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  1. A first for me - a ship. My favorite at that! OOB with Tamiya Acrylics and some light weathering with my own mix of pastel dust. Recommend this kit - some bits are a little fiddly but overall a joy! Enjoy! Cheers and Happy New Year! Aiden
  2. You are all far too kind! Some of the stuff I see on here, I'm drooling on the keyboard... I have to say Mike, this forum has become a part of my daily routine, and it's a gold mine of resources - hats off to you. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the Spit and the swastika - a bit overkill and some haste results in a engine spattering oil I built with the kit decals, which of course were old and nasty, but I found some things interesting - for one the lack of swastikas. The sheets have "Japan 1980" written on them and I can only assume they decided to censor the symbols. A reminder of the significance of the history of these vehicles. Ah I've been there a few times! I'm studying at Western Michigan Uni so South Haven and the like are close and an easy get away to clear my mind of final exams and the smell of thinner Cheers, all of you, couldn't have asked for a better welcome - and you will being seeing more from here, especially as Christmas Break rolls around and I photograph some of my other completed work. Maybe a WIP or too as well Best Regards Aiden
  3. First off, a quick introduction - first post on the forums, long-ish time lurker. My name is Aiden, I'm a student - studying Aviation Management and Operations, and I'm 19. Thanks for having me - onto the good stuff. As with all modelers, I'm always looking to pick up something not too expensive that will keep me occupied for a little while. One day, in the depths of the eBay servers, I stumbled onto a set of three 1/48 Fujimi kits, an FW190, BF109, and a Spit Mk. V, circa 1980-ish, snapped them up and got to work. Smashed out the 190 quickly (maybe I'll post her here one day), before school swamped me for the better part of the autumn. When I have had a break though, I've been at work on the 109 and Spit. They are remarkably simple builds, don't fit bad, and have decent surface detail. Interiors are lacking, and landing gear are the single biggest PITA I've put up with in recent years. Poorly designed to say the least, but for a grand total of $15USD I can hardly complain. Built completely OOB with Tamiya acrylics and decals from the kits (can we not talk about those ) into a BF-109G2 Trop. of JG77 in Summer 1942 and Spitfire Mk.Vc Interceptor - both desert, both the premiere single engine fighter of their respective nations. They aren't perfect - not by a long way, but they were fun and good practice with the airbrush. Decals were torn, hair follicles stretched to breaking point and there was swearing, but in the end, here they are. Alright I've held you long enough, enjoy! Criticism is always welcome. Sorry the pictures are a bit rubbish, best I can do at the moment. \ Together at last. I hope you enjoyed, best regards and Happy Holidays! Aiden
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