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  1. No thanks, I actually want my paints to stick to my models! They had a big advert recently claiming that 60% is now produced in the U.K. The difference between Humbrol and other companies in the Hornby family is that Humbrol doesn't need constant new releases to keep the interest up and flowing.
  2. No cry for Tamiya, as they have made maybe 4 kits I'm interested in. Airfix yes, as they have done so many I am interested in!
  3. Nose is too short on the FRS1 and too long on the GR 3
  4. Better than Airfix, which in addition to the points mentioned has too skinny a rear fuselage, tanks that are the wrong shape and strange missile rails ( two different sizes when they should be the same) The Sea Harriers were one of the last kits designed under Trever Snowden's watch and displayed all the slapdash approach to 1/72 that characterised those days. The GR7/9 and Gr1/3/AV8A were designed by the current team and it shows. The best conversion set was one produced by a company called I think Scalecast (Based in Derbyshire IIRC). What they did differently was supply the parts for the whole rear fuselage including the extension, which meant you only had one join to line up. You could even fit the new pieces to the fuselage halves before joining. I may still have one somewhere, Havent seen the Whirlybirds conversion, but the Heritage one involved a lot of sanding and filling and swearing!
  5. The RWR and fin extension was added at the same time as the laser nose (except on one trials aircraft, only aircraft I've seen with the RWR but pointed nose) - the fin was the same height as on the Sea Harrier. The Airfix kit has an early sized fin but added the RWR. The kit designer was kicking himself when they realised that too late. Correcting it takes about 20 minutes with plastic card, or Freightdog did a resin replacement if you fancy that route. (Incidentally, the new nose/fin were added to existing GR3s - the change in designation actually represented a change in engine. It is possible to see pointy nosed GR3s) The Italeri/ESCI kits would be my second choice - biggest issue is the cockpit and seat, the seat is based on the AV-8A one and needs the cockpit extended back and a proper MB seat fitted (Same for the Sea Harrier). AV-8As are a bit hard to find as Italeri haven't issued that version again.
  6. Other way round, the Fujimi kit came first, but both were designed by the same people.
  7. Can't recall if I posted this before, but some 1/72 RFC/RNAS Nieuports for the Eduard and Roden kits!
  8. The checks came in on the aircraft post Falklands. Not sure of the heritage that resulted in their adoption
  9. Yup, IRR NATO Green since the 70s, although recent years have seen some variation in shade, possibly due to contractors or changing properties of the paint.
  10. For the GR7/9, the newer Airfix kits are the ones to go for- even for a conversion to Gr5. For the American B variants, it's a bit more subjective, the Hasgegawa kits lack detail (especially the under fuselage air brake) and It might be easier adding the requisite bits to the Airfix kit (expensive with the current price of Hasegawa) For the TAV8B, the Sword kit isn't that much of an advance on the Airfix one of the early 90s, but is available. For first generation, as has been said, Airfix for GR1/3/8A, Sword for the T birds and ESCI/Italeri for the FRS1s. FA2 there is no really satisfactory kit, if pressed I would choose the Xtrakit/SH one. The various conversions available for the FA2 are a bit rough.
  11. He's bought from their store though (which I think is in Japan), so UK (or EU) law may not be approriate. Would have still thought his contract was with them though. Zoukei-mura SWS After Service Department mail´╝Ü
  12. Dunno, the Apaches used a lot in Afghan and elsewhere
  13. Jan, do you have an indication of when the captured Bf109F boxing is to be released?
  14. From memory it was a TV drama. Sure it wasn't a Gazelle or Alouette (although now I'm intrigued by the latter) Time to trawl through the Air Pictorials
  15. 110 cowl was Memet's designation for what is now known to be completely redesigned the Erla cowl