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  1. Special Hobby new-tool P-40's

    I would agree with all of that. I have the Kittyhawk, will hold off buying the P-40N in the hope that a Kittyhawk IV boxing appears eventually!
  2. RAM Models

    Fraud is a deliberate intention to deceive for financial gain. I suspect in this case it's just bad service
  3. RAM Models

    I know a friend that ordered their F4 sheet and it arrived eventually (quite recently), but after a long time with no communication
  4. Sea Harrier Over The Falklands

    There are all sorts of reasons, but plans change... The initial designs did make scope for either STOVL or CTOL options, and there were voids in the hull design for things like catapult and arrestor gear). In fact Thales were lobbying the French Govt to order a third (CTOL) carrier of the QE design as a second carrier for the French navy. So the QE class could be built as a CTOL or STOVL ship. You also have to recall that at this time, the specific air compnent had not been chosen, although it was eventually going to be the F35 in some capacity, but if the ships had been ordered early enough, it might have been Harriers before that. ( (In fact I have a pre-selection RN drawing of a projected Future carrier showing parking spaces below decks for F18E/F and E2C, which shows what the Admiralty were considering if they'd started building in 2000). So it was envisaged that it might be possible to change from STOVL to CTOL at some point. However, once the project timescale was stretched, and the projected time for service entry neatly co-incided with the into service date of the F35, and the decision was taken to go for the F-35B, I suspect it was no longer envisioned that such a future conversion might be done. I was told by someone involved in the project that subsequently, some of the spaces in the paper design envisaged for CATOBAR equipment were used for 'other things'. Hence when the 2010 SDSR announced that we would go for CTOL and the F35C, there was a LOT of details drawings that would need redone, equipment to be relocated as well as make the physical changes on the already under construction QE (if required) and replace all the relevant production drawings for POW too, hence the cost increases from ACA, as well as having to find several 100 million pounds to purchase an EMALS from the States. There is also a line of thought within the RN/FAA that the STOVL version gives better operational availability, and they point to all the occasions when the Sea Harrier was able to operate when conventional carriers would have been unable to launch aircraft due to weather restrictions (e.g. in the Falklands). However...... don't rule out a future further batch of F35s being the 'A' variant for purely land based operations.
  5. 1/72 Airfix Phantom

    It is, a couple of friends of mine, who are both very experienced and talented modellers with a natural affinity with and interest in the subject, built it (separately) and neither was enamoured by it. Even leaving aside the softish plastic, variable details (Some good, some bad), strange design choices (Fitting the folded wings BEFORE painting for example) and too many options along with some sloppy fit meant neither of them enjoyed the process enough to want to build a second.
  6. 1/72 Airfix Phantom

    The Airfix plastic is a known issue - the Victor and Shackelton were produced in the UK, and the plastic was much better. Unfortunately it seems this wasn't economically viable.
  7. Airfix

    Not damaged beyond repair (as far as I know) nor outside Airfix's control, however due to the serious warpage and fit issues Airfix have decided not to re-release it. So basically they don't want to have to deal with 1000s of complaints
  8. Sea Harrier Over The Falklands

    If you read a broad range of Falklands material, it appears there were issues between Hermes and Invincible as well as the RN/RAF - Peter Squire says in his diaries:
  9. Italeri 1/48 Chinook CH-47F. HC2

    Interesting, it does looks like the fuselage is a proper new F/HC2 and not just a rebadge or their old HC1 kit (Sponson side attachments for example)
  10. Post-war RAF Mosquito

    The only real option for non 2 stage would be a T3 conversion
  11. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    It could just be fading with the tailplanes repainted, look at the side panels, fuselage roundel and the weathered radome - however, the MDD paint drawings specified Dark Sea Grey (and used the same 337 Stores ref for the Grey on RAF Phantoms) so it's an interesting piece of evidence in that jigsaw puzzle. There were also reports the US paint was more prone to fading. I'd love someone to do some paint archeology on the FAA Museum Phantom. (The outer deck was also EDSG, which does show that Phantom is a lot lighter)
  12. ๐Ÿ˜€ Re scheme #1 I think the codes should be red not grey, which is unfortunate as red codes that size are hard to find. Not sure itโ€™s day fighter scheme, might still be in de/dg
  13. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Also a lot of very interesting Harrier information!
  14. Airfix

    The Canberra was made under the old Trevor Snowden-led development team, where the attitude to finesse and accuracy, especially in 1/72, was less than ideal (See also Hurricane mk II and Sea Harriers). The Phantom is a bit of an abberation, so much so that I wonder if it's a different designer from usual - it certainly stands out from other recent kits like the Mitchell or the test shots of the Wellington. We could do with decent, accurate kits of both, including the NF ones!