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  1. Garth - I like your work on 'The Punisher'. I think 'Welcome back Frank' should be read by anyone who likes comic (books) and comic (Book) films, just for something a bit different. I've heard of Johnny Red and I could be tempted by that one. thanks Mike
  2. It's 2017 now, so now it's time for a new special offers thread. Remember, like the title says, we get new offers in stock pretty much every Friday, so keep checking our website every Friday! Meng 1/700 HMS Rodney £22.00 Trumpeter 1/700 USS West Virginia (1945) £21.30 USS Maryland (1945) £19.60 Trumpeter 1/350 1/72 Eduard Messerschmitt Bf110C-6 Ltd Ed £19.20 Eduard Avia B.354 Serie III Profi £9.70 Eduard Lavochkin La-7 Profipack £9.00 Eduard Bf110G-2 Profipack £14.00 Eduard Fw190A-8 Profipack £10.80 Eduard Fw190F-8 Profipack £8.60 Eduard Spad XIII Weekend £4.30 Eduard L-39C Albatros Weekend £6.80 Eduard L-39ZA Albatros Weekend £5.90 Eduard F6F-5 Hellcat Weekend £6.30 Eduard F6F-5N Hellcat Nightfighter Weekend £6.30 Eduard Fw190A-8 Std Wings Weekend £6.30 Eduard Fw190A-5 'Heavy Fighter' Weekend £6.30 Eduard MiG-15Bis Weekend £6.30 Eduard MiG-15UTi Weekend £6.50 Eduard Avia B.534 serie III weekend £5.00 Eduard Avia B.534 Serie IV weekend £5.00 Hobby Boss AH-64A Apache £7.90 Hobby Boss Mil Mi-2US Hoplite gunship £9.40 Hobby Boss Mil Mi-2URP (anti tank) £9.40 Meng 1/72 F-106 Delta Dagger £20.60 1/48 Eduard P-47D Thunderbolt 'Over Italy' Ltd Ed £26.60 Eduard F-86 Sabre Ltd Ed £30.60 Eduard Albatros D.III Profipack £10.20 Eduard Aiva B.534 Serie III Profi £10.20 Eduard Messerschmitt Bf109G-5 Profi £18.00 Eduard MiG-21R Profipack £21.40 Eduard MiG-21R Weekend £12.40 Eduard F6F-5N Hellcat Nightfighter Weekend £9.70 Eduard Avia B.354 Serie IV Weekend £7.00 Eduard Fokker DR.1 Weekend £6.60 Eduard Nieuport Ni-11 Weekend £7.80 Eduard Spad XIII weekend £10.80 Eduard Yak-3 Weekend £9.00 Eduard Mirage III Weekend £15.70 Hobby Boss P-61B Black Widow £25.60 Hobby Boss P-61C Black Widow £25.60 Meng Me410A-1 £28.30 Meng Me410B-2/U4 £26.80 Revell 1/48 Spitfire IX/XVI £13.70 1/35 Armour 1/32 Hobby Boss IL-2 Sturmovik £36.00 thanks Mike
  3. We've got a one-off deal for 1/32 aircraft modellers! We've got a single example of a Hobby Boss IL-2 Sturmovik for only £36! So the first person that buys it, will be the only one to get it! To see it, go on our website and just scan down the offers on the home page and you should see it about half way down on the right! thanks Mike
  4. Model Monkey aka Steve Larsen makes 3d printed bits including the radar lanterns. I have a set and they are quite nice and save you rolling and folding etch. I got the idea for Chicago Blue being close to B15 from John Snyder and there is a completed Combring Canberra on Modelwarships from a few years ago painted in B15. thanks Mike
  5. I spray Vallejo at around 20-25 psi and don't pull the trigger all the way back. Works fine for me using my Iwata. For large NMF areas, I've been trying Vallejo's Metal colour Gloss Black Primer, Aluminium and Gloss varnish, so far so good. I'm currently making another Blue Nose (Moonbeam McSwine) but from the new Airfix kit. Have a bit of practice on an old bit of plastic to try and get the settings right. thanks Mike
  6. Thanks Steve. We had the most recent AZ Mk VIII in stock a few months ago but it took a good while to sell, so that combined with the fact that the Eduard Mk VIII will be out soon, helped us decide not to carry it in stock. We can always get currently available AZ kits if anyone wants them. thanks Mike
  7. I would suggest the biggest 'inaccuracy' on this one is the colour Airfix suggest for the Blue. French Blue is fine for the earlier Blue on the P-51B/C but it's too light for the D's, especially by the time they had the coloured rudders. I'm using this kit to make Moonbeam McSwine so I've been doing some googling, as well as noting the info on the Superscale decal sheet and there is info out there to suggest the Dark Blue on the D models was RAF Deep Sky, so I got myself the Vallejo Deep Sky colour and that works fine for me. The main problems with the plastic parts for me is the bendy wobbly landing gear, the way the bubble canopy fits on and the thick sprue gates, I snapped the control column and ariel mast trying to snip them off the sprue. thanks Mike
  8. No but I'd be very surprised if they didn't. The decals in the 1/72 Eduard Spitfires seem to be following what they did in the 1/48 kits, and the SEAC was a big user of Spitfire VIII's. Even if they don't do SEAC decals in the Mk VIII, I would still get the Eduard kit over the AZ and get aftermarket decals. Remember, in the AZ kit you have to cut the clipped wingtips off and butt join the normal wingtips to it to make the wings. No such problem with the Eduard kit. I stick 100% with what I said earlier. Wait and see the Eduard kit before deciding what to do. thanks Mike
  9. No worries, we'll have it sometime later in the week then! thanks Mike
  10. I've just got the Campbeltown and it looks like an excellent little kit. I'm sure I kept a tin of WEM Colourcoats Mountbatten Pink, which will now come in handy. As for Aoshima - if Flyhawk do the same subject (ie Illustrious) get the Flyhawk kit as it will be better based on current kits! thanks Mike
  11. You could wait and see what Eduard do with the Mk VIII. The first release will be the Aussie 8 set but they will release a Mk VIII Profipack/Weekend at some point too and I suspect an SEAC Mk VIII will be included. Eduard decals are quite good. AZ decals can be OK but sometimes a hint of water will get them off the backing sheet and any more make the decal curl up. thanks Mike
  12. Just to clarify, you mean the existing Super Etendard kit and not the forthcoming Etendard? thanks Mike
  13. I've got the IJN paints and I can't say I've got any major issues so far. I started an IJN auxiliary warship to test them out, the Kure Grey and Linoleum were fine with a couple of coats, which is what I expect but the Beimatsu deck colour took a few more coats. I've not tried the Greens as yet though. One key thing to remember with acrylics over enamels (which is the alternative for IJN colours), is that you can put several coats down in an evening, whereas with enamels it would take several evenings as you have to give them time to dry properly. One Lifecolor colour that takes quite a good few coats, is the White from the RN Western approaches set, but you could use any white instead. Note that the Hinoki deck colour is only for Yamato, Musashi and Nagato. thanks Mike
  14. We can do if people want them! thanks Mike
  15. Just to add something - You can download instructions from Eduard's website. It might be helpful to download the instructions for the Standard A-8 profipack kit and then you can follow them and see what the differences are while you build it up. thanks Mike