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  1. Dam that's good makes me want to put mine away till yours is a distant memory!
  2. You make an assumption that the wider majority of the people who buy Airfix kits would be interested in say French kits. For a mainstream manufacturer like Airfix who mainly sell to a home market it is about producing kits that you audience want to buy not about filling niches that others have neglected. In good times there will be kits for the enthusiast in the hardtimes it's stuff that will shift boxes.
  3. Remarkable work even more so considering the size
  4. Got one too. Very inspiring.
  5. Ohh yeah memory thoroughly refreshed. Still got some bits in the spares box. The A Wing was my favourite and have got the Bandai one for my birthday in a few days.
  6. I actually finished some kits this year, after a young child devoured my time. Airfix Male Tank - started the year with a bit of outlier for me Waku Yak-15 - a hangover from the completely unproductive 2015 Matchbox 1/72 Sea Harrier - how many times can one drop a built model! Matchbox 1/76 Challenger I - oh the tracks! Dragon 1/144 SR-71 - I was most pleased with the finish on my "matt black" SR-71 KeilKraft 1/72 Greenline T Happy New Year!
  7. Mikr Mir

    Pretty sure the blue on the roundels and fin flashes should all be the dark blue.
  8. I'd suggest just experimenting on a peice of plastic card or better still an unwanted model.
  9. We need an automatic reply to this type of announcement to head off all the usual moaning about that it's already been done etc when there is very little overlap in Trumpeter and Airfix's main markets
  10. T'is a lovely kit nicely built
  11. Amazing in quality and quantity!
  12. I just quickly clicked the image as it was on the front page. The set is also available for £6.
  13. Theses sponges are from Models For Sale£50---Super-Set-of-Sanding-Files-and-Sponges-9-pieces
  14. Simply lovely. Makes you wonder what they would have named them without the latin alphabet