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  1. Fairey ? Russian kit.

    Here is the kit: http://www.ark-models.org/catalog.php?cid=70 ARK Models have it now. modelldoc
  2. Fairey ? Russian kit.

    Yes, the "good old FROG". Nice kit. Here is my once, build years before. modelldoc
  3. Airfix 2018

    Adapting the Lancaster into a York! modelldoc
  4. Found on the recommended page from Henk of Holland: http://henk.fox3000.com/milmod.htm a lot of the forgotten good old BW-models, now in resin. And I checked it, they are available: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/search/LH8595d59bf7de41a719eba5d6be/_/p1/c/s/f3707 Not cheap, but interesting, will check for more. modelldoc
  5. Lancaster Mk II - best reference?

    My favourite: (for all Lancasters) Lancaster Squadrons in Focus - special edition by Mark Postlethwaite, Red Kite, ISBN 978-1-906592-05-9 RRP 25 GBP First published 2002, revised 2012 modelldoc
  6. Finnish Air Force Blenheim questions.

    Check out the original box art from FROG modelldoc
  7. Best T-34 m.41 in 1/72 - Dragon? UM? Trumpeter?

    Don't forget the old Matchbox / REvell kit. Fujimi is quite good. modelldoc
  8. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia in foreign service

    Nice to see these sheets, but the Estonian, real or only a project? modelldoc
  9. Airfix Wimpy for 2018

    I hope for that - especially for a Mk V / MK VI high altitude. The warpaint series give a lot of impressions modelldoc
  10. 1:76 Alvis Stalwart S & M Models

    Yes and no. Bundeswehr vehicles in action (ISAF etc. have the iron cross, rhe tested Stalvarts had that never! Okay, rhese two replicas exist, but for me it's not as choice to made one of these. I prefer a BAOR version, hope for the other versions and (much more) for the Salamander. modelldoc
  11. 1:76 Alvis Stalwart S & M Models

    I checked the situation. Yes, German Army tested (!!!) two Stalvart. But the camouflage is totaly wrong! The Stalwarts are not camouflaged and not marked, the picture at Wikipedia show replicas from former BAOR Stalwarts. modelldoc
  12. 1:76 Alvis Stalwart S & M Models

    German Army? Never heard that they have it in service, there are only two (!!!) for testing modelldoc
  13. 1/100 Playfix / Nu-Bee / Plasticart Kits - Any Love?

    I had made only three: The Trident with new decals from Russia (!) The Tu-134 with new decals from my stash: And the Mi-10K: The landing gear was tricky! modelldoc
  14. 1/72nd Revell Germany Junkers G 24 kit

    This is the basic kit. REvell had the version with the floats Here is the full production line: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/130361-veb-plasticart-15600-junkers-g23-24 modelldoc
  15. 1/72nd Revell Germany Junkers G 24 kit

    All G 23 and G 24 kits are all rhe same from the VEB Plasticard origin. Saw nice coversions on ebay: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Junkers-G-24-he-Ioannina-1-72-resin-umbaustaz-NEU-/371951545100?hash=item569a0a2b0c:g:ktoAAOSwIQdZGhQR http://www.ebay.de/itm/Junkers-G-24-he-Luftwaffe-1-72-resin-umbaustaz-NEU-/222512611771?hash=item33cec901bb:g:fcsAAOSwIQdZGhJx They from Master -X, don't know more about these company modelldoc