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  1. Just a little distraction from Japan A solid resin character (toon) model of a Mustang. Pretty clean from the package I have done a little trimming, sanding and some primer before two coats of colour. I think I might just do one more coat of colour and then set it aside to dry out before a light sand/polish and some details. There are a large range of models in the Neko-Works range but sadly only a few on offer at any one time. Not a bad little squirrel though We'll see if I don't stuff it in painting the details. Dan
  2. Meng Panzer III ( Toon)

    Way to go Chris! So much fun aren't they? Your group looks quite superb, thanks for sharing them. If anybody else has tried these kits and wants to share please do as I love seeing these kits built. So many different takes on how to build them. Progress; Most of my time spent on modifying the drive and return wheels as they both come as exactly the same parts. Also spent some time adding little bits here and there but nothing too much. I will add some stowage and some epoxy putty tarps to add some colour. Still have a smile on my face so must be doing something right. Dan
  3. Meng Panzer III ( Toon)

    I like it! That's a sweet little Panzer III I bet you had a smile on your face the whole time eh, Chris That's what I love about these kits. Brings back why I build in the first place, FUN. No stress, just putting' stuff together and painting it up. Do what you like as there are no rules but what you bring to the table. The kits build so quick and everything just falls together. I bet you could bash one out in couple of hours and be painted in a few more. Any others lurking in the undergrowth? Dan
  4. My latest critter. As this is one of my all time favourites I have been hanging out for this one to come out. The kit is the usual Meng Toon affair. Everything fits very well and has some neat details. But I like my cartoons a touch less cartoonish so I had to start bashing stuff. First up was that chunky side armour. I had to thin it down but keep as many pieces of the original kit as I could. Here's the first side all done. Everything thinned out and new armour from styrene sheet. ( hacked out and replaced the intake mesh too, cause I'm a nut.) I think this looks a bit better than... This? Now that I know what I'm doing should only take a couple hours to fix up the other side. Then I can get on to the rest of the bits Loving it so far and looking forward to painting this one ( Yellow with green wavy stripes ) Thanks for looking in. Anybody else building one of these? Or the new Panther? Dan
  5. Meng T-34

    It's about this time of year I start to think of Model Expo and if I have anything to offer up to the modelling gods. Spent the day bashing out a base for this one. Just some tiny bits to fix ( Gotta love the close up pictures to bring on the Doh! moments ) and she should be okay to show in public. I tried something a little different in that I wanted a wavy edge to the groundwork. Not 100 percent but I'll do better next time . I do like the way I got the tracks to set into the ground but need to work on that too. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  6. Thanks for the photos Fred, I was sure I'd seen some similar. Nice to know that I'm not mad as a cut snake. Progress; I flipped the figures because I think the scene presents better this way and I have built the iron gate out of styrene. I have started to block in the paint and scatter materials. I really need to start sketching out things BEFORE I blindly start building and painting. I want to add something at the Germans feet that he has just dropped but don't know what that will be just yet. Do you think it looks better this way? Dan
  7. Brian - I think it was meant to be an harmonica, maybe. I like the cigar idea though. Yeah, the binoculars are a stretch but I have seen pic of them painted yellow and wanted to add the colour to the figure. I'm just messing about seeing what works which is what I like most about modelling. I have some ideas about a wrought iron gate and some other set dressing and of course more painting. Hmmm maybe a down pipe... Here is where I'm at now. I'm sure I could have come up with a better set but this is at least a quick but dirty way ahead. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  8. Thought no one would mind if I spun these figures off into their own post. The German and GI Joe The scene On looking over the completed figures I notice that the story only works from one limited angle so I think I'll have to do some thinking to add view blocks to get the desired point of view. As always if you see anything you think I can improve on let me know. ( I'm pretty sure Joe's pants need to be more brown ) Thanks for looking. Dan
  9. Chevi w. Flak 20 mm

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful conversion. I very much like your painting and display style. Superb. Dan
  10. 1/48 ACE Flak 38 w/trailer WIP

    Thanks guys, I'm still trying to get better at figures and so took up the brush... My little test figure. I didn't get his posture right so he becomes the crash test dummy for painting. Colours came out okay and I used a 0.03mm mechanical pencil to dot in the eyes which came out better than I thought. Much to improve on but good practice, I have six more victims, er test pieces queued up so anything could happen. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  11. 1/48 ACE Flak 38 w/trailer WIP

    Still banging away at this but I got a little distracted. Ya see I'm pretty clumsy and I tend to knock stuff over and, well, break stuff. With all these figures laying around the workbench I thought it wise to make some stands/ holding fixtures less I get very cross with myself. A trip to the hardware store and the $2 dollar shop and I had what I needed. Stands MkI In reality just a hardware store furniture leg drilled out 13mm the counter drilled 9.5mm to allow for some cheap Xacto knives that I'm using as figure holders. Oh, and some satin black paint and rubber feet 'cause I'm a wing nut Cheap, quick to make and they seem to work so far. These two germans ( Tamiya with new head and Areobonus left to right) Have company with these Brits ( Both modified Tamiya figs) (But they're for another project, ----- did someone let a squirrel in here?) Not too much to show for a week but now I have no excuses not to get on the paintbrushes. We'll soon see how ham fisted I can be. Thanks for stopping in for a look. Dan
  12. Meng T-34 (31/01/18 Finished )

    Finished, I hope you guys liked my little critter. It sure was fun to build. More pics in RFI section. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  13. Meng T-34

    Finished Pretty happy with the way it came out. I may or may not build a base for it as I have already been distracted by the next project but I sure had fun I hope you guys like it. Dan
  14. I say get to building two of them at the same time! I mean you'll have all the bits and materials out anyway...so get cracking. I dearly know the draw of the new kit as I have far too many projects on the go right now. Keep having fun and share you fine results as the mood strikes as I am intrigued as to how that will come out under paint. Dan
  15. E-100 128mm Waffenträger

    Superb results, entertaining and informative, quite the complete package. Always inspirational.