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  1. Excellent work, looks great. Must get myself one of these.
  2. Nice. I was thinking of getting one of the 1/48th scale kits when they come out, but now I think I'll go 1/72nd and then I can have one of each version; )
  3. P47 and P51 78th Nose Cheque home printing

    I can supply scans ( well good quality pictures) of the checkers for the Tamiya P-47 and P-51 if you need them Stu.
  4. Tornado RSAF 1:48

    Fantastic looking Tornado. Great detail work and paint job. You need to step down you aperture - in some photo's there's not a lot in focus, f5.6 is far too big. I guess your are doing this because these shots are handheld going by the ISO's used?
  5. Beautiful looking Vampire. Was it tempting to put two black dots on the helmets as they look like eyes?
  6. P47 and P51 78th Nose Cheque home printing

    I've done the tail on a 325th FG P-47 in 1/72 by masking Again I think easier than trying to print a decal to fit.
  7. Really great looking P-47. Where is your aerial mast and landing light lens though, carpet monster ?
  8. 1/72 Bf 109G-6AS

    That is really nice. Love you weathering.
  9. P47 and P51 78th Nose Cheque home printing

    Are you just doing these two or are you planning a few 78th machines? Unless you are doing multiples I would have thought it would be easier to mask and paint, sure it takes a bit of time but less than trying to produce a decal to fit. Or you could use some black decal sheet, or paint a clear decal sheet and cut those into squares and apply them.
  10. BBMF Grounded!!

    Just bad reporting - they have said that their Griffon Spit will still fly.
  11. P-47 Eileen paint/weapons

    2000 lb? I don't think the P-47 could carry the 2000lb bomb, I'm not sure any fighter could, its a seriously big and heavy bomb. The largest bomb load I've ever seen on a Thunderbolt is 1000lbers on the wing pylons and a 500lb on the centerline, this was the max bomb load even on the P-47N.
  12. Why do all the model I seem to buy recently have trouble with the clear parts! So I got this kit ( B/BM ) today and had a quick look at it and noticed a molding problem with the rear canopy. Trumpeter have molded some detail on the inside of the canopy and this includes a frame running across the center section, unfortunately it seem they have done some sloppy CAD work ( and not checked the molds! ) as this frame doesn't stop at the ends where it should have and instead it blends out right into part of the canopy that will remain clear! It is on both side. Unfortunately the way the light catches it it will be visible on the finished model. So just be warned if you are going to purchase this kit as it will need sanding and polishing to get rid of it, ( though adding the sealant will help ) which won't be easy because as you can see from the photos, there is a frame with rivets on right by it.
  13. Fantastic looking Harrier. The way you have finished those FOD covers makes them look very real.