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  1. Supra GT

    Big hint for my big Autumn (your Spring) project... not at all subtle, eh ? Ian.
  2. Superb build and fantastic presentation. Love it. Ian.
  3. Supra GT

    Just 'small town mentality', Pete, nothing I can do about it, folks here are very friendly but VERY conservative / guarded when it comes to employing in-comers. Ian.
  4. Utterly beautiful. Ian.
  5. No idea how this got past me in September... no matter, just want to add my congrats, it's a stunning model. Just hope my 1:48 effort will look even half as good. Ian.
  6. Looks good here aswell, John !! Ian.
  7. Twenty year old Revell kit, and not a bad one too. Wanted a contemporary look without changing the 'structure' too much, so de-chromed throughout, faired-in and cut down bumpers front & rear, steering wheel from a Tamiya R34, the rest is just paint. Tamiya Gunmetal, polished & buffed, not clear coated, a dark red interior which I carried through to the outside accents and finall a little carbon-fibre decalling on the valence. Ta Daaaa !! Wheels & tyres are 18" SA-70s from Aoshima and just don't look right. I'll replace them with 16" when I can, also need to source some brake discs, there's a set in the R34 spares but I'll need to perform a fair bit of surgery to get them to fit the Revell axles. Hope you like it, AFN Ian.
  8. Simply jaw-dropping. Ought to be in a museum. Ian.
  9. 1978, I was 15, remember seeing this car in a magazine whilst waiting at the dentist !! - Fantastic model, always loved the racing 911's in all their variations, Wrangler scheme is still a 'stand-out' for me. Ian.
  10. Stuka

    No, Panzer Grey & (Tamiya) Deck Tan. Ian.
  11. Stuka

    Kids still got another TEN DAYS off school - man, summer holidays here are endless, seven-and-a-half weeks it's inhuman. So guess who cannot get anywhere near the man-cave at the moment... Ian.
  12. Always the way isn't it. You think you're almost there and then find you've got another half-dozen sessions of 'finishing off' !! Ian.
  13. New Airfix 1/72nd B-25C Mitchell

    More than any other release announced by Airfix, this is the one I've been itching to get my paws upon. Good to read that the problems are easily sorted, old friend. Bought a decal sheet months ago, all I'll need is a masking set and it'll hit the bench virtually as soon as it arrives !! Great build, Andy. Ian.
  14. Keeping an eye on this project as I'm planning on building the 'original issue' F1 later this year. Great work so far, all looks very promising. Ian.