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  1. Buccaneer S.2B Airfix 1/72

    You're scribing work makes the old kit parts look much more modern Laz, nicely done, welcome to the GB
  2. Smer Tempest V

    Better yes. As are the new codes over what was offered on the kit decal sheet.
  3. Sea Harrier FRS1

    Almost there The green gunpods help add a bit of extra interest to this one.
  4. Smer Tempest V

    Do you think it'll be possible to add a set of cannon to the wing using some shaped plastic sprue or rod?
  5. The paintwork certainly looks smart Val and a good smooth base for the decals.
  6. Suomi-Hurricane from Airfix in 1:72

    Nice subject choice sir. Welcome to the GB
  7. Finished **4 1/72 Harriers**

    They do make for a handsome group
  8. Had the same issue with a couple other Airfix kits lately and have to say it's bloody annoying; smacks of shoddy workmanship and lacking attention to detail All parts of the kit should fit together rather than some be thrown in as a token afterthought.
  9. Hawker Hunter T.8

    Yip, that is bright
  10. Interesting link MM. The quote which caugh my eye was "The 215th squadron replaced their old MiG-15bisR Fagot-B type to new MiG-21R Fishbed-H in 1966" Bit of an upgrade then!
  11. After the success of the 80s NATO Vs Warsaw Pact in Europe GB and the fun we're currently having in the 70s edition now seems a good time to raise the possibility of following up with the 60s edition. So, who's up for it? 1, Col. 2, helios16v 3, Ale85 4, modelling minion 5, DAG058 6, Dave_R 7, Jabba 8, Wez 9, wimbledon99 10, franky boy 11, PhantomBigStu 12, Arniec 13, vppelt68 14, IanHx 15, SoftScience 16, mirageiv 17, RPM2 18, bianfuxia 19, Lex77 20, At Sea 21, Colinchipmunkfan 22, Valkyrie 23, Creepy Pete 24, Hewy
  12. More great work on such a lovely subject
  13. Film, Fictional and Speculative GB: at 30!

    Nothing has been set yet as we still need to get through the November vote and make this GB official.
  14. Sounds as damned fine set of subjects to me sir As for your lovely Lightning; remember mainland UK based subjects are eligible for this GB as well
  15. Good to see this one back on track and coming together well
  16. Finished **4 1/72 Harriers**

    Well done Phil
  17. Yes. Both the air base and tank proving ground are west of the Ural Mountains and therefore within our sphere of interest
  18. The Typhoon and Hunter get my vote as the others are either subjects that don't interest me or kits I'm not a fan of.
  19. You know what Enzo will say @trickyrich All joking aside though, both look to be good kits of less common subjects, AMX13 just pips the Sabredog for me but it's a close run fight.
  20. I do like the sound of your double Spitfire build Giorgio, the same aircraft at different points in its life, been considering something of that nature myself with the Hawker Hunter and lately some Sea Harriers.
  21. Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    A quick reminder to post five photos of your finshed models in the gallery once done gang. We've a great selection of Hawker and Hawker Siddeley products in there already but there's a few more due in and still time for the quick builders amongst us to get a thread going with some late entries
  22. What do you think gang, a Group Build for all Hawker and Hawker Siddeley designed products? Fury, Demon, Hart, Hurricane, Typhoon, Tempest, Sea Fury, Sea Hawk, Hunter, Harrier, Hawk, Trident, Nimrod to name a few. 1. Col. 2. PhantomBigStu 3. Caerbannog 4. Rob G 5. Basilisk 6. rio 7. PlaStix 8. TEMPESTMK5 9. SleeperService 10. Beard 11. franky boy 12. CliffB 13. PLC1966 14. nimrod54 15. Arniec 16. vppelt68 17. Grandboof 18. TrojanThunder 19. jrlx 20. rob85 21. Hockeyboy76 22. snapper_city 23. theplasticsurgeon 24. Black Knight 25. Doug Rogers 26. charlie_c67 27. Roland Pulfrew 28. Paul J 29. bull-nut 30. Sabre_days 31. Bonhoff 32. wyverns4
  23. Lovely work again Patrice and up to your high standards as ever. Any more planned for this GB?
  24. Looks like good progress to me Stix. The pilot in particular is well rendered