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  1. Very nice indeed, that's very extremely skillful airbrush work.
  2. What do you mean not 100% correct? It says accurate copy right there on the box
  3. Impressive stuff, they are both very nice.
  4. That is very nice indeed, love it. I know what you about the decal sheet, the most impressive kit sheet I've seen.
  5. I've got set 4285 and can copy you the instructions. I'll try and get it done tomorrow.
  6. You don't need to a photographer, your photos are good they just need a bit more in focus. I don't know what camera you are using so I can't suggest what sort of aperture to use, but just use try a smaller one till you get most of the model in focus.
  7. Mike I can send you the decal and I'm in the UK so it will be easier than Chuck doing it. Just PM me with your address if you want it.
  8. Wonderful build and stunning paint work
  9. Beautifully done Spitfire. My only criticism would be your depth of field is far to shallow on the photos - it gives the feel that the model is a lot smaller than 1/48th scale as in some shots there is very little of the model in focus. Close the aperture down at least another 3 stops and the pictures would look a lot better.
  10. Lovely work, nice one. I also build the Matchbox kit which was my first ever model at the age of 7 and I still have it.
  11. As already mentioned you will not stop this kind of thing. We all would like a nice tooling of other types instead of repeats in the same year (or close), but at least we have options - one manufacturer messes something up that you don't fancy fixing then avoid that one. One of these compaines could have tooled something like a twin Mustang instead, but even with these 3 P-51s they would probably sell well over 10 times more than a twin Mustang would sell and they do want to make money. As for the Tamiya P-51, yes it a nice kit but we do need a new one and as well as these new kits being more accurate they will give us more options without AM or scrathbuilding. The Airfix kit allows us to to build British Mustangs and hopefully Eduard will do other variants such as VLR and an F-6D. And bring us 110 gallon teardrop tanks Eduard!
  12. I remember this aircraft well - very nice job you've done of it.
  13. Well white was standard for the 348th P-47 tails and wing leading edges. It can't be yellow as the serial number (and most likely the tail band) is yellow and is significantly lighter. With other known colours in that photo, it's hard to think that it was anything other than white, the only other colour I could really see it being is a very light grey, very close to white (close to weathered white anyway). Using a colour picker in Photoshop shows the tail and insignia whites to be very close (always hard to match identical colours on photos), so if you are saying they are different by eye, be vary careful of the perception as opposed to what is actually there.