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  1. I've used the Golan Earth and North Africa Dust pigments from Mig
  2. Hi Mippie In that case I applied the pigments on desired areas with a brush like a wash (pigment mixed with VMS Universal Weathering Carrier), when it dries, remove the excess with a cotton swab, and when everything is ok, I've applied a Pigment Fixer of Ammo Best regards
  3. Thanks! I've used the Real IDF Sinai Grey 82 by Ammo: https://www.migjimenez.com/en/acrylic-colors/1092-real-idf-sinai-grey-82.html
  4. I used the VMS Hull Tex: https://www.vms-supplies.com/vms-hull-tex Is easy to apply and the result is very strong
  5. Dear comrades... This is my first AFV model after a lot of aircrafts , I really enjoyed with the heavy weathering process. In that case, this is the awesome Takom 1/35 model kit, with MasterClub metal tracks. This is my second attempt to build a Merkava, the first one was in 2000 with a poor Trumpeter kit when I was a teenager that was abandoned by me after several frustrations . Here is a full Flickr album: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmRtfzCx
  6. I used Mig colors (Dark Green A.MIG-915 and Dark Earth A.MIG-070)
  7. Yap, I've forgot to paint this area, and whem I've realised that I've glued the fuselage Thanks!
  8. Dear comrades... This is one of my favourites aircrafts and making this is a very special for me. I made this model during the lockdown here in Spain. I used to build 1/48 models, and this is my first 1/72 since my childhood The kit doesn't have the best quality... but is acceptable. I've added several Eduard photo etched parts (flaps, interior, exteriors, bomb bay, etc...), Quickboost gun barrels, CMK engine set, etc... Here yoy can see the entire album: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmPLMNYf
  9. I'm here only to say that this post is like porn for modelers 10/10
  10. Wow! Superb One question... Where did you found the references/blueprints for rivets? Thanks!
  11. Wow! I'm in progress to make another Lanc, and this is a great inspiration PD: Is the airfield base made by yourself?, or is it bought. Thanks
  12. I've not logged the hours, but I've started the kit on October 29. This is a lot of afternoons
  13. Dear comrades... My last project of this decade In this case I want to share with you the awesome F-14 Tomcat kit made by Tamiya, with the Jolly Rogers markings. I've added some Eduard aftermarkets (resin cockpit, resin wheels and engine exhausts). Here you can see the entire album; https://flic.kr/s/aHsmKioNgU
  14. Thanks! I've researching a bit concerning the Klamath Falls and you are right! The masking guide of this kit is wrong Thanks for the advice!
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