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  1. Don't think so, I gave a had idea to replicate the final mass flight, and have been stashing kits when I find them cheap ( including Retrokits T10s) but not aware of any decals. Nearest beside the Revell kit is probably the Dragon JFH boxing, but their decals look a bit crude
  2. One issue wirth RFC records is that often people transferred in - I've found a couple of W Bennetts in the RFC, but I suspect both are airmen. WW1 records are notoriously difficult to search, due to incompleteness. I'll have a look an ancestry later if you like
  3. I've got an S&M one that will be converted back to 700 (ETPS) someday......😊
  4. I know a library that has a complete set, a research trip may be in order. We'll have to agree to disagree on the latter point. In the silver scheme, the serials were further outboard.
  5. Regarding the silver/white/Red spinner question, I have seen private photos which show this before transfer to HKAAF. Also show two different anti glare panels in the silver scheme
  6. One further thought - the Flight picture was published in B+W, and I think shows better than the colour one that appeared in Aeroplane Monthly that PS854 is in the darker PRU (?) blue scheme in that photo - another point that leads me to beleive that only PS852 was painted in the low demarcation scheme - 0670.html The pic of PS854 over Aberdeen is the fly in this theory - unless it was either taken later than Feb 53, or shows an aircraft in overall PRU blue with an anti-glare panel. I have a suspicion the really dark shot of PS854 is the one painted in blue/red mix.
  7. That might have been me.... swiss cheese brain these days. I think I took the view that it wasn't clear enough to decide, and the photos of 854 don't show it in the low demarcation scheme
  8. It's nice, I think the best Roden WW1 aircraft (but as my avatar shows, I'm biased!) Some sprue shots of the 23 in my photobucket, and a comparison with the Eduard Nie17
  9. Note that PS852 has an unsual variation in the MSG/PRU blue sheme with a low demarcation. I'm not sure of the shot of the underside (with the shiny serials) is PS852 or 4 - I suspect 852
  10. They seem to have - the last new release were the Nieuport 23/24/27 series in 2012. Although they have done a few WW1 vehicles, I was hoping for a Sopwith Triplane or Pup from them.
  11. Does the F-RSIN kit have the wing leading edge slipper tanks?
  12. The only think I have found PPP or Vallejo putty any use of ris the fine seams you get at joints between plates on vehicles/AFVs where the ability to smooth away with a wet finger/cotton bud and then carve/chip away any excess is useful
  13. I'll need to look it up, but I think the extension was in front of the wing, but there were extra windows aft of the wing. they extdended the cabin by moving the rea bulkhead back a bit. the other thing to watch for is the nose cone differed - the nacelles may have had slight differences based on the mark as well.
  14. I have a list as long as my arm of helicopter subjects I wish someone would do in 1/72 - Squirrel (without wrestling the Mach 2 kit), Twin Squirrel, A109A, A109E, later Dauphin variants, decent Gazelle - most of which are not particulalry modern, but 'last 40 years'
  15. Undoubtably, or on ebay. I've done it myself on occasion. It's how business works.