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  1. P-51 landing gear

    If you look through books on the P-51, you'll find the landing gear doors in various stages of being up or down. I've seen pics with one door closed and the other fully up, just have a look at a load of pics of examples in service and you'll see what I mean. thanks Mike
  2. Website Back Up Now!

    Over the past few days our website has been down while our domain was being renewed and transferred to our ISP. Needless to say they cocked it up and it's taken 4 days to resolve instead of 1-2 days. No doubt it's cost us a few hundred £'s in sales, which a small business like ours can ill afford to lose. The good news is the website appears to be working again, so please feel free to browse and order as normal again! http://mjwmodels.co.uk If there's any issues, please let us know! thanks Mike
  3. Website down

    It's back up now! You should all be able to grab some bargains again now! thanks Mike
  4. AMK 1/48 Kfir - future release

    When Hannants put a price on it, you know it should be on it's way soon. I suspect the one on French Ebay might have been a pre-order thanks Mike
  5. AMK 1/48 Kfir - future release

    No worries, I've added it to the watch list for now. We'll await pricing info before adding it to our future release section thanks Mike
  6. Website down

    The website is still down because PlusNet have cocked up transferring the domain over. The moral of the story is that PlusNet will not do you proud! Hopefully it will be resolved soon. thanks Mike
  7. Kittyhawk Ia colour questions

    Thanks folks, it's always good to get a second opinion, so that's how i'll proceed. thanks Mike
  8. Website down

    Hi folks It's a temporary Technical issue to do with transferring our domain over to our ISP. It's been reported and hopefully it will be fixed soon but I can't say when as I've no idea about these things! If they don't sort it, we'll have to set the Honey Badgers on them! While the website is down, there are a couple of ways we can let people have stuff. The first way, is to tell us what you want and we can email you a paypal invoice, so you get our website prices. Note paypal can process credit/debit card payments without you need to set up an account, so in other words, it acts just like any other website card payment processor. The second method is via our Ebay shop. Everything is still in our Ebay shop but the prices are a little dearer and include UK postage on all items and we can't combine the postage as it's built into the price (that's all down to Ebay rules). Any questions please just ask - our email address still works (mjwmodels@fjandmw.plus.com), our facebook page is still working, as is here! Our website backend is still working, as is everything else! thanks Mike
  9. Kittyhawk Ia colour questions

    Any thoughts anyone? thanks Mike
  10. Kittyhawk Ia colour questions

    While we're discussing Kittyhawk colours, I've got the Hasegawa 1/72 Kittyhawk Mk I sat here and I too would just like to double check the colours before painting it. It's a 250 Sqd aircraft, with the Red Arrow around the exhausts coded LD-B, from 1942. Now the instructions say it's painted in standard desert camouflage, which I believe but would they have been repainted with RAF colours, or like someone has suggested earlier in this thread, that possibly only the original Curtiss Green had be overpainted with Mid Stone, leaving the original Curtiss Dark Earth? I'll be going for Azure Blue for the undersides, unless that's badly wrong. I also have an Airfix Tomahawk to do in RAF desert colours, would that be the same as well, or different? thanks Mike
  11. P51b Question

    Actually in the case of the P-51B, I notice the error in the wing leading edge kink in the Hasegawa kit far more than and size shape issues that are supposed to be in the Academy or KP/AZ kits. That and the fact I can get the Academy and KP/AZ kits fairly cheaply and easily means I'm not getting any more Hasegawa kits, I have 3 of them all built. thanks Mike
  12. As the title suggests we have a selection of Eduard 1/72 Royal Class sets at bargain prices. Just to remind you, each set comes with 4 kits with many marking options and you can make several different variants in each set. They come Eduard's usual mask and etch and a few resin parts, which works out at less than £10 per kit! The price per set is as follows Spitfire IX £34.50 Fw190A-8 £37.00 Avia B-354 £37.00 http://mjwmodels.co.uk thanks Mike
  13. P51b Question

    According to the Valiant Wings book on early Mustangs, the best overall kit if you just want to build a P-51B/C and your not bothered about the kit decals, is the Academy one. As others have said it does have a few minor shape issues here or there but having built a few of them, I think it looks fine and importantly the wing leading edges are about right. I've also now built the AZ/KP Models P-51B and it's a worthy contender too and you can get one very cheaply too (get the Heller-bust boxing from KP), the only big issue for me is that you don't get wing racks and drop tanks in the kit. So for a one-off, you'll probably find the Academy kit is still the best bet. thanks Mike
  14. P-51D Mustang 1/72 Hasegawa

    Nice work! The Hasegawa P-51D is still quite a good kit and worth having for the right price. thanks Mike
  15. John Landers P-40E 'Texas Longhorn' questions

    Hi Alan Thanks for that. My default position is what you suggested, except using the Curtiss/Dupont equivalent colours. That's what I'll go with unless anyone else has strong evidence to the contrary. thanks Mike