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  1. Woooahh! What an awesome result! Amazing paint skills.
  2. Mine came today! Impressed with the detail, and there doesn't appear to be much goo to drain out, just some in the engine bell. Not much cleaning up either as far as I could tell from a brief inspection.
  3. I've got a Rocinante from The Expanse on order from www.printedplanes.com. It was £55 and that is for a 300mm kit, which I don't think is too expensive for a niche kit. @Mike has one too, and also has a Canterbury from the same place and he reckons the quality is up there.
  4. Nice work! Stallone actually looked the part, fully uniformed, and your model is spot on. I had high hopes for Stallone as Joe, after all he definitely had the chin... and a friend of mine worked on converting ex army 101 Forward Control landrovers into prop vehicles so I really wanted to enjoy it... But then he took his bloody helmet off, ffs. The Karl Urban Dredd was really good, true to the original ethos, and I really hope they decide to make more.
  5. Thanks for that Mike, I literally just went for it as you posted. Now to decide whether to do it as the Tachi or Rocinante. decisions decisions! I'lll have plenty of time to decide and let it cure because I've still got an awful lot of holes to drill in my ISD Devastator...
  6. Ooh, I nearly pulled the trigger the other night, might well actually do so over the weekend... How long do you think you'll have to leave it before painting Mike?
  7. I must have somehow unconsciously clicked on the buy it now button for that DVD set of S3 I mentioned upthread, because it arrived at the weekend... If it's dodgy, it's incredibly well done, embossed slip cover, perfectly printed case sleeve and discs, proper menus and bonus content stuff. Perfect picture quality too. No Netflix branding though, just Syfy.
  8. If you host your pictures on your website, I'm pretty sure you can just link them to here and they display automatically. I only browse using my Android tablet or phone, PCs are for work and I really don't want to have to use them in my down time. I can never connect to your site from any mobile device, which is disappointing because I was very interested in your space dock project. Edit: my post crossed with yours, sorry! Can access your site now!
  9. Thanks for joining in the discussion! Taking the 300mm Rocinante as an example, what sort of surface prep (ie sanding, priming etc) would be required before painting? And what sort of paint would you recommend? Is there a curing period that you recommend before painting of the model? @Mike mentioned a considerable lead time, how long would that be and do you charge on receipt of order or on despatch?
  10. I know this has been done a few times on here, but I'd like to share my journey if that's OK? This will be my first model in about 20 years so I will be happy to receive any hints and tips and feedback. Obligatory box shot: First job is to drill hundreds and hundreds of 0.5mm holes to accept the fibre optics... This is probably going to be the most time consuming job, especially using that little hand drill. I did dive into the garage to grab my dremel and flexible drive shaft, but alas, the chuck doesn’t accept anything as small as 0.5mm, so unless I can source an adapter, I've got a good few days of twizzelling ahead of me! I'll probably give in to temptation and buy the 1/2700 Millennium Falcon and Tantive IV from shapeways. so it's going to a sort of dual purpose version of the ISD Devastator from ANH & TESB. Paint will be a base of Halfords grey primer, then individual panels picked out in a darker shade of grey Tamiya acrylic, followed by a few light dustings of Halfords white primer and then a matt clear coat of some kind. I'll be applying a panel wash too, would that go on before or after the clear?
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