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  1. Built for the Revell/Monogram 'Campaign' (Group Build) over at www.modelersalliance.com this is a limited reissue of Monograms 90/93 bodied NASCAR Thunderbird, the kit comes with a slew of Alan Kulwicki memorobilia. I replaced the kit decals with the much better ones from Mike Herman/Powerslide, otherwise it's an 'out of the box' build. As ever please feel free to make any comments, criticisms or ask any questions. Thanks for looking. Ian.
  2. LaFerrari [Revell] 1:24

    Really nice in the Pearl White. I have the same kit almost done but parked at the moment whilst I finish a couple of other projects. Ian.
  3. Started this a couple of days ago. Very straightforward Tamiya 'curbside' kit of one of the last Nismo R34's to escape from Nissans' 'Skunkworks'. All the body needed was the (frankly b*tt-ugly) front air-dam/grill one-piece section added, then a good rub-down with a Tamiya 1000 grit scuffing pad and a couple of quick coats of their white primer. I also rescribed all the panel lines to make them a lot deeper - a tip I have happily adopted from Tom Rujter - Looks pretty nice just in the glass smooth primer, will shoot the first of the two-tone paint tomorrow hopefully. Stay tuned folks and please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments. AFN Ian.
  4. 911 GT1

    Maybe, Bill... Just the window surrounds to paint and then install the windows themselves and the louvres in the nose, tail wing, (both already decalled), rear view mirrors (already painted) and that's just about it. Not racing though, spent a fair bit of time and effort on this so want it to be 'right' not a 'calling this done' type build. Ian.
  5. 911 GT1

    Decals finished... Ian.
  6. Looking very good indeed. Ian.
  7. Oh H*ll yes !! - now I want a Liberty Walk GTR to go with my Z-Tune R34. Not going to miss a moment of this one. Ian.
  8. Thanks matey... Because I drill-out & widen the location holes in the rear hub - to get the wheels to sit neatly under the bodyshell - there's always a little 'give', for some reason on this build there was more 'give' than usual so I thought... 'why not offset the wheels for a change ?' Bl**dy glad I did, at last weekends' show here everyone commented on how good it looks !! Yep, Keefr22 is a star ! Ian.
  9. 911 GT1

    No, the panels are fixed, the whole rear 'clam-shell' lifts off though... Ian.
  10. 911 GT1

    Started decalling this morning - this could have been a complete nightmare... ...guess what, it's been an absolute joy. No idea how Tamiya have achieved it, but the decals are simply superb, thin, strong and flexible enough for someone like me with sausages for fingers to manipulate. Just brilliant. More soon. Ian.
  11. And 'bam' there it is, come to life ! Ian.
  12. 911 GT1

    Finally got around to applying a couple of coats of Tamiya white on the body... As usual instead of drying full glossy white, it's dried somewhere between gloss and satin - no matter I've rubbed it back with a 3200 Micro polishing sheet so it's smooth like a mirror now and ready for decalling at the weekend. Hey remember all that beautiful detail on the block and transmission... This is all you can see now !! - more after next weekend - we have a show here too, and I'm taking the Porsche with me to do a decalling presentation. AFN Ian.
  13. Another NASCAR build finished today. So why the title ? - couple of years back I posted three NASCAR builds in quick succession - Keefr22 was very complimentary and we chatted about NASCAR modelling (as you do). Next thing is, Keith has bagged-up and sent a whole slue of unused and very rare AM decal sheets all the way down here to New Zealand without asking for any payment but asking that I promise to 'put them to good use'. Just now I'm really in to race-car modelling in general and NASCAR building in particular so it was easy to keep my promise and here's the first of 'Keith's builds'. Dale Earnhardt Jnr. raced a couple of times in the Winston Cup '99 season but his first full rookie year was 2000. This is his 2000 car from the Revell kit, painted as usual with Tamiya acrylic straight from the rattle-can (the interior is Xtracolour enamels). After two brushed, yes brushed coats of Johnsons Klear, I applied the excellent JWTBM decals and sealed them with another two coats of Johnsons. I'll wax polish the model in a few days once it is fully dried/cured. Finished just in-time for a competition here on Armistice weekend (same as the Telford Nationals). Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment, please feel free to ask any questions or make any criticism. My sincere thanks to Keith for the decals and I will be doing another 'Keith Car' very soon. AFN Ian.
  14. Thinking about a 'Luft 46' build for later this year and found this beauty whilst 'Googling' around (other on-line search engines are available !). Not sure how I missed it first time around, but it's bl**dy superb (IMHO). Inspiration methinks.... Ian.
  15. 911 GT1

    Thanks for that, matey. It's now wearing a coat of Tamiya fine white primer which I'll leave over the (warm) weekend to thoroughly dry/cure then start layering some Tamiya glossy white next week. Because of the 'lumps and bumps' in the shell it's not practical to use an aerosol for this one, I'll simply airbrush the white. AFN Ian.