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  1. You can find it sometimes on ebay Germany, but EXPENSIVE!!!!! modelldoc
  2. The Xtrakit was quite good, so I don't need a new once: modelldoc
  3. Yes, it's the "good old" airfix kit. In a book about the PLAAF from China I found, that the Chinese recived her Beagles after the korean war. I'm really sure, that in the first NKAF Beagles are russian pilots. modelldoc
  4. In Bryan Philpotts book "Meteor" is the information, that Heston Aircraft modified that plane with folded wings. Can'r find nothing more about that, including pictures. Who can help? modelldoc
  5. The Esci markings shown an camouflaged aircraft. Never used this kind of camouflage in NK. And (the most wrong thing) kill markings with the SK insignia. Absolutely nonsens. Sorry, don't know how to insert a pic from my pc. (It's only black and white and you the the silouette of the aircraft.) modelldoc
  6. Made that, it's an Airfix Reboxing. modelldoc
  7. ...and a picture: modelldoc
  8. I made a T-34 in 1/ 76 scale years before from the Fujimi kit. It's okay for that scale. If you would like to build it in 1:72 the Revell kir is the best. modelldoc
  9. Yes, for IPMS Germany is the kind of box more importent than the kit. Often they made wrong interpretations for kits from other manufacturers than Revell. The reson; sponsoring - don't know modelldoc
  10. Mid 1952 the USAF reconized a regiment of Il-28 north of the Yalu. At the victory parade in Pyongyang in mid 1953 a couple of Il-28 flew over the parade. (KCNA official picture) All were in otiginally silver. A decal sheet from ESCI from the past is absolutely wrong. I made the kit years before. modelldoc
  11. Be fast, it's not in the printed catalogue for 2017! modelldoc
  12. Thanks a lot, the book from Les Frathy with the cold war is on my shelf, I look for the other one. The books from B. Vanderveen are also helpful. modelldoc
  13. Thanks for all these information. What is a good book for trucks of that time and the postwar (coldwar) period? modelldoc
  14. Thank you so much, that was my supposition but I wasn't sure. Thanks modelldoc
  15. Hello, sorry for that strange question about british military trucks in WWII. On flat - fronted trucks, like Leyland Retriver, Dennis Max or Foden DG4/6 for example is vertical plate under the windscreen. Sometimes left, sometimes right. What was the reason for that? Many british trucks during this time had a vertical bar in front of the radiator grill. Was that an bumper? modelldoc