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  1. Westland Wessex HC2 Fly 1/32nd

    Bravo sir . Wonderful job love the camo and weathering.
  2. F-14A Tomcat - Tamiya 1/48

    Superb cat especially the subtle but noticable weathering. Love the insignia too . Fear the Bones!
  3. Superb . The Heater-Ferris scheme looks fantastic and for me is the ultimate finish for an F-4S . The weathering is also beautifully done .
  4. Westland Wessex HC2 Fly 1/32nd

    Great looking kit . Great start im a Wessex fan love the look of this helo . So I'm watching with interest.
  5. 1/32 A-6E Intruder from VA-115

    Great subject 503 I'm an ntruder nut and a little bit jealous because I haven't had the pleasure of building this kit yet . Glad to have you back in the hobby and you're doing a superb job. I never got to see an intruder in the flesh being in the UK . I did get to play with a prowler which was close...ish I suppose ? And her USMC crew were a lot of fun . Looking forward to seeing more as the build progresses ... happy modelling and ... Go Eagles !
  6. Untrue as my Pfeil

    A tartan stuka, now I do like that idea
  7. Untrue as my Pfeil

    I really like it the especially the lighter shade . The reason for doing it because you wanted to is the best reason and what our hobby should be more about . Glad to see it comes in pink too ! I bet that upset a few lufty aficionados.
  8. F-15 C 493 FS RAF Lakenheath

    Love it . The weathering is tasteful and subtle but very noticeable. And I also like the speed effect on the runway .
  9. Hawker Typhoon 1:24

    Simply stunning job on the Tiffie . I too am a bit detail obsessed so i fully appreciate your work sir, looking forward to more .
  10. Toryu = Dragon killer !!! Love it . Deffo at the top of my list for swag
  11. Made me really angry this no doubt a lot of other people too . It's going to mess up some seriously good content on a lot of forums. I won't pay out of principal now , how they went about this is pure extortion. I too am off to find Flickr or imgur .
  12. Revosys VK36.01

    The track looks great Matt . Looks like it was fun , they fit really well and have a nice realistic sag for plastic tracks .
  13. Revosys VK36.01

    Thank you sir I'm looking forward to it. Ah yes the tracks. I admit one of my favourites too ! Nothing I find more satisfying than a good set of workable tracks especially if I do t have to buy them as aftermarket .
  14. Well Merk... I wish my first model had turned out as nice as that . You are definitely heading in the right direction. Don't be afraid to post more photos we like a good shufty . As suggested try adding some highlights next time but other than that. Top notch for a first build sir . Jim.
  15. Revosys VK36.01

    Nice Matt ! Great chouce sir. It looks like stunning kit despite the moaning I hear from some other modellers, about lack of engine and other minor gripes. I think Revosys Should be heartily applauded for this kit. Should have mine in a couple of days can't wait to tackle it . Watching with interest . Jim.