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  1. st george

    Harrier GR.3 stores

    252 is a RAF form I was given a few times if I remember correctly lol.
  2. Any of these would be welcome. 1/72 C130, 1/48 Hampden or a 1/24 BAE Hawk.
  3. st george


    I'll go with the A400 after a second look and zooming in. As I don't see any winglets and there does appear to be props.
  4. st george


    Looks like a C17. Probably from RAF Brize Norton.
  5. st george

    Harrier GR3 Falklands Ordnance

    Was down there in 82 and only remember putting Recce Pods on the center line pylons.
  6. st george

    Oh look, a Tempest

  7. st george

    Revell P-70 Missing Parts HELP!

    I used this service and was happy with the help I received. https://www.revell.com/support/parts-request.php
  8. st george

    Thunderbirds F-16 down

    http://abcnews.go.com/US/pilot-condition-unknown-16-crash-nevada/story?id=54239249 https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2018/04/05/air-force-thunderbirds-pilot-killed-in-f-16-crash-near-nellis-afb/
  9. Retooled Hercules in 1/72, retooled Hampden, retooled 1/24 Harrier, new tooled 1/24 BAE Hawk and I'd like to see the 54mm Napoleonic figures make a comeback.
  10. st george

    BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    It's the main U/C lock held in place with a pip pin with "RBF" attached.
  11. I'm still waiting for the 1/24 BAE Hawk. I'm sure it would sell well. Put me down for at least 2.
  12. st george

    Harrier GR3 questions thread

    Sad to see 4 SQN Mike looking like that. I remember working on her when I was on Happy Four in the early 80's.
  13. st george

    Tiran 5.

    Many thanks Sean. Hopefully an update tomorrow. John (Bullbasket) not St George.
  14. st george

    Continuing issues with Switched Users

    Sorry to say Mike, but I've just logged on again and I'm still with the Dragon and my day is still April 23rd. John (Bullbasket).
  15. st george

    Continuing issues with Switched Users

    No, I'm St George! Maybe it's not Alice in Wonderland. Maybe it's Python after all...............follow the gourd! John. (Bullbasket).