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  1. Navy Bird's Complete Waste of Time 2017

    It may be a small tally for the year, but each of them is perfectly formed. Love that they are all 'clean' airframes and yet look truly lifelike - a testament to your subtle eye and deft touch! The SHAR is a real beauty! I wish you well and hope for a long and productive future for you. Kev
  2. Mike's Output - 2017 was an odd year

    Thanks for the New Year chuckle, Mike. I've just decided to abandon today's building (working on a 32nd scale Lynx) and chill out for a bit before I return to work on the morrow. Your stewardship, care and guidance of the site is always appreciated and I hope that your mojo returns real soon. Kev
  3. My 2017

    Thanks CF4Uncle - I must admit that I have enjoyed every one of those builds. My problem is now storage for unbuilt kits - with an output of 7 and an input of 100+ I'm getting to the stage of "if I don't build I can't buy!" and that's a crying shame with all the lovely new stuff coming along - not to mention my current nostalgia kick!! Kev
  4. cmatthewbacon's class of 2017 -- 11, and all on wheels

    Some lovely stuff there, Matt! I didn't know that Revell did a 24th scale Maserati Bora (my ALL-TIME dream car!) - now that I know I shall have to have a good look for one. It may help with my plan to design, print and build a 1/12th scale one for myself. Kev

    Always great to see your diorama stuff, Badder. I'm sure that I shall have to 'borrow' some of your techniques and ideas for builds/dioramas that I have planned for the future Kev
  6. My 2017

    Hi guys and gals Here's my modest output for 2017: Wasteland Warrior [War Griffon Miniatures, 1/10th scale] Airfix 24th scale Hurricane - built OOB using supplied glue, paints and brushes Mixed scale Revell Star Wars fighters 1/135th scale Stonhenge - built as 'staged progression' of the kit MiniArt 1/16th scale Gladiator Airfix 1/72nd scale Defiant [new tool] and finally, Trumpeter's 1/144th scale Me 262 Not a lot for a year, but easily more than I've made in a year for some time! Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Kev
  7. Arthur C Clarke Centenary

    No Joseph, not Bloom County but B.C the caveman and his Friends - not sure how many books in the series but I know that I had around 30 of them in my last library collection (sadly all lost now). You can see some of them here: https://johnhartstudios.com/bc/ Kev
  8. Arthur C Clarke Centenary

    C&H won out (barely) over Garfield and Dilbert - though I have to admit if Johnny Hart's BC had any model related humour THAT would have beaten all comers! Kev
  9. Arthur C Clarke Centenary

    Oh dear God - that's gotta be one of my worst memory lapses EVER! It would also explain why I haven't located The Menace from Earth. I knew there would be consequences from "stopping taking the pills" Sorry about that, Gordon. No insult or injury was intended. Kev
  10. Arthur C Clarke Centenary

    One of the truly great Science Fiction authors - my personal favourite story is "I'm on Marsport without Hilda" (from The Menace From Earth short story collection). Funny, I was just thinking I needed to get that book into my collection again. Liked Clarke almost as much as Asimov. But have to admit that I thought Kubrick's work on 2001 truly sucked (just my opinion, and I know it's out of step with lots of folk). Would recommend reading "The Lost Worlds of 2001" - an anthology that covers the stories and concepts behind 2001. Kev
  11. Takom Tiger II Cutaway

    It'll be a while before I get started on mine (too many projects, too little free time - the usual modeller's equation!) but I'm sure I'll appreciate any pointers you may have re the instructions. My instructions came with four or five 'addenda' which I've stapled into the book in the appropriate places but they may not be any of the oddities that you found. Cheers Kev
  12. Takom Tiger II Cutaway

    Marvelously done, Devcon. That removable rear section works really well and is great for showing off the kit's excellent detail on the engine. Very impressed - and I'm now scared to start mine (cos I doubt I can make mine look THAT good ). Kev
  13. Takom Tiger II Cutaway

    Lovely work Devcon! I had the same thought when I got my copy of this kit but have decided to take a (hopefully) less arduous route to the cutaway. My plan is to do the cutaway on one side only and leave the tank with as full a L/H side profile as possible (see plan drawings below). No idea when I shall actually get started in this project, though, as I have too many kits in progress at the moment and have just committed to a group build elsewhere. I shall follow your work to its conclusion - looking at what you've done so far the end result will be absolutely stunning! Love the lit interior! Cheers, Kev Takom King Tiger #2047 - cutaway plans - KMS 2017
  14. Model of a model club display 1/12

    A great idea and wonderful execution. I can even overlook the accuracy issues (modeller is too young, too slim, too well-dressed AND too clean shaven! ) [All comments are entirely tongue-in-cheek and do not necessarily represent the poster's actual opinion] Now... where can I get those 1/6th scale figures from Revell??? hee hee... Kev
  15. Airbus A400M, Revell 1:72

    Hi folks I'm obviously well late to the party with this thread, but since my original comment I have managed to snag one of these beautiful beasts. A quick test fit yesterday revealed the fuselage closure problems mentioned, but I found that there were some serious impediments in the way of ejector pin marks (standing VERY proud of the inner surface of the outer fuselage - particularly from the cargo door hinge point and rearward of that point). Using a chisel scalpel blade [Swann Morton SM62], a small rounded blade [Swann Morton 15] and a sanding stick, I have managed to smooth the surface which improves the fit to almost manageable proportions. I then checked the fit of the inner parts and found that the mating edges along the top were not as smooth as one would like, so I proceeded to strategically sand the edges (holding the parts up to the light to see where gaps were showing) to produce a tighter fit. No need to include the floor, as that doesn't seem to play any part in the fit problem which seems mostly to be at the top and rear of the outer fuselage parts. An hour or so of 'tidy up' and the fuselage now fits together beautifully. Of course - it helps that there is absolutely no sign of any warping on any of the parts in my kit, which is a welcome surprise on a kit this size. I shall stuff this one back in its box for now, as I have loads of other things to finish... Hope this helps some of you. Kev