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  1. Lifecolor has a set for WW2 German Warships - LC-CS09. No need to worry about equivalents, you can airbrush with it too but it only needs a little thinner (or water) for spraying. thanks Mike
  2. Our supplier is out of stock at the moment but yes we'll get more in when we can. The Profipack and Weekend editions will be out in a few months, to help you use up some of the decal options! That's what I'm thinking! thanks Mike
  3. Certainly are! thanks Mike
  4. I like and use the Lifecolor Acrylics on ship models. thanks Mike
  5. Not much new offers this week, just Eduard's 1/72 Weekend Edition Fokker Triplane and F6F-3 Hellcat Profipack. However, that does mean we've got most of the boxings of the best 1/72 Hellcat, on offer right now! Also, check out our cheap paint sets, for example we've got Vallejo Model Air USAAF Europe and MTO (desert colours) in stock quite cheap right now! thanks Mike
  6. Greetings folks! We've had a bit of a tidy up of our AZ and KP Models categories on our website in order to make it easier for you and us. First of all we have trimmed the section of the kits we do not want to carry in stock all the time and have put them in a backorder section of the AZ category. We've also hidden and moved the discontinued items into a storage category, so we're not showing unavailable kits on our website and it means if another batch is released later on, we can easily resurrect the listing. Next, we have separated KP from AZ and KP now have there own main category, making it easier to find them. Lastly we have populated the Future release section with AZ Models future releases and expected prices. If anyone is interested in the new AZ stuff, please fill in your email in the box provided and you will be notified when they are in stock, so you can place an order. Please remember to contact us as well, if you want more than 1 of anything, so we can order enough in. The AZ future releases contain the Hampden TB.1, MB 5 'Sea Baker', Avro Tutor, Bf109 V tail boxings, MiG-17 and Super Mystere boxings. We will make a section, soon, for the KP future releases, starting with the Bf108's. thanks Mike
  7. How about the Tamiya Fletcher as a start? Bit more simple to begin with than Tirpitz. thanks Mike
  8. I'm just referring to it as a Mk Ib to differentiate it from the others and because it's easier than saying 'the Mk I with cannons' all the time. So, for an accurate Mk Ib, the metal ailerons are most likely incorrect for the aircraft in 1940? The Mk IIb might be Ok, as the earliest option is for an aircraft in June/July 1941, just before the Dark Green/Ocean Grey camouflage became the standard camouflage. This is a bit of an issue as the ailerons are moulded on double thickness to the upper wing and are not separate parts, so cutting them off and putting new ones on is not something I was really wanting to do. I suppose I could just make it into a Mk Vb, seeing as that's what the kit really is and I've got plenty of aftermarket decals. thanks Mike
  9. What about the metal ailerons on the kit? thanks Mike
  10. Ok, so on to the next questions. The alternative markings are for no 92 sqd, Dec 1940, which is the standard Dark Green/Earth over Sky camouflage except with one of the wing's underside is Black. First thing is that I've read that the batch of aircraft (being a later batch) was built with 2 cannons and 4 mg's, just like the B wing we're all familiar with, so first question, was this pretty much a standard B wing found on the IIb and Vb? As stated the kit is a Mk Vb with bits for the IIb and Ib on the sprues. Assuming you can build the 92 sqd Mk Ib oob without filling panels and modifying etc, there are other issues I'm thinking of. The first is that the ailerons are modelled as metal ailerons (told you it's really a Mk Vb kit!), which I thought were introduced on the Mk V, so would the later batch of Mk Ib and the IIb's have had fabric covered ailerons or metal ones? Next up is to do with the wheel well colours. I know that Spitfires could have the wheel wells painted the underside colour, aluminium or interior green. I usually go for the underside colour to keep things easy (and more fun for me) but when they painted the wing undersides Black and White, what colour did they use then? I have other Spitfires I'm thinking of doing with Black + White wing undersides as well. Would I be correct in assuming the Mk Ib had the de Havilland prop/spinner and the Mk IIb the Rotol unit? thanks Mike
  11. I think you built the old AZ kit not the one I'm talking about. KP did an all new tool Mk Ib/IIb and Vb in 2015/16, which is what I have, there are no Mk VI bits on it and you get both types of oil cooler with the kit. Plus the moulding is much sharper and cleaner, in fact, pretty much like a mainstream kit but without the locating holes, usually found on mainstream kits. That's what I was suspecting would be the case but hoped my suspicions were wrong. However, I quite like the other markings in the kit, so it's not a problem. thanks Mike
  12. I was looking at the KP Spitfire Mk Ib and Mk IIb in my stash and no surprise, they are the same kit but with a different prop/spinner and Coffman starter bulge on the Mk IIb. My question is not relating to that but to the wing and one of the marking options. One of the options is for George Unwin's aircraft of no 19 sqd in August 1940. I read that the Mk Ib was initially armed only with a pair of 20mm cannons. So my question is that, did the early batch retain the .303 mg gun positions and associated panels etc despite not having the actual guns in the wings? It's not critical as I fancy doing one of the other options as well but it will help me decide which one to do. thanks Mike
  13. Not much to add in the way of Special Offers this weekend. We do have a Hobby Boss 1/48 YF-23 (stealth fighter) really cheap and the Eduard 1/72 Royal Navy Hellcat Mk I weekend is now really cheap too! thanks Mike
  14. The Fujimi 1/700 Mogami showed up today, looks better than the Tamiya kit! thanks Mike
  15. Any interest at all for the Typhoon?? I thought it would be of more interest to folks. thanks Mike