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  1. Thank you gentlemen. These kits sure are fun and you can really bash and customise them to your hearts content. I have quite a few of these little guys in my cupboard for those times when you get a bit bogged down in a complex build. A couple of weekends with a carefree kit can make a world of difference. The base was a fun experiment too.
  2. My latest. Just a quick build and paint. I hope you like it. Thanks for looking in.
  3. Well a month wasted... I just could not get any figures for not look awful. I messed about for weeks and in the end said to myself, just get on with it. So, on to making a little base. Here's where I'm at right now. Usual construction. Namely a wooden box from a craft shop topped with a rim of 2.5mm square Evergreen strip painted black with rubber feet. Then some cheap hardware store epoxy putty groundwork covered by a mix of broken plaster rocks, grout & sand + scatter materials with added bit o' bobbins to taste. Here's a few pics with the Honey as is. I've still more to do but this last pic is close to what I had in my minds eye when I started and to me that's a successful build. Thanks for looking in.
  4. Last pics for the weekend. One side down now need to get the other looking the same. Still a fair bit to do but kicking along pretty well at least I haven't wandered off to do something else. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  5. Hi John - Yes I did gloss first and silvering wasn't a problem. It's more hiding the thickness of the decal and stopping the step caused by applying them show though the weathering. I did shoot a thin coat of gloss to seal the decals but it didn't make too much difference. I hope to be able to hide the texture in the weathering. Got a bit of time to mess about this afternoon, progress but not much. I'm working on the hull bottom too but it looks a mess right now. Im not going to do any real attempt to do an OD lower hull on this one but I think it would make an outstanding and stunning looking model. I want to keep it simple and keep moving lest I get distracted. I hope you enjoy. Dan
  6. Jon - This is the silver texture paste I used for the weld beads. The nozzle is about 0.03mm so nice and small beads are pretty easy. The paste cleans up with water and holds its shape pretty well. Works okay and is very fast and easy. Comes in a lot of colours too . Tonights progress; A couple of washes in oils and some pin washes in Humbrol. A few chips here and there. The Star decals are okay but I'm not very good at getting the film to disappear, sigh. I hate decals Just not good at em. More work on the tracks and wheels plus painting more details tomorrow. Having fun and that's the main thing. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  7. Progress?: Looks pretty ratty right now but I trust I can get it looking better in a bit.
  8. Most of the afternoon zipped away doing that last bits to get ready for primer. I've done my mix of Tamiya for the light Stone, so here goes. Before the paint booth. We'll see how I go. I've got my fingers crossed. Dan
  9. Thanks guys. The strap is three layers of blue painters masking tape sealed with very thin superglue and a buckle faked from flattened very thin lead wire. Does anyone know if these came in OD from the US and then painted Light Stone? Just wondering how far I can go in weathering the paint before I get a cartoon. Thanks for any advice given. Dan
  10. For a while now I have been messing about with 1/48 scale armour but felt like I need a change of pace. I have always had a soft spot for the M3 Stuart. Like the Panzer III it just screams 'Tank' to me. The local shop had the Academy kit on sale so it seemed a logical choice. So far I'm two weekends in and the basic construction is done. If I didn't build the individual links I'd have been done in one. Not too sure the individual links are really worth it as the rubber band tracks look pretty darn good. I have done a few little additions and I have some stowage planed but I should be getting to the paint booth soon. I have some Star aftermarket decals that I want to have a go with. The colour will be a basic light stone finish with Australian desert markings. I don't plan much wear either just a lot of dust and sand. A small base and a figure are future additions that should make this a quick and simple build. Here's where I'm at right now. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  11. My little Horch got some loving' this weekend. I'm beginning to get the hang of finishing off projects Thanks for looking in.
  12. Latest little bits and bobs. Both excellent Tamiya kits. Dingo tarted up and on a new base. STUG III B
  13. Always great to see one of your WIP's. Neat subject and wonderful to see that you will take on anything that catches your fancy. It looks like this kid have very good surface details for being so very small in scale and subject. I'm looking forewords to seeing what you make of this fine kit.
  14. I've had these bits sitting around for some time now and I though it best to just get on with it. 1/48 scale Hauler German field kitchen ( Gulaschkanone ) and some cobbled together figures. I tried out some thin cork for the stonework and messed about with the tree. I'd like to add some more details but might just wait awhile and see what I think. Just need to get some more work to a 'finished' state. If seems all I do is noodle about with stuff and never have much to show for all my work. Thanks for looking in.
