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  1. Progress; Hull basically finished, well as much as I'm willing to do. Maybe some oil paints and dirt but that's about all. The turret is next and the spare track hangers. ( Soldering tiny brass parts, looks like heaps of fun...not.) A fun build but like a lot of my builds I can see so much to fix. I do like those metal tracks though, and the zimmerit. I think next one will be the Elephant, no the Panzer IV no the..... Dan
  2. I didn't think I could get any decals to settle into all that nice zimmerit texture so I busted out the Silhouette stencil cutter. Nice to have the right tool for the job. Not perfect but better than I had hoped. This was the last thing I was really worried about so the build becomes fun again. Thanks for looking in.
  3. Panther Progress; The AK Burnishing fluid worked well but I found that I needed to mechanically clean the links with a fibre glass pen before it work well. I think next time I'll spend a bit more time getting each of the links cleaner before I assemble them. The base colour yellow is on but I'm having a devil of a time getting my airbrushes to spray well enough to do a good freehand camouflage pattern. I might just do a 'cloudy patten' or stick with a plain yellow beast. I'm at that point where all I can see are my mistakes and 'bits you could better
  4. Latest progress. I tried out some Friulmodel tracks for the first time and I gotta say I like them a lot. Expensive but a joy to work with and I think they look darn nice. I'll play with the other side tomorrow but now that I know what I'm doing they should got together pretty quickly. Pretty close to getting to paint this sucker.
  5. Thank you Simon, You are too kind. Last progress on this for a bit while I await the metal tracks from Canada. I am going to see if I can make the early Friulmodel Panther track work, I know they aren't quite right but, eh? If not I'll use them on the D I have in the stash Should be a bit of a lark as I haven't used any of those metal track before. A few bits to futz with on this until then but I'm not holding my breath about shipping times these days as the mail services are stretched pretty thin. Our Posties are having to send mail outside my own state for sort
  6. A little progress; Schruzen hangers needed fixing once I noticed them while looking at some photos of the real tank. I thought that they were bolted on but no, they have a neato bent metal bracket. Soooo, off the the races and I added some plastic and brass bits and used the paper schurzen from the MP zimmerit set. I did use very thin superglue to stiffen the paper and it looks pretty good. They are removable too I'm interested to see how durable they will be in the end. Might just have well gone with the plastic ones from the kit but I wanted something thinner, with overlap
  7. Thanks Simon, though I don't think mine is good enough to run with that crowd. I really like the form of the Panther but think the Panzer IV should get more credit for being the bigger threat on the battlefield. I'm am dazzled by just how many different camouflage schemes there are for the Panther. Looks as if you can think it then somebody, somewhere tried it. Still a bit weird building the hull and turret before the running gear but then I wanted to get that zimmerit finished. I tried some green stuff welds but didn't twig to rolling
  8. Well I thought I'd wonder off and start some old wingy thing but once I got that box open and started messing about I could tell my heart wasn't really into it. The squirrels were playing pretty hard in the side yard so I started rummaging thought the darker recesses of the to build pile and found an old Panther G that I had bought, got the PE sets, turned barrel and even a MP zimmerit set for then promptly forgot about. Not exactly true as I can remember looking at the zimmerit set and those boxes on the rear plate and thinking, " Not tonight Josephine." Well courage and sticking points me
  9. Latest quick build. A nice kit and easy to assembly as are all these 1/48 scale Tamiya kits. I added a few little bits from wire and styrene but nothing too fancy. I may make a proper base for it one day but too many kits in the t'to do' pile. I hope you like it and thanks for dropping in for a look.
  10. Well, kept my head down and finished this one. Pretty much OOB and a simple as I could keep it. Maybe someday I'll make a base for it but I'm already to start my next one I thought the kit figure was pretty good OOB. A really nice quick build. I love how well these 1/48 scale Tamiya kits build up. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  11. Just a quick one pretty much OOB. A bit of fun to see if I could bend up the plastic fenders. I will need to do a few more until I get the hang of it. Nice kit, builds fast and I'm almost ready to weather it. I love how simple these kits are to build. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  12. If you just got one of these kits MM be on the look out for the new Hauler T-55 set, it looks a treat and has both PS and resin parts. I'm saving for a set to use on my next T-55. Almost finished . I just need to find the antenna that I put somewhere 'safe' and a few more bits and bobs. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  13. Got a bit done quickly. I need to get this done before I get distracted.
