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  1. Here is my once, ten years before. It's Airfix and Paragon together: modelldoc
  2. Here: modelldoc
  3. Yes, at the moment, only Xtradecals has a south african (military) option. modelldoc
  4. Thanks for that, Must decide between 1/76 or 1/72. Prefer a little bit the last. But I'm sure there comes more, a Saracen is in the pipeline too. Hope for the Saladin and Salamander modelldoc
  5. Thanks for that, Must decide between 1/76 or 1/72. Prefer a little bit the last. modelldoc
  6. On Road Transport Images you can find some kits, like a military Hippo or refuller; take a look: modelldoc
  7. What a pitty, last year I finished the Paragon conversion for a Fortress III on a Revell B-17, and now that, But I think that comes more in the future (Mickey Mouse!) modelldoc
  8. There is a little rumour that Revell presents another news during the Toy Fair in Nuremberg, 1st of February. But, it's only a rumour. modelldoc
  9. The Vampire It's a repop from Special Hobby. modelldoc
  10. Some military scales are different from the first annoucement, who is wrong? modelldoc
  11. It's one pool of money for plastic kits. This year is the focus on the new car series for young modellers. The series started last year and need support for this year. So all the aircraft modellers must wait. Some projects are cancelled, f.e. a changing model with Minicraft, somer other comes in the future, you see it on the sprues. No problem, let us build a little bit more than we have space for new models in the future. modelldoc
  12. It's definitly FROG, they had Bristol Beaufort against Me-109, Spitfire Mk I against Junkers Ju-88 and Bristol Beaufighter against Focke - Wulf 190. modelldoc
  13. Excellent pic's. But always they told us in service in North Korea, but I never seen a picture of this. modelldoc
  14. There is no Zlin 42 from Trumpeter / Hobby Boss in the list, don't forgot that. modelldoc
  15. Amodel had the PZL 104 Wilga in different versions modelldoc