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  1. All I could find was this https://www.airliners.net/photo/UK-Air-Force/British-Aerospace-Hawk-T1/961570/L
  2. Could possibly be true. I remember fitting 9Gs to newly arrived and assembled Aircraft for test flights.
  3. Not 100 % sure as it was a while ago, but it may have been for the seat firing handle safety pin and the MDC firing handle pin placed by the pilot. I should know as the guy holding the sidewinder seeker head cover was my Sergeant at the time I was there.
  4. I can confirm this. I was there on IV(AC) at the time. We ended up with six Harriers and their tail codes spelt HARDET when parked correctly.
  5. Brings back so many happy memories. Four to the core
  6. I believe XR995 was the other one
  7. To me the top one looks the most accurate for the shape.
  8. I did two tours at 2 TWU and only ever fitted CBLS and Sidewinders. no outer pylons and no fuel tanks.
  9. What a loss to the modelling community if this happens. Glad I finally made the commitment to purchase some of their kits lately.
  10. Yes there were oval blister fairings fitted under the wings when the pylons were not.
  11. Looks like the bottom left of the box art of the Ark new 1/48 Lavochkin La-11.
  12. Parkerizing is the produces used for aircraft guns and produces a flat black appearance . The Tommy gun pictured above has been finished by Blueing, hence the colour.
  13. st george

    WNW new kit hint

    This was covered in Sep. For those who missed it.
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