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  1. More likely the presence of 13/39 Squadrons, and the Reaper operations which have attracted the attentions of the protestors
  2. Macrahannish is also 3049m
  3. This week's made so much more sense after a second viewing. BTW, anyone else think the "baddies" bear a resemblance to the ones in Fires of Pompeii?
  4. Interesting vid. Wish I could find more pics of the green/sand Lynx and Gazelles that were painted for GW1
  5. Apparently the tea urn is the only difference between RAF RC135s and the USAF ones
  6. It could be seen on Two seaters as well
  7. Some are , some aren't. And some buy for the future, so storage is important
  8. It gets confusing, somehwere I'm sure Panavia has a list of designations for all the variants!
  9. Bit of a myth as VAT is due on gifts over the limit as well, however they are less likely to get targeted - unfortunately, big or heavy packages attract attention, and models usually fall into the latter!
  10. Sovereign do a British Deep Bronze Green (ARB02), it's matt but looks good under a semi-gloss coat.
  11. The Saudi ones aren't ECRs though, they are the recce version of the IDS
  12. I think he still does some work - He did stuff for Gary Madgwick's new company. The Victor sheets are certainly in Jon's style, Maybe not the F4 one but the drawings match one he previously did.
  13. Jon Freeman does a lot of theirs these days, not sure if this is one of his.
  14. I don't think Airfix would be bothered one way or another what SH do. SH's market would be such a small part of the Airfix one.