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  1. Better background and ambient lighting than TOS ever managed! Roddenberry would be as green with envy as an Orion .
  2. @ICMF, thanks again, this is great practical knowledge, thank you so much for spending the time to answer so comprehensively. These kind of tips, like the pallete knife thing, are so useful! I have a laptop, but I actually hardly ever use it, I’m just so used to using the iPad, so I might actually rip all the rubbish cluttering it up off, and use it as a dedicated 3D machine. I have a lot of 99.9% IPA too, I’m a vinyl record collector and it’s a pretty standard ingredient in most record cleaning solutions, so I’m pretty used to handling it, and thank goodness it’s cheap again after the panic b
  3. Well, the bullet has been bit, a SE is on it’s way, with a kilo of resin... Need to look at software now...
  4. Thanks Pascal, lots of love for the Anycubic then. If I can get results halfway as good as yours I’ll be ecstatic! Now, what other stuff am I going to need? I see there’s a Wash & Cure booth available, is that a worthwhile upgrade over a tub of Isopropyl Alcohol, and a UV lamp? What about tools? They seem to come with spatulas etc, but what other stuff have you found useful? Any particular brand of resin? And how long does it last once open? I know about filtering it and keeping it away from sunlight. Any other helpful tips would be gratefully rec
  5. Thanks for that incredibly useful reply @ICMF. I suppose the lids cracking is to do with UV or fume exposure, or a combination of the 2. Not a deal breaker but something to bear in mind as a possible future expense. I absolutely intend learning to design my own stuff. However, in the realm of Sci-fi, which is my main interest, there seem to be plenty of models (not so many kits, I grant you) and greeblies available for download. It would be informative and perhaps instructional to see how these are constructed... I also have a a secret weapon, my youngest Fruit of Loin ha
  6. Hi, having seen some of the really impressive stuff being produced by the likes of Pascal @Iceman 29 I’m thinking of dipping my toe in too... From my very basic research it appears that a lot of these resin printers, of all makes, run on the same basic OS and even share the same motherboard and give pretty similar results, the differences being stuff like WiFi, print area and a few little bells and whistles. Basically, given I can get either of these 2 printers for roughly the same money, which would be the one you would go for and why? Personally I’m lean
  7. Cool! I hope you’re going to install a speaker to play the Imperial March and Vader telling the hapless officer “The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am!” Love the forced perspective and lighting.
  8. They look great to me, even taking into consideration the size, they’ll be very impressive in the finished model.
  9. I can see your pics here @oldmodeler, the last ones posted are of the lcd screens, correct?
  10. I’m doing my current Rocinante a bit grubby, it’s definitely due a visit to Fred’s paint bay on Tycho Station. My next Roci will be done as the Tachi in MCRN colours, and the Martians seem to be neat freaks so that will be done clean, plus it lived inside a bigger ship, The Donnager, where the crew would have kept it clean and maintained. I’m still of the mindset that Razorback was a spoilt rich kids cherished toy, so it would be very tidy indeed, but I’m thinking of going for a slightly less white white now. Hmm.
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this build Steve, it’s coincided almost exactly with me being off sick from work and has definitely helped keep me entertained. Great result too, just fab.
  12. Thanks for that. Hmm, if I blow the kids PlayStation 5 money... Typically, by the time it lands in the UK it’s about $1000... . Wonder what the Photon Mono SE is like?
  13. I know you’ve probably told us earlier in the thread, but could you please tell me what printer and software package you use? I’m so impressed with the quality that you’re getting compared with some 3D prints I’ve seen.
  14. Did the main Hull colour and some detailing, need to leave it alone now until the decals arrive or its going to have all kinds of odd looking stuff all over it… Wearing a hi mag visor gives you an odd perspective on what needs extra detail… Didn’t ensure the edge of the masking tape was properly stuck down here, doh. Got it back though... As I said, I need to walk away now or I’ll overdo it.
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