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  1. Without going over too much old ground, the nose shapes are more MR3 than Mk 2, meaning you get a fatter nose in profile and the cross section further back is wrong too. The sides slope too much, meaning the ‘flat’ of the roof isn’t wide enough. I
  2. I can’t get past the shape inaccuracies in the Revell fuselage
  3. Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    Perhaps they airfreighted some for the show (Hence the higher price)?
  4. Airfix Starter Kits

    Interestingly the P51 was the one that didn't sell in ours last year
  5. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    All three as far as I'm aware - it would be good to get ssomething to represent the bleed air holes, even a decal or a bit of rough texture
  6. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    I think you are right on the boundary layer holes on the intakes - having seen photos, they are too fine to do justice
  7. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    The vents are not on the decal sheet
  8. If you use Firefox, there is an addon that gets round the PB bug - i can still see most of your pics!
  9. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    Doesn't look like it https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/air-power-of-the-senior-service/
  10. Anything is possible, but it's a big job. The best start would be the Monogram AV-8A, but form there you need to start carving and moulding You really have three lines - the first 5 P1127s and the Kestrels are sufficiently different to make them new aircraft. A comparison might be making a YF17 or F18A out of an F18E kit. A kesterl would be easire as the wings are similar (although narrower in chord) but all would require big changes around the intakes and fuselage sides, fin, tailplanes, canopy, exhausts and undercarraige. I have seen it done (mainly in 1/72) but it would be a lot of work And sadly there are neither conversions nor kits in 1/48th for either. It's still the big gap in the Harrier family line Some notes here
  11. Can they? Depends where you measure! Great stuff, I want a few RAF Vegas and early Proctors
  12. Airfix 2018

    You mean the new Airfix CEO....
  13. 1/144th Harrier T10

    Nice, I have a couple of them to do and they are not as easy as they first appear!
  14. Airfix Wimpy for 2018

    I'd like an early mk I conversion, pre-turrets
  15. The Flight article from 1938 gives a verbal description of the cabin on the mail planes ,but it's very brief. Also has a couple more photos and a nice cutaway of the passenger transport