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  1. Hello folks, back with another vehicle project: This time the excellent Revell ’65 Stepside. No chrome, low-profiles or carbon ceramic discs on this one, just good old sheet steel and skinny cross-plies and brakes the size of milk-bottle tops… …built straight from the box and painted in Tamiya acrylics (my own mix), great relaxing build with no vices apart from the bonnet/hood that doesn’t match the contours of the main body – apparently a common problem with this ‘family’ of molds. No matter I thoroughly enjoyed it. As ever please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments or criticisms. More car-builds soon, stay tuned. Ian.
  2. Another outstanding build - recently tried the 'modulation technique' myself and couldn't get it to work, so VERY impressed with what you've done with this one. Ian.
  3. (another) Tiger I

    Yep I accept that, I'm trying to reduce the effect with the oil-dot streaking/filter that I'm in the middle of applying now. Good point and well made, matey. Ian.
  4. New 'prancing horse' project for my daughter... Feel free to ask any questions or make any criticism or comment - may need some 'guidance' with this one, folks. More next week. Ian.
  5. New 'prancing horse' project for my daughter... Feel free to ask any questions or make any criticism or comment - may need some 'guidance' with this one, folks. More next week. Ian.
  6. (another) Tiger I

    First time using Tamiya aerosol Flat Coat - I like it !! Ready now for (sponge) chipping then oil-dot filter. Have a good weekend everyone. Ian.
  7. Looks like it was built by Ferrari and designed by Pininfarina !! - Absolutely love this, a fantastic build & finish, makes me want to start that Centauro that's sat in the stash. Ian.
  8. (another) Tiger I

    Update time: Varnished (two coats of Klear), and kit decals (cut apart and reorganised to make a different vehicle number). Pin wash with a 50/50 mix of Paynes Grey and Raw Umber followed by chipping. Next will be more chips (sponge method) then I'll leave it alone over the weekend and next week start with an oil-dot filter to get some rain streaks in. As I said before your feedback and suggestions are not just welcomed but encouraged - will need all the help you can give me. AFN Ian.
  9. (another) Tiger I

    Thanks all, very much appreciated. I'll need you lot to 'hold-my-hand' on this one as believe it or not, after all these many, many years this really is the first Tiger I've ever attempted... As this is written, the decals are on and sealed under a coat of Klear. I'll add the pin-wash next then a couple of brown-based filters. Stay tuned. Ian.
  10. Matilda MK.III/IV

    Following and taking notes.... Ian.
  11. Well here we go... My first serious foray in to the dark world of WWII German AFV modelling. So to start my 'new direction' I though I'd go with something that everyone has seen before just to try my hand, see where it goes. This is the Academy Tiger IE 'Early Production' kit just falls together no issues whatsoever (yet - not tried to put the running gear on of course), I won't bore you with the build as for me, this is about the 'colouring in'. I started with an overall black shadow coat as usual. Next I undercoated with a very light misted Tamiya flat brown coat followed by 'Deck Tan' for the highlights and just a spot or three of white for the high, highlights. That done I left it for a day to dry thoroughly. For the basic 'Dunkelgelb' I mixed Tamiya XF4 'Yellow Green' and XF60 'Dark Yellow' in roughly 30/70 proportions and thinned it with around 30% Iso - unfortunately when I shot the first coat it spattered intermitently so I added more Iso to my mix and got a much smoother flow. As it's very mild here in NZ just now, the model dried really fast on a sunny window-ledge and was ready for camo in an hour. I had a picture in my head of how I wanted the stripes and 'meandering lines' to look, so took a deep breath thinned some 'Field Grey' and shot it freehand using my trusty Iwata BR with the difuser tip removed to get a very fine line. There are some touch-ups and errors but not too many - for some odd reason I simply cannot get the camo on the barrel to work, but I'll keep plugging-away at it. Once I'm happy with the camouflage I'll shoot a couple of coats of 'Klear' to seal it all in then get the (few) decals on. Please feel free to make any comment, criticism or ask a question. More soon. Ian.
  12. M18 Hellcat

    Welllllll.... now that you mention it, matey... Once again thanks for the comments folks, always welcome and NEVER taken for granted. Next project WiP will be up VERY soon. Ian.
  13. 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 110F

    Consistantly excellent standard with your builds, Randy. This one is no exception. Ian.
  14. How the h#ll did I miss this one ? - Museum quality modelling and fantastic presentation. Ian.