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  1. The problem is that a few bad eggs ruin a thing that the majority do in moderation. At a recent show a club had a box nearly 1m square sat squarely in front of the table. Even worse that it was pretty much empty when I passed it mid-morning. Some I'm sure are profiteering by buying up on sale kits like Airfix and recently Lindberg from places like Home Bargains with the express purposes of flogging them at shows and even the national's kitswap
  2. Fair enough, I wasn't denying they were copies. I just just not that bothered about how good the wheels are when looking at a kit. For me the legs are too short on the built model and that is something I would focus on correcting, but again it's not a deal breaker.
  3. The most annoying thing is the plastic tube as it doesn't collapse as the filler gets used up and so fills with air. Unless you are using it by the bucketful you'll end up with most of it going off in the tube. It is far from perfect though works well for some jobs but not enough for me to buy more
  4. "Appalling" really? Look close enough to me Every cottage industry producer (and AFAIK it is a one man band) has borrowed wheels and other tricky to scratch build parts from something else.
  5. I hate to put this in anyone's head but if you painted the fuselage yellow you could whiff it as a Tie Minion!
  6. Half way down this page is a photo of built Lotus 30 with the included figure of "Jim Clark" next to it. Nice innit, I know I built it. My build thread: I don't mind the guy using it if I get a credit. Has he replied to my polite emails, has he heck-as-like. Worse thing, I'd linked to his website and mentioned how nice it was!
  7. She's a beauty. I started my first ever ship model proper last year, Combrig's 1/700 HMS Canada I've basically stalled at the coming up to the painting stage due to lack of time. I agree with your comments about enjoying the challenges at this scale. I've enjoyed the whole different way of working from aircraft models.
  8. Beautiful. Is that prop real wood?
  9. When I lived there ('81-'93) an Alfred McAlphine quarry had been developed adjacent to it, I don't know if it was used directly by the company but I'm sure light aircraft did use it. It appears to have obliterated by the quarry now. We used to cycle to this spot where we could just see the end of the runway. Google Street map
  10. Interesting as Tamiya is just diluted IPA with some retarder/flow enhancer added.
  11. Does anyone know where the service landed in Wrexham? I grew up not far away from Borras Airfield which had been a training base during the war. I believe it's still in use by light aircraft.
  12. Dam that's good makes me want to put mine away till yours is a distant memory!
  13. I suspect a Magna Firebrand is hard to come by in Japan
  14. You make an assumption that the wider majority of the people who buy Airfix kits would be interested in say French kits. For a mainstream manufacturer like Airfix who mainly sell to a home market it is about producing kits that you audience want to buy not about filling niches that others have neglected. In good times there will be kits for the enthusiast in the hardtimes it's stuff that will shift boxes.
  15. Remarkable work even more so considering the size