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  1. That's what I thought Chris , that's why I said about the quality etc.. hopefully not being the merit style toys . Ah that would make sense but its a shame a full on T-72 like the same quality as their PZIV or King Tiger series would have been awesome .
  2. Welcome to BM Malc . Jim.
  3. Very reasonable ! I wonder why the Tigers and Pz.IV are more expensive ? I hope they still pack it with details and its not another model/toy like their 1/16 MRAPS .
  4. Well the KV-122 is a really nice model anyway nicely weather and love the mud/earth but the T10M that's something else a real beaut ! Your modulation is fantastic and the weathering done perfectly IMHO . It looks heavy metal and worn greasy and grimey beautiful work sir !
  5. Fantastic job , love the Friul tracks they really add a lot to a model . great job on the camo and the weathering is very nice too .
  6. Great job of a classic ! excellent work !
  7. Great build of a very striking vehicle , The digital camo is fantastic and love the small details . a very high level of finesse Sir .
  8. Great build and paint job Sir ! I especially like the weathering on the spade . Great subject very interesting and a superb build overall . Awesome work
  9. That is circulating the rumour mill spidey I really hope they do , but my wallet's going to hurt again, not to mention my head when my good lady finds out I bought it .
  10. Sweet kit !
  11. Won't it just Mr T . I'm itching to get going on it but I'll wait for the tracks/ suspension and interior and maybe a bit of etch from somewhere (the etch junkie that I am)
  12. A couple of shots of the plastic , as mentioned before the colour is unusual but not that gaudy as to be distracting . Just look at those welds , proper cut n fill welds instead of generic "C" shapes . all exterior armour plates feature this very nice rolled steel effect ,so no need for the trusty motor tool and surfacer . there' also "inner plates" to make scale thickness and all interior surfaces feature detail, ready for the interior detail set . The cupola is welded to the turret roof , IIRC that's an early feature ? I'll have to consult the tiger book . Though the research and technical assistance were provided by the best . The instructions are up to meng's usual standard but no full colour front cover this time some interesting colour schemes featured .
  13. Well I'm not sure there's much point in uploading the millions of photos I just took now . . Vor the plastic colour is an odd choice but its not that distracting really (for me at least). I'll post some photos of the nice little details in a moment (Photobucket permitting)
  14. Anyone like to see some photos ?
  15. I'm sure you'll be very happy , The King tiger hasn't been that interesting a subject for me , I have the Trumpeter 1/16 but in 1/35 its been done to death This kit has re-ignited that interest ! it has a lot of neat features including separate turret roof ideal for the interior if you choose to go that root , a few pin marks but on areas that will be easy to fill are the only real draw back I can see .