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  1. That paintwork looks amazing! The grey actually looks perfect. I’ve always used DSG for RAF post-war camo, perhaps I need to use a lighter shade for 50’s fighters. Outstanding work so far, you’ve made a terrible old kit look like new-tool Airfix!
  2. A very good point from Ngantek, a simple build could well inspire a more complex one, get you back into it. I’m in a similar quandary, desperate to start a new build but currently busy with theatre rehearsals, in between holidays, so not getting much modelling time for a few weeks! Can’t decide between a 1/48 Canberra TT.18, Wessex HU5, Phantom FGR2 or another 50’s type to complement the Meteor. From your selection shown, I’d be tempted to try the Sopwith Tabloid …
  3. That’s really nice, and superbly painted! I’m wondering whether the engine intakes may be on opposite sides though, I think the upper part of the lip is further forward than the bottom. But it doesn’t detract from what is a cracking looking Harrier.
  4. That’s an excellent start. It certainly looks a much better cockpit than in the Matchbox one.
  5. That’s all great info, thanks chaps! It looks like I will be able to add at least one underwing serial then. I’ll have a more thorough look online and see what examples I can find. Need to find the right fuselage code letters too, the Alley Cat set only includes C-X, but it’s an all grey one and I’m definitely making it in standard green/grey camo.
  6. This might, potentially be my next project, with the Alley Cat TT.18 conversion kit. Did the 100 Sqn TT.18s ever have underwing serials across the stripes?
  7. Camo F-5 is awesome, is that still in service? Amazing seeing an airworthy B-29 too!
  8. I’ve thought of another Id really like, but I doubt it’ll happen unless there’s a conversion kit: 1/48 Tornado F.2, with the early 229 OCU red/yellow markings. That would be amazing.
  9. Looks excellent. Just need to wait for the RAF one …
  10. This may be a very long shot, but any Harrier experts out there know whether XV778 ever served with No. 3 Sqn, specifically with light grey undersides and pointed nose (early GR.3)? I’m thinking of changing mine to 3 Sqn but I’d prefer not having to change the serial if possible.
  11. I think the rules still are very strict: grey, everything grey.
  12. It must be vulnerable to small arms fire from the ground though?
  13. Interesting that it would matter so much what the pattern was. Would it be any more or less camouflaged if the green and grey were transposed? As long as it is actually DSG and dark green camo, why would the RAF think it was worth sending it back for repainting?
  14. It’s a horrible fit isn’t it, but you’re making a superb job of it! I like the 3D engine intakes, I used a garden cane for mine! Wheel wells looking great too.
  15. Thanks! I did check a few contemporary photos and some had the ailerons up, some down and some flat when parked up. I must say I do prefer my models displayed with as much open or hanging down as possible, so there may be some artistic licence, but I also assumed as the engines were out and gun bays open then it’d be fair game for hydraulic stuff hanging down.
  16. So if this doesn’t sell is it going to be another historic aircraft that a museum will break up? Why doesn’t the FAA Museum want to keep it?
  17. Outstanding work! Every one of them is brilliant, and those interiors are awesome. @Angell328 How do those of you serving on these feel about losing such a versatile workhorse, particularly given the returning Cold War enmity? Surely we can’t afford that capability gap? We don’t have enough A400s, do we? I’d love to see you build an old school Herc in the green/grey 80’s camo that I remember, and a crud n’ custard one.
  18. An absolute stunner that! Beautiful looking model, in fact it looks real in the outdoor photos. Amazing.
  19. Thanks! That Hunter is actually 19 Sqn, it does look rather like 43 though you’re right, I think it’s my phone making images dark!
  20. This was a really nice kit to build, fitting together well apart from some filler needed around the wing root fillets. Airfix did a superb job on the cockpit, engines and gun bays, with no aftermarket parts used at all for this one. I did snap the pitot tube, however, so used a thin wire instead, other than that it’s completely out of the box, including the decals. All comments and learning points very welcome!
  21. True, though I don’t think the last few batches ever flew as FAW7s, being converted in the factory to 9s before issue to the RAF.
  22. I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure it was only the FAW.9s that had the refuelling probe fitted, no other mark. XH789 was an FAW.7 Looking forward to following your progress with this!
  23. Superb! That’s a brilliant collection from a great time to be an aviation enthusiast. So many different types, bases and unit markings. What a difference to these days when one is lucky to see a couple of grey, anonymous F-35s in a whole afternoon at Marham. I have a similar collection, though still need the huge Herc. How about some 80’s RAF choppers next? The 1/48 Italeri Wessex has just been reissued, and you could add a Gazelle and Chinook. Though good luck finding the 1/48 Hasegawa Sea King HAR.3 for under £80! Or some two seaters; Harrier, Jag and Lightning …
  24. Very interesting. I wondered whether it was worth getting the Mistercraft kit. Do the kit parts actually make an FAW.7, or is it a 9 like the Airfix and Frog ones? XH893 was definitely an FAW.9 XH858 was never actually issued, it was excluded in a ‘blackout block’ between Javelin serials. XH754 was an FAW.7
  25. Back on the Meteor after a few days’ holiday in Norfolk, at Coltishall of all places! Jags are long gone though, sadly. Cockpit finished with the seat now added. Lots of stencils to add to this one, some of the tiniest ones are barely visible. I actually quite enjoy adding them all though, just maybe not all in one go.
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