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  1. I have been working away trying to catch up to Lloyd, and I think I have just about done it Got the cockpit finished Noses glued to the fuselage Exhaust made up and painted, just need to some more work to end Mk82's made up Wing tanks made up Made good the insert to the underside of the fuselage, just used 10 and 20 thou strips to fill the gaps
  2. Hi All Three of us here on BM' Lloyd King, Sean Middleton and myself, have decided to get together and build the AMK 1/48 Kfir All three aircraft will be from The First Fighter Squadron My build will be a C2 Kfir tail number 855, using the Wingman Models Israeli decals, Eduard Canopy Masks, Master Model Pitot Tube and possible some of the Eduard Photo Etch set, Paint will be from the Hataka Israeli Paint Set 1970 Desert Colors
  3. Great work, you will soon be showing your Dad how to build, mind you that's not a hard thing to do now is it
  4. She is doing well Lloyd, give her an other year or two and she will be the master and you will be the student
  5. Nice work lloyd
  6. Hi Pat No secret its the kits decal set with Solvaset, I have found the Revell decals respond very well to Solvaset, much better than Micro Set/Sol
  7. Just finished this today, its the Revell 1/32 Bf 109 G-10, decals were a mixture the kits, Sky and Stormo Hope you like it
  8. Well as I am hosting this GB with Lloyd, thought I had better get my build in Due to work issues I have decided to build a 1/72 Hind rather than the 1/35 Blackhawk I had planed for this GB The kit is the 1/72 Revell Mi-24 Hind E, (Re-boxed Zeveda ), I will be using the kit decals for the Czechoslovakian Hind with the Tiger on the side I will be using Eduard Masks, zoom set for the cockpit, paint will probably be Mr Color
  9. No you just suggested what i should buy
  10. Glad we made it Well after taking with Lloyd (bad thing to do with a credit card and sitting in front of a computer) I will either be building a 1/35th Academy MH 60L Blackhawk from Operation Gothic Serpent or 1/48 Academy CH-53E as USMC HMH-466 Naked Lady
  11. That's one I would join, never built a Helicopter before
  12. sounds good I have a few aircraft that will fit the bill
  13. count me in on this one
  14. some nice work there Lloyd
  15. OK got all of the part painted and fitted into the fuselage, it is now ready to close up