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  1. Richard G

    Artwox decks

    Nick, If Hannants or Sovereign Hobbies don't have it I can recommend Freetime hobbies in the USA, never had any problem ordering from them. Order the Hood and use the punched out parts for the Zulu, Zulu must only need a tiny bit for the bridge, and maybe the boats. Richard
  2. Richard G

    Brush-painting AKAN acrylics?

    Hi Drake, I used Halfords grey plastic primer. Regards Richard,
  3. Richard G

    New Ship Related Releases

    Orange Hobby are releasing an angled deck USS Midway in May, it's in her 1991 Gulf War variant. Richard
  4. Richard G

    Angle deck Midways and Essex's 1/700

    Orange Hobby are releasing a 1991 USS Midway soon - link below. http://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/82ydif1snd55ujtv8qka.html?t=1493411310 Richard
  5. Richard G

    Brush-painting AKAN acrylics?

    I brush painted a Mig-31 with them with no problem. I did thin with a small amount of water and mixed well, it went on with no problem and they took both decals and weathering well. Can't comment on how a multi coloured paint job would brush paint though. Richard
  6. Richard G

    1/35 M1126 Stryker (Trumpeter)

    Very nice, has a menacing look about it, kind of reminds me of the land transport in the film "Aliens"
  7. Looks good John, I haven't got passed the drooling stage on my Camels. Richard
  8. Richard G

    The WNW Camel is coming!

    Another shout out to Duncan, my ships camel arrived yesterday in a very well packed parcel. Great service there and at an excellent price, I'll certainly be buying from you again. Richard
  9. Richard G

    Airfix 1/600 HMS Belfast - decal query

    Hi Geoff, I think you will find it was never there, HMS Faulknor was a flotilla leader and as such didn't display a pennant number. She was the leader of the 8th Destroyer Flotilla made up of the "F" class destroyers, Bet wishes Richard
  10. Richard G

    Heller 1/400 Victorious

    Wow, good job on such a poor starting point, it's stunning, I think they were the best looking carriers of the war and fingers crossed for a decent kit of them. Funnily enough I worked with your brother about fifteen years back when he was a commander, small world isn't it Richard
  11. Richard G

    What RN WW2 1/350 kit you wish the most?

    Sadly I don't know of any, White Ensign would have been the best hope for one. Maybe Pete Hall at Atlantic Models will do one in the future, I hope so as they are historically important and offer up plenty of options . Richard
  12. Richard G

    What RN WW2 1/350 kit you wish the most?

    davepb, Starling and Gloworm are both available in resin from Atlantic Models, I have both and very nice they are. For myself I would say HMS Renown, HMS Sheffield, any Dido class cruisers and any carrier serving in the British Pacific Fleet. Richard
  13. Very nice clean build, as Overpin said it could be on the box.
  14. Richard G

    in the Navy

    Count me in, plenty of nautical stuff in the stash.
  15. Looks great, a very nice crisp finish. The Portland class are good looking ships and you have really done her justice. Richard