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  1. Many thanks for the kind comments. It does the confidence the power of good to get nice comments. I'll try and post some more later in the week along with some of wife's work.
  2. Here are a few of my car models fro the last few years. First is a model of Grave Digger, with quite a few scratch built bits, wire wound springs, solder exhausts and a blower drive bely from an old inkjet printer. The other end of the motoring scale a Taniya 2CV 39 Wagon Rod Lancia Stratos a Hasegawa kit with a Fujimi Ferrari Dino engine added. The wheels are studio 27, just can't bare to paint them yellow! And finally for this post a Fujimi Ferrari Daytona
  3. Thought it was time to share some of our models with the forum. This is an AMT model of the Beverly Hillbillies wagon fro the 60's TV series. the kit allows either the original wagon to be built or the hot rod version which made a brief appearance. I built both versions. The kit is a bit old and quite crude - lots of flash and heavy seems! but I was quite pleased with the contrast between the two. The original is loaded with house hold bits and bobs sourced from a dolls house shop which stocks 1:24 bits as well usual 1:12 scale.
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