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  1. Those axles look lovely, Mrs P. I've ordered the Eduard PE for my kit, the Gun stuff has arrived, but I'm still awaiting the Tractor stuff. Lord only knows when I'll get round to doing the kit, though! Lots of stuff that HAS to be done before I can start on the Quad and Gun. Just keep enjoying this build, I'm sure the end result will be an object of delight and pride. Kev
  2. Hey Steve That looks good. I have this kit too, but my take on it is to do a multiple cutaway to show the details that Takom so generously provide. Got the drawings and am currently working out just how much can be cut out while retaining the upper hull and turret integrity. I'm hoping I can keep the cutaways to just the right side of the tank so that from the left it looks complete - that's the plan, anyway :-) Love the internal weathering on yours! Cheers Kev
  3. Thanks giemme and Knikki I toyed with the idea of putting in static reflections, but decided against it as the eyes are high gloss (not obvious from the photos) and do reflect direct lighting. I do tend not to do much 'reinforcement' of the shadows with 10th scale figures/busts, as they tend to cast shadows well enough. I do use both techniques (where possible) on smaller scales - though I doubt I'll attempt it on the 350th scale Kriegsmarine figures for my Bismarck - hee hee... As for catching the expression, I reckon that's more down to the excellent casting of this bust than my skills - as you can see from the marketing image of the plain resin below: Image (c) War Griffon Miniatures Cheers Kev
  4. New Theme

    The new look is great. Good job Mike, Simon et al... Sharp, clean and easy on the eye - if only I could make my models like that.... <sigh> Kev
  5. Hi Folks, In among my other work, I decided to do this rather beautifully cast Bust of a Barbarian/Warrior. Only two parts (the body and the shield with sword attached). Supplied from Model Display Products. This is going to be given to one of my bosses at work (couldn't hurt, eh? ) as she is a very talented artist in her spare time with a penchant for Barbarians. Paints are mainly Acrylics (predominantly Lifecolor and a couple of Tamiya) with metallics by AK Interactive (their tubes of metallic waxes) and some Alclad Pale Gold (brush painted over gloss black acrylic). Any and all comments and questions are welcomed. Here are a selection of views: Thanks for Looking Kev
  6. Thanks for that, Kev. As it turns out, my local model shop had a donation of some books and among them was the Salamander Encyclopedia of the world's Warships. That's got a cracking three page spread colour drawing of the Bismarck (side and plan view) which clearly shows the rigging. The owner has let me had it for free (always appealing to those of a Scottish upbringing, like myself) so I'm good to go when I can get through the other stuff that currently clogs the workspace... Cheers Kev
  7. As this is a fairly new venture for you, I'd just say do it OOB and enjoy the build. Eduard's PE makes it into a very nice model, but is fairly fiddly. Only thing I'd add is some thread (painted with gunmetal) and a hook. The last time I did one I used one of the hooks from Academy's Tank Supplies Set 2, but that seems to a bit like hen's teeth at the moment (Amazon have one for over £70 - which is ludicrous as RRP is less than a fiver, IIRC!!). Maybe you could ask the folks here at BM if they have one of the straight chains and hooks they could spare you?? Then it's just a matter of cutting off the chain, drilling a hole in the hook with a pin vice and appropriately small drill bit, and wrapping the painted thread around the winch (fitted under the chassis) - run it through the guide rollers (fitted to the rear bumper) and glue the hook on the end beyond the rollers. Just a small but 'finishing' touch. For weathering, you can keep it fairly light. I cut two small arced segments of masking tape, fitted them to the front screen and then oversprayed the front windows with a light sand colour to simulate wiper tracks in the sand drifting onto the front. I then lightly sprayed the lower half of the body and the wheels with a slightly darker sand mix. Finally a dusting of the light sand over whatever equipment and tarps you have on the turtle back. Of course, you can leave it factory fresh if you like - saves a lot of time and effort Cheers Kev
  8. Hope you enjoy it, Mrs P. I've built a couple of these over the years, and have just snagged another one from Nick Belbin for my future enjoyment. I shall watch quietly from the sidelines. Kev
  9. Many Thanks, Troy In fact, double thanks! I hadn't known that Scalemates also had sprue shots and instructions. Use them a lot to check out originators, tooling versions and decal options of kit releases - should've looked a bit more thoroughly when I was there! That's enough info for me to go ahead and get some new decals and turn that kit into a post war Spit (County of Nottingham Auxiliary) using Xtradecal's sheet. Cheers Kev
