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  1. That'll be why I said " I know museum aircraft are not always a good indication of colours" The point was that it looks closer to the colours in the photos I posted than the all blue one. But was the outer ring blue or green in those examples?
  2. They could have been, but the question is did they get repainted once in India? If we don't know that it's maybe best to stick to the orange that's in the kit if that's the only picture available of 554.
  3. Exactly. They talk about it being all blue in several places, but some photo say otherwise. Also I know museum aircraft are not always a good indication of colours, but this aircraft in an Indian museum has it green and orange, be it the dot in the center doesn't match the dark shade of the photo's above.
  4. But like I said it's clear in some images they are two colour, like this. and this, which is the scheme in the kit. The grey scale shade looks close to the orange of the fin flash.
  5. Just blue in the middle or the whole thing? I've seen models with the whole thing blue, but there's photo's of aircraft which show it's two colours. That's if they were all the same or they were they changed at some point?
  6. Yes my wish list is shrinking, but they keep coming out with new kits that aren't even on my wish list that I want!
  7. I think it's just bad English and it should say "optional folded wings", not folding wings.
  8. Lovely looking A-6 I must get around to adding an Intruder to my collection at some point.
  9. Very impressive - great finish and weathering.
  10. It's the first 75-O before being delivered to Argentina, the first photo is apparently taken the day after the second photo once the aircraft had been armed. This is from the Curtiss Design 75 Hawk book. There's no serial number on this aircraft, so I'm not sure what airframe it was but it could be 601 (12768).
  11. You maybe right, but the way the light reflects of the windscreen in this photo makes it look flat. This airframe also seems to have what looks like a flat windscreen.
  12. Did they? The amount of boxing's Hasegawa do is quite a lot and I thought the limited editions were quite small in comparison, but maybe that's just memory failing me.
  13. They are going a bit crazy with limited edition boxing's and the only difference is the decals, which quiet a few people don't seem that keen on with the new type. Anyway I guess it's working for Eduard otherwise they wouldn't keep doing it.
  14. I checked out Brett Green's review and they don't looks as bad there either.
  15. I should have looked at this video Clear Prop did for the new year when it was published - the I-16 is sitting on the top. https://www.facebook.com/Clearpropmodels/videos/622231069095868
  16. Agree with could do with it in both scales.
  17. Picture posted on Facebook. I asked what scale and they said follow their news. Hopefully 1/48th to go nicely with the Wingsy 109. https://www.facebook.com/Clearpropmodels/photos/a.2307195539562932/3235760356706441/
  18. They do look a bit heavier than Eduard/Wingsy/Arma rivets, but I think we need to see it in the flesh or a side by side comparison to see if they are a bit big compared to the others.
  19. Or maybe it's actually 1/4 scale Either way it's not written very well, possibly due to the translation. At first I read it like it's 1/48th, but reading it again, the fact they didn't mention 1/48th, before saying "mentioning the quarter scale" makes me agree with you that's it's more likely 1/72nd.
  20. Interesting, I've seen photo of some H75-0's with the flat windscreen, so was there a change at some point during production? This one looks flat to me, which is one of the aircraft schemes in the box. Here's another H75-O 629, which clearly has s flat windscreen. Here's 627 and 639 which both have the rounded windscreen. 628 and 639 look to have rounded windscreens and 638 and 649 the flat one. 607, the other scheme in the kit looks like it's also flat, though the photo I have isn't that clear.
  21. Indeed, though their profile artist isn't aware of it so they might not be aware. But neither is changing the code letter colour difficult.
  22. Looks like they removed it and added second Argentine airframe, which is a shame as that not much variation in that box.
  23. I understood, I just couldn't miss that one because you wrote it as a proper noun.
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