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  1. Tidy work so far Mark On the subject of colour I'd suggest EDSG as a base for heavily faded and patchy paintwork due to the extreme weather and operating conditions these aircraft encountered.
  2. Hawker (Siddeley) GB

    Good morning and Happy Monday Pat. Ooh yes indeed. Please do. From what I understand it was a great kit at it's time and still looks the part today. Perhaps someone with more experience of it can give us a better appraisal?
  3. What do you think gang, a Group Build for all Hawker and Hawker Siddeley designed products? Fury, Demon, Hart, Hurricane, Typhoon, Tempest, Sea Fury, Sea Hawk, Hunter, Harrier, Hawk, Trident, Nimrod to name a few. 1. Col. 2. PhantomBigStu 3. Caerbannog 4. Rob G 5. Basilisk 6. rio 7. PlaStix 8. TEMPESTMK5 9. SleeperService 10. Beard 11. franky boy 12. CliffB 13. PLC1966 14. nimrod54 15. Arniec 16. vppelt68 17. Grandboof 18. TrojanThunder 19. jrlx 20. rob85 21. Hockeyboy76 22. snapper_city 23. theplasticsurgeon 24. Black Knight 25. Doug Rogers 26. charlie_c67 27. Roland Pulfrew 28. Paul J 29. bull-nut 30. Sabre_days 31. Bonhoff 32. wyverns4
  4. Hawker (Siddeley) GB

    @trickyrichFor the inside of a Sea Fury cockpit take some advice from the Rolling Stones...
  5. Feel sure a Mk. XIV in 24th scale would make a lot of people rather happy. Perhaps they're going with a XII first and use parts as a basis for potential future Mk. IX, V etc. then bring out a XIV later.
  6. I'm sure there will be several boxings to come with more exciting and colourful markings in the next couple years
  7. Small Wars GB

    As we're have a few GBs which centre on the Second World War and one for the First World War soon perhaps we can get the antithesis going? A Small Wars GB to cover all those 'little local difficulties' that have occured throughout history outwith the scope of most history books. Let's give the big events a miss for a change and turn our attentions to the participants in lesser known events. What I'd like to propose is a GB to cover any conflict throughout history outwith the major events. Land, sea, or air. The Civil Wars, internal struggles, even the 'let's all pile into a tiny area and get nasty but make sure it doesn't reach the headlines' incidents and regional conflicts that have happened throughout history. Here is your chance to improve the sum of Britmodeller knowledge by sheding light on stuff we may not otherwise have much if any understanding of. Participants, 1, Col. (Co-host) 2, Corsairfoxfouruncle 3, Rob G 4, Wez 5, vppelt68 (Co-host) 6, wyverns4 7, modelling minion 8, Brad 9, Giorgio N 10, CliffB 11, jrlx 12, Botan 13, Sgt.Squarehead 14, Robert Stuart 15, Sabre_days 16,
  8. Hawker (Siddeley) GB

    Glad to hear you're keeping it simple and not throwing yourself into anything too involved and complicated @trickyrich
  9. Small Wars GB

    The reasons I wanted to propose this GB included promoting those small scale actions which would not otherwise gain coverage in a GB so that diversity and lack of focus is an essential factor. Perhaps I need to emphasise the spirit of this GB more in the initial post to better explain what the purpose of this GB is trying to achive?
  10. Perhaps they will tool the kit in such a way as the lower leading edge will be one piece to account for straight and dogtooth wings?
  11. Hawker (Siddeley) GB

    I think there's some alternatives on a ModelDecal sheet. Can have a look if the kit only gives one option.
  12. Small Wars GB

    One of the qualifications I use for the exclusion list is if the subject could reasonably support a GB of it's own. Now this is all personal opinion of course but I feel certain the Korean War, Spanish Civil War, Vietnam War etc. can. The Arab-Israeli Wars could arguably have their own GB as well but, as @Sgt.Squarehead says... Afghanistan has a long history of conflict and usually this has come to wider attention when a major power involves itself. I'm happy to include it in our GB but would encourage anyone who wishes to model something from it's various wars to pick a less common subject.
  13. Hawker (Siddeley) GB

    Any excuse to build a Hurricane, or several, is a good excuse I think the Hurricane will be a popular choice for this GB and quite rightly so. Would that be a Hawker Osprey by any chance?
  14. Some nice pictures of a Fury and Sea Hawk. Wishful thinking on my part perhaps but can I have the former in 24th scale and the latter in 72nd please?
  15. Seen mention of this elsewhere on the forum. http://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/
  16. Airfix 1/48 Meteor

    A spitfire PR.IV? Cool. Thanks for mentioning that one @guillaume320
  17. Spitfire Mk XII, Airfix 1/48

    Sounds good to me. Then again I am a massively biased Harrier fan
  18. Spitfire Mk XII, Airfix 1/48

    Turned out grand in the end Did your winterised Harrier ever make it back out of the box?
  19. Small Wars GB

    Glad to have you aboard Another fine set of potential conflicts and the idea of a dual duel build sounds great!
  20. Small Wars GB

    I was thinking of keeping away from excluding any of the pre-20th Century wars due to the face we seldom see them modelled but if you do go with a smaller and lesser known conflict from that era I'll not argue with you
  21. Small Wars GB

    Okay Antoine. Hopefully we can tempt you to join us later. Will do Robert. If you're heading back beyond the 20th Century then any conflict is open to you. Cool. I'll update the initial post soon to better reflect our current thinking. I like the sound of either
  22. Airfix - 2018 Release schedule

    It's great to see everything set out this way. Good idea well executed
  23. Small Wars GB

    Debate is indeed always good Arab-Israeli wars - they are a complicated set of conflicts with the potential for plenty interesting and uncommon subjects. Yes we always see plenty Israeli subjects but less so the various Arab nations and therefore I'd suggest we leave them in for this reason. Berlin Airlift - not a war or armed conflict as such so yes a good point to take it out and we will be including it within the scope of a Post War/50's NATO Vs Warpac In Europe GB proposal once the 60's edition is underway so the potential opportunity for it to gain wider coverage exists in the near future. Cuban Crisis - you've pretty much nailed the problem and solution with this one; anything directly involved in the armed struggle which befell Cuba is fine but nothing else. So anything involved in the Civil War and Revolution, Bay of Pigs, and all the other FBI sponsored activities is good. The Missile Crisis, however, is a tricky one. Was it really an armed action or just a stand-off? If it was the former and can be proved that's cool but otherwise no. So if your RF.8 got shot at by Cuban AAA then both that RF.8 and the AAA gun is in but if not then no. Were we to loosen that definition we could then go on to include anything on the front line during the Cold War. Let's see if I can give a simple definition. If shots were fired, or arrows or missiles or spears or whatever, by one side at the other then it's in. If not then no. In that case I'll add your name to the list
  24. Small Wars GB

    One of the reasons I'm not going with an inclusion list is it will quickly get exhaustive and still miss out too many options but I welcome suggestions and you've given us plenty Dave Only one I'd miss out is the Spanish Civil War but otherwise all good