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  1. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Hi to all, yes we are at home from Telford and working again. I am very sorry for the silence, but in fact Telford was the last date we released something new for this year. Sales of SR 53 are awesome, we are still completing new and new boxes and in fact this kit jumped from "Coming soon" directly to "Sold out" status on our website. Reedition coming soon. Looking back at our 2017 catalogue, well, we released almost all planned kits (Mr. Thompsion, please... :-)). Some were released and not planned, some were moved to 2018 year. Our flipchart is full up to July minimum. And, we started to solve next Telford now. I think it will be again very interesting British subject. :-) In January we will meet our customers in Nuremberg and also we will publish list of our new items for 2018. So, stay tuned. Let me show you SR-53 built by Petr Muzikant, owner of KP/AZ. http://www.modelarovo.cz/saunders-roe-sr-53a-172-az-model-zkusebni-stavba-petr-muzikant/
  2. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Dear gentlemen, Telford is over. Nice show again. It was a great fun for us to meet all of you. We were not meeting customers only but a friends in many cases. We were trying to do our the best to serve to all of you with humor and some not so much serious words. Everybody was welcomed. Thank you for your kind words, tips and conversation. It was a great relax for us even we were working hardly. The endpoint of the show for me was a drinking of Newcastle Ale, also known as Dog during my Monday London stay. It was a gift from one of you, which pleased us so much and we took it as a symbolic Good Bye to the show. And the next year - same places, same nice faces. Thank you all....
  3. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    The last items we have got from our friend are the wall clocks - wooden, hand painted, stylish, priced 49GBP. We have only two pieces per type, so if you are interested, visit us early on Saturday.
  4. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Hi gentlemen, I hope that everybody of you have their confirmation in the mail now. If there is somebody who did not receive my confirmation, pls send me an e-mail ASAP to marketing@kovozavody.cz. We are flying to UK Thursday evening...
  5. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Telford info - all preorders are ready to be packed, just come in and tell us what you have ordered in preorders. We have got clear parts for MB-6 and SR-53A today, decals will come tommorow, so we will have Martin Baker MB-6 and SR-53 in limited quantity in Telford - do not miss it. The latest news - Curtiss P-36A/C and Potez 540T, Mustang Mk. III "dorsal fin". We will also bring the complete range of MARABU etches and AVALON decals. MB-6 and SR-53A -
  6. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    charlie_c67 - it depends on retailer, MSRP is 16,30 EUR.
  7. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Gentlemen - I have one wish. Do you have any references for the Mosquito camouflages? I am looking for early series with short engine gondolas. Please email me or PM me. Chat in Telford is also welcomed.
  8. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Dear Marco, I do not know any datas for Piper with bazookas or floats, I do not see it in the list I have. Orao is still in the status "project" and I do not know nothing about Lavi, even that we plan to do that plane.
  9. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    To Mr. JMendes at first - we have some more soviet planes in the pipeline, unfortunately not Mig or LaGG - 3. Maybe there is a chance to downgrade our La-5 to Lagg, but if yes, it is very far future. Are you a friend of Lt. John Thompson? :-) To all - plastic parts and boxarts of SR-53 can be seen in the link - http://www.modelarovo.cz/saunders-roe-sr-53a-rocketeer-f-mk-i/
  10. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Morning gentlemen, Websites - yes, our new websites are in Czech only. Both sites are running now, but are still in beta mode, not complete yet and still filled with the new items. We did not decided yet if we will create English version. Thanks to the limited capacity of our staff (not mental please... :-) ). Google translator is not good enough? I will be pleased by your opinions. I was trying to answer some your questions about releases. Well, normal reaction is, that somebody else is asking for something else. :-) Spit Vc - is for sure the 2018 release, we want to see it not later than in Vienna in March. I hope. Norwegian Hawks - we have all done. Boxarts, camouflages and instructions. Only decals are not printed. We decided to postpone this one box because of too much Hawks in one wave. It will be released in January/February. Telford preorders - sorry for not confirming your e-mails, we are in time press a little bit. All e-mails will be answered during the next week. My fault, sorry. And, we have got sprues for SR-53 and MB-6, looks good. Pictures later today. OVER Jan
  11. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    So..... Hawk with Cyclone - it needs new fuselage. Later the next year. Cessnas - very close. DH-9 - later the next year Kingfisher - very very close Captured Friedrich - we are waiting for boxart. Rest is ready. More personally in Telford.
  12. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    New AZ model P-36A, C & Mohawk III - info and build in the link. Will be available in Telford. http://www.modelarovo.cz/curtiss-p-36a-c-mohawk-iii-az-model-172/
  13. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Graham, what-if is everyrime unreal.... I do not know if it is too far judging according the number of orders we have got in one hour only. But, I accept that everybody has its own personal taste and that maybe we did not meet yours now.
  14. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Dear gentlemen (and ladies of course), we have prepared preorder special action for Telford as in the last year. What we have for you this year? Every kit from our production (KP & AZ) preordered via e-mail - 10% discount from our price. Look at our websites and choose your desired kits. ( www.kovozavody.cz www.azmodel.cz ) All Telford Specials (MB-6 Ferrets and SR-53A Rocketeer) - 10% discount (normal price 16GBP. on preorders 14GBP only plus spray mask for free (normal price 4GBP). Please state if you will pick up kits in Telford or you want postal delivery. All preorders please send to e-mail marketing@kovozavody.cz, subject of message - "Telford preorder" please. Please identify your kit by Cat. No. (not neccessary when ordering Telford specials). This action can be used also by modelers who are not attending the show and want to send the kits via post. Do not forget include your contact. Postage is free when order is over 30GBP/EUR to Europe, over 60GBP/EUR to USA, Canada, South America and over 80GBP/EUR to Japan, Australia and New Zealand. All kits you want to be sent via post will be dispatched in the week following the show. We will confirm your order in return with further information. Our stand will be at GUIDELINES tables as the last year, visit us to talk about our hobby, future plans and your tips. You are welcomed.
  15. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Dear gentlemen, Telford show is coming. We are giving the last touches to our "Telford double" - kits prepared for the show. Ve have contunued in "production" of Martin Baker MB-5 and we prepared twinseter MB-6. This project is pure what-if, aircraft never flew. But it was in the plans. We have prepared two boxes - Sky Ferret F. Mk. I day fighter and Night Ferret NF. Mk. I., both with three attractive camouflage schemes. Our thanks goes to Jacek "Jeremak" at Deviant Art for some inspiration. The second project for this year is Saunders Roe SR-53A. This project is a result of cooperation with Colin from FREIGHTDOG and we hope it is not the last one. Again, there are two boxings - Saunders Roe SR-53A prototypes and series production Sauders Roe Rocketeer F. Mk. I. Our stand will be at Guidelines tables as the last year, We will bring you more new kits, among them for instance Curtiss P-36A and P-36C or Avia CS-199. If everything goes well, we can expect also Hillson Praga E 114. Here are camouflages of Telford Specials...