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  1. Yes, the stowage and filtration unit was behind 3 green, mesh screens per side which where lifted to gain access. There were also longer, lower, single piece screens under each seat. @metadyne would that be Soltau training area by chance? Edit: I've probably missed it Nick but are you building the mk 1 or 2 as I can't see the engine cut out pedal on the left of the accelerator pedal in the drivers cab?
  2. Can they be brushed on or is spraying the only recommendation? Can salt chipping be done using these fluids? Thanks guys.
  3. Guys, what is the difference between the various chipping products? I've seem them described as fluids & mediums, aids and paint and at prices from under 3 quid to over 8 quid for the same size. Chipping medium Chipping paint Cheaper medium Thanks
  4. Mike, I know you said you wouldn't be adding any more comments on this but I'm new to AFV modelling and am particularly interested in the IDF Centurions. I'd be grateful and extremely interested in any progress. CeA.
  5. No problem. Fantastic detail and weathering on that interior, I could almost smell the OMD-45 when I saw them! Oh and if your interested, the battery box next to the driver had brackets for an SMG. I never saw an infantry one with the commanders seat removed.
  6. Hi Nick, I know I'm late to the party on this but I've only just joined so be easy on me! You asked about the high position of the commander in these in an earlier post: Yes they are standing on the seat, standing on the floor would put them a bit above shoulder height and seated would just show the head and is how a good commander should be in battle (that's how I rolled). Also the crew bench seats appear to be black in your 432, they were dark green, just like your Clansman radio casings.
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