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  1. Superb results. Thank you so much for passing on the knowledge. These details are oh so satisfying to see.
  2. Holy heck, what am I looking at in here. Your jagdtiger is amazing... Wow! Wow wow wow. AND WOW SOME MORE! These models you have worked on are beautiful For your weld seams, did you use styrene strips? Sorry, a very new model maker here.
  3. The exactness. This is awesome. If only I had the steady hand for this type of quality
  4. With caution! This kit came with some glaring issues! Thanks!
  5. WHAT A RIDE this kit has been. My airbrush gave out so I had to do this by hand.. Not an ideal situation for my first camo.. But I plan on treating the painted surface before moving on. The picture here is right after painting.. But! Taking a break before the next steps come. I plan on doing a very light white wash over it because I love a white washed king tiger. Then very light weathering.. And a matte finish for sure.... Still guessing as I move along here! I am glad to see the texture survived the thin coats of paint... Especially the mantlet. It was smooth as a whistle out of the box. My goal here was to copy some aspects of the Jagdtiger in the Bovington tank museum pictures that I saw. Namely, tools missing, handles broken, latches broken and/or left open. That sort of thing.
  6. How satisfying. haha I am currently stuck on the camo part.. I can not wait to see your results!
  7. Reseda Green thrown down first! So excited to see this thing take on shape. I will have to fix the fender as I dropped the model on it and damaged it.. my luck.
  8. Wow that metal barrel looks 10x better. Nice!
  9. Thank you so much! All these extras really help extend the build time, the best part for me. I appreciate it!
  10. Hi Soeren! It is not, I actually applied a thin layer of Mr. Surfacer 500 and then sanded it down a little. thank you!
  11. Small thing, I saw someone push down the grills on their German armour to replicate the real thing.. So, I took an eraser and the butt end of my file and gently pushed down on each grill.. I think it adds a great detail to it.. Thank you to whoever posted the idea. (Almost to 100 posts, woo!)
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