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  1. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    You didn't miss me as I wasn't there mate! Two years running. Taking a break - not picked up a scalpel since September 2016 and a still unfinished Pz IV lying gathering dust on the bench.
  2. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    So typical of you mate - laugh out loud moment when I saw that! Great modelling! Bit slim for PV innit?
  3. 3 days at RIAT 2017 (Updated 23/07/17)

    Great shots as ever and thanks. Saturday am was so disappointing to have missed the Midnight Hawks, Typhoon, Belgian F-16, Spanish F/A-18 and Raptor - I was lucky to see all those on Friday. Highlights once it cleared after lunch were the SoloTurk, the Rafale, the Flanker and the C-27J doing a full roll...
  4. 3 days at RIAT 2017 (Updated 23/07/17)

    Was a great day - going tomorrow with the wife this time. Impressed with the F-22 today. Great shots as usual, mate. Look forward to the updates
  5. AndyC's output

    In the 8 years since returning to the hobby, this is the first that I've struggled. A combination of work (16 weeks away, all week, in Lancashire) and just a gradual ebb in my interest in playing with plastic meant that I've done nothing beyond July this year. I also didn't make Telford, for the first time in a long time, nor any other UK shows apart from Avon and Salisbury. I did make Prague again but actually enjoyed going to 4 Czech league football matches more than the superb show they put on there.. To be honest I haven't missed it either as I've been watching a lot of non-league footie (my other hobby). I will probably pick up a scalpel over Christmas as I'll have the grandkids there and they will want to build something. One thing IS certain, is that I'm going to flog off a lot of my 1/48th aircraft stash and concentrate on smaller stuff, AFV and subs and my occasional quirky stuff. Who knows what 2017 will bring...anyway here's what I DID finish in order of completion... #1 - Hasegawa Egg Plane P-40 #2 - Eduard 1/48 Bell X-1 probably my favourite for the year #3 - Revell 1/48 F-5F for the F-5 GB #4 - Revell 1/48 F-5E for F-5 GB #5 Revell 1/48 F-5E for F-5 GB #6 - Wolfpack 1/48 T-38A for F-5 GB #7 - Airfix 1/72 Vampire #8 - Tamiya 1/35 Universal Carrier II #9 - Special Hobby 1/48 F2G-1 Super Corsair for the F4U GB - my second favourite finish for the year! #10 - Italeri 1/48 OH-13 for the Helicopter GB II #11 - Zvezda 1/35 GAZ-AA #12 - MikroMir 1/35 Sprengboot #13 - Trumpeter 1/48 Spiteful #14 - Dragon 1/35 SA-9 Gaskin for GB #15 - Trumpeter 1/35 SA-6 Gainful for GB #16 - Aeroplast 1/35 BM-8-24 for GB #17 - Trumpeter 1/48 MiG-3 (early)
  6. FAA Yeovilton 2017 model shows cancelled

    Good riddance. They were happy to charge modellers the full whack to get in which I always thought was a bit off. I haven't been for the last 3 shows and won't be missing it even though it was a local one for me
  7. SMW 2016

    Well chaps, my commission in Bury has been extended which is good on the one hand (dosh) but bad on the other (no kit modelling for 2 months). It also means that SMW is looking increasingly like a no-no for me unless I use it as staging post for my travels up and down the country. I really need my full weekends at the moment!
  8. Unfortunately guys this one is a non-finisher! I'm so busy at work, I've not glued or painted anything for weeks. Ho-hum. Not going to get much better as I'm going to be stuck in Manchester 3 days/week until Xmas.
  9. Not been near plastic for 4 weeks - work!

  10. Do you guys know what you are doing?

    Must remember to log in more regularly - wow!
  11. Great Patriotic War GB Chat

    Sadly work is manic at the moment so the Panzer IV will NOT be ready by the date. It will appear in RFI at some point
  12. What music are you playing? Pt III

    My recent purchases have been keeping me going on endless loop Black Stone Cherry - Blame it on the Boom Boom Aerosmith - Sick as a dog Temperance Movement - White bear Stray cats - Stray cat strut (live at Brixton) and Runaway boys Ratt - Round and round Gov't Mule - Rockin' horse Raconteurs - Steady as she goes
  13. Doh! I just thought their armour might be a bit better than their aircraft! Anyway, onwards and upwards. I had a scrape and file with the basket and the turret and by working on both of them at the same time and then stopping and dry-fitting to check, I cam up with this, which looks a lot better to my eye Filler has been sanded down on the turret now too I suddenly realised that I hadn't glued in the glacis plate earlier in the hull part of the build so put that right. The fit wasn't brilliant so out came the filler and after a suitable period, the files and sanders Next up was the superstructure - all a bit fiddly as the sides and front are butt fitted with some guidance recess in the plastic but theu njeed concerted pressure to come together evenly and to stay that way. Eeven after that, there were some unslghtly lines that I'm pretty sure wouldn't be on the real thing, so out with filler and sanders again Fitting the track guards - again unnecessarily fiddly I thought. Patience is what is needed, even though you vent against the kit's engineering! Finally got both fenders/guards on and the it was time to glue the superstructure on. There will be the inevitable filler to the rear and it is actually vital to get that rear plate on at EXACTLY the right level or nothing will fit. I had to move mine (by running liquid poly on the joints, prising them apart and then re-setting them) no more than 1mm but it makes a hell of a difference. The final join was far worse thah shown before the plate was moved. I couldn't resist then adding the turret and gun just to see what she will look like...childish I know...I'm used to doing V12 aero engine noises and jet sounds when I'm a/c building and I'm at this stage - not sure I can do a V8 tank engine When I said link and length...these are the only 'length'...3 short sections at the bottom of the track - there are 69 individual links to do now...I may bbe losing the will to live...I may be some time before the next update
  14. Thanks guys. Andy, there is a picture of the top of a IV Ausf F in one of your references you sent me and, yes, it shows a gap. The issue is that the radius curve of the basket doesn't match the turret. I've done some filing down and sanding and I've now got both rear turret and basket to match - not 100% totally accurate as I think the Italeri turret is wrong but at least the basket inner curve matches the turret now. Good enough for me, I think