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  1. It looks like Hannants are waiting for stocks of the old kits to go before making the newer one available. AMK have insisted that Hannants have the newer issue in stock! It's getting jolly frustrating waiting as I want to buy the new one Jon
  2. In reality most Asian vendors will under declare the product value and do so as a matter of course (i.e. without one asking). Whether you think that's right or not is another matter, but it's what they do. Jon
  3. Model Airplane International

    I'm glad it's not just me then. When I called them last they said they posted them second class on the day of publication. Even with Christmas approaching, it should have arrived by now... Given the history of past, now defunct magazines, I do worry about the wisdom of subscribing. I may switch back to just buying them off the shelf. Jon
  4. Anyone been having delays with subscriptions to this recently? Last month's arrived about a week later than it was available in Smiths, and this month's has been in Smith's since at least Monday and hasn't arrived at my house yet. I did call them last month, but no explanation. Jon
  5. 1/48 Mikoyan MiG-31BS 'Foxhound'

    Thanks everyone Jon
  6. 1/48 Mikoyan MiG-31BS 'Foxhound'

    Thanks! I am aware of the CWS set (I've used his MiG-15 tail and MiG-21bis nose so far) but consider the MiG-27 too ambitious to be worth the bother I liked the metal undercarriage. I've seen some people have issues with the plastic parts - this is a seriously big kit - and so I didn't want to risk only using them. Jon
  7. Here's my latest completion: AMK's 1/48 MiG-31BS 'Foxhound' with metal upgrade set for the undercarriage and nose pitot. The main colour is Mr Paint and the decals are from the kit. It's a great kit, but not perfect. More details here: https://jonbryon.com/amk-1-48-mikoyan-mig-31bs-foxhound/ Thanks for looking Jon
  8. For those of us too young to have been there, do any photos exist online of some of these revered, legendary conversions of the 1970s? Thanks Jon
  9. Academy 1/48 MiG-29A 'Fulcrum-A'

    Thanks - that's embarrassing Cheers Jon
  10. This is my latest model: Academy's 1/48 MiG-29A 'Fulcrum-A'. There's a lot of aftermarket in this: Aires cockpit and exhausts, Eduard Brassin wheels, Quickboost nose, IR sensor and 'sensing units', DANModels PE, CAM Decals decals and Begemot decals. Paint is Akan laquers sprayed freehand. A fuller write up and a lot more photos are here: https://jonbryon.com/academy-148-mikoyan-mig-29a-fulcrum-a/ Comments welcome Jon
  11. I subscribe to AMW, MAI, SAM and MIM (although only the aircraft edition). What I find a little frustrating is that the perfect magazine is out there if only they could be blended together . I've only been buying modelling magazines since 1993 (Scale Models and the occasional SAM) and over the years purchased most of them, including SAMI (since it started), MAM, MIS (until it died), FSM and the occasional TMMI, along with the various magazines that didn't last long (like the one that spun off from MIS, and Cold War Modeller). AMW is a high quality publication and IMO probably the best modelling magazine in the market in the past 25 years. The editorial standard is quite high, the number of errors relatively low, the content varied and the models made to a reasonably high standard and well photographed. I have no interest in armour, cars, ships, etc., but I always get a good read out of it. I buy MAI because of Spencer Pollard, but it has to be said the print quality is appalling - the September issue is almost unreadable in places due to print misalignment, and the photos from the New Orleans show are the photographic equivalent of unreadable. The content is often a little thin - only four articles on models this month - but the models are nearly always to a standard I aspire to and the photography is excellent. I enjoy the strong opinions as well, but I'm disappointed that recent editorial content appears to be partly driven by responses to various spats on Facebook and Youtube, rather than establishing its own vision. The number of errors grates, as does a chronic overuse of gerunds, usually in photo captions. Spencer has, however, saved us from the reign of the question mark at the end of statements so beloved of Richard Franks. SAM is always a triumph of hope over reality. The quality of modelling has always been patchy, but has recently taken a less inspirational turn and IMO there is little modelling wise of much use to the experienced modeller. I love the high word count but the photos are so tiny they may as well not be there; those that are are usually poorly lit and framed. I really rate Gary Hatcher as a writer and appreciate his style and all the extra little articles which are often included. I think it's still the best written magazine out there, but the errors can be funny, e.g., Hobby Boss accidentally referred to as 'Fobby Boss' in September's issue. MIM I get electronically, because that makes it affordable. The standard of modelling is generally high, as is the word count. Some of the articles are a little rushed, but having contributors like James Hatch means I will read them even when I have no interest in the subject matter. The photography is also excellent. SAMI nowadays seems unreadable and MAM only has articles that are a couple of paragraphs in length and so of no practical use. MIS is sadly gone - even though I don't make armour I read every single article when it was being published and generally loved it. FSM is aimed at beginners and TMMI is just too thin. But I do not hark back to days gone by. In reality, Scale Models was thin, mostly in black and white and highly variable in content. Of course, Icarus is missed for his entertaining analysis of all things modelling, and it was articles by Jonathan Mock, Ted Taylor and Peter Looper that produced a step-change in my modelling ambitions when I was 15. I almost never bought SAM back in the mid 90s since it was entirely black-and-white and focused a lot on what I regard as obscure (back then if you weren't interested in WWII, as I am not, then SAM had almost nothing to offer). SAM took a huge turn for the better under Neil Robinson (even if the endless 'quotation marks' and italics were deeply irritating) and the previous editor (Paul someoneorrather) until it crashed under the Jay. SAMI has been through its ups and downs and was, under Hatcher, a magazine I thoroughly looked forward to every month. SAMI under him was definitely a better magazine than SAM is now. Some in this thread have suggested that those who complain should contribute. I have attempted this, and thus far have been met with silence or indifference. I've ended up writing articles that I want to read with photographs I want to see and posting them on my own website and Hyperscale. I confess I love talking about modelling magazines just as much as I love talking about modelling. I too am amazed so many keep going, but long may they continue and long may they continue to irritate and inspire! Jon
  12. I'm another fan of theirs - just got the Meng F-35 from them for £37 including postage. Of the several kits I've bought from them in the past year, all have been significantly cheaper (including postage) that any outlet I could find in the UK. Jon
  13. Hasegawa 1/48 Bf109G-6

    Thanks everyone. It was a lot of fun to build Jon
  14. Hi All, Here is my latest build. A super-fast palate-cleanser in between more involved projects. This is Hasegawa's 1/48 Bf109G-6, boxed as a G-14 and finished with Mr Color paints and kit decals. A full-build article is here: https://jonbryon.com/hasegawa-148-messerschmitt-bf109g-6/ Comments welcome. Thanks Jon
  15. Paragon 1/48 Lincoln Advice Needed

    It was in issues 28.336 and 28.337. Sadly I don't have the article any longer. Jon