books first, but that is probably because a) I am older and so used to the written word and a) as a retired lecturer I am used to looking at primary rather than secondary sources and c) there is some very dodgy stuff on the Internet (and I mean factual stuff so stop sniggering at the back). Also having lived in Yorkshire for most of the last 46 years, I think some of the thrifty habits have rubbed off onto me and so after spending good money on the books I am going to get my money's worth out of them!
  11. Airfix price increase

    True, but none of those had Lada badges on them. By the late 1980's, the equivalent of a late Sixties standard Fiat 128 was a bit passé even compared to the re engined Metro (I drove one from 1990 to 2001). I am not sure a comparison between Airfix and Revell prices is entirely valid. Revell seem to investing less in new tooling an relying on doing deals with other manufacturers to use moulds which have probably recovered a good percentage of their tooling costs. Even doing the basic research on a new kit is potentially not cheap in manhour terms and today all development costs are spread over much smaller runs ran 40 or 50 years ago.
  12. Opinion's on Airbrushing Revell Aqua paints?

    I have used Aqua paints for both brush and airbrush and the important thing about them is that they need thinning. I use de-ionised water and a bit of flow improver and they go on well and dry fairly quickly. Like most acrylics they need more than one coat. I find a pot lasts for ages if you add water to it to stop the paint drying out. It was a bit weird the first time I used it to find a modern paint so thick
  13. Grainy acrylics?

    I have recently finished a Sword Vultee Vanguard and used Humbrol 29 out of a screw top jar that I bought fresh and it seemed OK to me. I airbrushed it with Windsor and Newton flow improver as de-ionised water as thinning agents. It dries to a very matt finish, but not what I would call grainy, but I have come across the problem with some of their other matt paints. Personally not a fan of Humbrol paints, they tend to give inconsistent results and some of their colour matches are a little dubious. I use a mix of ranges depending on what I need. I am lucky in that I have access to about seven paint ranges in the shops I can get to.
  14. 1/72nd Sword Vultee Vanguard

    Thanks for all the nice comments. I quite like building the more obscure aircraft that have had British markings as a change from Spitfires etc. Next up will be a Morane 406 and something a bit more mainstream
  15. 1/72nd Sword Vultee Vanguard

    From the photos I have seen, the aircraft I have modelled had a natural metal prop. They are definitely staged publicity shots and I doubt the aircraft flew like that. The photos I have seen of the aircraft later in their careers had painted prop blades. My guess is that a newly finished airframe was rolled out for some official ceremony and photos and a prop added for that purpose.The airframe and prop look brand new and I have never seen a photo of a Vanguard in RAF markings in the air. From what I read only four aircraft were ever finished in British markings and the idea of using them in Canada was dropped pretty quickly.