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  1. Now that is a great looking little Tiger! I've just got interested in 'caricatures' in modelling, having bought my first Eggplane in January - I shall have to hunt down these little Meng kits. Kev
  2. Lovely build and of great interest to me as I've just bought the kit and stocked up with the Eduard PE, Master barrels and Eduard figures. Plan to do mine 'at sea'. Just gotta add some anchor chains to the AM and it'll be stocked ready to go. Don't intend to invest in a wooden deck, will have a go at using weathering techniques to get the deck looking good. Cheers Kev
  3. In the film 'The Wild Geese', Richard Harris' "son" is working on a Bandai 1906 Mercedes (can't remember if it was 12th or 16th scale, but I remember owning one MANY years ago). Kev
  4. Lovely little dio, Andrew. The Matador certainly looks the part, thanks to your TLC. As for the bank holiday - mine was somewhat disrupted by having to work this morning. That, plus continuing investigation of the possibility of leaving Windows for Linux Mint, has curtailed my modelling work today. Kev
  5. Hi All After a prolonged break while I moved home and prepared my new mancaves, I finally got sat down at the modelling bench today. Rather than jump straight in on an existing project, I chose to tackle something new. Airfix's new tool 1:72 Defiant was selected for several reasons: 1. It's a nicely engineered kit, 2. It's an easy build, 3. It's a favourite of mine, and 4. I have all the Humbrol Enamels required [allegedly] to complete the build. Started it at 9am this morning. Decided to use the hairy brush to do the cockpit and wheel wells so I could rattle through relatively uninterrupted. Here's where I've got to so far... Close up of the cockpit: ... and another... So.. airframe all together - required interior completed - harness added. Tomorrow the turret, undercarriage and then airframe painting. Doing the 246 Sqdn Day version, as you may have guessed. I wanted to use the enamels as I'm more accustomed to using them in the airbrush. My intention is to move over to acrylics (Lifecolor being the paint of choice for me) but for now I wanted to get back into the swing of things with an easy-peasy build. I also have been gifted two airbrushes and a tankless compressor, so want to 'adjust' my spraybooth (aka the small shed) to make best use of the four 'brushes I now possess. More work to be done on this tomorrow, hopefully getting it into the spraybooth for camouflage before the day is out. I may also have to go back and edit a post I made in a thread asking about "how long do you take to build a model?" cos I said I take a least a week - but this excellent little kit might just be about to make a liar out of me! Cheers Kev
  6. heh heh heh... sounds a lot like you're talking yourself into a BULK purchase, John! I was sure that I'd seen a photo of an MSG underside MB.5 somewhere but I can't find any trace of it now (though I lost all my previous research [and kits] in 2013, and I know I had the Silver Cloud kit at that time). Kev
  7. Very 'diplomatically' put, Ken. My first thoughts on seeing the Reno Replica were "slab-sided and short-nosed". It seems to show none of the grace of the original. Shame really, cos it would have been a real crowd pleaser at airshows. Kev
  8. Just as I should have expected - the minute I print out the plans with a plan to scratchbuild a [insert aircraft name/designation here] along comes a new kit of that very subject. Ho hum.... Still, I guess I shall have to order one of these. Not sure if I'll make it to Telford this year (haven't made it there since 2011, so well overdue a visit) but the mail order offer is too good to refuse. "You gotta do wot you gotta do", as they say! hee hee Kev
  9. Great project. I'm looking into a move into 3D printing, for much the same reasons as you. After a general look around and trying out of several pieces of software I decided to settle with FreeCAD. It has STL output capability and seems a relatively straightforward transition for the 3D modeller 'Moray' that I'm used to, whilst having the added advantage of also being able to use the 'sketch and extrude' method of constructing objects. As a bonus it also interfaces nicely with my favourite raytracer POV-Ray. I've also got my eyes on acquiring the Velleman K8200 3D printer, which is available from Rapid Electronics as a kit at around £360. 1Kg reels in various colours at under £25 also available. Too tempting for me not to go for it, basically. :-) Look forward to seeing your project progress. Kev
  10. "And the [ships] just keep on comin'... " To paraphrase an old song. Another beauty, Bob. Saddened to hear that you've abandoned the book project, I (and I'm sure many others here) would have loved to have read that. An old friend of mine is (or was - we lost touch some time ago) an author of maritime history reference books and I'm sure he'd share my delight in seeing your works. Looking forward to the next post Kev
  11. Hmmm - that's a great idea for the colour. Might have to 'adopt' that for one of my builds [when I finally get round to doing some builds, that is! ] Kev
  12. Hi Guys Apologies if this has been posted before. I've just found this today A very impressive RC model Tomcat. Love his "afterburner" effect! Kev
  13. Thanks for that answer, Bob. It was the beaded edging around the seascape that caught my eye on this one. Personally, I like the pale wood of this case, but I can see how a slightly darker shade may look more refined, or elegant. Cheers - and please bring us more :-) Kev
  14. Yet another stunningly beautiful ship model. Always a sheer joy to see your work. The quality and detail are all the more impressive given the diminutive size (About 9.6 inches long, if I can still use my calculator correctly ) Do you also make your own bases and display cases? - cos they're also worthy of praise. Kev
  15. Very tasty! I am left wondering when was the last time I saw any gutters that looked anything other than bland, though? Can't see the need for much more work on that, looks great to me. Kev