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  1. Chipmunks, boxarts and camo schemes are in the link -
  2. According the info we have from Special Hobby owner it is 1/48 scale kit.
  3. No prob Patrice...., as a apologise - P-36 is on the workbench now, I will show you some camo schemes very early... :-)
  4. Retail price? I do not know, but my holidays are close..... :-)
  5. Some photos of Chipmunk can be found in the link.... Some one week from the start of distribution.
  6. LVG C. VI is in distribution now...
  7. Great Graham. Thank you. I was asking to get some personal experience in there..... I would like to see what I was reading as a child.
  8. Colour schemes for P-36 - I am collecting photos now and learning the role. What is clear now (or I expect it) is - French box - with accent to Czechoslovaks in that battle, Finnish box, Vichy and Luftwaffe box and Mohawk (correct me if I am wrong). I still did not go through US machines..... Please understand that boxes will be released not in one run. I have one personal question - I was (and I am) big fan of Arthur Ransome books, Swallows and Amazonas you know... I would like to visit Coniston Water district to see the places. Can anybody give me some advice where is the best place to arrange accomodation or even the hotel directly? Thank you beforehand.
  9. Dear Patrice, thank you for your comment about P-36 and Avia BH. Let me just comment, that we are Czech company and Czech modelers are expecting Czech subjects from us. Is there any problem with it? Look at Heller line my friend..... Of course I was joking with the issue date of P-36/H-75. If it is a problem to use some amount of humour in our discussions, just tell me, gentlemen. So once again - there are two projects before P-36, one is moreless ready and the later one is in progress. So, P-36 will come before holidays.
  10. There is project before P-36. No, sorry, two. Maybe June? ....... 2025
  11. Gentlemen, some of you have sent me e-mails and asked me to publish some chipmunks. So, here you are....
  12. Yes I have. We have decals printed, camo schemes designed and now we are working on boxart. End of April, May? It is realistic. Unfortunately I am not in the office, sitting in the bar and drinking beer (unfortunately there is wifi connection) and I can not look into schedule. But I am sure it is planned before summer holidays.
  13. BH-33 with original fuselage I am afraid is not in the pipeline...
  14. Dear John "Everyone" Thompson, let me inform you, that molds are ready for La-5F, our artist is working on boxarts and we are moulding some spare La-5FN and then the mould will be changed for F version. This process will take no more than 2 months up to 5 years.
  15. Here is the comparison of the original and new nose -