  10. Hi Folks Just been having a look at an Airfix Seafire FR.46/47 kit I picked up second hand and wondered whether I could build it as a Mk.22 Spitfire. The kit seems to have the bits (windscreen, Rotol prop and Rudder base), but is there anything else I should look out for (other than the Griffon nose bumps, which I would have replaced anyway)? Cheers Kev
  11. Thanks GS Though I'm not so sure about the 'steady hand' - the port upper wing's trailing edge stripes are a little 'ropey' and the blue spirals are definitely suss! LOL! I can hear "Where the h*ll are you, Biggs?" ... Cheers Kev
  12. Hi Guys Whilst working on two longer projects (Tamiya's 12th scale JPS Lotus Mk.III & Bonaparte Resin 10th scale Samurai Bust) I thought I'd have a little fun to keep the completion hunger satisfied. Here's my Star Wars take on the Airfix 'Dogfight Doubles' theme: Both are Revell's EasyFit kits and are "around" 1/120th scale. Lots of fun and kept my interest going while sanding, filling, priming, etc... on the other kits. Paints are acrylics and hand painted. I couldn't be bothered with the decals so also hand painted the few markings. I'll eventually get round to doing a Death Star scene type of base and mounting the kits on perspex rods. But for now, I can hold one in each hand and act out classic battles while waiting for paint to dry or filler to set... hee hee ;-) Kev
  13. Thanks Tom I've found a few partial drawings and some pics on the 'net, but just wondered if there was a reasonably priced paper/electronic source I could use. Sounds like much of what is in that particular title could be gleaned from online. The 'Profile Morskie' title and plan does look good - if a little more expensive than I'd planned for. Definitely one to tuck away for consideration when I have extra cash available (not that THAT happens very often! LOL!). Cheers Kev
  14. Update for this week. It's been another busy one for me, so not too much has been done. Fitting together the body parts and sorting out (where possible) the few problems that one would expect from a kit of this vintage [even a Tamiya one] A loose dry fit of the main body parts. I can't do anything about the side panels and covers until I've got the chassis constructed, which requires some painting first. so for now I'm 'fettling' the body panels for the nose cone: Not fixed the nose cone as a single assembly yet, as I haven't yet fitted the mesh inside the top part. I've decided to fit that prior to painting the entire nose cone and may simply coat the mesh after painting to get the right sheen to it. The engine cover (my nasty fingerprints and the equally nasty joint seams shall be removed soon, I hope!) The cockpit cowling - an area that needs careful construction followed by filling and sanding. And adding some detail to the cockpit interior Again - a small bit of filling required, but not as much as I know some modellers have encountered with this area. I do have one bad fit problem, and that's with the cockpit cowling mirror nacelles. The right hand side is fine, but the left hand side has an atrocious gap: After some head scratching and due consideration I have decided NOT to try and fix this. The gap is visible from a few angles, and should be less obvious when the entire chassis and body is built. So, I've decided to leave well alone. A fix would require some fairly intensive surgery of the cowling as I think the misalignment is mainly caused by the warping of both the main cowling part and the bottom part of the mirror nacelle. Just heating and attempting to 're-shape' it would then lead to problems with the locating pin that holds the cowling to the chassis. As I would like to leave the cowling as a removable item I think leaving a little gap presents a more acceptable solution. Whilst there is still quite a bit to do on the chassis, I've actually decided to start on the main even of this kit -the Engine! The block is now underway: This will be followed by the gearbox and whatever sub-assemblies I can build prior to painting. My hope is to find time during the coming week to start getting paint onto this baby. Paints will be a mixture of Alclad (Acrylic Primer and Metallic Lacquers), AK Interactive (Metallic Acrylic), Lifecolor (Acrylics) and some Tamiya (Acrylics). Thanks for waiting and watching Kev
  15. Hi All I have the old Tamiya 350th Bismarck plus PE and barrels which I intend to start work on later this year. Haven't been able to find anything definitive about the aerial rigging for Bismarck, but did find this book (available as a Kindle download, which would suit my purposes) :- Just wanted to know if it has reasonable drawings showing the rigging (all I really need the book for) and is therefore worth the purchase price of just under a tenner? Failing that, any suggestions as to a good source for the rigging layout would be appreciated. Many Thanks Kev