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  1. Meng Panzer III

    Super Panzer III. I like this new kit and will need to track one down to add to my zoo. Have you seen the new resin conversions parts from Retrokits? Their new Tiger II turret is smashing. I look to when you get your hands on the Tiger I kit as it is a cracker. Dan
  2. First model of '18

    Nice looking T34 I too love these little critters and have built a few along with the Tiger Models Cute aircraft kits. Great fun, and that's why I build models. To have fun.
  3. 1/48 ACE Flak 38 w/trailer WIP

    Thanks Chris, let me know if you think the new tree is an improvement. I did some work on getting the second figure into primer so I can at the very least do some painting this coming week. He is a Aerobonus figure and is slightly shorter than the Tamiya/Verlinden hybrid. I'm not too fussed as I like having different shapes and sizes of figures on the diorama as it looks a bit more realistic. My task for today was to try out another way to do trees. Materials to try were, Seafoam with scatter material for leaves. While I didn't have exactly what was outlined to hand I made do with what I had and worked as best I could. Here is my progress; I have to say that I think I like this one better. A shame really as the paper one took ages to make. I have to spray some light yellow-green and to add some highlights and finish with a shot of Dullcoat but I think I looks more to scale. What do you folks think? Thanks for looking in. Dan
  4. 1/48 ACE Flak 38 w/trailer WIP

    Progress; And I have started the figures. Lots of scraping to get the details sharper and open up the cuff,etc. I have another figure in the works so we'll see if I can get them to look okay. Thanks for looking in.
  5. 1/48 ACE Flak 38 w/trailer WIP

    Progress; Last couple of days getting the base knocked into some kind of shape. All those tiny little bits of cork were driving me nuts in the end. I do think it might just look okay once I get some paint on it. I am working out what to add to this scene but at the very least it looks somewhat like what I had envisaged before I started. Troy- The tree kit was by the company Kamizukui. They make a small range of plant kits in 1/48 scale but they do a much extended range in 1/35. Nice kits but $$$$. Thank you for the links to Badders' work. Excellent read Badder - Thank you very much for your encouragement and guidance. I have had a lot of fun going through your post ( with more still to look at ) I will be trying out some of your ideas to see if I can get good results. I don't know if I'm brave enough to stick a tree together with super glue. Almost too fast I did add another layer of leaves to my tree here to get some more loft but alas I couldn't play too much with the individual leaves now that they are glued to the stems. Next time though I'll do more. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  6. 1/48 ACE Flak 38 w/trailer WIP

    Well another afternoon gluing little bits of paper. I think that as a proof of concept it is getting there. I have the materials worked out I just need to go and look at some real trees because I really mucked up the armature. I am delighted to find out that you can edge glue these little leaf bits to a vertical surface with some careful mucking about. Next time my armature will have much more verticality. Progress? I need to add some more leaves, especially ones above and below the plane of the branches. That's why I always like to try new things. To find out what NOT to do. Thanks for dropping in for a look. Dan
  7. 1/48 ACE Flak 38 w/trailer WIP

    While I'm mucking' about with some cleaning up I thought I'd push this one along. I've worked out the idea for a little base that needed a small tree. I started knocking one up from bits I have had around the shop. I am trying one of those paper foliage sets which I think I might be able to get attached in something a little less than a zillion hours. I am posting my progress after about 5 hours of work getting the trunk bashed and starting to glue on the foliage. I have learn a bit and know what I'd do different next time, but I think it's coming out okay. What do you think? Progress; Checking the height. If my eyes don't burn out I'll get the rest of the foliage on tomorrow. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  8. 2001 A Space Odyssey Orion

    Thanks for sharing your build- Super helpful and timely too I just got this kit as a Merry Christmas to me from me gift :). Paid full freight but it was on my "must buy it, if you see it" list. ( Hmmm, that list seems to always get longer no matter how many kits I buy. Must not ponder that fact too long) I was considering the TSDS interior and decals so your build is extremely helpful. You'd say the set is worth it? I don't think I could go so far as to get the photo etched set as it's a bit dear but the Pan Am markings are a must. I take it that you worked out your own lighting? I'm not sure I could manage that but I might just get brave and have a try. How do you intend on mounting the Clipper. I've been zooming it about in my head trying to come up with something better than shoving a stick into the belly. I am looking forward to seeing the Clipper in all its glory. Now if I can scrape enough cash together to get the Discovery....
  9. Too old to party on New Years last night so I decided to get dirty A lot of faffing about considering no one will ever see the belly of this critter. I do love the combination of pigments and AK Fixer Great stuff that fixer. I hope everyone had a great New Years. Dan
  10. Chris -Thanks! SGT - One of the many things I'm still working out is how bright and contrasty to make the underlying paint so that after I'm through messing about the whole thing isn't a mucky black/brown mess. Still have a way to go but I am getting better at it. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Progress; A lot of time spent with the brush adding and fiddling everywhere. Lots of details still to paint. I'm having fun but beginning to itch to glue stuff together I need to make a start on the turret or .... Squirrel Thanks for looking in.
  11. Progress: Mostly pin washes with Tamiya enamels and some more detail painting. I have an interesting question. Should I paint the grousers rust colour or leave then green? I would have thought that they would have been painted the stock camouflage colour and if not used then remained that colour until used. Where they used all that much? I'd be interested to hear what people think. Dan
  12. Thank you for sharing your wonderful diorama. I very much like your use of colour and materials. Every element of the model helped tell your story, a most superb result. Dan
  13. Progress; Blocking in the colours and getting a start on the tracks. Filters and pin washes plus general muck will mess with this base colour but wanted to see where I was going. Onwards and upwards Dan
  14. Kev, I have way too many of these 1/48 scale Tamiya kits in the stash to build ' one day' I tend to get them at model swap & sells where they tend to go for very little money. I just have to keep at them and get em finished. Calum, I see your point but I'm working within the limits of the bases I have to hand and I was think to try and see if 'breaking the fourth wall ' will work for me or look silly. I usually just do a very simple black base and I'm trying out ground work ideas to see what will work. I'm a big believer that the only way to learn is to try and sometimes fail. We'll see how I like it at the end. Well I'm calling this one ready for paint, only need to add the Aber brass antenna which I'll do at the end because you know I'll bust it off. So much more I could tinker with but I just know I'll stuff it if I just don't get on with it. Hope to prime then paint tomorrow then maybe decals? Thanks for looking in. Dan
  15. Tiger Models Spitfire

    Be careful Simon. They are a bit like peanuts, you can't stop at just one. It's a slippery slope, who knows where it will end?