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  1. Another fantastic built from you. Congratulations the Europa looks superb Marco F
  2. Very fine Mustangs. And as Keith said before both are stunning builds. Marco F
  3. That's right John The chrome bumper kit comes without choice of wheels and bumper. Marco F
  4. ...but I know some meanings for "curlied" Marco F
  5. Glad you enjoyed it but I don't know the right word for that kind of chemical treatment...but I know it was a crime...fashionwise Marco F
  6. Remember...in these days it was also fashionable for men to wear pink jackets and curlied hair Marco F
  7. Great to see you back in plastic The Delta is a good choice for the restart. Why not a yellow interieur? And yellow rims Marco F
  8. What a great model! I love these old trucks and you show us a perfect beauty Marco F
  9. Wow!!!! That's looking great Andy!!! Enjoy your new modelling room. Can't await your next WIP Marco F
  10. Sad to hear this mishap Keith. Dark green is also a good choice for the Porsche. So good luck with the repaint Marco F
  11. The Porsche is painted dark blue isn"t it? Looking foward to see the first pics. Marco F
  12. Congratulations Keith, after the mentioned trouble you ended up with a great looking Calibra Started in 2020? A quick built Marco F
  13. I hope you will at least, enjoy the build. You said the instructions are bad...I hope you can beat this, good luck Marco F
  14. Fantastic work! Thanks for the step by step pics. Marco F
  15. Hello John, Congratulations for these 2 Anton Martins Old but good kits. It's a shame that this company is so under-represended in 1:24 Marco F
  16. Congratulations, your buggy looks great! Fantastic clean built and a perfect 70isch colour choosen, bring it to the beach Marco F
  17. I would be interested in and from my side it's ok to add it in this tread. Again, thanks a lot for your tips. Marco F
  18. ...sorry... I forget to say that the paint of the engine and chassis detail work is real great . Looks like a little treasure is coming up Very 70isch Marco F
  19. Very nice result so far. The green suits the body perfectly Marco F
  20. You should try a gloss black base for the Alclad to get the wanted shiny result Marco F
  21. Oh ... Even so I thought there is a 20ft Container on the way... Marco F
  22. @Andy J Fantastic!!! I guess the 3rd floor of your new garage is ready to be filled with new kits ... I love it can't await the next lovely entrances Marco F
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