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  1. Uamf down?

    Waiting for the owner to put coins in the meter...
  2. High Speed Siver

    HSS as mentioned is a silvery grey, initially gloss but wore to matt (er) finish. Almost every image of it looks different. In the past I've used Citadel Mithril Silver, it has a fine fleck but definitely not NMF. Still too shiny I think. Very recently I tried Xtracolor HSS but again too shiny so I experimented with using a a light grey filter ( very thin GS light aircraft grey) and was pretty happy with the result. As long as no one paints it as a NMF such as Alclad or AK Extreme I'm good.
  3. For future reference what density of ModelBoard are you using?
  4. Hawker Hunter T.8

    I've just got an Amodel 1/144 Canberra B2 and it has what look to be close to 100gal tanks on the sprues. http://´┐╝´┐╝https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/amo/images/amo_1426_parts2.jpg
  5. Uamf down?

    No, but I'm one of the admins, the guy whose account hosts it another admin, the forum itself is technical Gregers but it is more of a collective.
  6. Uamf down?

    I have spoken to the owner of the hosting account and hopefully it will be back up this evening at the earliest or in a day or so.
  7. Uamf down?

    I'll be trying to get this sorted out today. We have not been hacked, the reason is more mundane. I'll post updates when I have them. UAMF Admin
  8. I think I may have some Model Art decals for a Broussard if you are interested.
  9. Dayglo red - who sells it?

    I think that is photo of some models by Carmel J. Attard, one of the reviewers for ModellingMadness. https://modelingmadness.com/review/korean/gb/trainers/cjavar2.htm I don't know if there was a daylgo red, the dayglo orange could just look very different depending on the light and type of film used. It also faded very badly and this has even effected models that I painted using GS MrColor, they were orange and are now salmon pink. Often museum aircraft just get painted red instead of the orange, as often it was applied in the form of wide tape hence the gaps around panel joins that you see. I have successfully reddened Humbrol Flourescent Orange (+ Hu Red) though when I felt the shade wasn't right for the subject. All dayglo paints will need several coats over a white base.
  10. Hawker Hunter T.8

    It's a bit annoying the 100gal tanks weren't included by Mark 1, I considered making them for my T7 and but decided against it the end as it was wheels up and I was liking it clean. I might well follow your lead if I add a T8 to the stash.
  11. My initial thought was that you should get a free ship modeller with them to help you. I think there a valid point that with modern CAD and 3D printing you can just about design and manufacture anything at any scale, but can you realistically put the bits together? I think modellers should be advised not to buy this sight unseen as they differ from many single piece resin missiles. ...says a man who bought some Reheat 1/72 seat belt buckles many moons ago and now can't even see them let alone use them.
  12. N.A. FJ-1 Fury, Valom 1/72

    Having fought and finally won building the old Pegasus FJ Fury I glad to see this new kit is much improved - but not so much I want to chuck my Pegasus build away
  13. Did you rescale the image on your monitor to match a 1/48 Tomcat, on my standard PC monitor it looks even bigger than 1/24 scale. Using Ctrl - to shrink it down it looks acceptable. Still may not be as good as Tamiya but hey that's why they are Tamiya.
  14. There was the 1/72 MPM kit, unfortunately OOP but also my stashed one has very yellow vacform glazing!
  15. M31 Recovery Vehicle

    The whole build is amaze-balls, but sometimes it the little details that stand out. The oily tarps for instance really caught my eye, beautifully done.