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  1. The Kallisti Model Gallery : 2017

    An incredible successful and prolific year, especially given the qualitative
  2. Aoshima Gigant

    Masterly use of metallics to create a brilliant scale finish
  3. Just need the Airspeed Ambassador and we can have a show down of the prettiest passenger aircraft ever
  4. Ditto were extending too. This will s a marvellous build thread though
  5. No half-masts trooper, this ain't the navy!
  6. Dirty, dirty stormtrooper! Something looks wrong with his ankles though compared to mine, have you pushed them in far enough, the leg guard should almost touch the round ankle joint.
  7. It does seem an odd choice of scale as pretty much all other British experimental aircraft kits are in 1:72, and though the Frog still shapes up well it's not exactly easy to come by.
  8. Scout & Wasp in multi scales from S&M

    Whoopie! I think everyone has given up on the Freightdog Wasp ever seeing the light of day.
  9. Airfix 2018

    Can't we just copy and paste the 2017 thread *yawn*
  10. You are meant to be able to download your albums - what happens is you request a download and you get emailed (eventually) a link to download a zip file of your images that will expire after 24hrs. People had reported that it was not working and at the moment I get it to do anything. I have all my build photos backed-up on my PC but not 200 misc photos mainly of the workbench. So as I knew it was possible to look at the individual photos if were doing from the PB website I decided to spoof the cookie information and download the files myself. The following is rather technical and requires access to a linux device or shell emulator such Cygwin or Bash on Windows 10, so I suspect it will be of limited use to many. There may be a native Windows way of doing it using a windows version of CURL. 1. Go to the album you wish to download. Select all the images (fussy as the Select All doesn't appear till you have selected one) 2. Get Links and paste the forum links (...) into a text editor 3. Use Find&Replace to delete all the tags. Save it somewhere your Linux shell can access 4. use dos2unix on the text file to change the line endings 5. Run the following script which will download the files while pretending the request came from a PB session: while read f ; do curl -X GET -e "$f.html" -O $f ; done < pathtofileofimages
  11. Macchi M.5. Fly 1/48

    That amazing patina you've built up on those interior pieces.
  12. Brief guide to using Flickr

    The forum will not automatically reduce the size of the image. What the forum does is instruct you webrowser to resize the image for display, but only after it has download the 1200x1600 image. This will eat up your bandwidth allowance and that of anyone viewing the image. You should always resize the images to that what you wish it to be display in forum at.
  13. People have mention using Imgur but I would be wary, if you read their Terms of Service: Though they obviously allow posting images to social media sites, it's all linked to getting traffic on the Imgur website AFAIK, I'm not a user myself. Edit: They do provide BBcode links though for images, not entirely clear on what they consider miss-use
  14. Are the knobs easy to get hold of?
  15. I wonder what this will bring to the table in terms of detail. The oldish Revell kit is very nice.