  14. Glad you like it Stuart. Latest weathering; Working my way around the tank and doing bits and bobs. Thanks for looking in.
  15. A bit more landscaping. Still working on some figures and need to finish the weathering on the T-55. But, I think it's coming along okay. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  16. Matt I also do most of my work in 1/48 scale. I like to draw to output/printed size, that is, all real dimensions reduced by 1/48. I work in metric so this is easy. Just input the dimension and multiply by 0.0208 and Fusion 360 will spit out the scale dimension. Even easier you can set up all kinds of 'parameters' under Modify/Change Parameters. I usually set a unit less parameter of 'A' to 0.0208 at the start of all drawings in 1/48 scale as my ' Scale conversion'. Thus type a*385 into a dimension box and you'll get 8.008mm . Same goes for converting inches to mm (a*11.5*25.4= 11.5
  17. Not to be a trouble maker Murdo but how small ya want to go? The two marker lights on the corner of the 1/48 scale T-55 just above the fender fuel tank are about 2x2mm and I regularly successful print details down to about 0.25-0.3mm square and I'm not a great printer. I think you can do just about as well as most manufactures as far as detail is concerned. And gosh help us when 4K screens get cheaper. Dan
  18. Matt, Self taught is good. I started picking it up in December and while a zillion years ago I trained as a draftsman, when CAD was so expensive the Uni had very strict limits on how much time a student could play/learn the darn stuff, I'm more concerned with forgetting how the program works between drawing sessions. YouTube is a big help as you can jump back online to 'refresh' your memory on how you did it last time. The hard thing is sometimes you know what you want to do. And you're sure that it can be done. But you don't know what the system calls the command or procedure to get it
  19. One chief use of a component is that it allows you to draw a part on a seperate drawing and then import( copy) it into another drawing. That's how I did the open ammo box I showed in the other post. I did a drawing of the 100mm shell then made it into a component. ( Used the shell drawing to export a STL file to print lots of single shells) When I drew up the open box I started with a copy of my closed ammo box. Split the top off ( Made a new plane at the break of the top and body, then used the Split body command) and rotated the top back. Then roughed out the interi
  20. A little more progress on the base. Next weekend I'll get back to finishing the weathering and detail painting of the kit. Very green Dan
  21. Hi Matt. If you are lofting you have come a long, long way in Fusion 360 and well done Sir. Yes, using rails will get you the rest of the way towards having the fuselage looking the way you want. I didn't find them very intuitive to learn but pretty powerful once you get them under control. If you haven't started yet I can advise that you control your 'new bodies' and make components when you can. Isn't the 'time line' a great feature? That ability to go back and change or add/delete a feature is marvellous. I am a big fan of Fusion 360 as a software package, I just wish it ran a bit bette
  22. I can't help with a suggestion of which type to get as I don't have any experience in UK but I do think you are wise to look into availability of consumables and supply chain for spare parts. I also think anyone thinking of printing should seriously think about where they are going to get their designs from. There are a lot choices but like any machine tool you should save at least half your budget for consumables and spare parts and or designs. I have a SLR/resin printer and besides a quality Resin supply you will want a UV light to cure prints with, lots of gloves/googles, paper tow
  23. Intersting question Colin. I can only say that I have had an Elegoo Mars SLA resin printer since December and have been very happy with both it and the prints I have been able to make. I will say that SLA resin printing is now a mature enough technology and very good results can be obtained by most people straight out of the box. BUT, You are going to have to make a big investment in time, learning to get the best from your machine. If you aren't the patient type that likes to problem solve then 3D printing isn't for you. There will be failed prints, it will be a bit mess
  24. I hope you will indulge a little for me to ramble. Down here in Melbourne we are all back in lockdown so I've had plenty of time to putter around in the bungalow working on this and that. I've been working hardest on cleaning and organising the forty year collection of 'objects' that make my modelling gear/collection. One thing is sure, I've got too much junk. I've been pretty ruthless in chucking out old and unusable materials. Throwing out dead paints and decals that even the moths and weevils won't touch. Much of my gear is still in pretty good shape but I do question
  25. No John, he's a US maintenance guy from Areobouns. I have a few of their figures as they are easy to get here in Australia. A bit on the small side like the older Tamiya figures but most are pretty good and reasonably priced. Next! This guys a monster at almost 40mm tall. Can't put him anywhere near the other figure. I tried a few different things on him. I like the way Kevin Townsend from Track48 paints his leather work so tried a brighter lighter leather colour for the belt them added a darker centre bit w
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