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  1. Takom Tiger II Cutaway

    It'll be a while before I get started on mine (too many projects, too little free time - the usual modeller's equation!) but I'm sure I'll appreciate any pointers you may have re the instructions. My instructions came with four or five 'addenda' which I've stapled into the book in the appropriate places but they may not be any of the oddities that you found. Cheers Kev
  2. Takom Tiger II Cutaway

    Marvelously done, Devcon. That removable rear section works really well and is great for showing off the kit's excellent detail on the engine. Very impressed - and I'm now scared to start mine (cos I doubt I can make mine look THAT good ). Kev
  3. Takom Tiger II Cutaway

    Lovely work Devcon! I had the same thought when I got my copy of this kit but have decided to take a (hopefully) less arduous route to the cutaway. My plan is to do the cutaway on one side only and leave the tank with as full a L/H side profile as possible (see plan drawings below). No idea when I shall actually get started in this project, though, as I have too many kits in progress at the moment and have just committed to a group build elsewhere. I shall follow your work to its conclusion - looking at what you've done so far the end result will be absolutely stunning! Love the lit interior! Cheers, Kev Takom King Tiger #2047 - cutaway plans - KMS 2017
  4. Model of a model club display 1/12

    A great idea and wonderful execution. I can even overlook the accuracy issues (modeller is too young, too slim, too well-dressed AND too clean shaven! ) [All comments are entirely tongue-in-cheek and do not necessarily represent the poster's actual opinion] Now... where can I get those 1/6th scale figures from Revell??? hee hee... Kev
  5. Airbus A400M, Revell 1:72

    Hi folks I'm obviously well late to the party with this thread, but since my original comment I have managed to snag one of these beautiful beasts. A quick test fit yesterday revealed the fuselage closure problems mentioned, but I found that there were some serious impediments in the way of ejector pin marks (standing VERY proud of the inner surface of the outer fuselage - particularly from the cargo door hinge point and rearward of that point). Using a chisel scalpel blade [Swann Morton SM62], a small rounded blade [Swann Morton 15] and a sanding stick, I have managed to smooth the surface which improves the fit to almost manageable proportions. I then checked the fit of the inner parts and found that the mating edges along the top were not as smooth as one would like, so I proceeded to strategically sand the edges (holding the parts up to the light to see where gaps were showing) to produce a tighter fit. No need to include the floor, as that doesn't seem to play any part in the fit problem which seems mostly to be at the top and rear of the outer fuselage parts. An hour or so of 'tidy up' and the fuselage now fits together beautifully. Of course - it helps that there is absolutely no sign of any warping on any of the parts in my kit, which is a welcome surprise on a kit this size. I shall stuff this one back in its box for now, as I have loads of other things to finish... Hope this helps some of you. Kev
  6. Clive A great and very fitting tribute. Lots of detective work to get to the scene, which is always of interest, and a wonderful re-creation of a scene that was (no doubt) repeated many times across the North African deserts and the many days and nights spent there by valiant troops (of both sides). No matter that it has arrived later than originally planned - it still serves as a heart warming reminder to those of who vow never to forget the efforts and sacrifices of those who have gone before us. All the best Kev
  7. Great work Clive. I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read "copious quantities of crushed chinchillas"! Truly funny description! Cheers Kev
  8. Next up - something with a choo-choo...

    Thanks for that Badder - but the 'tidiness' is a deliberate act for the camera. If you saw the rest of the room, you'd see something much more familiar I was saved too much trouble with the gauge because the loco came with tracks that fitted it. The lucky part was getting two railcars for the dio that ALSO fitted the tracks. It was just blind luck, though. I had no way of knowing whether it would all work until the models arrived (one from the UK and the other direct from Ukraine). I'd highly recommend the JLC 'Anniversary' edition razor saw. That gives you the single blade saw PLUS the spacers, longer screws and second blade for the parallel blade setup. I also bought both the mitre blocks for the saw - all were sourced from Modelling Tools (aka Little Cars) whom I would also highly recommend. Progress has been temporarily interrupted to do a quick build for someone at work. Hope to be back on the railway diorama after the weekend. Cheers Kev
  9. 1/24 london bus diorama

    Looks like it's a single 'string' of fibre optic illuminated from one end by a blue/white LED. You can see that the 'legs' of the letters are made up of individual runs pushed through from the supporting fascia. Of course, I could be wrong... Kev
  10. Next up - something with a choo-choo...

