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  1. I have the Kinetic CF-188 in the stash to do as a German based 1st Canadian Air Group jet. It looks like a truly excellent kit.
  2. That’s one of the best seats and cockpits I’ve seen. Outstanding work.
  3. Cockpit done, just need to paint the shrouds, etc. The seat is a really tight fit!
  4. Does the British Antarctic Survey aircraft have an Aussie registration?
  5. The wheel bay looked a bit sparse so I added a few bits of wire and a sponge pad to represent the interior. It won’t be hugely accurate but it’s good enough for me and adds a bit of interest.
  6. Thanks chaps! @bentwaters81tfw thanks for that info, looks like I’ll have to find an aftermarket canopy then. That’s a shame. And I really need to get to that museum one day!
  7. I needed a bit of plastic card to fill the gap between wing and fuselage at the rear join point, just ahead of the flaps. Filler and sanding required to hide the join lines and try to give that smooth F-16 wing/body blend.
  8. These are outstanding photos, what an amazing opportunity you had. I wish the Typhoons had squadron markings!
  9. Outstanding photography. Lovely to see these big American bombers in the UK.
  10. Oh wow, I think that’s one of the very best Chipmunks I’ve seen built! Absolutely delightful and so well painted.
  11. A 1/48 Scimitar would indeed be superb, and while they’re at it perhaps a 1/48 Swift, or is that too much to ask for?!
  12. That is seriously good. Outstanding finish and weathering. Will definitely be using your WIP thread too when I get round to building mine.
  13. Bang seat finished. I won’t drop it into the cockpit until the main airframe is nearly finished and sprayed.
  14. Superb! You’ve done some excellent work on this so far, it’s looking really good. My wife is Taiwanese, from Tainan. From her apartment we could see the F-CK-1s and C-130s taking off from the airbase there. She fully agrees with your view on China and Taiwanese independence too!
  15. Great subject, and an excellent start!
  16. Some excellent tips here, thanks. And what a brilliant looking cockpit! Coming together very well indeed.
  17. Stunning! Despite the flaws well documented in the Kittyhawk kit, it looks superb here, and must still be better than the Airfix one? At least you get flaps and ailerons! The way you’ve so neatly painted, and it looks like shined the canopy and windscreen is absolutely outstanding, brings the whole model to life.
  18. This is going to look amazing when it’s done. I’m very impressed with those wheel bays in the Hornet too, it clearly shows how much better detail the aftermarket parts have.
  19. The intake area consists of four parts plus a small aerial thing for inside, and it’s all rather tricky to fit together neatly. I had to do a lot of clamping, filling and sanding to get this result. The small protuberance inside the intake is fiddly to fit, the tab that lines up with the forward intake rim doesn’t really fit and the two side halves didn’t line up properly. Eventually I coaxed it all to look smooth. The fit to the main fuselage is actually pretty good, however, so much so that I haven’t needed to glue it. I’ll probably leave it unglued for now as I think it’ll be easier to paint around the inside rim while detached, but for overall spraying I’ll keep it in place.
  20. I had to cut the instrument panel down a bit to fit once I’d added the etch, but managed to rearrange the etch so I didn’t lose much. Hopefully it still looks ok? I jazzed up the nose wheel bay with some black wire after looking at a few reference pics. It was a bit bare otherwise.
  21. That’s an absolutely beautiful Albert! They look stunning in the desert camo, and you’ve nailed it with this one, it’s brilliant.
  22. Excellent, I remember watching the F-111s at Lakenheath many times, fantastic place. Looking forward to seeing this build.
  23. Always good to see something from my sadly now closed local Avro stable! This kit looks a lot better than the Airfix version already.
  24. Photo-etch applied to the cockpit tub. I’m waiting for the seat detail set so I can add seatbelts to the ACES II.
  25. That cockpit is superb. The well used look is so realistic, brilliant colours.
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