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  1. Rabbit, I am Czech and I KNOW Woomera.... :-)
  2. If you want to see very colourful schemes from our new kit Avia Bh-11, follow the link please.... :-)
  3. But Czechs used it. My late friend S/Ldr Otakar Hruby, DFC flew it in North Africa when he was there with French AF in 1939...... But there is another company which has this plane in the pipeline.......
  4. spaddad, more details about our this year planned projects will be published after Nuremberg Toy Fair. Let us keep some surprises for our distributors...... :-) Thanks for refreshing intermezzo discussing Czech beers. I think that the best way to try it is to make a trip to Prague. We have excellent aviation museum here with many planes you can not meet in UK, plenty of pubs, some ten model shops...... Let me know if you will come, we can meet and drink some beers or visit museum.
  5. I will bring some to Telford. I am drinking what is locally available - names as Kozel, Radegast, Staropramen. But nice are beers from local small breweries. But I am sure it is not possible to buy in UK. When I am going to Iceland shop (called internally Britmodeller in AZ), I am buying strong Danish beers White bear. I reccomend, but drink carefully. I am going to Nuremberg Toy Fair in two weeks and I am looking forward to German (Bavarian exactly) dark beer. And now it looks like I am alcoholic...... :-)
  6. I am afraid that Burma, Singapore and India only....
  7. In fact I can not comment Petr, as he is owner. Let mesk for Bobcat and its fate. What I know is, that I have British and Canadian aircraft designed and ready for decal construction. I will inform you.
  8. We were talking about Chipmunk in 48 scale in the company. But just talking only.... I am afraid that slots in 48 are full for this year... Mostly jets.
  9. Procopius, it is easy to have decals from CBI for Hurricanes...., available at Hannants, nine schemes for Hurricanes II
  10. Hurricane you say....? IIA and IIB? Hmmm, not bad idea...... :-)
  11. Well, Tatra 101 is not in the draft now. Not sure it will be someday. Venom - unfortunately no. I understand there is a lot of camouflage variants etc. but we refused the Vampire/Venom family.
  12. Curtiss H75 - All quiet on Western front......
  13. Gentlemen, you are right - Avia BH-11, 9 and 5. And for those who were asking for Chipmunk - it goes to the moulders together with Avia, so release date is.......
  14. Little surprise from KP, planned for February/March...... :-)
  15. I will scan for you this photo on Monday when I am in the office. Just send me PM on Monday to be sure I will not forget... :-)