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  1. There are two canopies, one accurate one with a mold line and a not so accurate one without the mold line. Airfix explain this in the instructions.
  2. I haven't seen any mention of markings so I was expecting the Sea Harrier boxing to be the same as the boxing without the tractors unless maybe they've changed them to all Falklands markings? I guess no one is rushing to review them because they are not new tooling and it would help if Kenetic actually updated their website.
  3. Thanks. I just wanted to ask as I didn't want to put some pictures up once I've built it and some one turn around and say that the Thai Air Force never fitted the seats. Like you say it's looks very easy to re-config the interior as the seat are very simple. Like you say this picture seems to show a seat fitted, but the front row of seats are not fitted. https://www.airliners.net/photo/Thailand-Air-Force/Fairchild-AU-23A-Peacemaker/4235171/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwjAQRe8ya11oqUp3egFdeIEh%2BWgwNmEyRUPp3Z0Gd4/34M3k0qj46r1m0EAFLO5JG8os/C40zMRBYhjX2Pf96WjthfpJ4q0ST9t9Z6ok0Us14Vlxdg5Z4f/%2BKh6yJhTXzg%2Bb7Qwgt8bUHcz7UHLk9oByiLQsPwYNMuM%3D I've found a couple of the aircraft with the sliding doors and they don't appear to have any seats fitted. So I will probably go for leaving out the front row of seats and fitting the 4 smoke pods underwing. Anyway sorry for hijacking this thread.
  4. Sorry maybe I wasn't clear, like you I'm assuming the sprues are the same as the original BPK boxing but I was just trying to confirm if fitting all six passenger seats in the Thai machine would be accurate.
  5. I was looking at doing the Thai airframe and since it's not fitted with the sliding doors, is it safe to assume they don't use the minigun or 20mm canon and the interior can just be fitted with the seats?
  6. I didn't think the real aircraft had Air America on the side, but maybe they did at some point. http://www.pc-6.com/history/2018-n360f01.jpg EDIT This picture taken before reaching Asia has it on the right side. But the first picture taken in Asia doesn't seem to have the US flag on the tail either? Also just noticed that in the first picture the lower half of the fuselage is NMF. http://www.pc-6.com/history/2018-n360f02.jpg
  7. I'd like to do an Iranian RF as well though I wish Fine Molds would do an RF-4E in 1/72nd. I suspect the ZM one won't be released in time so I might do a Viggen instead.
  8. That competitive advantage can come from the newer kit being more available. The Platz F-15 doesn't seem to be readily available from a UK seller at the moment. Like Joeltc mentioned here's a comparison of the surface detail between the F-15 and F-4 kit. But we'll just have to wait and see what the difference is between to two Eagles.
  9. Who said Fine Molds are trying to do better? Not every manufacture who brings out a kit is trying to produce a more detail kit than everyone else.
  10. The nose on the E is also completely wrong - it should look like this
  11. Do you want a scribing tool or a template? Eduard do some genric template sets - and Hasegawa do the Trytool sets. Eduard also do a 109G/K one though it's no longer in production - https://www.eduard.com/eduard/photo-etched-parts/photo-etched-set/aircraft/1-48/bf-109g-k-access-and-scribing-templates-1-48.html
  12. Sorry the photo was just to show the old AMT-4 which I was mixing with the new one. The new one is like a faded OD, more brown than green, like this MPR swatch below ( the AK RC swatch is just for comparsion ). This is the tin compared to some 34151.
  13. Sorry Graham I'm missing your point there, tin 15?
  14. No I don't have 114. I've just found a tin of 150 though. What I've tried is mixing the old White Ensign incorrect AMT-4, number 8 in this picture, with the Colourcoats new, brown AMT-4 and I've come up with something that is close to Humbrol 150 but just a touch browner, close to the AMT-4 from Akan in the below picture.
  15. I've read through this thread but I'm a bit confused about the sort of colour AMT-4 should be. I went to use a tin of Colourcoats AMT-4 and it's quite brown. Just to show how brown it is, this is the tin compared to the Xtracolor tin of 34151 ( I've run out of Humbrol 150 ). Note the 34151 lid is a little bit lighter than the paint, but the shade is the same. Colourcoats paint the tin lids with the batch of paint inside the tin. Any thoughts?
  16. Anyway I still haven't got around to painting my B-26, but I do have a couple of more questions. The grey code letters used on these aircraft, what grey did they use? The colour on the leading edge of the fin, which I normally would have thought was medium green, in the colour photo above looks more like a heavily faded OD. Was medium green the only colour used to break up OD or did some other colours get used? I was going to go for the typical medium green on the edge of the wings and tail planes as well but I'm just not sure what colour to paint it now.
  17. Hopefully that will happen with the F/G/K kits as well so it doesn't have giant exhausts like the 1/48th scale versions.
  18. I don't see it as mislabeled. As far as a know the 109E was produced with Eduard, it's not like Eduard are just reboxing a Special Hobby kit.
  19. True their latest news on their site is from 2018. Even the kits on there that have instructions listed the links are all broken. Strange for a company that seems to be doing well at the moment, with regards to kit production anyway.
  20. Since Kinetic have their instructions on their website, it would be nice if they would actually just get on and add these kits to their site.
  21. Yes we really could do with a new P-38 series in 1/72nd scale and ax much as Tamiya doing their F/G and J would be great I would rather someone like Arma do them as we would get more versions rather than the usually two or three we get from Tamiya.
  22. Which is interesting since Meng has done fuselage sections with the windshield in other kits, I guess they decided it wasn't worth doing here.
  23. I's clearly unbuildable! Look at this accurate drawing showing the real dihedral on the Hurricane wing
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