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  1. TonyT - your wish to enjoy summer mode after reading tens of variants and sleepless nights on kit design was taken as a good joke... :-) In fact - I am outside of P-36 project as I am fully involved in our 1/48 scale kits. But, what I know - British, Finnish and French boxings are ready. What is more in the sprues I do not know and I have no chance to ask, as the author is somewhere abroad... :-) And when he is back, I am leaving for few weeks... It is summer, you know... :-) Stay tuned.
  2. Modellbrno was the last show before holidays.... All our team will switch to summer mode. Next new releases at the end of AugustPlanned is Curtiss and Praga E-114. And one kit in 1/48 scale. To John Thompson - La-5F next to Praga... :-)
  3. KP/AZ news prepared for Modellbrno 2017 16 - 17 June.... http://www.modelarovo.cz/novinky-kp-a-az-pripravene-na-modellbrno-2017/
  4. Czech company MARABU is close to release new etch set for Curtiss P-36 in 1/144 - kit by MARK I. Perfect details for this little plane. More in the link - http://www.modelarovo.cz/curtiss-p-36ac-etch-set-1144-marabu-design-pro-stavebnici-mark-i/
  5. Useful link for everybody building Emil... http://www.modelarovo.cz/messerschmitt-bf-109e-walkaround/
  6. Marko - yes I have it. Our investigation will start tommorow, Mondays are bloody so much... :-) Jan
  7. for those looking for more camouflage options...... https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AVD7006
  8. In the end.,,,,, see hannants,,,, https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AVD7005
  9. Seems to be bigger prob than I realised. Can I ask you for PM to me - what box was bad (kit type or Cat. No., when you ordered it and from what distributor? I have to have some papers in my hands when talking to box supplier. Let me apologise again gentlemen. I do not know what glue they use, but I expect it was produced according to some new EU regulations. You can eat it, drink it, suitable for children but it does not work... :-)
  10. Gentlemen, thanks for the feedback. I am not expert in boxes, but last few deliveries were really in very bad quality. What we found we delivered back to the printer. Unfortunately, some boxes went apart after we dispatched them to customers. Sorry for that, we had some strong words with our supplier and I hope we will get much better glued boxes next time, because our the next step will be change of printer. I would like to ask all of you, who had this problem, check your kit - parts etc very carefully if there is any damage or not. If yes, send me e-mail with your claim, it will be solved ASAP. My e-mail - marketing@kovozavody.cz And let me add our very big SORRY....
  11. MarkoZG - I just checked my e-mail, nothing found..., but maybe it is my fault when making order in my folders. Can you repeat it to me please. I am very sorry for discomfort. To all of you gentlemen - thank you very much for your support, one picture is more than thousand words...
  12. Small off topic - I discovered (I know, after 18 years) wonderful movie "Notting Hill"..., yes I am fan of romantic movies, horrors I can see in news daily. Atmosphere is great. I am planning short trip to London, Hendon again. And I decided to visit Notting Hill. Question is - is it still the same place or has it changed in touristic attraction full of crowd after the movie? Thanks for answer and sorry for off topic. Over.
  13. Chipmunk built by Petr Muzikant - http://www.modelarovo.cz/dhc-1-chipmunk-172-az-model-petr-muzikant/
  14. charlie_c67 - Unfortunately I have to answer no. Su-25K in 1/72 is not for sure in the pipeline. Martin Baker MB-5 built by Jaromir Senft is in the link - http://www.modelarovo.cz/martin-baker-mb-5-172-jaromir-senft/
  15. Kovozavody Prostejov - KP will release Su-25 two.seaters (UBK and navalised UTG) in June. Here are some photos of the prototype build with PUR correction parts. http://www.modelarovo.cz/suchoj-su-25ubkutg-148-kp-prvni-prototyp/ The kit is based on OEZ/KP kit with some add-ons - correction parts for tail, PUR seats, etches and canopy masks.