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  1. Air Graphics programme-catalog 2017-2018

    Ah, thanks, I had already clicked through from the catalogue page(4) to the item purchase page (18)
  2. Air Graphics programme-catalog 2017-2018

    They may have a new website but it's archaic. Wanted to look at the Lynx conversions but they are rather expensive and no pictures of the parts
  3. Beautifully restrained weathering, that looks very realistic to my eye.
  4. Opel GT, 1/25, AMT (Round 2)

    It's a nice looking car, the yellow works well. Citrus seams to be theme as I've seen them in bight orange and green too. Revell recently released their 1/32 version but the wheels are just about unusable do to not be moulded with a slot for a plastic insert. I had to epoxy them on to allow my daughter to complete here build.
  5. 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

    Love the colour I'll buy one!
  6. Will give my 5 year old something to aim for. I picked one from Huddersfield show at the weekend. Looks great.
  7. SW Model Show at The Tank Museum Feb 2018

    I can't imagine why they are running this over two days, firstly if overlaps with Huddersfield which always split the weekend with Yeovllton, but if traders need to layup overnight then they've got to pay for their board and lodgings. Mr Models though was missed from Huddersfield always decent prices.
  8. I wonder what the response would have been if Airfix had decided to melt down the entire consignment and told everyone the Fury would be delayed a further 3 months. Yes Airfix need to do better but some seem to be expecting so much more from Airfix than they do other companies. Mine has a 3mm gap in the tail and the rivets do no look anything as like as large as when you take a close up photo. A light sand will soften their sharpness.
  9. Ask all your Sea Fury questions here

    Apart from an OOP "Final Connections" 1/48 Bristol Centaurus does anyone one else make one of these engines? I'm guessing CMK or Vector might bring one out in the near future
  10. 2018 Huddersfield Show

    The document I was sent is says traders from 8am and Branches and SIGs from 9am
  11. LIDAR is only used as a guide for building the CAD model - do people read the Workbench articles. The surface detail would have been added to the CAD. It is Airfix or tool makers tweak the CAD to match the tolerances available, these may also be dependent on time and cost e.g. Airfix have stated in presentations that you could get finer panel lines but it is cost prohibitive.
  12. I wonder how fiddly it will be to get the two halves to lie flat against each other.
  13. Does building a model infringe copyright?

    Seem to remember that manufacturers could claim copyright on car designs if production ran to less than 500. Could be apocryphal.
  14. Dora Wings catalog 2018

    FD2 ! But does "In Progress" mean before or after "Coming Ssoon"?
  15. Novo Gloster Javelin FAW.9

    The Maintrack/Whirlybirds pen-nib conv. appeared to be a remould of the Heller part, unfortunately including the rather distinct sink marks when I looked at one at SMW a couple of years ago.