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  1. Hasegawa Spitfire 1/48

    Eduard didn't start again with their 109, but they did change a lot, unfortunately they didn't fix the size of the nose which leads to the exhausts still being obviously too larger. Although new mould could mean just a new mould has been machined using existing masters so the kit is the essentially the same and new tooling a newly designed kit, they are normally both used to mean a newly designed kit. Just don't rely on the manufacturer saying new moulds or tooling as you can get caught out.
  2. Reference the whole Photobucket thing - there are extension out there to fix it, certainly for Chrome anyway. Just Google Photobucket fix and you should find it, once added you will be able to see all the Photobucket linked photos again.
  3. Hasegawa Spitfire 1/48

    As I mentioned none of the corrections I've seen are accurate - that article you link to, it may improve the look a bit but the missing length is all the way along. The nose foward of the firewall is short, behind the firewall, the cockpit area, tail and fin are all short so just adding a couple of plugs doesn't give an accurate Spitfire. I haven't seen the two replacement fuselage but from what I've heard they don't fully correct the problem. So what you end up with all of these corrections is a Spitfire with the proportions all out compared to one that is just short all round, to me there was no point trying to do anything about it.
  4. Hasegawa Spitfire 1/48

    I know I was just pointing out that the Rising Decals sheet matches the photos.
  5. Hasegawa Spitfire 1/48

    That's what I've got.
  6. Hasegawa Spitfire 1/48

    The Eduard weekend cockpit is better detailed than the Hasegawa cockpit, though the Hasegawa cockpit is fairly good. You need seatbelts for both kits and as for the IP Hasegawa has molded instrument details but Eduard supply a decal, which if you punch out the instruments separately give a better looking IP.
  7. Hasegawa Spitfire 1/48

    No those decals are from Rising Decals. £19 is a good price for the Hasegawa kit, as they are expensive nowdays but you can buy the much more accurate Eduard Weekend kit for that and possible less if you look around. But now you have got the Hasegawa kit I would just building it as it is with a new spinner.
  8. Hasegawa Spitfire 1/48

    Some of it's in the cockpit area as well which makes it a lot of work to modify accurately.
  9. Hasegawa Spitfire 1/48

    The main problem with it it is the fuselage is a bit undersized. Now some people are not to worried about, including me, I just built it as it was as fixing it is not easy - some people have done fixes and Aero Club and Loon Models (?) did a new fuselage, but as I understanding is none of these completely fix the problem as they don't change the area above the wing, but they do make it look a bit better, though it's cheaper just to buy the more accurate Eduard kit than buying a new fuselage. Hasegawa tried to make up some of the length by making the spinner longer, so that's worth replacing. This is my un-correct Hasegawa kit, it'll do me ( click on the photo to get the proper size ).
  10. When I said 1/4 inch rivet head, I wasn't talking about a 1/4 inch rivet, I was talking about a rivet with a 1/4 inch head, since that's what's relevant here, not the shank diameter - 1/4 inch in 1/32nd scale equals 0.13mm. I don't know the skin thickness of the Tempest, but I would have thought a 5/32 100 degree rivet probably has a head diameter around 1/4 inch.
  11. Really beautiful P-51. Is the canopy problem because of the thickness of the sides not allowing it to sit further down on the fuselage?
  12. I'm talking about the new one about to come out, not the old one.
  13. Don't you like the look of the Eduard Tempest?
  14. It's not a Beaufort but it does look nice, I'm interested.