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  1. I'm going to guess something hinting at an AEW2 Shackelton
  2. And yet you took the time to open the thread and post?
  3. I'd expect an AEW2 from Airfix though (So I can build it as an MR2, 8 Squadron's trainer)
  4. Well i stocked up on Swifts............
  5. Annigrand did one as a bonus kit
  6. Space in storage! The Spit is going on a 10 year loan.
  7. For some reason it's in Bargains
  8. Yes, there is a pic here that shows the difference between two replacement parts
  9. The RAF Museum is sending one to Pima, it's dismantled at the moment
  10. I wonmdered about the IWM aircraft, but it has plates in differing positions
  11. IIRC the stuff is like thick micromesh/wet and dry paper, it's a dark grey in colour but marks very easily, with light 'scuffs'
  12. Interesting pictures, the sprue layout in the instructions didn't show the clipped wing tips. The bulge above the wheel wells looks a bit big, and not sure what that 'plate' between the inner and outer gun bay is meant to be
  13. Irony of that is the one thing they probably wouldn't get the rights for is 'Sailing' (Witness DVD issue of 'Sailor')