    Ahhh... I was never interested enough in that scale to find out before. N gauge is the scale for me though I have none of it left, these days. Cheers Kev
  11. Next up - something with a choo-choo...

    Hi bar side (a nickname that begs the question "which side of the bar are you on?") Interesting point, so I got out the 1/72 scale track (as supplied with the loco, and also purchased separately) and got to work with the digital calipers. It turns out that the track, which happily works with all the 72nd scale rolling stock and Locomotive, scales out to a true size of 1.5 metres (actually measuring 20.84mm between the rails at the contact inner edge). This is between the two possible track gauges I would have desired for this diorama. As far as I'm aware, German railways used the Standard track gauge of 1.435m and Russians used a slightly wider gauge of 1.524m. This means that my diorama is incorrect for both possible depictions, so 'artistic license' prevails. HO for Std Gauge would be 16.494mm and 17.512mm for Russian, whereas OO would be 18.882mm and 20.053mm respectively. I wonder what HO/OO gauge is? Not sure how they compromise for that one, but it's unlikely to be any closer to 1/72. Cheers Kev
  12. Next up - something with a choo-choo...

    An update on the dio... First thing that needs doing is separating the nice sleepers from the moulded ballast... This is a multi-stage process. From Left to right (above) the original ballast banking with rails slid partially into position (just as an illustration) then the base with the sides separated (using the large razor saw at the top of the pic) to give a flat section containing 15 sleepers then the tortuous sawing out of each sleeper (pic below) which finally need sanding on all four sides to tidy them up. The clamp holds everything nice and steady while I use the 'Anniversary Edition' of the JLC razor saw which, coincidentally, gives exactly the right width of cut when you use all its spacers. The piece of square plastic section (2.5mm, I think) keeps the clamp from damaging the delicate three prong rail guides. The aim is to end up with about 80 separate sleepers which can then be lined up (jig already made, but I forgot to include it in the photo - will photo it later) and then ballast can be added as shown below. That'll keep me busy for a little while In the meantime - I've built the Jaboschrek (30mm Flak Gun) and very nice it is too... ...and here it is mounted on the partially constructed Tender of the Br52... Coal and Ballast are both from Javis Scenics (HO/OO scale). Cheers Kev
  13. Next up - something with a choo-choo...

    Nice Idea, Kallisti. One should, of course, never let the facts get in the way of telling a good story... so the Typhoon idea could work - though personally I'd prefer a Mosquito or a Mustang (both equally improbable in that time frame, of course) to be doing the attacking. Might keep that idea on the back burner, if you don't mind? Cheers Kev
  14. Next up - something with a choo-choo...

    Well, Badder, I'm even more impressed with your work now. Your diorama is a work of art and (obviously) pure will. I've just finished building the Jaboschrek (30mm Flak gun) and I must admit that even I'm beginning to question the decision to do this all in 72nd scale! I forgot just how small everything is, made somewhat worse by the beautiful detail rendering of the kit. To make the gunsight for the Flak Gun a separate item consisting of five distinct parts must have been some form of torturous humour on the part of the designer of this lovely little kit. Will take some pics soon. Kev
  15. Next up - something with a choo-choo...

    Thanks Will The suggestion is a great one, but I'm trying to keep the depth of the diorama down to allow for shelf display in my LHS, hence the rather 'flat' presentation. Hey Badder - surely nothing in this lot would phase you? Looking at your excellent (if never-ending - hee hee) work, I'm sure this lot would be a "walk in the yard" for your talents! Cheers Kev