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  1. Retire! Me!

    "Time is wasted on the young, money is wasted on the old." Lot in that.
  2. Retire! Me!

    I was prematurely paid-off (at the same time as HMS Ark Royal) at 52. Haven't regretted taking premature retirement for a moment. The question you have to ask yourself is, "Do you live to work or work to live?" I was fortunate to retire with a satisfactory pension and no dependencies, for which I am extremely grateful, so was free to make the decision that enjoying, while I was fully able to, what I had saved for and built up was more important than accumulating more against a glorious future I might not live to see (a rule which of course breaks down when applied to stashes). I have however known some colleagues grapple with the issue of identity: does your job define you and your view of yourself or is it just an aspect of your life? Glad to say that retirement has demonstrated that for me it's the latter. I worked hard throughout my life, from schooldays onward, but I have to say idleness has come easily to me. As they used to say, only boring people are boring. It's great to wake up each morning free to decide what I want to do, and there are invariably plenty of options, most of them enjoyable. And it's nice not to feel exhausted all the time: for me retirement began to sink in one afternoon when I sat down and read a book from cover to cover, without dropping off after 10 mins. I now waste far too much time on here but some of those models are getting built. But don't expect to have time, or even inclination, for wall-to-wall modelling. Excuse me, must dash: bit of modelling, then swimming, bit more modelling, then dance class....
  3. under new ownership photo link

    Seen it before but like the colour photo of the Renzan (RITA): for those of you wondering what Japanese trainer yellow/orange looked like.
  4. Mozzie, Airfix 03019

    Most of the Falcon sets are still available and you get much more for your money than with the Squadron Signal sets. The trouble is that a lot of the kits they are designed for have been superseded, in some cases long since, by better offerings. In some cases they did correct errors but IIRC not in the case of the Mosquito. https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php?adv=1&product_category_id=&product_division_id=&manufacturer_id=8008&product_type_id=&code=FNCV&scale_id=956&keyword_search=&setPerPage=25&sort=0&search_direction=0&save_search_name=&save_search= The Mosquito fighter canopy is on FNCV02.
  5. British Pacific Fleet aircraft decals & kits

    Nice job! Crash moulding has always terrified me but that's a means of obtaining the industrial quantity of such windows I need. The Hasegawa Tarpon windows are very disappointing and IIRC the fuselage windows provided with the Frog/Academy one are just solid hemispheres of clear plastic: nothing like as realistic as yours.
  6. 1/72 Blenheim IV's with the undernose turret decals?

    The review is well worth a read in its own right. Pity the linked posts on correcting the nacelle shape have been made all but useless by the Fotobucket Fiasco.
  7. Mosquito T.III

    For anyone rereading this thread in 2018 or subsequently, I bought the Pavla 1/72 T.3 conversion kit some time back (maybe in 2014!) and consider it a complete waste of money: inaccurate and not especially well moulded. You can do better yourself drawing on the info in this and other threads.
  8. British Pacific Fleet aircraft decals & kits

    A few tweaks: the British did not differentiate between the F4U-1A and the F4U-1D. The Mk.II was an F4U-1A/D built by Vought, the Mk.III the same built by Brewster and the Mk.IV the same built by Goodyear. Agree though that the more expensive and rarer F4U-1A kit is the best option for Mk.IIs, Mk.IIIs and early Mk.IVs (earlier prop, Brewster bomb-rack and (can't remember for sure here) a central drop tank of the pattern used extensively by FAA Corsairs). The -1D is best for later Mk.IVs (wider prop, bomb pylons - though the twin droptanks and HVAR rockets will not be required). Agree that the Revell "F4U-1A" is a big disappointment. The Academy Corsair is to my mind tolerable but trails in the wake of the superlative Tamiya kit. depicting a front-line Corsair will normally (Never say, "Never"!) require addition of small intakes to the fuselage sides and a large outlet to the fuselage underside. The Fundekal transfer sheet instructions, available on line and a work of reference in themselves, show what's needed. a few Corsair IIIs did sneak through to the front line: Fundekals provide transfers for one in the BPF. the FAA did not deploy the Helldiver in the Far East. Only one FAA Helldiver squadron was formed (in the UK) and disbanded before undertaking any operations. The FM-2 would be fine for a Wildcat VI of which one squadron reached the Indian Ocean. I try not to clutter my mind with the Dark Side and so am unsighted on the Hobbyboss kit but I would expect any F4F-4 kit to be a good basis for a Wildcat V (FM-1): several squadrons operated these in the Indian Ocean but none AFAIK in the Pacific.
  9. British Pacific Fleet aircraft decals & kits

    Shush! Don't encourage them.
  10. Kits World decals, how accurate are they?

    Actually the Airfix kit provides a choice of either red or blue, with the instructions stating that research as to the correct colour "is ongoing". However they say that current thinking is that they were blue and that RAF colours were used. Well, that's one less colour on the transfer sheet then.
  11. Airfix 2019

    And, if they could avoid their favourite current pitfall of making it in that scale which is not mentioned in refined company, so much the better. Ie I would buy a few.
  12. British Pacific Fleet aircraft decals & kits

    Try and get hold of the SAM transfer pack on the BPF. It was issued on one of the anniversaries of VJ day (I suppose it must have been the 60th, so 2007) when Neil Robinson was editing Model Aircraft Monthly (or whatever it was called that month). Designed by a modeller for modellers, it was 3, maybe 4 sheets containing national markings, side numbers, tail codes and serial numbers including a lot of the quirky variations of style in which the FAA excelled. It was also valuable in containing the "intermediate" 40" roundel-and-bar marking which, while never AFAIK officially recognised, seems to have been used extensively alongside or instead of the official 32" and 48" sizes. No, you can't have mine. Also probably unobtainium nowadays are the sheets put out by TallyHo of Canada (not the totally different Polish company) which originally piqued my interest in the East Indies and British Pacific Fleets. They were accurate with good well-informed instructions. From memory they covered: EIF: Kingfisher, Wildcat V, Seafire III BPF: Avenger, Hellcat, Corsair II, Corsair IV, Seafire III
  13. Saab J21 - Help with Colours

    Funny you should say that. About 20 years ago I was building this kit and, after doing all the research I could in those pre-internet days, settled on RLM 71 and 65 as the external colours: source of information now unknown. But, like you, I'm not sure now that RLM 71 is olive enough when compared to the colour photos.
  14. Or send me the autographed copy of SCM and I'll go round and duff them up for you.
  15. Chequered BE2c: a few questions

    Thanks to you and Black Knight for your helpful answers. Even at my glacial pace things move on and I have answers of my own to some of the questions now. As regards the fuselage roundel I put one (Fantasy Workshop) backing disk under one and two (Modelart) disks under the other when that proved less than totally successful. In both cases the backing disks proved less opaque than I would have liked and in both case the chequers are still visible, though discernable rather than obvious. Still, covering black/white chequers was always going to be a tough call. PS You must have done an excellent job on your model for it to still look that good at such a magnification. Well done.