  15. Such a wonderful model. Thank you for sharing your unique style and fantastic craftsmanship. Great to see what can be made from what is a simple kit. I wonder if others from this range might make it to your workbench.( Wouldn't that be a treat! ) I must say that this manufacture has come up with an ingenious way to make articulated tracks for this kit of kit. I wish the Meng ones were as nice. Can I ask what you used for the little flowers? They are a killer addition to your scene. I always love your work but this little critter just POPS! Dan
  16. What a great looking TKS. I wonder how your figure came out. I do think your scene would be improved with at least one figure, ideally a German trooper looking inside for goodies . Your grass looks nice and unkept but you are right some more colour variation would look better. Maybe a dry brush of some lighter shades of green to add some variation? Best practice some before committing to the scene proper. Might I also be so bold as to suggest adding some more variation to your base. Some dried roots for twigs or other textures of vegetation. Something small in the opposite corner to balance the composition, perhaps? Most of all I'd love to see this with a figure or two as I think it would kick it up a notch and show off just how tiny these little tanks were. Thanks for sharing your lovely TKS.
  17. Neat modifications Bjorn, have fun but beware. Like all sweets they can be addictive. You may find yourself with a whole bunch of the little critters. Have fun and I am look forward to seeing how they paint up. Dan
  18. Thank you all for your encouragement. Ted - The tilt and storage is from Black Dog. They make some great resin sets for 1/48th scale, figures and buildings too. Troy - The collar tabs are Eduard coloured photoetched, everything else is painted, poorly, by me. Dan
  19. Driver finished for the little Krupp. He came out better than I had any hope for. The Protze in basic Primer Thanks for looking in.
  20. Just the latest bit for my diorama project. Resin and PE 1/48 scale German field kitchen by Hauler. Maybe a touch more weathering once I get into the groundwork. Nice resin kit. I will be building more of the Hauler stuff. Dan
  21. A wonderful model expertly built and superb paintwork. I have a 1/48th scale Tilly and your build makes tackling it a breeze. Thank you for taking the time to share your beautiful model. Dan
  22. Thanks guys, not much happening this weekend as I was painting figures (those darn squirrels ) SA80A2AR - I believe that the holes around the muzzle were for extraction of the propellant gasses. The muzzle flash from this thing must have been something to see. That and the noise inside!
  23. Great looking little truck. It's a wonderfull kit to get back into the hobby. I hope you have fun building it and look forward to seeing your progress. Beware of these 1/48 scale kits though, like peanuts it's hard to stop at just one. You gotta try out the new Churchill, it's a cracking kit.
  24. Softscience - The flora is a mix of home made and commercial products. If you want to know how I made them let me know which ones and I'll do my best to explain. I pushed through and finished this today. I think it came out okay. I sure had fun building it and got to try out a whole lot of new things. Some of them even worked . Thanks for looking in. Dan
  25. Glad you like it. The base is just a wooden painting panel bought from an art supply shop with a ridge of 2x4mm Evergreen styrene glued to make a dam for the 'concrete'. A few coats of black spray paint from a rattle can were used to finish the base. The hardest part was waiting for the black spray paint to dry. Then a mix of coloured tile grout, acrylic paint and plaster of paris was poured in and screed to level with a steel ruler. I did 'work' the top with both my finger and a metal straight edge to give a little surface finish. Just before the plaster/grout mix totally set I lightly scribed the lines and set the lot out in the sun to totally dry. Once dry I masked the base again and shoot a few coats of clear gloss from a rattle can to seal the finish for washes. Washes of very thin Tamiya enamels thinned with Humbrol thinners were used to get a bit more variation to the overall colour. Once dry I used some more washes this time made with AK chalk setting solution and chalks to dirty up the place. More setting solution was used to fix some scatter material and I cut some static grass tufts into thin slices for the weeds in the cracks. A quick blast of Matt clear tied it all together. (The grate and manhole are 1/35 scale from Miniart, hopefully they don't look out too of place.) All up started yesterday lunchtime and finished lunchtime today. There is much more I can and will do but this is good enough for now. A quick, fun project and innately scalable. IHTH Dan
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