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  1. Slightly O/T but a number of the old Heller kits are currently available in the Misterkit/Masterkit range. I recently saw the Caudron R.714 for sale in Trago Mills at Newton Abbot for something like £2.80.
  2. It's all those vegetables: don't do you any good.
  3. Is that actually so? How does it compare with St Mawgan's (allegedly an emergency landing location for the space shuttle) or Benbecula's?
  4. Since it's the edition currently available in the shops, I don't feel I should do.
  5. Has anyone else noticed the Blenheim IV in the foreground of the photo at the top of p.125 of the May 2017 Flypast? It's an article on the history of XV Sq and the photo depicts a gathering of XV and 82 Sq Blenheim IVs at Wyton in July 1940. The aircraft of interest to me (Txxxx, LS code but no individual letter) seems to have a long ventral bath under the nose, like that used later on the Blenheim V. It is quite unlike the transparent blister with ventral gun featured by other aircraft in the shot and is definitely not the later FN underside turret. I'm assuming it is a trial of the Blenheim V configuration but was unaware that it was flying on one (or more?) Blenheim IV(s) as early as July 1940.
  6. Capable, maybe. Whether they, or their directors, or their financial backers, could be a.., bothered is quite another thing. As someone else has said, those immediate post-war movies were immeasurably strengthened by the participation of actors who had experienced at least military life and sometimes the reality of combat and could draw on those experiences. In so many period dramas nowadays (eg SS-GB) the actors are just modern people with modern attitudes in fancy dress. Very few can capture the speech of the period, even how people stood (too much slouching and mumbling). Two exceptions who are able to carry it off convincingly, at least in my book, are Honeysuckle Weeks (Foyle's War) and Belinda Lang. Unfortunately, openings for either of them in remakes of The Dambusters or The Cruel Sea would appear to be limited. Unless, of course, we go in for "radical reimaginings" of the stories. You heard it here first.
  7. That would explain why, long ago, Aeroclub did two sheets of dayglo, one in orange and one in a redder shade. I bought both but was never clear when Ii should have been using which.
  8. Thanks for the correction: it didn't look quite right when I typed it.
  9. They are almost all new tools. However I did see a Beaufighter/Bf 109G dogfight double still on sale a fortnight or so ago: old tools - avoid like plague. Other old, nay ancient, dogfight doubles now best avoided are Bf 110/Spitfire IX, Mosquito/Me 262, Mig-21/Cessna O-2, Mirage III/MiG-21, Camel/Albatros, R.E.8/Fokker Triplane.
  10. If he had, they would have been British dams. Well, I suspect the ones at airshows might.
  11. Revolutionary concept there. Do you think it will catch on?
  12. Does anyone know what the AA gun is please? If it's a FlaK 30 or 38, I could be looking to upgrade the parts in the ICM Flakpanzer 38(t).
  13. Well, what other shows are there in town for a major league player?
  14. So are/were GR.1As ECRs in Panavia eyes then?