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  1. Thank you, photos clearifies a lot! I am currently building another few Jet Provost and Strikemaster, will use this :-))
  2. Thanks David. I have changed the info with "credit"
  3. Thanks for your tip. I have bought this Revell kit. It looks great though I have not checked (yet) if the decals are accurate
  4. follow up from the earlier postings seen here .... I have completed the conversion of the new Airfix T3 to a first Jet Provost T.Mk1. It needs briefly another fuselage, slightly changed wing and long undercarrriage. "Prop piston" Provost info and model was also used to make some parts . Finished in the scheme of "The Sparrows" Aerobatic team flying from the RAF Central Flying School at Little Rissington in 1958. Full conversion info can be found on my website along with other Jet Provost and
  5. maybe nice to explore this site: https://fanangola.webnode.pt/
  6. hi Steve, being a Dutch member of the IPMS U.K SIG Aerobatic and display teams (<website link)... JP T.1 of the Sparrows with a white-red livery as flown at the Central Flying School at Little Rissington, 1958. Cheers, Meindert
  7. Hi Alan that is a smart looking Tornado F3 ! And thank you for your compliments of my F3 made in 2008 Looking forward to your next F3 steps to finish it.
  8. Hi Steve (BritJet) that's a great set of reference material! Thank you for making it with the upload available. back in 2013 you also forwarded me a decal design... that was very welcome to The Jet Provost T1 side profile confirms along with photos that the conversion is possible starting with the newer Airfix Jet Provost T3, though still quite some effort is needed. Thanks!
  9. Hi Great info BritJet and others here ProtoJets has a nowadays very expensive Jet Povost T.1 kit.... I wondered if a conversion to a Jet Provost T.1 would be feasible using the newer Airfix T.3 kit.... I checked with photos, a drawing and models I have of both new and old Airfix Jet Provost T3 and Matchbox Provost with prop (see box art shown). A very old Janes All The World aircraft of 1953 I have at home suggested that the T.1 had a wing span of 10,72 meters and length of 9,60 meter. In 1/72 this would measure up to
  10. Really nice and a very strange bird in those years. I remember I saw as kid an article in an Aeroplane Magazine decades ago. I did not understand engines fitted on a forward fuselage. In 1/72 this model is quite big as it would measure 36 cm (over 22 inch) length x 22 cm (over 9 inch) wingspan Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_XB-51
  11. On the IPMS The Netherlands website WWW.IPMS.NL a review (in English) has been posted about the 1/72 Mikro-Mir Fokker G-1A kit: https://www.ipms.nl/artikelen/recensies/vliegtuigen-militair/3337-micromir-fokker-g1-72-english
  12. note that there are different shaped Orpheus pods. The Italian pod is different than for example the one seen on Dutch jets . (the big 1/32 Italeri F-104 has the Italian type in the kit) As Andre noted, check with the IPMS.NL walk around for the Dutch one.
  13. Hi, for some suggestions look at my webpage here..... https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/etendard/super-etendard-2.html#argentina and for the FMA Pucara here: https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/pucara/pucara.html#argentina
  14. Thank you all for the compliments. About the Sea Dart... yes, another aircraft supposed to operate from sea.... my Sea Dart model (along with many prototype models) can be seen here: https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/proto/protousa.htm#seadart
  15. may be worthwhile also while building checking out the IPMS.NL Osprey walk around here: https://www.ipms.nl/walkarounds/walkaround-helicopters/1556-walkaround-v22-osprey
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