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  1. It's interesting, I never closely looked at the warbird, PL983's windscreen, I just assume it was the fully curved type, but going through my photos I've realized it's the flat fronted type!
  2. Thanks, that's a good shot which like you say clearly shows the flat area from the bottom frame. How well have they captured this shape in the kit canopy?
  3. The warbird, N3200 uses this mirror because that's what was on it when it crash in 1940.
  4. So 944, pictured above has a flat windscreen? It looks curved to me. Do you have any better pictures showing this flat windscreen?
  5. Yes that's the ones, I probably should have said sighting rather than aiming and they are used for bombing as well. That video is how I learned how to use them, Il-2 being one of my other interests.
  6. Any idea what the black lines are that appear to be over the inboard gun ports? I thought they might be bomb aim lines, but since it doesn't look like there are any inboard of those ones I don't think they are. http://www.littlefriends.co.uk/wp-content/groupimages/gallery/364g/5e-v.jpg
  7. I don't see why it would be unlikely. The site I linked to seems to have the info in date order, suggesting that 44-64077 went from V to X. After 44-15726 was written off there is any number of reasons why 77 might of then been changed to X, of course if it was we don't know if 77 looked like in the photo when it had V or X or both markings. Anyway if I decide to go for the V it's easy enough to mask off the V and spray the black triangle and unless more info or photos appear no one can prove it wrong either way
  8. The sheet is OOP but FlightDecs are say they have stock still - https://flightdecs.ca/A_risingdecals_48.htm
  9. I'm sure the Arma Hobby one will be more expensive, but that doesn't mean it won't be worth it. I'm not aware Eduard had anything to do with the Arma Hurricane, all they did was re-boxed it like they've done with several other manufactures kits.
  10. Thanks for the info and the better picture. Looking on this site they list 44-64077 as both 5E-V and 5E-X, so it may have been both, though what she looked like when she had the X we don't know.
  11. Thanks that makes a big difference, easy to read now. I guess this is just bad interpretation of a few photos, though it strange that they've ended up with an even squarer fronts to the blisters than Tamiya did in their 1/32nd kit when they got them wrong. Barracuda came to the rescue there with some resin replacements.
  12. Any chance you could edit your post with line spaced paragraphs as it's really hard to read the way it is?
  13. I know that's the decal sheet I'm using, well the 1/72nd scale version.
  14. Scale Model Shop is £58.49 with free shipping over £60, so just add something small you want to your order
  15. Does anyone have any good photos of this 385th FS aircraft? The only one I can find is this thumbnail sized one.
  16. If you mean the single intake on the left side ( the right side looks like a vent ), then no they haven't. Those wanting to do an Austrian aircraft would have to either get the Maestro Models spine or scratch the vent.
  17. No it's definitely oval in shape compare to the very square later type.
  18. Other than those little hinge covers on the Eduard kit, which will need filling for the 11.
  19. Yes I didn't see any reference to modifying the wing with any of the changes noted above in the instructions.
  20. It is and it was used on the A-10C, though I don't know if it is anymore. Here's a couple of C's with the Pavy Penny fitted. Here's a C with it and the mount removed.
  21. Thanks. I just dug out the Aero Detail book and it talks about these differences, though it wasn't clear about the cannon opening being square in their drawing as it looks like it was a panel line around the opening. This Hasegawa boxart shows the opening fairly well I guess. Anyway fairly easy mods to make.
  22. That's strange since Eduard in their instructions for the 21, note that the difference between the wings was the folding tips. I'm guessing all that needs doing is filling little hinge plate panel lines. I wonder if this was something Eduard forgot to note in the instructions? (they've even drawn them in the instructions).
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