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  1. Fantastic build I think this will have to be the next purchase along with the solo falcon. Another spot the greeblie the s foil wings are from a f-18 hornet I read somwhere
  2. I can feel your pain I took a couple of kits to my local club meeting but left them in the car and this was the result the next day
  3. So here is another Bandai T-70 X-Wing but done as black leader seeing you only get BB-8 this is really the only version to do as the white and blue should have R2 units (haha good excuse). Another sweet kit to build I painted it with Vallejo black primer and Tamiya orange then weathered it with AK oils. cheers Richie
  4. Nice work thinking of getting my one out or C3P0 or R2D2 or Scout Trooper or R5D4 or Boba Fett arrrh to many to choose from
  5. So I figure that I have been lurking around here long enough so here is one of my latest builds a Bandai 1/72 Special Forces TIE Fighter. Its a great kit I have only painted the interior and pilots then I put it all together to see how quick these kits could be done, So with 1 hour to paint the interior it took another 1.5 hours to build and as it is not glued I could take it apart later for a paint /weathering session Cheers Richie
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