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  1. Very tempting even though I have the Delta 2 kit to build
  2. Warpaint

    As usual with a lot of speciality publications the lack of a good editor is noticeable with at least two places where information is duplicated at the start and end of section. Not the worse offender by far but still annoying. The prolific number of photos and profiles is great and for once the walkaround has a useful number of images in it. The lack of top/bottom plans is annoying, maybe there felt it was better to no do them than provide something inaccurate. The only place I've seen any images was very recently in this thread here:
  3. for the prices in Sterling:
  4. You seemed to have fared well with the struts which I believe are known timber troublesome
  5. 'cos people have them in the stash hoping to find the even rarer Airwaves conv.
  6. It is a conv for the Airfix kit. There is another thread covering all the announced releases and you can read the small print at the bottom of the image. Freightdog have had a Wasp resin kit crawling to release for a long time now.
  7. Great that a tow bar is included
  8. Nice! The tow bar is great to have included.
  9. Having listened to an Airfix talk the Whitley was an exception because as pointed out there is a cross section of fuselage and the shapes are pretty basic so they felt they could do it from photos. Hence the discussion on this here forum about the incorrect nose glazing.
  10. Revell did re release the 1/32 Porsche 935 bright orange Jagermiester scheme IIRC and the Auto Union. I believe the four 'tween the wars car tools are in China as they were often popping up on EBay with Chinese instructions. Revell have recently re-release two of their own classic 1/32 cars so it would could to see the MB ones they hold again. I'm currently working on the MB Surtees TS16 which is quite an obscure choice but they did sponsor the car in real life.
  11. Probably zero. Pyro from the US did a lot of classic cars as well as domestics in the 70's. These have been reboxed by life-like and Lindberg. check out this article . An excellent resource for what else was available, though itself very expensive, is this site dedicated to 1/32 car kits
  12. Warpaint

    Will be ordering a copy as soon as I finish typing this post!
  13. Do the wings differ from GR1/3 to SHAR2? As the horrible trenches on the Airfix SHAR2 could be replaced by attaching the newer wings to the SHAR2 fuselage and avoid any tricky fuselage surgery.
  14. Lovely warn and faded look without been "weathered" to death. I did the ol' Matchbox SHAR1 as a Falklands veteran and also hand painted over the markings, similarly my brush work was "too good"