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  1. Never heard of this car. But looking forward following your progress up to another beauty Marco F
  2. Hi Einar, you are shoeing us a very nice E-Type roadster. Red always suits it. Congratulations Marco F
  3. Hi Speedy Tamiya kits are normally good kits, easy to build and good details and Tamiya is offering 1/6 and 1/12 scaled models. I got an Aoshima Kawasaki z750 in my stash, but did not started it yet. But this kit include fine looking parts, several option parts but no chrome parts. Here on the board you should find some threaths about the Aoshima Suzuki GT380, and if I remember right also about a Kawasaki 2-stroker and a Honda CB400 Marco F
  4. And once again an absolut stunner. I followed your WIP with great joy and the result is awsome Congratulations Marco F
  5. Oh yes a fantastic looking 3000s Marco f
  6. Very nice Jaguar, and a fantastic result if I think about it's age and the broken wing. I like the TVR shown in your Avatar too Marco F
  7. ....we all ... Blame the Handy
  8. ....tan and.........come on tell us your Fantasie, where all are quite tollerant Marco F
  9. Hello Jörgen, a real beauty is on it's way, I love your WIPs and the results. The Bond Bug was always an interesting thing for me, strange and cool. Marco F
  10. A 240z,not the ZG, from tamiya would be nice and the new 32 roadster is also on my list... not really needed but wanted jusr because one day I want to create a hot rod Marco F
  11. Lovely result of an mostly unknown beauty Well done!!! Marco F
  12. Great!! I will follow this WIP. The SM was a fantastic Grand Tourer sadly most owner/garages were not able to treat them as they should Good to hear USCP is back again. Marco F
  13. A very fine result, never thought it can come out so nice Marco F
  14. Fantastic conversion, Congratulations.!!! I'm not a Mad Max fan, but looking at your bike, may be I should a look to the movie Marco F
  15. Congratulations again you're presenting a high class model. And cafe racer are stuff. It's a pitty that there are no kits available to create some of the classic ones like Triton, NorBSA, Norley..... Marco F
  16. Your Estafette is getting nicer and nicer. These grey bricks (?) ....can we hope for a nice and interesting small diorama at the end? Can't await to see what you're creating for us Marco F
  17. I will have an eye on this. A Camper Transit sounds great
  18. I think so too... I guess next one released will be a sports pack. But just with the parts already shown it would be easy to create any MKIII onwards, except a Clubman @keefr22.... Marco F
  19. yep you're right. This was an untold option every Mini owner got for free and faced a lot of bodywork....just to mention the seam between the frontwings and the triangle sheet...and then the roundend panel in between...always great fun to fix Marco F
  20. When I was 13 my dad bought a red '73 Mini for my mother (?) It was lowered, had Cosmic wheels and a sporting exhaustsystem attached to an Innocenti 1001 engine. The engine was similar to the 1000cc Cooper ones. It ended as my first car and started the row of totally 8 Minis over the years Marco F
  21. I remember the days when most of the Minis were not 100% original just bcs nearly every owner pimped the Mini.... Marco F
  22. Officially the central dash was changed around 1980. The basic Mini had a 2 instument plastic box behind the steering wheel. The spezial (1100cc 45 PS) mostly built in the belgium plant had a 3 intrument box. My last Mini with central dash was from 1976.... ok....in my Mini from 1980 and 1983 I installed the central one afterwards. In my last one I installed an individual dash with Innocenti 1300 instuments but also in the middle Marco F
  23. We can ask Mark from motobitz if he can cast a clubman nose as a transfer kit. The Hasegawa runs on 12 inch wheels, if you will change the seats and you simplify the dahboard it's a 1275GT Marco F
  24. Hasegawa will release a classic Mini, so the last serie of THE MINI. If interested take a look https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/m/image/10907116 I think I will get, at minimum, one kit just to replicate my last Mini Marco F
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