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  1. RIP 007.
  2. Great work, very realistic looking. I have plans to do the same unit
  3. Great work just great.
  4. Dave, I used paints from the Hataka Aggressor schemes sets which are FS36628, FS35109 and FS36251. The instructions do look confusing at first but are actually quite straight forward. Just follow the steps.
  5. Great work, the finish is spot on.
  6. Really excellent work.
  7. If you mean the MH-53H/J/M Pave Low , it only wore the Euro 1 scheme then transitioned to overall grey (gunship grey I think) apart from the two tone desert scheme worn temporarily during Desert Storm.
  8. The instructions are excellent, they tell you step by step which paints to apply and then which masks (numbered) . I got this result just by following the instructions.
  9. Jim's usually good about replying to emails it might just be because it's the weekend. Did you send them to ? regards Stephen
  10. That's a shame, I always remember him from a 1987 movie called "Extreme Prejudice" with Nick Nolte where he played the bad guy. RIP
  11. superb pics , thanks for sharing them
  12. August 2017 for release according to the Imdb.
  13. That's good to know, thanks for taking the time to give us the info.
  14. Very realistic looking, nice work. Stephen
  15. PM sent