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  1. 110 IS Roundel Blue, and that was the specified colour on the paint shop diagrams. Most modern decals are too dark.
  2. I suspect that's the trials aircraft that was fitted with the fibreglass tip
  3. Probably because we (at least I, not sure about Nick or the others that also helped with references) didn't know that! Always useful to have new information. So presumably they changed circa 1980? regarding the wingtip extensions, not sure if the Transatlantic ones were a different shape, photos seem to show the same shape as the ones ordered for service. They did test a fibreglass one, but it was the same shape as the metal ones, and all the drawings show the same shape. There are a surviving pair at Dunsfold that belong to G-VTOL. They were available if wanted, however the time taken to remove them and refit the standard ones, combined with the fact you needed to wait until the standard ones arrived in the back of a Herc or similar to engage in combat ops negated any advantage the slight improvement in range they offered. Easier to just IFR more often. Dave
  4. That Hurri
  5. I wonder if the kit will have the underfuselage strengthening straps fitted to late service aircraft - the 3D model had them
  6. Not a Spitfire, but I have a picture of a the now Science Museum Hurricane which has both wings in mirror image patterns, the result of a replacement wing
  7. Here's the previous discussion on this - general opinion was Xtrakit were wrong by 1961 On another topic, I've often wondered if it carried the 'zap' on the intake in service
  8. Intesresting he's selling them at the same price Airfix were. Now can someone please do some proper decals for them!!
  9. The original Airfix 1/72 kit used a different artist to the 1/48 and new 1/72
  10. Ours ate two ESCI Sea Harrier canopies - the second the replacement after Humbrol replaced the first! it was the Blu Tack she liked!
  11. Terrence Marriot - strangely, I had that issue in my had the other day. From memory, the 'detailling' wasn't completely accurate
  12. I could have sworn I'd seen one, about the same time as the Ventura Tempest I conversion. Mind must be going!
  13. Interesting, looking at pics I can just about see that - IIIs having a longer/narrower exhaust - more research needed! Fall back position - one of the High Speed Flight camo'd aircraft!
  14. There have been a couple of kits of the Harvard I over the years, was it Ventura that did an injection kit?
  15. The colour was always based around the pigment Ultramarine, which is a mid-dark blue (A lot of modern decal sheets are too dark, especially for post war roundels, as the inks used tend to be standard Pantone colours - compare a 1980s Modeldecal sheet with one of the hannants re-issues) Regarding this, there is a curious unattributed statement on the Wikipedia page for Ultarmarine: