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  1. Sounds like the model companies putting the rocket launchers in P-47 and P-51 kits, where the subject didn't use them! I'm pretty sure some He111's did carry a couple of SC1000's for ops, they should be capable given that they lifted 2 torps but I might be wrong. Got me thinking that I should probably find a decent book on the He111 now. thanks Mike
  2. Your right on the Desert Camou one, it is that machine - might do it as a kind of 'what if' and show what a Desert camouflage ones looks like with bombs. I believe once you know how things were, you can make an informed decision about a model. If I make it with bombs, at least I can tell people this exact aircraft wasn't used as a bomber but I've chosen to depict it that way. I actually thought there might be some use in the nose mounted cannon, for keeping AA gunner's heads down if nothing else. Thanks for the answers, they have been very helpful! thanks Mike
  3. I think the large bomb is an SC1000 but I might be wrong. Airfix tell you to put two bomb racks on the model but only one bomb. I might use some modeller's licence and depict one of them with a cannon, just for an extra difference in the models. thanks Mike
  4. Thanks Graham - That means I could use either kit for the Desert Camouflage option then. The Torpedo bomber is one from Sicily in regular bomber camouflage but with a Black underside. thanks Mike
  5. I now have both the Revell (ex Hasegawa) and Airfix He111H-6. I plan to use the Airfix Decals and make one as a Torpedo Bomber and the other as the 'Desert camouflage' option, so I've got a few questions before I think about starting them. 1) Was there any external differences between a regular He111H-6 and the one in Desert camou? As I can't see any tropical filters or anything in the Airfix instructions. 2) The Airfix kits tells you to only use 1 big bomb but there's two racks - Did the Desert Camou one ever use two large bombs or just the one like Airfix says? 3) Defensive armament. The Revell kit has a MG FF cannon in the nose, the Airfix one just has MG 15's in all positions. Did the torpedo bombers and Desert Camou ones ever have the MG FF cannon fitted? thanks Mike
  6. Nah, it's all sorted, I found Kingkit had the one with proper markings in it. thanks Mike
  7. No wonder I didn't see it for sale there, they can't spell Heinkel! I got the Motorhead one for a bit less when you consider the postage. thanks Mike
  8. Just a quick question - do all the boxes of Airfix's Motorhead He111 come with the original kit decals and painting/marking guide? I'd like to build the Tropical and Torpedo Bomber versions but obviously the regular boxing is very difficult to find. thanks Mike
  9. Thanks Steve! We'll certainly be stocking this Wildcat kit, we stock the Arma Hurricanes and Yaks and this looks like another awesome kit from Arma Hobby. thanks Mike
  10. The problem it will have it's Flyhawk's HMS Kelly, which is miles better thanks Mike
  11. Excellent! The Fujimi D4Y4 isn't that accurate then! It literally is the D4Y3 with the D4Y4 canopy! thanks Mike
  12. So the canopy itself and the cockpit interior should be the same in both kits then? I've got the F-15I but Eduard only do the Zoom etch and mask for the F-15E. thanks Mike
  13. I've got the GWH F-15I Ra'am kit in the stash and I've been wondering are the cockpit parts and canopy exactly the same as their F-15E kit? thanks Mike
  14. I have some print scale smoke ring style decals for Macchis, I didn't see the Japanese camouflage decals before (probably because Hannants don't have them yet!), so I'll watch out for them. That said they are for a B5N not a Ki-45 but I'll wait and see if they do any others. thanks Mike
  15. It might end up on fleabay, so I can buy proper D4Y3 kit! thanks Mike
  16. Thanks for that, it does indeed have a flat windscreen, like a fighter but none of the other differences appear to be present in the kit. The rest of the kit is still identical to the D4Y2, except for the engine. thanks Mike
  17. Another Japanese aircraft in the stash is the Hasegawa 1/72 Ki-45. Does anyone know of any camouflage mask (not canopy, I have the canopy mask) or camouflage decals for this aircraft in 1/72. I've yet to come across any as yet, so it may end up in a simpler scheme. thanks Mike
  18. That's what I was thinking, I actually wanted a D4Y3 anyway but I'm guessing at the time I bought it (many years ago) I didn't know the difference thanks Mike
  19. There's no rockets in the pic on the box or rockets in the box. It's got a pic of a Judy flying over an Essex class carrier and has C-8 + also 35130 on the box end. There is no recess in the bomb bay on my kit, so I don't know if it's an external or internal thing - also the cockpit has 2 seats. It literally is the same kit as the D4Y2 but with different nose parts for the radial engine. thanks Mike
  20. Thanks. I've got the Japanese paint sets from AK Interactive and Vallejo, so I can work out which of the two interior colours to use. The Fujimi kit's interior is very basic, so it's just getting a basic paint job. Still puzzling over the D4Y4 kit, I still think it's really a D4Y3 kit. thanks Mike
  21. I can see there is no Aotake but it doesn't say what the colours are. I've no idea how to remove that sorry. thanks Mike
  22. Thanks. I've seen that build and it's nice but sadly it doesn't really answer my questions. thanks Mike
  23. I have a couple of Fujimi 1/72 Judys to make and would like to double check on a few things before building. I have the D4Y2 and D4Y4 versions. First is the cockpit colours, the kits say Aotake all over and Silver for the instrument panel. My guess is that the floor and seats etc would be Grey Green, the instrument panel Black and the cockpit walls in Aotake. Any thoughts on this? I've read that the D4Y4 was the single seat Kamikaze version that had a 800kg part recessed in the bomb bay. The kit however, looks exactly the same as the D4Y2 kit, except with a different nose section for the radial engine. Again any thoughts on this? The bomb bay for example is just the standard one with the doors moulded closed and it has 2 seats, so I'm thinking it's more like the D4Y3. thanks Mike
  24. Last week it was RAF Typhoons and maybe an F-35 (heard more than we saw) and just now - an F-15 but not sure what air force it was from. thanks Mike
  25. Sounds good. So the Browny Olive Drab is not wrong then? :) thanks Mike
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