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  1. It looks to be the same as the F-15's new Splinter Camo. Just found Two Bobs do a version of this paint scheme.
  2. Not seen those before. I'll keep a lookout for you.
  3. this what your looking for ? And a photo here
  4. You might take a look at this
  5. Got to agree with Selwin. This looks like the MK9B seat as fitted to the Jaguar. The Harrier GR3 seat never had the Straps coming from the headbox top. see photo here
  6. Have a look at this web page, you might find it useful
  7. I was on that exercise. Don't recall exact date though, something to do with age, drove a truck from Laarbruch there and back. Oh HAPPY DAYS
  8. Sorry Nick, but none of these are a Hawk T1A Gunsight. I'll have a dig around and see what I can find. Dave
  9. The bag-like fitting on the cockpit rear bulkhead was green and used for the Aircraft servicing records (RAF Form 700). The seat pins had thier own stowage between the cockpits and on the cockpit coamings.
  10. Try here
  11. Harrier GR3 That's actually a GR1 and was probably painted up specially for the Airshow. I did 12 years on the Harrier force and the Gun Pods were always GREEN on wrap around Camo jets.