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  1. Wonderful finish and super clean build Sir . I really like the modulation and subtle weathering . Fantastic !
  2. One of the best purchases I ever made V . I wouldn't be without mine now ,and much nicer than the ones you used to get from Historex . They are not cheap ,but as longshanks said you wont regret it mate . I highly recommend the Hexagonal one too even more not cheaper-er IIRC but totally worth it . Jim.
  3. Fantastic looking start , I love your texturing already . Personally I think your shell impacts look very nice as is . I really like the Cola idea too . A great looking beast and a superb build so far , I just know its going to turn out AMAZING ! Jim.
  4. Count me in ! I have a bunch of Russian vehicles in the stash .
  5. Looks awesome , what a beast ! I really like how this is shaping up, you did a great job on the camo like E said . You're making me REALLY Want one of these
  6. You're doing a great job G . Coming along very nicely . Duro or "Green stuff " isn't easy to work with but you look like you've been using it for years . The sand bags have a great realistic sag to them . Great job Sir !
  7. Oh yes , I missed that when I looked over my kit . Tut tut Meng
  8. Great looking Cromwell Sir. I like the dynamic poses of the figures and the finsh pint on both figures and vehicle including weathering is first rate . Superb job
  9. You're doing an awesome Job Elvis I could tell you weren't dead, because dead blokes cant wield modelling tools quite so well ,something to do with stiff fingers and stuff . Your scratch interior work and corrections are top notch Sir . Jim.
  10. Looking Fabulous Stix Coming along nicely Sir ! I really like the colour is it brush painted ? Just had to check , it IS brush painted ! most impressive ,very smooth .
  11. Thanks Sarge ! I have been re working the Mantlet and ...err ...laser bit ? (technical term I suppose ) Today . Been quite enjoyable .
  12. Great work sir . An ancient kit being brought up to date masterfully . The welds look great . I'll be watching with interest .
  13. Looking great ! I have one of these in the stash awaiting attention . Such a great looking vehicle your doing a great job sir ! I also like the colour BTW
  14. Thank you E . I'm enjoying it but the sink holes and mould seems on the running gear are never ending .
  15. Thanks mate . Its slow going but I suppose some builds are a marathon rather than a sprint .