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  1. Haha, it's a 4 bed detached house in a Northumberland village! It comes with views of the east coast mainline and a glimpse of the North Sea thanks Mike
  2. A pair of Tornado GR4's have just flown over MJW Models HQ (and therefore also my flat), one of which flew right in front of the office just a few hundred feet above the village, heading inland. thanks Mike
  3. No and I'm not stupid enough to advertise it as anything other than the state it's in. As for the other answers, I don't make enough money to pay for any hobby related stuff, so any hobby related stuff has to be paid for by selling stuff I no longer want and it may not be worth much but if I got £10-£20 for it I could buy a kit or some etch etc. Plus as someone says, it's a bit of a waste to throw something out that works perfectly fine. Would it be enough to cut the cable anywhere, so long as the damaged bit is removed? thanks Mike
  4. 4-1

    Howay the lads, back in the Premier League, maybe next season I'll remember to watch match of the day! thanks Mike
  5. I've got a spare Vax upright vacuum cleaner that I want to sell on but the cable is damaged and needs replacing. We looked at the price of some potential replacement cable and to be fair the cable probably is as much or more than I'm likely to get for selling the thing in the first place but it seems a waste to throw out something that works as well as it should. It might make a good cheap vacuum cleaner for a 'handyman' type person who could well have spare cable and be able to change the cable quickly and easily. I was wondering if there's any rules out there that would prevent me selling the thing at all? I would obviously advertise it as needing a new cable (and no it's not going to be in the for sale section on here!) but I don't know the law regarding 2nd hand electrical goods. If anyone knows such things, could you please spare me a load of time trying to find out for the sake of something that's only worth maybe £10-£20? thanks Mike
  6. The Kit had options of Brown and Green aircraft and I went for Brown as I've got others to paint Green. It's the Brown/Grey Green combo you mention. We have the only surviving Ki-46-III in the world here in the UK. It belongs to the RAF museum and last time I saw it, it was in the Cosford museum, along with the Ki-100 (the world's only surviving one!) but they do swap the exhibits between Cosford and Hendon. thanks Mike
  7. The certainly do. I did get mine second hand but I can't remember from where. I usually get any second hand kits from Kingkit, Ebay or at shows. It's well worth getting, plus Eduard do a very handy masking set for the glazed areas. The aerial is the kit part. Any Japanese aircraft fan who builds in 1/72 should get this kit if they can! I don't think any colour (or colours) are 100% accurate, in fact it's pretty much impossible to make any 2 batches of paint exactly the same, plus there's wear, tear and fading and different people painting the real aircraft, so again, no 2 aircraft will be exactly the same. So I don't get too worried about 100% accuracy as long as they look about right. There is some info about it on Nick Millman's Aviation of Japan blog, it seems some colours aren't too bad but for ease of use and consistency I'm quite happy with them. Also remember 99% people who see them won't know if the colours are right or not. I bought both Vallejo sets as well as the AK Interactive sets, so I have the full range of colour options (and they will all be used for something!) Yes, I used my Iwata revolution airbrush. I did have an Arii Ki-46-II and it's not as good as the Hasegawa kit but I wouldn't say it's a bad kit either, it's a good plan B! thanks Mike
  8. Hasegawa Mitsubishi Ki-46-III (Dinah). OOB except for the usual Eduard seatbelts. Nice easy build this one, where everything fits as it should. I used it to try the new Vallejo Model Air IJA Aircraft paints, which proved easy to use. thanks Mike
  9. Sword Nakajima Ki-84 (early) Hayate (Frank). This is OOB except for Eduard Seatbelts. I used this to try out Vallejo's Metal Colour Aluminium paint. Slightly tricky build, with everything taking some adjustment and some minor sanding but overall pretty good. thanks Mike
  10. It was however, the FAA's highest scoring fighter of WW2 and I think a perfect subject for a manufacturer less mainstream than the likes of Revell etc but I think it would also be a good subject for Airfix. Either way it'll still be interesting to see how it compares to others. thanks Mike
  11. Thanks again Nick, I should be able to sort out the Gekko now. thanks Mike
  12. You could try using a Dark Brown colour for the panel lines instead of Black, that will help a little too. thanks Mike
  13. I've recently got myself the Fujimi 1/72 Nakajima J1N, with the upward and downward firing cannons. The instructions pretty much tell you to paint everything internal Aotake. Given previous discussions about Japanese interior colours, I doubt the whole interior would be Aotake. So would any part of the interior (cockpit, wheel wells + doors, inc tail wheel or cowling interiors) be Aotake and would the Nakajima cockpit colour from the AK interactive IJN set be a better bet for the interior? thanks Mike
  14. Very nice, I did this one in 1/72. Well done for resisting putting the Bazooka rockets on! This particular aircraft used to be assigned to Capt Donovan Smith of the 56th FG and was called 'Ole Cock'. thanks Mike
  15. I chucked a Dragon 1/72 Ta152 in the bin as the fit was so terrible, does that count as bad? Never binned another before it was done! thanks Mike