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  1. On the IPMS The Netherlands website WWW.IPMS.NL a review (in English) has been posted about the 1/72 Mikro-Mir Fokker G-1A kit: https://www.ipms.nl/artikelen/recensies/vliegtuigen-militair/3337-micromir-fokker-g1-72-english
  2. note that there are different shaped Orpheus pods. The Italian pod is different than for example the one seen on Dutch jets . (the big 1/32 Italeri F-104 has the Italian type in the kit) As Andre noted, check with the IPMS.NL walk around for the Dutch one.
  3. Hi, for some suggestions look at my webpage here..... https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/etendard/super-etendard-2.html#argentina and for the FMA Pucara here: https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/pucara/pucara.html#argentina
  4. Thank you all for the compliments. About the Sea Dart... yes, another aircraft supposed to operate from sea.... my Sea Dart model (along with many prototype models) can be seen here: https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/proto/protousa.htm#seadart
  5. may be worthwhile also while building checking out the IPMS.NL Osprey walk around here: https://www.ipms.nl/walkarounds/walkaround-helicopters/1556-walkaround-v22-osprey
  6. the Saunders Roe S.R/A-1 kit in resin of Planet in 1/72
  7. The older Airfix 1/72 kit of the NA 39 and the later Buccaneer S1 made with the Whirlybird conversion set and old Airfix kit:
  8. IPMS Netherlands also had to cancel... EURO SCALE MODELLING The show was supposed to be on November 21, 2020. But there was an ESM Online Competition with the "Virtual Contest" Hundreds of models were entered, so have a look at the entered online models! The Contest results have been determined as of November 21. ! A big thank you to all (international) participants and congratulations to all winners. Link: https://euroscalemodelling.nl/results-online-competition-2020/ We hope that all COVID troub
  9. History is for me part of modelling as well :-)) On Entebbe airport there were some MiG-17 parked during the Israeli rescue raid. I never have been able to find out which aircraft number/codes were destroyed to avoid a pursue after the rescue. But Uganda only had a few MiGs so it is likely the model is one of those.
  10. to come back to the... info about strengthening plates and strakes added later by the RAF. any idea where these plates are on the Airfix parts? So which ones to remove for a Royal Navy S2 ?
  11. Very nice Concorde Neil! How did you achieve those vast areas of white finish ???? An airbrush or a few white paint rattle cans used outdoors? The cracking of the decals is very unfortunate. Did you apply a gloss clear varnish coat over the entire model when finished? Decals dry up and crack when not protected and sealed with varnish. Cheers, Meindert FYI: IPMS.NL has published my Concordes at le Bourget Walk around here....
  12. very nice looking model! and thank you for sharing how you made the kit and the info about strengthening plates and strakes added later by the RAF. I did not know that! The new Airfix kit is obviously a vast improvement as compared to their earlier kit(s) seen here....
  13. Hi completed some Airfix MiG-17F "fresco C" fighter models in 1/72 with schemes of the Angola, Uganda and Mongolia air forces.
  14. BACK TO 1/72 SHACKLETON Made comparisons of several kits with modelling friend Peter. Also recently added a check-up of the latest Revell MR3. Look at: https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/shackleton/shackleton-1.htm
  15. I also have a similar question, but related to HATAKA Bought the box with bright Ambulance helicopter colours. HTK-AS76 Any experience with these??? A friend of mine had troubles getting these bright paints to cover in an even coat. And some advised that the "red line" series are for the airbrush but I can't see that on the box. So presumably thinned already. Still , when I would like to thin a bit more, what thinner to use? Tips welcomed! Meindert
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