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  1. I think I might have been confusing the prop blades. The late Razorbacks came off the production line with the larger 13ft diameter props either the Hamilton with symmetrical blades or the Curtiss asymmetric paddle blades. I had previously read about and seen on documentaries, that they changed over to paddle blade props when it should have been stated they changed over to larger props, of which some had paddle blades. So that being the case all bubble top P-47's should have either of the 2 types of larger blade props - so ignore that point about the props. It would also suggest that pretty much all the Razorbacks would have the larger props by summer 1944 as they were also retro-fitted in the field, so let that be a lesson to all! There's some good pics there, note the 108 gal tanks could be silver or neutral grey and could be carried on any hardpoint. Not sure what them things are strapped to the wing pylons on the first pic, it looks to me like they tied British rocket rails onto something, mind you all sorts were strapped to 9th and 12th AF P-47's, usually bundles on incendiaries, sometimes they incendiaries were strapped to high ex bombs. On a modelling note, how did the checkerboard decals behave? I've got the decals for MX-X 'No Guts No Glory' to use on one of my Tamiya kits and I always dread putting large decals on curved surfaces. If you do want to do a legit P-47 with rockets, I think I might have some spare decals for the 'Trojan Warhorse' which is a 12th AF P-47 from a squadron known for using the Bazooka rockets. thanks Mike
  2. I have a Fine Molds 1/72 Ki-61 built up but it appears to have lost it's tail wheel. Can anyone suggest what to do to replace it? Is there perhaps another aircraft with a remotely similar tail wheel for example? thanks Mike
  3. If you fancy making another Wellington, try the Trumpeter kit. It's considered by most to be the best Wellington in 1/72 and by reputation, the parts fit together! MPM are improving (including Special Hobby), not all there kits are that bad, so don't be put off by the experience of building this model. You've done well to get it together but I would suggest painting the prop tips Yellow (unless the instructions tell you a good reason not to) and perhaps a quick coat of Matt varnish to take off a bit of the shine. thanks Mike
  4. My only nitpick is my most common one for P-47's and that is the rockets. The 8th AF did not like the rockets, the 56th FG used a few on a mission and reverted back to bombs, when it did some ground attack work. I don't know if the 78th FG (as modelled here) trialled the rockets or not but I would have modelled it with bombs or drop tanks under the wings if anything, as they most certainly used them. thanks Mike Just spotted something else. The Razorback's in the pics have the paddle blade props fitted, so I would suggest that 78th FG bubbletops would have most likely have the paddle blade props too but the model has the early style prop fitted.
  5. I'm pretty sure Eduard themselves do an engine for the Hellcat kit but I've not seen it or compared it to others, so I've no idea if that's the best way to go. thanks Mike
  6. Makes you glad we're out in the sticks (well ish). My Mother and Sister were just round the corner from the IRA bomb that went off in Warrington years ago but they had a lucky escape that day, so I've a hint of a clue about the panic and terror for all in the vicinity. Luckily by the sound of it, there was plenty of Police around (and more soon arrived) otherwise it could have been a lot worse. People should never use terror and violence to advance their cause, it just makes things worse and clearly there are many idiots that don't understand this. It certainly makes me have no sympathy for their cause. London has suffered worse things than this and the cowards responsible for this clearly don't know their history. Condolences echoed. thanks Mike
  7. As the title says we've dropped the price on the brand new AZ Models MB.5 'Sea Baker' kit. While stocks last it's now only £11.70! thanks Mike
  8. No worries, thanks Peter. That means that can't officially be sent via Royal Mail due to being flammable. thanks Mike
  9. I'm finding it hard to find out some basic info about these paints. Can anyone tell me if they are a solvent based laquer or if not, what exactly are they? Secondly, are they flammable? thanks Mike
  10. Your not supposed to throw them out of a window to see if they fly! I do like Revell reboxings of Hasegawa kits, it's so much cheaper than buying the Hasegawa boxing. Maybe an R too but I wouldn't like to say for sure without looking into that. Thanks Mike
  11. It's unlikely you'll see a Ju87G in desert colours as it entered production as the desert war was ending. I think they were just mostly used on the Eastern Front. I did build a 1/48 Hasegawa Ju87B for somebody and I don't recall it being a bad kit, I used an Eduard Zoom etch set for the instrument panels and seatbelts and Eduard Mask for canopy painting. thanks Mike
  12. Gold Medal Models in the US do a set for the newer tool Tamiya Yamato/Musashi, have a google and see if you can find it. thanks Mike
  13. We'll have to agree to disagree. The Eduard kits are loads cheaper than the Hasegawa kits too. The profipack is about £10 cheaper (it also includes mask/etch and some of them resin bits) and the Weekend is normally half the price of the Hasegawa kit, although sometimes you can get 3 (or almost 4) Eduard Weekend kits to the 1 Hasegawa kit. thanks Mike
  14. For Hellcats, regardless of whether it's 1/48 or 1/72, Eduard's are the best by miles. The same is true of the Tamiya P-47's in 1/72 or 1/48, they are the best by a huge margin. Go for the Eduard Spitfire IX, easily the best. I have an Eduard Bf109G-5 in my stash and I don't think it looks that complicated for a 1/48 kit. Note Eduard do Bf109E kits and are releasing F and G kits all the time, currently they are a couple of G-6 options, a G-2 , G-5 an F-4 and soon to be released F-2. Also note Eduard are doing an all new tool Fw190 for release later this year, it should be much simplified and easier to build than their current range, I would wait until it's released before judging the best Fw190. If you can't wait, a Tamiya or Hasegawa Fw190 would be the ones to go for. thanks Mike
  15. That would be awesome. thanks Mike