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  1. Huge nostalgia hit with that line up!
  2. A great rendition of such an old kit, looks superb.
  3. Using the brilliant Britmodeller walk around section, it appears I needed to do some work on the airbrake bay. The kit one is just an empty space, so with the help of a thin offcut of spare missile rail and plastic card I made a few rudimentary details to bring it to life a bit. First up, a central line to bend the card over to give a bit of a curved interior. Far from accurate, but an improvement on the bare pit that was there before. It’ll hardly be seen once the airbrake is fitted anyway. I’m assuming the interior will be red, same as the main airframe underside.
  4. That’s absolutely beautiful. The colours look perfect. I wish Gunze did them in spray cans, they look much more accurate than the Tamiya and Humbrol sprays I use.
  5. Thanks for all the comments gents, and those cracking Hawk photos! The kit just has indentations where there should be more like grills, so I filled these with liquid putty then scored lines in. They look better when you don’t zoom in! I’ll tidy them up once the putty sets. I’m not sure what that blowhole is for, even though the fuselage shape is a little dolphinesque. Do I need to drill it deeper, fill it, put a grid over it? … I made the long aerial for under the forward fuselage as this wasn’t in the kit either. Canopy masked then dry fitted with blu-tack ready for spraying soon.
  6. Looks pretty cool. Would look amazing in Euro I ‘lizard’ camo! Imagine how good the Royal Navy ones would look with EDSG over white/sky. Maybe a special scheme one day … for the type’s retirement in 40 years probably!
  7. Very nice! I need to get back there this year if possible. To confirm then, are the 492nd and 494th staying for the foreseeable with F-15Es? So once the 493rd gets F-35s the base will be up to four squadrons again like in the F-111 days? I’d always thought of the F-35 as predominantly a mud mover, if it’s replacing the Cs is it a credible interceptor too? Maybe some NATO allies will bring some decent stuff to LN for DACT against them? …
  8. Looks good to me @Filler! Very nice grey Hawk that, I was tempted to do mine in that scheme. You’re absolutely right, they don’t look right in all over black. Only four schemes suit the Hawk; green/grey wraparound, red & white, all grey or red arrows. A bit more done on this. I made the little protuberances on the leading edge from plastic card, as they’re not in the kit.
  9. I guess ‘enough’ is the number that would enable to the RAF to meet its commitments while allowing for maintenance and tech issues, etc. Perhaps during an increase in Russian sub activity in the North Atlantic, whilst there’s also a long range SAR task south of the Scillies and an ongoing commitment to a NATO exercise in the Med, while yet another perhaps is visiting the US for an exercise. Of course I completely understand where you’re coming from regarding bean counters, unfortunately. It’s those who really annoy and frustrate me. They seem to tie our services hands behind their backs. They cope because they’re so good, but it must be increasingly difficult and frustrating.
  10. Incredible what can be done with 3D printing, it seems like magic to an old git like me, I wouldn’t know how to even begin or what you need. What substance are the booms, paper, like a normal printer, or plastic? In theory would it be possible to 3D print an entire 1/72 Victor B.1?
  11. A bit more Hawk-shaped now. Surprisingly, the fuselage halves join pretty well and will need little if any filler. The wings, however, after a dry fit, are a different story. Huge gaps at the roots, particularly just behind the intakes.
  12. Rudder pedals in place. The intakes need a lot of filler and sanding, there’s a huge gap at the join.
  13. Imagine being on a little boat and that thing comes towards you! I wish the Royal Navy had a couple of squadrons of these.
  14. The instructions say to glue the wings together before cutting out the flaps, but I think it was easier cutting each first, it made for thinner plastic. No rudder pedals are included so I made my own. They’re only rough ones from offcuts and plastic card, but probably ok for burying deep in the cockpit.
  15. Next step is to bring the rear bulkhead to life a bit. The kit piece is just a flat slab of plastic with no features. First off, some plastic card with holes and rivets pushed into it.
  16. Wow. Incredibly realistic, superb painting and weathering. It’s models like this that make me realise no matter what techniques and aftermarket I use I’ll never get near this standard. I don’t know why, I guess it’s the same reason I’ll never play football like Kevin de Bruyne! You have to be born with the skill.
  17. These clunky things needed sorting out, looked more like Lego. A bit of fettling and sanding, then I added some wire to the front attachments and made a few rudimentary rivet points. Hardly Tamiya standard but still a slight improvement. CMK seats painted. I’ll add the etch seat belts to the front of the headbox, I think I’ll save the rest for other builds as the moulded seat ones look good enough to me. Dry fit of the cockpit and seat. If my Posca pens come in time I’ll tidy the instrument panels and consoles up a bit.
  18. Looks good to me, it’s barely different from those plans, and certainly nothing that anyone would notice when it’s on your shelf, resplendent in paint and decals! Are any of the markings options for a USAFE one?
  19. These look a bit better than the kit ones!
  20. Looking great! Very neat painting too, excellent. I’m going to look for those Posca pens you mentioned, certainly better than trying to paint cockpits with a brush!
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