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  1. Stonehenge - a staged study for my LHS

    Thanks PzrGren - it was fun to do, too! Kev
  2. Stonehenge - a staged study for my LHS

    Thanks for the kind comments, guys. Arachnid - PM replied to with info. AngstROM - Badder suggested the Spinal Tap connection during the WIP thread - not that I remembered it. I guess old age has its virtues - hee hee... Badder - Nice idea - though the research notes that come with the model show a twin wheeled device that may have been used to raise the capstones. That would look interesting, too, I reckon. Only prob is getting 1/135th scale figures for the dio - though in this day and age of 3D printing that may not be such a problem. bhouse - next time I go into the shop I'll take my ruler and check out the accuracy of the main uprights for you. Crikey, as if having to count rivets wasn't enough, already??? I should mention that all I had to add this kit was the paints/weathering set and a hardboard base large enough to stand it on. All other materials used (Glue, grass, small stones, standing stones, layout map and Pressed Fibre base board) came with the kit. The kit comes with plenty of spare standing stones, too. If you do get this kit - be prepared for an awful lot of dust while 'dressing' the ceramic stones. Cheers Kev
  3. Stonehenge - a staged study for my LHS

    RFI pics now posted - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235025317-stonehenge-a-staged-study-for-my-lhs/ Kev
  4. Hi Folks Completed this a couple of weeks ago, but didn't have time to take photos. Popped into my LHS today to grab some snaps. The idea behind this was to create an indication of the various stages that one could go through to reach a finished 'subject' from this model (suggested by the LHS owner). Comments and questions are welcomed. Some closer shots, which I hope demonstrate the various stages of the build (Un-Dressed stones, Dressed stones, Painted stones and Weathered stones). Lifecolor Acrylic paints used throughout. Thanks for looking Kev
  5. Tamyia 1/35 Quad Tractor

    Well, Mrs P, you may not know much about vehicles but you certainly know about painting and weathering. That chassis is one to be proud of. Even if it will end up hidden from view - WE all know it's there! Only thing I'd suggest is perhaps a drybrushing of the exhaust (ask Mr P - he'll point out the bit I mean ) with some rust colour and perhaps a bit of blackening of the 'open' end of it. Not essential, as it won't really be seen, but it's a chance to practice rusting up an exhaust for later AFV's which I'm sure we shall see from you. Kev
  6. I DO like that! Train set and model in perfect harmony (well, almost... ). Another good idea for me to adopt and to distract me from actually building things - just what I needed - NOT! LOL! It takes off like a scared rabbit, though. A bit more work on the controller required, methinks. Looking forward to seeing what the bigger plan is... Kev
  7. Well... they LOOK like tanks (kinda... ) I wouldn't use Milliput for filler on these, if I were you - far too valuable a resource for this kind of work. Look at getting some cheap car body filler from a discount store, that should do the job at much less cost. Don't know if you use enamels or acrylics, but I've recently converted to Lifecolor acrylics and they do a couple of very nice paint sets that would be of use to the burned out dio idea ("Mud" Set LC-SPG05 & "Burned" Set LC-CS29). The Mud set contains three pots of paint (Northern Europe, Southern Europe and Red Dry Mud colours) and three pots of pigment which you can mix with the paint or a varnish to create 'clumps' of mud. The Burned set has six paints (a mix of White, Orange and Brown shades). They cost around £17 a set (depending on where you buy) and are available from several online retailers and some local hobby shops (mine stocks them, fortunately!). Just a suggestion, of course - I have no vested interest in Lifecolor. Cheers Kev p.s. The Lifecolor colours work well with my flow improver (Liquitex Flow-Aid mixed at 15:1 water/flow aid)
  8. To quote and old Scottish saying... "Jings, Crivens and Help Ma Boab!" That's pretty awful. You're certainly within your rights to question the 'engineered' statement. Suggestion - looks like they could be prime targets for a seriously 'burnt-out' diorama. Build them, hack out 'most' of what offends the eye (can't take it all, or you'd have nothing left, I suspect) and give them a hefty helping of mud and scorching, then maybe find a reasonable half track or staff car to be driving past them (either Allied or Axis) while they languish in the roadside ditches? Kev
  9. Hmm... I recently spotted some IST kits while looking for something - Looking at what you have there, I'm glad I didn't take the plunge and get any. Certainly gonna be a challenge of the 'silk purse/sow's ear' order, I think. Plenty of weathering and a distracting diorama should do the trick. I look forward to seeing what you pull out of the hat with these. Cheers Kev
  10. Tamyia 1/35 Quad Tractor

    You're doing a great job, in spite of your injury. I'd be tempted to wait until I could wield a scalpel, though, before I tackled all the seams on this kit. I pulled my Quad, limber and gun out of the stash to stick the PE in the box and had a quick peruse of it. I think I must've used the PE on the last one I built (for my late father-in-law, who drove one in North Africa in WWII) as the rollers I previously mention running the winch cable through are part of the PE upgrade to the rear bumper. Sorry if my earlier comments caused any confusion. Keep on having fun (or is that outside the scope of 'mindless therapy'? ) Kev
  11. Tamyia 1/35 Quad Tractor

    Ah-hah - I wondered where you'd disappeared to - the pics say it all - a serious case of OUCHY. Hope that gets back to normal soon. Engine's looking great. Keep smiling and keep an ice bucket handy for the occasional 'dousing' of the hand, perhaps? Kev
  12. Stonehenge - a staged study for my LHS

    Thanks Guys Kalisti - I'm gonna give this one the 'Hollywood' treatment and take artistic licence to its extremes by leaving the ground flat. Or maybe I should dedicate it to Flat Earth Druids (there must be some of them around, somewhere, surely???) If I do another for my pleasure, I will probably account for the topography a bit better - no promises, though! Major - I'll be sure to let my LHS owner know about that requirement - that should rattle his cage a little - hee hee... Cheers Kev
  13. Stonehenge - a staged study for my LHS

    Thanks pzrgren Hope you enjoy this Badder I don't get the reference to Spinal Tap - been a long time since I saw the film, though. [Edit - Ah-hah... NOW I get it, just 'googlied' it. I guess the film really didn't impress me that much, cos I'd forgotten all about that. Put that down to my poor taste in humour ] Oh, and a ps. I like your sense of humour - a drummer calling himself a musician - ha ha ha.... (only a bassist could get away with that one - tee hee...) Cheers Kev
  14. Hi Guys and Gals Here's something I picked up earlier today to do as a display unit for my LHS. The plan is to do it as a 'staged' diorama showing the various build processes I've gone through to reach the end result. The kit (and an essential add-on): What you get in the box: The baseboard on a surrounding display board: Baseboard with the layout map overlaid on it: The Instructions: And finally - the initial layout plan: The page on the left shows the various stages I am going to follow (roughly). I've already cut out the bottom right corner of the map to expose the underlying base board, I'll then leave an exposed portion of the layout map, then a section of the ceramic 'stones' without any dressing, then dressed stones on a grass covered base with ageing, texture and weathering increasing towards the top left corner. Just gonna be a quick build this, but I'm tempted to get another of these kits for myself to do a more accurate, up-to-date representation of the 'Henge The ceramics are easily workable with scalpel and scribes. The glue is a quick drying general purpose glue which seems to work well. More pics to come through the week. Comments, questions and suggestions are welcomed. Thanks for looking Kev
  15. Thanks John - this one is definitely worth making. I toyed with the idea of adding some blood, but rejected it and kept it 'clean'. Glad I did, cos it looks nice and fresh. Cheers Kev