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  1. Meteor NF engine nacelle size

    Great choice! I have the very same kit which is currently vying with an F-111 for the next build! Still not decided. There was a thread ages ago about Meteor NF colours: I think the consensus seemed to be most NF.14s were generally dark green/DSG upper and medium sea grey lower, except for 60 squadron's Far East based ones which were silver underneath. I assume in there were odd differences here and there though, best to try and find a photo of the specific Meteor you want to make, if possible. I would guess that as a later mark, NF.14s would probably have had the larger intakes.
  2. Isn't the 1/72 Airfix Javelin meant to be quite decent? You can probably still find a few on ebay. I made the Novo one OOB not long ago, she scrubs up ok, I think someone with more skill than me could make this into a very good kit:
  3. F-111E and F

    I've recently acquired a bargain Airfix F-111E kit and was wondering if anyone could answer either of the following? If I make the E version OOB, are there any decals with the UH tail code and serial in black? (those in the kit are white). or What would I need to change externally on this kit to make it look like a Lakenheath F-111F? ie what's the difference between an E and an F, visually?
  4. The de Havilland Vampire TII

    That's excellent!
  5. Airfix Victor

    It's tough but the Victor just edges it as my favourite aircraft of all time. I've also got one of these in my stash so I'll be watching this with interest.
  6. 1/72 Heller Vampire

    Factory fresh Vampire! Just waiting for its markings.
  7. Two-Seat T-Harrier (T.2/T.2A/T.4/T.4N/T.8) 1:48

    It looks great, but is far too expensive.
  8. 1/72 Heller Vampire

    Undercarriage fitted well, although it's quite fiddly, being so small. I've ordered a set of 'RAF post-war serials and numbers' decals so I can choose pretty much any Vampire FB.5 (or 9!) now. And huge thanks to @Wez for a set of aftermarket Vampire markings: my next Vampire will definitely be from 613 (City of Manchester) Sqn RAuxAF (in camo)! This one, I'm still undecided! At some point I want to do a green-finned 112 Sqn one too, I need more Vampires!
  9. 1/72 Heller Vampire

    You're quite right Wez, and as such she's had a respray! Probably better with a second coat anyway. Much smoother now.
  10. 1/72 Heller Vampire

    Silver sprayed, and a few patches of Humbrol metallic silver handpainted to hide imperfections and give a slight appearance of panelling.
  11. I was bidding for one of these on ebay until it got too expensive. Looking at the amount of work and aftermarket parts you're having to put into it I think I may have dodged a bullet. Going purely on the box art I was expecting it to be Hasegawa/current Airfix standard! Having said that, with the work you're putting in it certainly looks superb! Hopefully Airfix will release a 1/48 NF at some point.
  12. 1:72 Matchbox A-10A - NOT straight from the box!

    Amazing! And I love Warthogs, ever since those halcyon summers days at Bentwaters and being buzzed by pairs of hogs over North Norfolk. This build also typifies the kind of skill and patience I don't have! Wheelwells always strictly OOB for me! Damn good work sir!
  13. 1/72 Heller Vampire

    After rather a lot of filling and filing, this tiny Vampire is ready for the first coat of spray, once the tailplane and fins set at the corrct angle.
  14. A beautifully made model, excellent! Nice to see the Royal Navy with jet fighters again too. From a real-life hardware point of view, I'm not sure about the wisdom of having a single engine out over the sea, and the six o'clock view for the pilot looks terrible! Reminds me of the Yak 'Forger'. Great kit though, jolly well made and painted!
  15. 1/48 Gloster Javelin

    Lovely! One of my favourites, the Javelin. Any issues during the build? I've got one of these in my stash.