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  1. Your camper looks fantastic, and tow van is a real special custom thing. Especially for a T1 "Bulli" I never thought about 4wd conversion. Thumbs up, congratulation 😍😎 Marco F.
  2. Jaguar XJ220

    Instead of super glue I'm using ultraviolet glue. Small points where nessesary, place the part and light up the ultraviolet lamp for just 5 or 10 seconds and that's it. Works great for the clear parts and also for hard to hold joints...
  3. 1/24 Revell VW Type 1 Van Customised

    If you want a cleaner look, of course leave the heavy bumpers off. But have you already thought about some classic Nerf-Bars? You know these kind of chromed hooks you can find on cal-look beetles? I think they might be a cool add on your custom van Cheers Marco F.
  4. Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    Wow!!! Looks superb, great job you are showing here!! Don't know what the end result would look like, but I'm looking forward! And I know I'll got to improve my english to give my comments but what I see helps me to get back to the Hobby Cheers to everybody Marco F.
  5. 1/24 Revell VW Type 1 Van Customised

    Hey Mark, the mock up looks great!!! Your bomber seats will look perfect with the right colour on...πŸ‘ The hight seems to be comfortable for the driver Marco F.
  6. 1/24 Revell VW Type 1 Van Customised

    Hi Mark, If you send me your Adresse via PN I will send you two testdriver... Marco F.
  7. 1/24 Revell VW Type 1 Van Customised

    Cool!!! A Guinness floor....looks great. Instead of humps / bubbles in the roof, did you ever thought about bomber seats? They would look cool and the height is pretty low... https://www.thescalemodeler.com/product/2000519/bomber-seat-set-1 Here you can see what I mean Cheers Marco F.
  8. Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    hello Mark, ...just placed my chair to join the audicence. Like White Jedi I'm planing to build a combo, but I want to take the Escort MK II in group 2 outfit, a trailer and the Transit... so, please entertain us with your upcoming work Cheers Marco F.
  9. Supra GT

    I think "what if" racers are a good thing. The modeller himself can create a piece of dreams, that's the thing!! Why not build a racer sponsored by myself, no one, or using decals from something else... I think that's the fortune of our hobby, we can create our thing/style,isn't it? Life is so serious...try to have some fun... Cheers Marco F. I know my english is not really correct, hope you don't mind...
  10. Hello PatW, congratulation for the Mehari. In original it's lovely funny car... I had the chance to drive it in Spain. The model itself is a typical Heller kit... In the box it looks good,but.... When building,take care of the stance,too much high in the front and somehow heavy loaded in the back. And the canvas roof seems to be skyhigh, so completed with the top in it get's an ood shape. But I guess, by looking at the models you buildt before, you'll manage these gibt's and create a wonderful Mehari Cheers Marco F.
  11. 1/24 Revell VW Type 1 Van Customised

    Interesting project! I'll keep an eye on this A chopped Guinness Van, what a lovely idea Suprise us with an extraordinary project Cheers Marco F.
  12. Any UK stockists for Pegasus wheels

    Hello John, ... OK this one is not from the UK, but may be you will find what you are looking for http://www.dominomodel.com/index.php?lang=en Good luck Marco F.
  13. Oooh ja I like this Escort top, please tell us where to get it, and also the rims sounds interesting, the nose from C1 I couldn't find.... I have a Kit of the MK1 Escort BV from "passion for racers", so this kit would be a nice addition... Marco F.
  14. Wow!!! You really did a great job!! This Chevy looks fantastic, lovely period correct paint job, and all these details you've managed, congratulations!!! Marco F.
  15. Great Bulli!! You did a really great job!! I Love this car, makes me to think about a new Project😱 OK, I don't Know how to get enough spare time to realize my ideas for upcoming projects πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€