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  1. A little joke done by AZ/KP team to the friend. Bu 181 by Stransky got the Model of the Year in Nuremberg... Congratulations Mr. Stransky!!!
  2. Dear gentlemen, I am very happy that I can inform you about the fact that our 3D CAD/CAM designer Mr. Stransky got golden medal in Nuremberg. See the link.
  3. Good afternoon gentelemen, the most frequent question I am getting is "What are you working on right now?" In the link can be found answer let´s say in "LIVE" mode....
  4. Yes Lance, but it is standard Erla cowling, so if we are working on Erla G-10 it must have this cowling. There are some changes in antenna system and in tail, but cowlings were still the same for all 109 produced in Erla factory....
  5. what is it 110 cowling? I think Erla is Erla...
  6. Hi to all, we had very long meeting with our German distributor this afternoon, so I am a little bit late. I promised to show you the first photos of Chipmunk master. So you can follow the link - And, to avoid many questions - the kit will be for the first time in sale on 18th March 2017. Immediately after this date it will target the distribution network.
  7. I will show you pictures of Chipmunk master tommorov afternoon, stay tuned...... Unfortunately this interesting detail is not included in our kit....
  8. Our common friend from BM - V-P - wrote me very nice article about his visit in Finnish AF museum with interesting photos. It was published on Modelarovo website. My thanks go to Veli-Pekka. Follow the link please -
  9. Hmmm, seems to me I have to visit our development dept to see the details. I have seen the wings only. We have some EDO floats available, but I do not know if it is suitable for Cessna. Let me inform you later, tommorow or so.
  10. Just remind me later, I have one head only....
  11. Absolutely sure. Maybe I did not catch the shade in my profile properly. But aeroclub Plzen (Pilsen, town of Pilsner Urquell beer) used these colours - blue in various shades and red in various shades. Look at wing profile, not so easy to catch it. But, if you want I can provide you all my constructions for decal printing for free.
  12. And here is the scheme of another aircraft from the same aeroclub, it will be included in the box. Please note that this picture is one of the first "shots" and we made a lot of changes... I hope my answer is covering your question fully... :-)
  13. And here you can see changes of wings and horizontal controls. Published in the eighties in ABC magazine, Czechoslovakia....
  14. This plane was flying in two schemes minimum, both are known, here is my profile... and here is colour photo of the second one....
  15. CarLos - no please, this one you´ve posted is BH-11C, another plane - shape of cockpit openings, bigger wingspan, another (completely) shape of horizontal surfaces...