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  1. Thanks Julien! That's the point I've been trying to make all along. Some people will live with it and fix and that's their choice but it's a bit sloppy from Airfix and people have the right to be annoyed or upset and send/take the kit back for a refund. I was simply trying to raise awareness of the issue and people can make an informed choice. All this 'we're modellers and should be able to fix it' attitude to me is nonsense, we're all different and there's nothing wrong if some people are annoyed at the error and some aren't. If it's not an issue, just ignore the topic and don't comment, it's not helping anyone it's just being condescending. thanks Mike
  2. New Ship Related Releases

    The Yamashita Fubuki's are well regarded by Model Warship's resident 1/700 IJN modelling expert, so it's a nice bonus to have! thanks Mike
  3. 1/72 Tanks and armoured vehicle kits

    I got myself the Revell M-60 (few quid extra off too) and I've just ordered that Magach Conversion set for it. Hopefully that won't take too long to arrive. thanks Mike
  4. Eduard Price Rise Warning!

    This is not come from Eduard (as far as we know), so please read carefully, as I'm only speaking from our experience. We source all of our Eduard products from 2 UK suppliers (Hannants and Creative), as we all know Hannants pretty much charge UK RRP for everything (not a dig at them, just a fact), so we've been getting a lot of Eduard stuff from Creative as they were cheaper on most of the Eduard products. However, Creative have been putting their prices up and in some cases are now dearer than Hannants, which gives us a bit of a headache. What it means, is that when we run out of an Eduard product and restock, most of them will go up in price, for example, 1/72 weekend kits like the Spitfires will now be more than £10, the 1/48 F6F-3 and F6F-5 Hellcat Profipacks will go up from £15.60 to £19, some things are affected less than others, a lot of mask and etch will go up in price too. If anyone is after anything Eduard, please take a look at what we have in stock and if it's something you really want, get it before the price goes up. Also, the chances are, when we get Kits on special offer in future, they'll likely be more expensive than they have been previously, so watch out! They'll still be bargains though. Also we do have a selection of mask and etch currently cheaper than normal, so get some while the getting's good! http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk thanks Mike
  5. British Army green

    I've got Lifecolor's NATO Black, Green and Brown as I've got a few modern German AFV's. What's supposed to be the difference in Green IRR and NATO Green and are none of the multi shade Green vehicles you mention in a similar Green to NATO Green? It's doesn't have to be 100% accurate for me, I'm not that fussed as long as it's similar enough, like you say, it comes out different with every application in reality. I have many Greens lying around, hopefully I'll have something remotely similar. Hi Ivan, I know, we stock Hataka paints but I was hoping to avoid the need to buy a whole paint set for just 1 colour. thanks Mike
  6. 1/72 Tanks and armoured vehicle kits

    Nope but I got the Hobby Boss KV big turret thingy (I thought it was a KV-2) a few years back when it was on offer and it's quite a nice kit to build. It's been on the shelf of doom in a near complete state for a while! This Hobby Boss 1/72 Merkava IV went together quite nicely! I have the turret complete with base colour and I've been painting the white stripe on top of the barrel. I'm just painting the tracks and wheels, so I can get them stuck on and then I can get the hull top and bottom together. thanks Mike
  7. 1/72 Tanks and armoured vehicle kits

    Thanks! Is that a chair on top of the turret? thanks Mike
  8. British Army green

    I just want to double check something. I have several modern British armour kits, Challenger 2, Warrior and a Land Rover. All have Black and Green Camouflage, should this be NATO Green and NATO Black? thanks Mike
  9. 1/72 Tanks and armoured vehicle kits

    Where do you get that from and how much is it? I've had a look on hannants and the UK distributers on the Black Dog website but can't see any for sale! thanks Mike
  10. 1/72 Tanks and armoured vehicle kits

    I've just spied the Revell Nashorn, now that might be interesting. Unimodel, yes, they do a Pz 38T ausf G and a recce thing based on a Hetzer, now I could be tempted by them thanks Mike
  11. 1/72 Tanks and armoured vehicle kits

    Interesting, I thought they were Panther A's in Normandy. I'll have another look at stuff and see what else is around. I quite like the Pz 38T and things based on it's chassis, some interesting options there. thanks Mike
  12. 1/72 Tanks and armoured vehicle kits

    Start a thread on the MJW Models section, it will depend on the interest level but we can always get kits in for people if they ask, providing it's a range we get discount on, even if we don't carry the range in stock Damn! So no Normandy Panther with Zimmerit! I can't find the Panther G as a new kit now either. I'll see what else there is around. I've got the Vallejo Model Air German and British Caunter colour sets, so anything I can paint with them is always good. Speaking of colours The British army Black and Green camouflage, as seen on Warriors and Challenger II's - is that NATO Black and Green, or something different? thanks Mike
  13. 1/72 Tanks and armoured vehicle kits

    That's a shame! So perhaps buy both kits and use the Blazer sprue and Israeli decals on the Revell kit? thanks Mike
  14. 1/72 Tanks and armoured vehicle kits

    Nope, they're not available from Hannants yet, so no chance for us to get them yet! As for the Panther, adding Zimmerit is not going to happen, so it's the reason why I fancy doing that kit. As long as it's a decent resemblance for a Panther A, I'm not too worried! thanks Mike
  15. 1/72 Tanks and armoured vehicle kits

    We don't sell tanks (apart from the occasional cheap 1/35 kit) but we might start if there's a demand for it. I'll have a look about that T-72 if you want, I'll need to see if it's something we can get a trade price on. PM me about that though. I can imagine Flyhawk tank being superb, their ship kits are by far and away the best on the market, I've just got their 1/700 HMS Penelope and HMS Prince of Wales, awesome kits. This Merkava IV has just gone together really quick and easy, quite happy with it so far. I'm also working on a Revell Leopard IIA5, I didn't like the tracks at all but the rest is good. I've only got 3 Dragon kits, the Tiger looks fairly simple (Late model with Zimmerit) but the Stug III looks a lot more complicated, I quite fancy the Panther A with Zimmerit. One kit that has piqued my interest is the Italeri Magach 6, I believe it's an ex Esci kit, so I was wondering what it was like. I'm a big fan of the modified tanks used by the Israelis, shame there isn't a Sho't kit (well none that I've found yet). thanks Mike