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  1. What have you purchased 9

    No worries, I'm sure Eduard will release an A-9 at some point but I wouldn't be sure about an F-9, although if they did one it would be very easy to do the other! I would definitely like to know what's in the Kora box! thanks Mike
  2. What have you purchased 9

    Has it arrived yet? I'm curious to know what it has in addition to the Eduard plastic parts. I've got a Hasegawa A-9 and F-9 (Panzerblitz) in the stash, however the Eduard F-8 has the Panzerblitz rockets anyway. thanks Mike
  3. What's your car used to go buying models

    Yep, mine has some kind of radar thing on the front below the numberplate. It's to tell you when you're too close to the car in front and some collision detecting wotsit. thanks Mike
  4. Hi Tony It turns out the Orange Line Hataka paints are flammable, which means it's dodgy sending them by Royal Mail, as strictly speaking, flammable goods are on their banned list. So we'll only stock the Red and Blue lines. thanks Mike
  5. I'm missing a IIICJ for my own Israeli AF collection - purely selfish motive! thanks Mike
  6. Awesome! That's what we like, hopefully AMK will give us a lovely Mirage IIICJ to go with it in the near future! thanks Mike
  7. We've been fairly busy at MJW Models! First of all we've been keeping up with some new kits - we're stocking the KP Models 1/48 SU-25's and the Gas Patch Hs123 kits as well as the latest Eduard kits. We've also got the new Airfix Fortress Mk III and Me262 in stock. We've been getting the latest Hataka paint sets in stock, including RAF display teams, British and Russian Helicopters, plus we're stocking the Blue line sets for brush painting. We had a couple of deliveries yesterday and our shelves are overflowing with tons of cheap kits, paint sets, brassin and etch - check out our home page for details (scroll down.... and down....) http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk . For example, the Eduard 1/48 Bf109F-4 weekend is only just over a tenner! The Eduard Bf110E Weekend is under £8! There's some bargain Hobby Boss kits too like both versions of the MiG-31 and the Su-17M4 with over 1/3 off UK RRP! As for the Future releases, it finally looks like there's going to be new and restock AMK kits arriving in the country next week, including the long awaited 1/72 Kfir! We have some on back order so we'll get them in as soon as we can. Follow the link to our home page and on the left hand side for categories, there is a future release category. If you find something you want, click on the listing and you'll be able to enter your email address in the box and you'll be notified when it's in stock. The October Eduard releases are in the Future release section too, including the all new 1/48 Fw190A-4 kit (all new tool, not like the current range) and we have over 20% off UK RRP on the October Eduard kits! There's also things like the new Sword FJ-4 Fury kits and Special Hobby Vampire Mk I in the Future release section! thanks Mike
  8. They should hopefully and finally be here in the UK next week! That means no airmail postage to worry about (or indeed any postage cost for me!). thanks Mike
  9. What's your car used to go buying models

    The Blob? Mine's a 2015 model with the radar thingy under the numberplate, so it does have the current spec 150PS turbo-diesel engine. When it was ordered they said we had a choice of several colour cars that were ready for immeadiate order, so I went for the Black one and I got lucky as it's got the automatic folding mirrors and half leather/suede seats. If I get another one, I've been told the Elegance is now the SE L and that's more expensive with less bits on it. Still it's a much nicer car than my Dad's Touran! thanks Mike
  10. Airfix Club

    Funnily enough, that's exactly what I'm building now! I fancy the Taranto Swordfish and the Fortress Mk III and then there's the forthcoming B-25 and Sea Fury. I might just do the download club thingy and see how we go from there. thanks Mike
  11. What's your car used to go buying models

    That's similar to mine but mine's a Metallic Black Elegance CR Business 2.0Tdi, due for replacement next Feb. Have the removed the radar thingy from the front? thanks Mike
  12. Airfix Club

    Is anyone currently a member? I've looked on the website and the flying hours thing is still going, which is good as I've got loads of them. It also says you get a £15 voucher to spend on the website, just to make sure I'm reading it right, that means to spend on any Airfix kit and not just the club kits? There's a few existing kits and a few forthcoming kits I wouldn't mind! thanks Mike
  13. Yes, I would and I do buy more expensive kits than the Airfix but you can get better kits than Airfix for similar prices in some cases. Like the Eduard Spitfire IX, Fw190A/F-8 and Bf110's. It really depends on the subject though for me, no one else does a Whitley right now, for example and in fairness I did like building the Airfix RAF Sabre and Spitfire 22. I bought the Airfix He111P and not the Hasegawa one (which I know is a nice kit, which builds well) because the Airfix one has the decals for the one in Gardemoen in Norway (which I've seen in person). It's just a little annoying that someone's found something wrong with the latest kit, I'm sure we'd all like the latest Airfix kits to be top notch. thanks Mike
  14. I've had less bother getting Sword, AZ Models and KPM kits together than some recent Airfix kits, in some cases it's a lot of plastic sanding, supergluing and clamping. I've had a few issues with warped parts in Airfix kits and parts snapping in half when you cut them in half (The Mustang aerial and control column breaks almost every time for example) etc, etc. I make model ships too, not sure manufacturer you mean. I find Flyhawk, Trumpeter, Tamiya, Hasegawa, Fujimi, Aoshima and Pit Road (Skywave) ships all fit together with minimal fuss. Some resin kits even fit together better too. As stated in the previous post, I've had warped parts, broken parts (try fixing snapped Martlet landing gear, which was snapped in half on opening the kit and Airfix wouldn't replace the part), many fuselages that don't close up properly (I find Airfix the worst for this). Airfix's quality control issues are well documented and many people have had issues. I don't expect perfection but I do expect a mainstream manufacturer to be able to make kits that fit together properly and no it won't stop me buying Airfix kits if it's a subject I want to make, like the forthcoming B-25C/D. thanks Mike
  15. The big problem with Eduard's first G-6 was it wasn't quite to scale and the wings and fuselage were in slightly different scales, it did however built into a very nice looking model and most people would be hard pressed to see the difference. I've built a Bf110G-4 for someone and it wasn't that bad apart from the nacelles. Personally for me it's more annoying if mainstream companies can't make kits that fit together properly than if they're a mm out here or there. thanks Mike