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  1. Hi Mr T, There's an old thread about Dewoitine D510A, L4670,on this very forum: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/31732-british-dewoitine-d510-l4670/ The jury seems to be still out on many questions. Chris.
  2. Hello there, I'm a bit late on this one. IMHO, Here's the best way to build an accurate 1/72 IAF A-H & A-4-N "Ayit". As base kits use the various incarnations of Fujimi's A-4E/F, A-4M. First A-4H look like A-4E without the "hump" and with square fin tip. DEFA 30mm guns not fitted at first. Convertion parts : -Eagle Designs 72-CK-04 : Parabrake housing, , DEFA 30mm guns, ejection seat, longer exhaust and square fin tip & longer exhaust. -Eagle Designs 72-CK 05 : just the longer exhaust. Aires recently issued a resin part for the longer exhaust (7367); Quickboost also had a pair of DEFA guns (QB 72 172). References : -The A-4 Skyhawk "Ayit" - The IAF Aicraft Series n°2 by Amos Dor - Published by AD Graphics (Milano) -Israeli A-4 Skyhawk Units in Combat - Osprey Combat Aircraft 81, by Shlomo Aloni Decals : Israeli Skyhawks - Army Cast - 72023 A-4 Israeli Skyhawk "Ayit" Collection - Sky's Decals #1/5/6 I'd rather like theFujimi kits, because I think they've got the nicest detailing, and the leading edge slats can be modelled as deployed. Note that Skyhawks' slats and airbarkes are ALWAYS deployed when on the ground. EDIT : By checking my pics collections, I noticed that some of the USN & USMC Adversaries A-Es & TA-4J have their L-E slats fixed in close position. By the way, it seems to represent a very very small percentage in the total of Skyhawks I had pictures of, but may be a good way to use the new Hobby Boss kits ? May be it's just because these particular jets are parked for a longer time ? Blue Angels A-4s have also their flaps fixed close. The new Hobby Boss A-4E kit is a disapointment. By looking at the the srues, one can notice that the L-E flaps are closed. I'm not impressed at all, even I was waiting for it eagerly for years. It's also quite expensive. I'll stick to the fujimis ones. It's an endless hunt. Regards, Chris. Pardon my english
  3. Hi Jan, My votes go for -DH9/9a of course -Hansa Brandenburg B.I Series (ex Legato ?) -Albatros C.III, a real workhorse (Germany, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire, Poland...) -Hansa Brandenburg C;I, (Austro-Hungary, CZ, Poland, Austria, Yugoslavia, Russia...) -Salmson 2A2 (France, US of A, CZ, Poland, Japan, Russia...) Roland C.II is a pretty bird, but was used only by Germany, but I also vote for it. Regards, Chris. My Scalemates Page - https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=26114
  4. Hi Jan. I won't ask any questions about the LVG, but are the DH9s still in your projects ? Regards, Chris.
  5. Thanks to both of you. John PM will be sent soon. Regards, Chris.
  6. Thanks a lot Black Knight. I still have loads of Contrail plastic struts, but they're sometimes a little bit flimsy. I was looking for something stiffer (or more stiff, pardon my french ). But thanks for the John Aero tip, I'm looking for some Aeroclub WWI machine guns... Chris.
  7. Hi ! Just wondering if "Strutz" are still avilable ? Regards, Chris.
  8. Hi Jure, That's great. I was looking for Gustavs wearing the post '44 roundels. Of course, camo schemes and codes are hard to ascertain, but that's a good begining. Thanks a lot !!!
  9. Hi there, Dos anyone knows about sources or pics of Gustavs in Bulgarian post war service, before most of them were send to Yugoslavia ? Regards, Chris.
  10. Well, here's a link to these products. http://www.scalespokes.com/product-category/aircraft/aircraft-wheels/172/
  11. Hi there, Has anyone try the Scale Spokes 1/72 spoked wheels ? Are they worth the buy ? Regards, Chris.
  12. Hi ! AFAIK, Obscureco produces a P-51D-5 conversion, supposed to fit any P-51D kit (Ref 72014). Quite expensive, I think, at $12.00. So, I also think an AZ & Co early P-51D would be welcomed by Mustang fans. I'm a P-51 fan, but only in Polish markings (hence my post about an AZ P-51B/C with fin fillet - Have a picture of a Mustang III with Malcolm hood, fin fillet and louvres à la Mustang IV), 112 Sqn and IAF 101 Squadron... By the way, the HPM F4U-7 is probably the most accurate one in 1/72 scale, but this is REAL short run ! Regards, Chris.
  13. Hmmm, The latter variants (even if I like them better) won't have an economic interest for a company as large as Revell. The F4U-1a/d was widely used during WWII (USN/USMC, FAA, New Zeland), it is a kind of myth. Everyone knows the bent wings bird... Later variants are less "glamorous", even if they were used by almost the number of countries (USN/SMC, France, Argentina, Honduras). Turning their F4U-1a into a F4U-4 was not too difficult (Mine are on their way, hurry, hurry Mr Postman). Later models are another story... Regards, Chris. PS - Sorry, it doesn't fit on the AZ & Co thread.
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