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  1. Needs <makes very careful choice of words> a cat. Apart from that, really impressive so far, where’s the file from?
  2. I think he’s referring to the diver figures, which depict characters from the James Bond film “Thunderball”, rather than a manufacturer called Thunderball. Apologies if I’ve got it all to cock and you knew that, it happens a lot these days.
  3. Ooh, nice. We have a TV programme over here called Combat Dealers, in which a very rich ex Paratrooper, who is now the owner of a big civil engineering company, buys up loads of ex military gear. In one episode he was trying to buy a schwimmwagen from an ancient farmer in France, could have been Brittany , but I’m not sure, could equally have been Normandy. The thing had been in the roof of a barn for 60 years and the old guy would not sell at any cost, even at many thousands of €. I wonder how many of these things are hidden away in deepest rural France!
  4. I think you might be underestimating just how good your work is. The curators of a modern museum (albeit one dedicated to a century old ship) might well be open to more up to date methods of creating artefacts, what you are doing is no less skilled than any other craftsman. Maybe ping them a few photos of the design and build process, and the results, and see what they think. Only takes a bit of time, and what’s the worst that could happen?* *Apart from them asking you to make one for them!
  5. Decals have landed, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish it off next week.
  6. This is continually impressive Pascal. I know the phrase “Museum Quality “ is somewhat overused on modelling forums, but this really is. Have you shown this build to the Museum?
  7. @Dave Their company email is printedplanes@gmail.com, it could be that the enquiry form system isn’t forwarding stuff on? Also, you have a PM.
  8. Hi Dave, I did get an acknowledgment, and delivery took about 5 weeks, which was within their estimate.
  9. They’re for sale, again. https://aerodynamicmedia.com/3-english-electric-lightnings-for-sale/ Good luck getting an airworthiness certificate for them anywhere other than ZA or maybe the US...
  10. It’s got a bit of residue in it, might be a little soft still, so it’s sitting in the conservatory for a few days, then I’ll give it a wipe over with some Isopropyl. No point in me starting it yet anyway, need to work out what paints to order, well, some orange anyway. Tamiya X6 seems to look near enough to the MCRN scheme? It’s going to take a fair bit of masking! How did you get on with the JBot decals? Do they need to go on a gloss finish or will I get away with the matt that I currently have on my built Rocinante? Not a big deal, I can easily give it a blow over with
  11. A delivery from Printed Planes! Another MCRN Corvette, which will become the MCRN Tachi, and the Razorback.
  12. Glad to see you back at the bench Crisp, but this was all a bit extreme just to delay laying some primer down by a few days wasn’t it?
  13. Better background and ambient lighting than TOS ever managed! Roddenberry would be as green with envy as an Orion .
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