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  1. That took some googling.... err, research...! They were all launched into space on their birthdays.
  2. Was your pilot Gary Numan by any chance? He used to fly the Air Atlantique DC3s around then, iirc.
  3. Omg, applying all those stencils would drive me nuts, kudos to you for your patience!
  4. Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof not so much I’d imagine...
  5. Can’t find it on there, and they’ve not replied to my emails so I’m going to have to look for a 3D printed version I think. Or give him something stupid like a couple of half scale Colt 45s...
  6. I’m building this with Fruit of Loin #2, not done any mods and the last 2 issues haven’t arrived at my newsagents yet, so am a little behind you. Also, because I’m buying from the newsagent I haven’t got the gun, wonder if Hachette will sell me one, or is there someone 3D printing them?
  7. Sorry to butt in at this late stage, but have you seen this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-U-S-Navy-Blueprints-British-HMS-Bulolo-Normandy-D-Day-HQ-Landing-Ship/163563639986?hash=item26152714b2:g:absAAOSwaAlccuJX Fantastic model btw. Is it me or is the transition from the bow to the rest of the ship a slightly unusual design? It looks a bit, erm, awkward to me, but I have literally no ship knowledge at all, so I’m probably talking bulwarks...
  8. Lovely job there. I wonder what they were like to fly in as a passenger, I can’t imagine they were too refined...
  9. Iirc, you couldn’t actually touch the surface, just like the the paint on Disaster Area’s stunt ship. All you need is the RAL code...
  10. Interestingly, Royal Mails previous CEO was a Canadian called Moya Greene. Employees of Canada Post seem not to have a great deal of nostalgia for her tenure as CEO of their own company...
  11. Thanks to everyone for your support. It’s a very weird situation, there’s no reason why the current management team should renege on a really quite modest pay and conditions agreement. Eveything was costed out and deemed acceptable by the previous administration. Stuff like the reduction of letter mail and having to manage its decline has been part of RM strategy for years now and the unions accept that we have to deal with this transition. It’s really odd that the new management team are trying to weaponise this accepted change in the business. I am a pos
  12. Part of the problem @Rob G is that Royal Mail is bound by legislation. They can’t operate as a fully competitive company, even though they’re a fully publically listed company now, due to their legacy network, but OFCOM doesn’t recognise the speed that other companies have been able to construct more efficient distribution networks, whilst simultaneously preventing Royal Mail from rationalising their own network, under anti monopoly rules. Add in to all that, a notorious anti union asset stripper being appointed as CEO, it’s obvious that there is an invidious strategy in play.
  13. It will be brutal, I’m afraid. The strike strategy is both flexible and aggressive to exert maximum pressure on the board of directors. It’s extremely unfortunate that loyal and valued customers will be adversely affected by this entirely avoidable dispute.
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