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  1. Not really. The topic is "Kelley's Heroes" with a sub topic regarding The Tiger, that question has been answered and the replies have continued on the theme of the film.
  2. I'm gonna be the 'Oddbal' here and say although it was made as a light-hearted piece of fiction to contrast the reality of the war it's actually now uncomfortable to watch if you do it from a different perspective. The plot is a serving US NCO who is basically guilty of desertion to rustle up a renegade mob to plunder the national assets of a war torn, occupied country, the citizens of the town welcome them as liberating heroes when their only intention is to rob the bank of it's gold. All the heroism and acts of bravery are not for the aim to free the oppressed from fascism, halt the genocide and bring the war criminals to trial but purely for greed, with the film concluding as them being successful and unpunished for their war crimes. A depressing and sombre alternative view in stark contrast to the generation of the time but one which fits in with the self righteous, selectively critical, Millenial generation of today.
  3. It appears that you could well be correct mate, info on that tank, in that service and at that time is literally non existent. Thank you, a Syrian, Yom Kippur scheme it is then.
  4. That's interesting, I've asked in various places about the T-62 during the 6 day war and no-one has said this. I'll look into it.
  5. I'm on the hunt for the above decals to go on a T-62 from the 6 day war, I can find them for the Yom Kippur conflict but my search for the earlier conflict isn't coming up with what I need. could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks on advance. Swift
  6. "I say again"...... outstanding Nick.
  7. The weathering on that 432 is superb, straight out of a German turnip field prior to washdown! Top job Nick, very, very impressed by the accuracy and finish of your work.
  8. A closeup of the replaced axles. The beauty of using the concentric arm on the Miniart idler is that you can adjust the slack if you find yourself in a position where 1 link is too many or too short.
  9. You could chop them off and replace them with thin styrene sheet, alloy from a drinks can, baking foil or with a suitable rubber.....anything that looks the part.
  10. Yep, tear one of the track guards off, they were rubber and took plenty of punishment.
  11. Yes the Zvezda kit is of the early pre-1967 version without the modified loaders cupola and the T-54 engine deck, there is rumour of a post 1967 version being in the pipeline but I've seen nothing confirmed. Apologies @aaronwhite1786 for the thread drift.
  12. I'm not sure what you mean by "initial production"? I don't think the guys over on Missing lynx will ever be happy with the accuracy of a kit unless it is dimensionally correct to within 3 points of a sub millimetre with the detailed accuracy of an engineering blueprint, something the overwhelming majority of modellers can happily live without, at under £30 for the Zvezda with its minor foibles it's way ahead of the competition, so long as you're happy with a pre-1967 version.
  13. Same with the Tamiya T-62, I wasn't too bothered about the inaccuracies but I damaged the tracks and found a Miniart set going cheap so I had to buy the wheels too, difference being that the 62 can be bought for peanuts compared to any decent 1/35 T-62 now available. I don't rate the Trumpeter kit for the money as that also has it's own inaccuracies so not much point buying it, for me the Zvezda kit is most accurate for the money. A bargain in fact.
  14. If it's any help, I've had to use both the miniart wheels and OMsh tracks on the Tamiya T-62 because I found that the Tamiya sprockets have a different pitch to the miniart tracks so cannot be mixed but the road wheels needed nothing more than opening the holes slightly to fit over the axle stubs. I replaced the sprocket and idler axles with copper and aluminium tube so I could alter the tension on the tracks using the miniart idler arms.
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