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  1. Hi Jan, My votes go for -DH9/9a of course -Hansa Brandenburg B.I Series (ex Legato ?) -Albatros C.III, a real workhorse (Germany, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire, Poland...) -Hansa Brandenburg C;I, (Austro-Hungary, CZ, Poland, Austria, Yugoslavia, Russia...) -Salmson 2A2 (France, US of A, CZ, Poland, Japan, Russia...) Roland C.II is a pretty bird, but was used only by Germany, but I also vote for it. Regards, Chris. My Scalemates Page - https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=26114
  2. Hi Jan. I won't ask any questions about the LVG, but are the DH9s still in your projects ? Regards, Chris.
  3. Thanks to both of you. John PM will be sent soon. Regards, Chris.
  4. Thanks a lot Black Knight. I still have loads of Contrail plastic struts, but they're sometimes a little bit flimsy. I was looking for something stiffer (or more stiff, pardon my french ). But thanks for the John Aero tip, I'm looking for some Aeroclub WWI machine guns... Chris.
  5. Hi ! Just wondering if "Strutz" are still avilable ? Regards, Chris.
  6. Hi Jure, That's great. I was looking for Gustavs wearing the post '44 roundels. Of course, camo schemes and codes are hard to ascertain, but that's a good begining. Thanks a lot !!!
  7. Hi there, Dos anyone knows about sources or pics of Gustavs in Bulgarian post war service, before most of them were send to Yugoslavia ? Regards, Chris.
  8. Well, here's a link to these products. http://www.scalespokes.com/product-category/aircraft/aircraft-wheels/172/
  9. Hi there, Has anyone try the Scale Spokes 1/72 spoked wheels ? Are they worth the buy ? Regards, Chris.
  10. Hi ! AFAIK, Obscureco produces a P-51D-5 conversion, supposed to fit any P-51D kit (Ref 72014). Quite expensive, I think, at $12.00. So, I also think an AZ & Co early P-51D would be welcomed by Mustang fans. I'm a P-51 fan, but only in Polish markings (hence my post about an AZ P-51B/C with fin fillet - Have a picture of a Mustang III with Malcolm hood, fin fillet and louvres à la Mustang IV), 112 Sqn and IAF 101 Squadron... By the way, the HPM F4U-7 is probably the most accurate one in 1/72 scale, but this is REAL short run ! Regards, Chris.
  11. Hmmm, The latter variants (even if I like them better) won't have an economic interest for a company as large as Revell. The F4U-1a/d was widely used during WWII (USN/USMC, FAA, New Zeland), it is a kind of myth. Everyone knows the bent wings bird... Later variants are less "glamorous", even if they were used by almost the number of countries (USN/SMC, France, Argentina, Honduras). Turning their F4U-1a into a F4U-4 was not too difficult (Mine are on their way, hurry, hurry Mr Postman). Later models are another story... Regards, Chris. PS - Sorry, it doesn't fit on the AZ & Co thread.
  12. Hi Patrice, May be, but these are different planes. Almost need a new mould. new cockpit, all metal wings and flying surfaces, new nose of course, new canopy... The HPM kits really seem to be a challenge ! Regards, Chris.
  13. ... Ok, I'll have to rely on the Italeri kits, and my Hi-Tech convertions then... Or give the HPM ones a try... Seems to be a tough challenge.
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