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  1. Computer help please

    Hi...............seem to be plenty on Ebay stating from £1.27!!!!!!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=usb+connected+floppy+drive&_sacat=0 I have one , but use it periodically
  2. Some guy on here did a conversion for the "Baggage carriers" all dimensions were itemised and plenty of phots taken, unfortunatly photobucket kicked in and corrupted all the pictures.................the item can be found here Many of the photos in the article can be found here on "Google" https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=baggage+pods+fairey+gannet&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwizuL6KkIDYAhXoJMAKHcwOC2QQ_AUICigB&biw=1280&bih=912#imgrc=bu_FSM9_PhFbyM: The Gannet did not carry fuel tanks, as from previous article you will now know they were Baggage Carriers...........for carrying mail, supplies, pilots kit, ect, ect. If the Gannet needed extra fuel for an extra long journey, it had a ful cell inserted into the weapons bay. Hope this helps
  3. Car issue,

    The father of the lad next door to me bought his son a nice red sporty Renault car for passing his test. Within 6 months his son wrote it off, he drove into a lorry in a layby at night, at speed.........T boned it on the Artics crash bars between rear wheels of trailer and unit. Not a problem, his old man went out and bought him another one, exactly the same colour and make. His old man EVEN bought the write off from the insurance company and within 6 months had it repaired......it still sits in his garage(been their for about 2 years).......I ask why he hasnt sold it and he says he cant? His son wont let him as its his car!!!! So, some insurance companies sell write offs, just a matter of the companies policy that you are doing business with
  4. Manx Norton 500cc

    Very nice, dont put yourself down, its a lovelly model, reminds me of my dad who used to go the Isle of Man every year, come rain or shine, to watch the TT. To be honest, if I didnt know better, I would say its real and you took the pics in your back yard. I would be impressed if I had made that...... Had to take a second look, thought you had forgotten to put the saddle on!!!!! Makes your eyes water when you realise what you had riding between your legs..........
  5. Issues with Italeri Plastic

    I dabble in railway plastic and particular manufacturers (DC Kits + Slaters + ABS) advises using MEK as no other glue will work on their kits. I tried the usual glues on bits of carriages they make and once the glue goes off, the kits fall apart as the glue is not strong to melt the plastic to form a bond. I have come across this problem before, vintage kits when they first appeared used a plastic never seen before, it was a time of uncertanty, building a kit only to see it fall apart on your table. I do remember them as being strong plastic, if broken resulting in similiar outcome of broken glass. Check out this forum chatting about Mek and Slaters if interested: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/125569-butanone-mek/
  6. best of luck with this build, its a shame to come so far with it only to stumble at the end.......I too have endless builds on the shelf of doom that I am determined to finish one day, its builds like yours that rekindle that enthusiasm to rescue a kit and spend some more time with it. Enjoyed reading your thread please continue building, look forward to seeing this in all its glory
  7. ALDI - Airfix Kits

    Won t be much longer before Airfix will be paying YOU to take their kits Seems Airfix know something that we dont? So many half price kits in high street stores, traders on here with half price sales, no advent calender, no announcement at Telford...............looks like Airfix is trying to get money from anyplace it can just to keep running,
  8. i'm not an expert on chieftian tank,so i ask..:)

    Perhaps this may help (if you really want to do one)- somebody alread did the Berlin Tamiya Mk 5: http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2004/05/stuff_eng_vaiano_chieftain.htm Also a cheap copy is avaiable from KingKit of the Tankograd 9001 Berlin Brigade http://www.kingkit.co.uk/product/tankograd-books-9001-armoured-vehicles-of-the-british-infantry-brigade-berlin
  9. Airfix Javelin in 1/72

    No offence meant Wez, but, if it was me, I dont need the aggro of fiddling around trying to make the radome just fractionally off centre...........Javelin has long gone and your average enthusiast will not remember that the Mk8 was a bit off with its radome, rescribing and filling just to make it look wonky I dont need......I still have the 1/48 in my stash to build........I possibly may go along with you if I was using a bigger scale, but to me, in 1/72, its not worth the hassle
  10. Airfix Javelin in 1/72

    To be honest, the difference between the two is negligable, so, if I was you, I would just apply your choice of transfers/decals to the kit, theirs little chance of anyone turning up with a scale rule to measure your completed Javelin............Just dont put the lance/refuelling probe on.
  11. Folland Gnat F.1 1/72 Special Hobby

    Well done, excellent job I also like the photography, superb
  12. Revell 2018

    The Hunter will be a welcome return for us Hunter modellers, its been a long wait and should upset sellers on Ebay who try to sell them for high prices..........I have 2 x T7 conversion kits looking for Revell Hunters..................
  13. Do we need an army?

    Without an Army military modelling would not exist? There would be no requirement to model vehicles, tanks or figures to model as an army does not exist...., so begs the question, do we need a Navy or even an Air Force?.............If that were the case, Tamiya, Airfix, Trumpeter would not exist.....because we have armed Forces it provides jobs for the modelling Industry and provides a past time for historians and modellers...................simple answer to the question, yes we need an Army otherwise shelf of doom and glass cabinets would be empty!!!!!
  14. Friulmodel 432 tracks

    With all those micro-nuts looks like lots of food for the "carpet monster!!!!!!!!!!!" Thanks for posting link - saved a lot of searching
  15. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    if, as has been suggested, the tooling was done in China and the tool is now in India, those with a knowledge of toolmaking will know its probably past the rectification point as to add missing detail, it would have to return to China for modification. More speculation, or just plain honest truth. It may have been prohibative in cost or not pracrical in design terms to put a smale indentation here or a dent their, may interfere with another process of mould making, interfere with a radius or result in warpage of a certain part.....The parts you refer to needing attention may well have been pointed out, but perhaps the toolmakers also pointed out a flaw that if by putting that particular feature on the tool/mold it may affect another part of the tool...............both halves of the tool have to be corrected. Its basically WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get..............to me, a blemish here and a dent their will not detere me from buying 1 or 2 of them, the average modeller will not know about the odd missing detail, those capable I am sure will soon put right what they consider to be missing with the abundance of after market detail sets about to hit the market. But to the average modeller, it wont make a difference. What I have seen of the kit(Full feature in Decembers Airfix mag)it hits the mark and is spot on .......