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  1. Very nice clean build, as Overpin said it could be on the box.
  2. Count me in, plenty of nautical stuff in the stash.
  3. Looks great, a very nice crisp finish. The Portland class are good looking ships and you have really done her justice. Richard
  4. Glad to help Bill, look forward to the pictures. Richard
  5. I've received my Flyhawk HMS Hermes and on the side of the box is a picture of HMS Kelly 1940, and HMS Legion 1941. Legion was armed with 4 twin 4inch mounts rather than the 3x4.7 inch twin mounts she was due to receive and served with HMS Penelope as part of the Force "K" based out of Malta. Penelope as mentioned previously is also being released by Flyhawk. Richard
  6. Hi Bil, The link I have attached is a link to a database for the US Navy in WWII. The second link is for heavy cruisers, go to the Indianapolis and click on the 7D and that will give you the pattern and gives the colours. Hope this helps. Richard
  7. Nice work there. It's good to see a classic old kit built, as you say it might not be 100% accurate and the (very) old kit is a bit clunky but so what, if he enjoyed it then that's all that counts. What's up next?
  8. Nice work Phoebe, that's a great first build, mine was an Airfix Spitfire Mk1 as well but it didn't look that good. Richard
  9. Bob, Another beautiful model, I always look forward to your work appearing here. I love all ships apart from the modern floating boxes that seem to be the norm these days. Your models hark back to an age long gone when ships looked like ships and the "Red Duster" would be seen in every port. Richard
  10. I really really hope they enjoy those nine month deployments.
  11. Given that the tanker PFI was pretty much rammed through by the Treasury against the wishes of MOD I wouldn't bet on it. Anything outside what the MOD needed at the time in question would have been deemed an extravagance, and back then we didn't need a boom.
  12. Count me in please. Richard
  13. Rich, I deeply apologise if anything I have posted as seemed like an attack on you personally, it certainly wasn't meant that way. Richard
  14. I think the Mod hosts really need to come up with a definite set of rules of what is and isn't allowed because a post above seems to contradict another post of the group build rules in the "sticky" in the group build folder. Greece and Turkey have just fallen by the wayside, Spain and Portugal next? Norway must be on shaky ground as well. I was told my ship entry was fine last week but today I don't see how it can be done hence my withdrawal. Shipbuilders were welcomed from the moment this group build was announced and are included in the rules "sticky" but now the post above suggests the build has to be something that appears in or above central Europe along the DDR/GDR - Czech border, now I don't know but I'm pretty sure there weren't many ships facing down the 3rd Shock Army. I have to conclude therefore that that shipbuilders are no longer included in this group build, if this is so it really should have been made clear back when the group build was first announced rather than two days before it commences. Sorry if this comes off as a rant
  15. No ships then, fair enough I withdraw then. Richard