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  1. Has nobody been paying attention? This is old news, they announced this as part of their restructuring plan in June last year. They intend to focus on profitable channels, which implies this wasn't - I understand they rented shelf space in the retailers. No doubt if the businesses wished to continue to sell kits and railways they could do so in the traditional way.
  2. How did I miss that...
  3. Is the plastic in the Late mk IX any different from the Dual Combo mk XVI high back?
  4. It's not a deep yellow zinc chromate, but a lighter, more lemony shade, possibly even with a hint of green
  5. Has anything ever been found to PROVE that Cock o' the North art on L7009?
  6. I only those Argentinians hadn't invaded, we would have got better detail shots of EDSG/White SHars!
  7. I would not normally take issue with Nick on Sea Harrier matters, but unless we are talking about different parts, the sliding portion of the rear deck at least is DAG At least on this one...
  8. They didn't and it wasn't. The cowl us neitherBlenhiem nor Billingbroke, but based on the one at Duxford.
  9. Should be pretty close, maybe slight touch of white to lighten it for scale and to make it different from the external colour
  10. Quite possibly
  11. If I could find my copy of Falklands The Air War I'd list them! Must finish bookcase rebuild!
  12. The Victor in the GWH K2 kit (XL163) was one of the ones used to support Black Buck 1 amongst others, so the kit has the serials
  13. Ignore, I read Victor as Vulcan. Doh!
  14. Someone did an RN 2CV on here a little while back