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  1. Are the knobs easy to get hold of?
  2. I wonder what this will bring to the table in terms of detail. The oldish Revell kit is very nice.
  3. I took a couple of photo of the 1/72 Karaya kit against the plans in Ralph Pegram's excellent tome. The wings are a too narrow but due to lack of curvature on the trailing edge. They are correct at the root. Far too long though. I think if I align the aileron and reshape it will be satisfactory.YMMV The tailplanes are also too deep in chord. The floats are long, but the fuselage is way too long and is very noticeable compared to photos. I think cutting a section out from behind the (round not square ) cockpit is the best solution. The tail and rudder are spot on. I've built a couple of Karaya's kits and have found them beautifully produced, the SeaLion had tiny holes in the tailplanes for control cables to pass through, but I suspect they suffer from the lack of good references for many if these aircraft. Unfortunately they all pre-date Pegrams's book and his meticulous plans.
  4. Grrr, I suspect the 1/72 kit also suffers from this glaring error. I will have to check it against the alternative plans I have too.
  5. Received mine yesterday. Well packaged and the details looks great, thanks!
  6. It is really worth learning some basic soldering. I had to create the masts for a WWI battleship last year and it's really satisfying to be able to create pieces that you know aren't going to easily break and at the same time are finer in detail than the equivalent plastic parts.
  7. It does matter how good/bad, significant/insignificant an aircraft is! If the kit won't sell in numbers to make it profitable no-one is going to tool it. There isn't even one in 1/72 apart from a short run kit. If it happens it will most likely be Trumpeter ( you can start condemning it now ) as I assume their tooling/manufacturing costs will be far lower than Airfix's. ... and it doesn't matter if you want to buy 3 of them.
  8. Very tempting even though I have the Delta 2 kit to build
  9. Warpaint

    As usual with a lot of speciality publications the lack of a good editor is noticeable with at least two places where information is duplicated at the start and end of section. Not the worse offender by far but still annoying. The prolific number of photos and profiles is great and for once the walkaround has a useful number of images in it. The lack of top/bottom plans is annoying, maybe there felt it was better to no do them than provide something inaccurate. The only place I've seen any images was very recently in this thread here:
  10. for the prices in Sterling: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/gm8511/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  11. You seemed to have fared well with the struts which I believe are known timber troublesome
  12. 'cos people have them in the stash hoping to find the even rarer Airwaves conv.
  13. It is a conv for the Airfix kit. There is another thread covering all the announced releases and you can read the small print at the bottom of the image. Freightdog have had a Wasp resin kit crawling to release for a long time now.