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  1. Be fast, it's not in the printed catalogue for 2017! modelldoc
  2. Thanks a lot, the book from Les Frathy with the cold war is on my shelf, I look for the other one. The books from B. Vanderveen are also helpful. modelldoc
  3. Thanks for all these information. What is a good book for trucks of that time and the postwar (coldwar) period? modelldoc
  4. Thank you so much, that was my supposition but I wasn't sure. Thanks modelldoc
  5. Hello, sorry for that strange question about british military trucks in WWII. On flat - fronted trucks, like Leyland Retriver, Dennis Max or Foden DG4/6 for example is vertical plate under the windscreen. Sometimes left, sometimes right. What was the reason for that? Many british trucks during this time had a vertical bar in front of the radiator grill. Was that an bumper? modelldoc
  6. The Junkers G 24 plane is no longer in the programme from Revell, but it exist and you can buy the kit here: modelldoc
  7. Here are some drawings, based on the photo: modelldoc
  8. Dreams come be true! Stalvard, Saladin, Saracen and Salamander modelldoc
  9. Here is my once, ten years before. It's Airfix and Paragon together: modelldoc
  10. Here: modelldoc
  11. Yes, at the moment, only Xtradecals has a south african (military) option. modelldoc
  12. Thanks for that, Must decide between 1/76 or 1/72. Prefer a little bit the last. But I'm sure there comes more, a Saracen is in the pipeline too. Hope for the Saladin and Salamander modelldoc
  13. Thanks for that, Must decide between 1/76 or 1/72. Prefer a little bit the last. modelldoc
  14. On Road Transport Images you can find some kits, like a military Hippo or refuller; take a look: modelldoc
  15. What a pitty, last year I finished the Paragon conversion for a Fortress III on a Revell B-17, and now that, But I think that comes more in the future (Mickey Mouse!) modelldoc