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  1. Oh, dear. Has anyone told Airfix? Edit: maybe they have, hence the deeply regrettable decisions to issue the Sea Vixen, Javelin, Sea Fury and Walrus in The Wrong Scale.
  2. If I was going there, I wouldn't start from here. But I admire your pluck, sir.
  3. The transfers for Airfix's Mustang starter/gift set were not Airfix's finest hour.
  4. As my post 6 down on page 2 of the thread linked above (come back, post numbering!) explains, Moore's article is woven together from 2 sources, his personal post-war observation of PD119 YZ-Z and a more general briefing on war-time Grand Slam tactics he received from F/L Rawes, who had been PD121's pilot on several Grand Slam missions. It is important to read it very attentively to understand what he does and, maybe as important, does not say. To recapitulate a little from the earlier post, from photographic evidence [*] PB996 [C], PD112 (S) and PD113 (T) were in the standard bomber scheme but apparently PD114 and all subsequent aircraft were in the day scheme. Aircraft I have been able to confirm in day camo are PD114 (B ), PD118 (M), PD119 (J), PD129 (O), PD133 (P) and PD139 (L), to which we can add Moore's PD121 (Z) Correction of typo: the initial production batch of GS aircraft were PB995-8 vice PD995-8. Also suspect an error may have crept into Moore's article with the identification, allegedly by Rawes, of PD119 as YZ-T: it is well attested elsewhere as YZ-J. [*] References: Mason: The Avro Lancaster, Robertson: Lancaster, Holmes: Avro Lancaster, Osprey Elite: 617 Squadron, Lancaster At War 2 & 3, Flower: A Hell of a Bomb (Tempus, 2002).
  5. This topic comes up regularly and was fairly exhaustively discussed in this longish thread (no, I couldn't find it using the site search engine either): About 12 posts in I quote much of the relevant bits of Rupert Moore's article from Jan 76 Scale Models. But I think Graham may have been referring to a more recent article (last 2-3 years?) by Paul Lucas in which he offered his take on the controversy. Or are we both afflicted with False Memory Syndrome?
  6. Hope you enjoy it/them though I have a suspicion you'll find the Hellcat detail evolution drawings and captions uncannily similar to those in Troy's 16 December post. 20 Euros is about £700 nowadays, isn't it?
  7. Could this be The Thread That Died Of Shame?
  8. Ah, old SZ-FS! Bought mine (in the header and bag packaging and with spindly crewmen) for 1/9 (9p). The instructions said "for a desert version use 2 shades of brown instead of 2 shades of green", same transfers though. Life was so much simpler in those days.
  9. Seriously impressive scratchbuilding skills: very well done. One thought is an Armorfast Sd Kfz 251 doesn't seem to do justice to workmanship of such high quality: isn't it worth splashing out on a Dragon kit?
  10. Many thanks: we live and learn. This is the "other" Marder II:
  11. There's also a Tucano in what looks like a special scheme on the left edge of the photo.
  12. Not to mention the 7.62cm FK36(r) auf Panzerjager Selbstfahrlafette Zugkraftwagen 5t (Sd Kfz 6): Sgt Squarehead: are you sure about Marder II in North Africa? If so, which of the 2 variants?
  13. Strictly speaking the thing on the underside is not a scoop but an outlet. Total WAG on my part but maybe it took a while to dawn that all the air collected by the side scoops might need some exit.
  14. DK296/GB-G agrees with textual references in Sharp and (MJF) Bowyer. Not listed by (C) Bowyer. DK297/GB-O agrees with Bowyer and textual references in Sharp and Bowyer. DK292 appears in artwork rpt artwork in Sharp and Bowyer as GB-G. Not mentioned by Bowyer.
  15. I have both but am quoting from the 1995 "revised and updated" version from Crecy.