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  1. Thanks Dave. Great. Email sent then, and great work on your two models mate. Any chance you could do a build thread on these forums?
  2. Can some one confirm that this letter is real please
  3. I built one of these in 1983. great model and well worth the time to build. I was lucky enough to have the model shop buy it back from me once completed for a tidy profit too.
  4. Hope this one includes a full bomb bay.
  5. I'm still holding out for the 1/24 Bae Hawk. So many schemes and users. But I'll settle for a newer C130.
  6. This one is not bad IIRC https://www.aviationbookcentre.com/military_aviation_jet_era_1946_to_present_day/warpaint_30_avro_vulcan/827_p.html
  7. Spencer Pollard has a new book out for all you Harrier Modellers out there. https://thekitbox.wordpress.com/2019/10/28/harrier-modelling-an-icon/
  8. st george

    WNW Albatros D.V

    Wingnut Wings just posted another three Albatros D.Va kits and two Pfalz DIIIa's.
  9. st george

    WNW Albatros D.V

    6 new kits on WNW Website. All Albatros D.V with the old decal markings. http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/?fbclid=IwAR2ZSk8kfbtj-3u6ok977bWO7Tg95USunbC-uE00YJ0vRLdwwQg4OcH7mZQ
  10. The intake manifold tubing is attached to the crankcase behind the cylinders in the drawing as per the Le Rhone 9J. On the 9C the intake manifolds are fully visible from the front. So that would give us a choice of the following according to Wikipedia:- Airco DH.2 Airco DH.5 Armstrong Whitworth F.K.10 Avro 504 Bristol M.1 Cierva C.6 Hanriot HD.1 Fokker V.4 (F.I 103/17 - Werner Voss) Morane-Saulnier AC Nieuport 16 Nieuport 17 Nieuport 20 Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.8 Sands Fokker Dr.1 Triplane Sopwith 1½ Strutter Sopwith Camel Sopwith Gnu Sopwith Pup Sopwith Swallow SPAD S.A-2
  11. looks like a Le Rhone 9J. so lots of possibilities.
  12. They haven't done a 1/24 Bae Hawk either.
  13. WNW new kit in development is revealed as the Hansa Brandenberg D1.
  14. Looks like it might be a HP O/100.
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