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  1. deleted

    Deleted - not the wanted area

    Thanks David. I cannot see them also regards Sean

    Thanks dAVID. tHAT WOULD BE GREAT. Cheers Sean

    This forum never let me down I am looking for decent 1/48 drawings that portray the correct horizontal lower line of the Sea Hornet canopy. I have a CA canopy but could do with some reference to give me a fighting chance of cutting and shutting correctly. Can anyone advise or help? Cheers as always Cheers Sean
  5. 1/32 Venon NF3 Cockpit

    Cheers guys. looks like standard buckets Sean
  6. 1/32 Venon NF3 Cockpit

    Hi, I have two of the revel kits to build. There is a lot out there on the Sea Venom. Are there any shots of the Venom NF interior? I understand the seats were bucket rather than ejector? Any help appreciated Sean
  7. Hi John,


    I have an Aeroclub Sea Veonom. It has been started. Basically parts cut out and sanded and a few bits stuck together. I would want you to see pictures first. If you were interested you could have it for £28 UK posted which is what I paid for it.


    You re probably not interested but just an option.





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    2. jaw


      Thanks for letting me know Sean - I look forward to seeing it!





    3. jaw


      HI Sean,


      Just to let you know that the Sea Venom landed on safely earlier today. Thanks for all your help on this.





    4. BushBrit66


      My pleasure John! It is the best one out there. However having three daughters under 10 (post purchase) vac-forms will not align with the time I have







  8. 1/48 Buccaneer canopy

    Hi John ,do you have any Bucc canopies left? Cheers Sean
  9. Tanmodel announce a 1/48th Buccaneer.

    Nope. They were twisted! LOL. If you glue middle stub wings first then reaf fus then nose!! New kit will be great! S
  10. Tanmodel announce a 1/48th Buccaneer.

    Can't get upset about box art as it will end up in the bin eventually. Really looking foreword to this. Hopefully a good solid model without complete engines and loads of nonsense that stops you cracking on and racks up the price. Decent cockpit, Bomb bay will be fine! I can't agree the Airfix is a missed opportunity though. It is a good solid basis, a product of it's time and not that difficult to build despite what urban myth says.. Also you see lots at model shows so people do seem to knock them out. That said an alternative will be nice! Will still build my remaining Afix kit though!
  11. Hopefully they will sell the canopy separately. The kit is fine but the vac one has yellowed badly. S
  12. Best approach to 1/48 F-16D w. spine? (Israel, Greece, etc)

    I Have both Hasagawa D and Kinetic D and I. Hasagawa is based on a prototype and is poorly detailed. Kinetic has some shape issues but overall I refer their D and I as good value kits with full weapons fit and quality decals. No model is perfect so for my money Kinetic. Italeri is very poor HTH Sean
  13. Another Monogram 1/48 F-101 Voodoo

    Fantastic job! One of the monogram classics! For panel lines I often se chalk pastel diffused with a make up brush. Similar effect and a bit quicker. Your Voodoo is outstanding, as is the base kit!
  14. Tamiya Sea Harrier........

    Its all a bit fat from memory. I also got one for a couple of qud and stripped all the detail bits to upgrade the clunky but accurate Airfix version
  15. I quite like the Hobbycraft ones. Clearly based on the Monogram, they offer interesting variants with good decals and warloads. Not as refined as Hasa and a bit porky around the pit but good enough for me with some boxings under £20 Sean