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  1. OMG I thought 1/72 was bad . This is REAL Braille scale,You have done a superb job the weathering and camo schemes are just perfect . Stunning stuff Sir !
  2. This going to be good Mrs P . I loved your Komatsu , you're becoming quite the AFV Convert Looking forward to seeing you progress with this one . Happy modelling .
  3. The above comments in no way detract from this being a simply stunning big cat Mark. Don't worry about it mate, the enjoyment of the build and clean execution in the modelling and finishing always outweigh slight inaccuracies IMHO . Superb job .
  4. Stix , superb job on this big cat . the weathering is very nicely balanced noticeable and realistic but not over done . I love the camo and the final presentation and photography too . Fantastic.
  5. I am not currently aware of any . I have the Trumpy Ausf H and I'm keeping a close eye on am stuff I think Aber will be doing a thorough work through of the extras bu so far they've been very slow off the mark with just some ammo and ammo stowage locker cages .
  6. Very nice scratch work and paint looks great . Nice job .
  7. Looks fantastic Stix . I really like the Camo and it just goes to show that when expertly done, brush painting is as good as an airbrush . And you have achieved a nice soft edge too most impressive sir !
  8. Thank you very much Mal as I did this for a friend he expressly asked me not to include any inking on his hand . Though had it been mine I would have . I also wanted to add an ACME thunderer whistle to his jacket collar but again time was restrictive of that , thank you for your kind words sir . Jim.
  9. Thank you Kev . Very much appreciated Sir !
  10. I'm late coming into this I know but the Archer fine transfers surface details series are my preferred choice , they're excellent . you can get rivets of various sizes and the come on a strip in a row apply them like decals under paint though.
  11. Nice to see this , not enough MRAP's around Great work and I love the subtle but noticeable dusty look .
  12. Wonderful vehicle and you've finished it superbly sir ! I really like the subtle red-ish dusty look, what a beast . Bravo !
  13. Very nice indeed , I really like the "Follow Me " Jeeps .
  14. Very nice , I'd really like to try braille scale at some point . You've created a real miniature masterpiece Sir !
  15. Dragon's M48A3 or M48A3 Mod B mate , lighty ears ahead of the ancient Tamiya kit and arguably the most accurate currently available . Bare in mind the Mod B doesn't include the AN/VSS searchlight IIRC . Just my 2P .