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  1. Airfix Nimrod MR.1

    Thanks! Got to admit she's come out better than I was expecting, I haven't done a demarcation line that long before! In fact this is my first ever Nimrod. There's a lot of decal work ahead though!
  2. Anigrand 1/144 Nimrod AEW.3

    Where did you get the conversion kit?
  3. Airfix Nimrod MR.1

    All done, apart from the decals and extensive stencilling!
  4. Airfix Nimrod MR.1

    Thanks! I was relieved to see the demarcation worked out ok! I've got two more in my stash so I'll definitely be making a hemp MR2, circa mid-80s.
  5. Airfix Nimrod MR.1

    She's coming together quite nicely. After perusing a few walkaround images I painted the thrust reverser ducts and accompanying ducts. Undercarriage sitting and setting ready to add tomorrow. I did notice that Airfix appear to have forgotten to tell you to add clear part 10F before you fit the clear searchlight cover (8F): I think this is for all versions except the R.1. There's definitely a part that doesn't appear to fit anywhere else and looks the right size and shape, so I'll use it.
  6. Airfix Nimrod MR.1

  7. Airfix 2019

    A retooled Vulcan with the longer jetpipes. 1/72 Hunter F.1/4/5. 1/72 Argosy (with RAF decals). 1/72 Andover and HS748. Re-release the Valiant so I can actually afford one!
  8. Airfix Nimrod MR.1

    Ready for the undercarriage.
  9. HP Victor K2 1:72nd scale

    Amazing cockpit detail! I did virtually nothing in my Victor as you can't see it once it's shut!
  10. Airfix Nimrod MR.1

    Another Woodford favourite taking shape. I'm pleased with how the straight line went, and the masking tape and spray behaved admirably. I just need to touch up a couple of bits where the white is thinner.
  11. I like Tamiya XF-81, it's certainly good enough for me and I used it everything from a Swift to a Vulcan!
  12. It must just be me, I'm too 'niche'! I'm underwhelmed with the schemes again. I've never been a fan of 'special schemes' such as blue Phantoms or anniversary tail colours (except 56 sqn Lightnings!). I like standard camo like you'd see over Norfolk in the Cold War days but with bright unit markings. Would like to see 56 sqn camo, 23 sqn camo and barley grey 29 sqn with the three Xs on ECM bar as well as either side of the roundel. I'm sure one of the aftermarket decal companies will help though!
  13. A very welcome addition, but given the plethora of fabulous markings worn by Hunters (wish we could have an F.5 of 34 sqn!) the choices on offer are massively underwhelming to me. If I fork out for this I'll be straight on eBay looking for 56 sqn or 74 sqn decals I think.
  14. Airfix Nimrod MR.1

    The inclement conditions abated long enough to get the entire grey coating sprayed! I'm pleased with how it went on, the Monster spray paint is superb and at only £8 a can highly recommended! The real test will come when I peel off all that masking tape, however. This is RAL7035 'light grey' satin ...